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By on 4-27-2010 in News, Romantically Challenged

Dear Romantically Challenged Fans,

My name is Ricky Blitt and I’m the creator of “Romantically Challenged.” I want to thank you all so much for watching and supporting our show, but I’d like to take this opportunity now to send a special message to all the men out there. You may not know this show is as much for you as it is for the ladies, but I’d like to give you a few major reasons why right now.

First of all, it was created by me, and I’m a ‘man’s man.’ True, I’m only 5’2″ and have never learned how to drive a car and need help opening a jar of mustard, but I watch a lot of hockey and spend a good portion of my days petting two cats – I mean, hunting giraffes and beating up the homeless.

Secondly, I know most guys are fans of Family Guy, and I’m proud to say I was one of the original writers on that show and even wrote the only episode deemed too controversial for Fox to air – the one where Peter is bad with money, so he prays for a Jew to appear at his door and help him. Yes, I’m Jewish and ended up being shunned by many of my relatives after that, but that’s just how us giraffe- hunting-homeless-kicking-men’s-men roll.

I keep hearing from women that their boyfriends and husbands ended up liking Romantically Challenged as much as they did. Perhaps this is because the first eleven minutes of each show consists of nothing but full frontal sexual intercourse. I know you may be a bit skeptical about this, but hey, I live in Hollywood, you can trust me.

We really are so proud of this show and so grateful for the unbelievably passionate and enthusiastic response from all our male and female fans who have seen it, and only by totally spreading the word this week will this show have a chance. I keep reading tweets from fans who say when they finally end up loving a show, it’s always taken off the air, and since I not only see all glasses half empty, but broken with a jagged edge that can take your eye out, I’m asking you all to make as much noise as you can this week.

Thank you for reading this and I desire each and every one of you physically,

Ricky Blitt


  1. I LOVE THIS SHOW! I will make noise.

  2. love all the way from the philippines! love the show!

  3. I will be tweeting and posting on facebook. I have almost everyone in my office watching too! Love the show!

  4. Love the show so far!! Really hilarious, can’t wait for next week!

  5. I just made a hell of a lot of noise. The smell is less impressive.

  6. I watched this after seeing Nathan Fillion’s tweets about it and since it was before “Castle,” I gave it a whirl. I can actually see the “Family Guy”-ish influence, too! Really cute show! :)

  7. Sorry, watched both episodes since Nathan Fillion tweeted about the show and I have to say, it’s unoriginal and not at all funny. A FAR better show is Cougar Town.

    Maybe Romantically Challenged will improve, I do like Alyssa Milano, but the script is crap and her ensemble cast is just not very inspired.

    This show isn’t going to last long, especially with the way networks nowadays dump shows after 5 episodes. Eastwick was a fantastic show and ABC got rid of that… they got rid of Defying Gravity–another awesome show. No way is ABC gonna hold onto this one unless there’s some massive overhaul.

  8. dang it I’ve watched two shows and must of missed the first 11 minutes each time- oh well its a very funny show and I’ll keep watching and tweeting-good job to everyone involved

  9. I love #RomanticallyChallenged I will make so much noise not only will abc keep you on for 8 seasons they will give #RomanticallyChallenged an hour time slot

  10. I am a fan of your work on Family Guy but the one episode I saw of Romantically Challenged had way too many corny jokes. And the guy who plays the idiot on the show overplays every line to the point I wanted him to not talk. At all. Hopefully it gets better.

  11. Love the show. I’ll be on vacation for a week but will do my best to get the word out whenever I get the chance. Want to keep you guys around for a few years!

  12. hi ricky, i’m a man and i really like your show, you all are awesome!

  13. Hey Ricky,

    1) Can I steal your “I not only see all glasses half empty, but broken with a jagged edge that can take your eye out” line?

    2) I’m a little taller than you and short one cat, but otherwise meet the same specifications, so given that experience, I’m skeptical that you’ve actually experienced full frontal sexual intercourse. Do you have to get advice from the cast and crew in order to film the first 11 minutes of the show?

  14. Ricky,

    My original message is “awaiting moderation.” Sounds like a great name for a future @RomanticallyChallenged episode.

