1. Fantastic..
    go VOTE !!!!

  2. wonder why Obama wont apologize for the treatment of Negros , Chinese and the native Americans ,o the white eyes,

  3. alyssa milano hi hope you are well I’m a big fan of yourself is to hit me with the series that interpletastes i wanted to know if there will be a new season have been writing charmed charmed one that continues to 8ctava just not there for television if you only been writing giving himself an idea of what ended the last season but if the directors have been thinking about making a new x that would be great to put them if charmed generation next to if you call the new season I just wanted to know if the director can make a new season of charmed good is all i thank you have a good day god bless you? ..

  4. how do they know so much aboot me ??

  5. . . .or, you could waste 10 minutes listening to pedantic, liberal actors push their agenda on you under the guise of “get out and vote.” Loved (not) the references to AZ bill and gay marriage. Do you not realize videos like this (from their “betters”) are one reason why people are fed up?

  6. I’ll vote because Alyssa Milano is my TV crush since “Who’s the Boss ?”.

    Peace, Love and Alyssa.

  7. If only this ad had been in the U.K we might not have got a useless Hung parliament!

  8. OK, I will go with that! A crush that long is very powerful!

  9. Alyssa,

    I am voting, but I had to pass this along, don’t ask me what it means, I don’t understand myself. I just knew I had to include this in a message to you. “Children have growing pains” Again, don’t ask me why or what it means I don’t know…maybe you do? Have a good voting day!

  10. Hey Chuck… It’s called freedom of speech! Even celebrities have that right! The right to say your opinion in anyway you want. Welcome to America! A nation founded on religious freedom but one that doesn’t allow ALL religions equal rights. MY religion has no Adam & Eve, and welcomes love between 2 people, no matter what genders! Just like you had the right to post your opinion on here, EVERYONE in this country has the right to express their opinions. And the government needs to re-read the constitution and bill of rights. Christianity is not a government society. Politics have no place in love, religion, marriage, or freedom of choices!

  11. I already voted REPUBLICAN and now they control congress. BARRACK O-NEGRO HAS LOST! As for that bitch, she’s next. BATMAN RULES and milano

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