Alyssa Attends The “Horrible Bosses” Premiere

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Alyssa Attends The “Horrible Bosses” Premiere

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  1. Splendid photos thank you for posting. Have a Wonderful July 4th Holiday! Canada loves you!

    • Hi!!Alyssa I think that I’m the biggest fan of you….I’m very glad for you and you’re boy which will born this summer….I watched you on charmed.
      I always follow news about you and then i see that you’re pregnant i was very happy

      I HOPE YOU WILL HAVE NICE WEEKEND love… and you’re still born baby


      • Geez was that fan Sejhan Hani Ramadani rude. Alyssa please remove her rude post. Notice what she says at the end. She hopes that you and your still born have a nice weekend. Some people!!

        Anyways… I don’t normally write to actors and actresses on their websites but I really think that you and Holly need to work on a Charmed reunion that hopefully sparks interest for another series take off. I miss the Halliwell adventures. It would be fun to see you guys together again all grown up and a living life a bit older. Reconstitute the power baby. See if you could get Shannan to come back for a ghostly appearance like your Grams does on occasion. No Billy! I dont think her character was a good move for the story line. This show seems to still have a stong fan base. It could work. :)

        Congrats on your lil baby. I wish you all the success in your career and in your personal life. Don’t sell yourself short ever. You have a wonderful talent and your are a beatiful girl/woman :) Be strong.


        • I think that fan meant still *un*born baby, obviously Milo had not yet been born

        • Hello. Like Cher I don’t ever write on celebrities’ websites, but I do agree with Cher on a reunion Charmed show. But instead of bringing back the sisters for a new series, the sisters should introduce the boys (Piper’s sons, Wyatt and Chris) for a series. I think it would be great and could be called Twice Charmed. Charmed was such a fantastically written series and even the way it was brought to an end with closure for all the characters was good.

          I would like to see a “new” Charmed with occasional visits from the sisters. And Alyssa, you were my fav!!! I think some of my favorite episodes were with you and Billy Zane. They just seemed fun.

          Congrats on your new venture…mommyhood. I have two little ones myself and though it’s a lot of work, it’s the greatest, most satisfying career in the world with the best perks!!! May you and your hubby have a beautiful life full of love and blessings!


  2. Sorry to be a so-and-so, but there is a noticeable error in the post: SHould be “”ATTENDS”” and not Atennds.
    It sticks out like a sore thumb. Just for your info! Have a Fabulous Weekend!

  3. In passing a quick thank you for the quick fix! Everything looks great now. WIshing you a safe and easy delivery. The whole world wishes to welcome your new “arrival”with great excitement! What a great feeling it must be to feel & look great! A shower of blessings to you! Lots of Love and lots of Luck!

  4. My dear star!
    You are so beautiful.
    With all my love to you both. ♥

  5. Simply stunning! She is a beautiful mommy-to-be! Lots of love to you and BB!!

  6. U look breathtakingy beautiful! Ur husband is a lucky man. I wish u al the best & an easy delivery!
    Thank u for making all of us feel like ur friends & for being so easy to talk to! I know that ur baby will grow up to b an amazing addition to the world!!

  7. You look beautiful you are so glowing.. congrats too u and many blessing.. :

  8. It looks like your son was “posing” too. Too cute. You look gorgeous as always.

  9. You look awesome!!! Pregnancy is definitely your thing! Best wishes!

  10. Yoe look so beutiful. as allways.!

  11. Can’t believe its the same girl from “who’s the boss”. Looking good.

  12. Alyssa, you look absolutely marvelous!

    I wish you all the best of luck with your new born baby :)

  13. Its look is fabulous, you’re beautiful! May God bless your baby. Brazil loves you! kisses!

  14. Stunning. So beautiful. Hope you enjoyed the premiere. :-) xoxo

  15. You look so amazing!!! Many blessings to you and your family and enjoy motherhood!!!

  16. I just watched Alyssa’s recent film, My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend, on Hulu and I think the readers of this website would be interested to know about it. Here’s the link:

  17. Alyssa you have always been one of the most beautiful women in the world and as a mother-to-be you are STUNNING!! Enjoy this time as it goes way to fast and soon you will be holding your angelic baby in your arms. Many Blessings to you and your family!
    I have always loved your acting, you are incredibly talented and believable in your roles. Thank you for opening up your personal life like you have during your pregnancy it does mean a lot to your fans! Lots of Love

  18. You are wonderful as always ,i wish you much happiness and all the best in your life ♥ Spain loves you ♥
    Guapa ! : )

  19. Dear Alyssa Milano-Bugliari, You look like a very beautiful and happy Mother To Be in these ‘HORRIBLE BOSSES’ movie premiere photographs! I Pray that GOD Blesses You, Your Baby, And Your Family. Hope you have a fun summer-time! Love, Doug xoxo

  20. Alyssa, you still have the scintillating glow on your face except your smile has a greater contentment and verve into it. May there be more wonderful days ahead for you as a mommy! =)

  21. Hello, first of all congratulate you on such a beautiful family you have, take care very much like that baby so much your fans want and receives warm greetings from a fan who followed Méxicano your career since you were small with no more than add one desire everything goes well at the birth of your baby. that God will care for you and all your family and remember you have the most humble of your admirers in Mexico.

  22. My GF and I saw that movie on Saturday. It was awesome. Highly recommend it.

  23. I hope you can get back to me when you have time i have been a big fan ever since whos the boss. i know we are the same age me 4-30-1972 and you are in December. please give me a shout back!! i would really appreciate it i will send pics so u know who the hell ur talking!!

  24. You look so beautiful. Your boy is so lucky to have you. Gob bless u guys and I wish you nothing but the best. Your so wonderfull… Hope your 4th was wonderfull like you =)

  25. Didnt know where else to send message, but always wanted to say thank you for your visit on base in kuwait. I hope your baby brings you as much joy as you brought us in the desert. It was an honor, had to stand post and miss visit but you spoke to us over the radio and waved on the bus exiting. That meant the world with your support.

    Thanks again, and God bless your family

  26. Hi!!Alyssa I think that I’m the biggest fan of you….I’m very glad for you and you’re boy which will born this summer….I watched you on charmed.
    I always follow news about you and then i see that you’re pregnant i was very happy

    I HOPE YOU WILL HAVE NICE WEEKEND love… and you’re still born baby