2nd Episode of Romantically Challenged

By on 4-26-2010 in News, Romantically Challenged

MONDAY APR 26 9:32|8:32c
The Charade

Rebecca wants to find out why Lisa would break up with “nice guy” Neil; a pretty woman distracts Shawn on his way to pick up Perry from his dental surgery.

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  1. The second show of “Romantically Challenged” is funny, zainy, and crazy! These characters Alyssa Milano invented are romatically dumb-founded (i.e. – both sisters dating the same man, together, one evening). I can not stop laughing; count me in as a weekly viewer of Ms. Milano’s new comedy!

  2. hey great show anything with you in it is sure to be good u are my top fav actor and inspiration and role model n i wanna be just like you i always dreamed of becoming an actor n im really good at it so hopefully i make it