    In the mean time, #RomanticallyChallenged has my fanship.

    Keep pushing buttons baby,


  15. You are beautiful Alyssa

  16. I’m a guy, and I’m making noises with my armpit!!!

  17. I’m a guy!…and I love the show! Great work

  18. The show has progressed to be on track as the next best thing on television in a long time. The first show was great and the second right there with it. I see a pattern happening. Keep up the good work and I will make sure we keep re-tweeting for you.

    John J. Kearney
    President/ CEO
    Celebrity Protection Services
    Follow me on Twitter @celebprotect

  19. if it’s for men too then why are all the male characters on the show pervy morons?

  20. Are you saying that Tweeting about this show will keep it on the air? Or talking about it? I thought it was all about ratings. Does Hollywood really care what people are tweeting or blogging about?

    What’s the inside scoop?

  21. We are each of us angels with only one wing. And we can only fly embracing each other

  22. Where can I purchase a giraffe-rifle?

  23. All this is a miracle for you dear Alyssa

  24. I like the show. But is there any way you can ask them to tone down the laugh track? It’s distracting.

  25. I will make as much noise as I can and bully as many people into watching it as I can find!

  26. As much as I love reading Alyssa’s tweets, though have yet to be answered on mine, I have so far failed to watch, for two reasons, I am but one man and my wife and kids watch other shows, and we use the PVR, and by Friday we might catch up, another show is a bit difficult until LOST is done.
    I know the reviews are good, and I hear the man wrote this so you should like it plug, a plug not working on my book in this genre, yes I wrote a romance, and yes I was surprised how easy and fun it was to do. Your show probably is too, and I will try harder to give it a shot, well because Alyssa’s still hot. Look me up www (my full name which is( John Ross Harvey)) dot com to find my book, and other’s by me.

  27. I am a man and i love the show! (mainly because i love Alyssa Milono)

  28. OK !! The last part is a little scary. Now to get to the point !! How can you think that You would have a hard time getting MEN to watch a show with Alyssa staring in it ? You may lose Your Man’s Man card for that !!!!! The noise is being made !!

  29. Have never seen more than the last minutes.
    Cuz I’m over at Fox watching 24! Come May when 24 ends then I may take a peek.

  30. I have no idea about this show. I guess by the title it means people who have trouble getting it on. Why would I watch that! That would mean I get off on watching people that can’t light a candle or fill a bathtub. I do pretty well all on my own! My GF is pissed like ALL the time. Let me think..when a show gets success doesn’t that mean someone gets rich. Sure ain’t me. Of course they want you to watch it! Duh!

  31. Im still making noise about this show which is so funny and cool. I live in Paris, love Alyssa and just discover the other actors who play so weel. I love Romantically Challenged, I will tell everyone on my twitter and facebook account. Bravo Ricky !

  32. Show needs improvement! Got more laughs from the commercials. Writing this script must be pretty laughable. When you sit and do the read over does it ever occur to the actors, that they need something more b/c it is surely missing something besides laughter. Alyssa your OK, the two guys are pretty unimaginative and pathetic.

  33. Good show, I must agree. And Alyssa Milano is hot and a great actress!.. good choice of cast!

  34. Gimme an R gimme a O-M-A-N-T-I-C-A-L-L-Y….What’s that spell?… Romantically Challenged! Go team! No of course I’m not a cheerleader. But I will be for the show! Thanks Ricky for writing this blog to show your appreciation. I have 1 question. Are you really 5′ 2″? No, really, size doesn’t matter. I’m watching the show again. Love DVRs. Good Luck to you all!

  35. I missed the first eleven minutes, where can I get a replay???

  36. You’re being 5′ 2″ explains why you picked 2 of the shortest women in the business, you wanted someone to look up to you. Maybe get Kristin Chenoweth to GS as an aunt. And bravo on the choice BTW! I like where Kelly’s character is going but I don’t know any elementary school teachers who would wear heals all day. XD Alyssa’s a real sweetie and is great for the role.

  37. Cool, maybe I can offer a bit of feedback here?

    I love Alyssa Milano and I love the basic concept of the show — it’s a “core” concept that ought to help it carry the day.

    I want to offer a little hopefully constructive criticism here. You can listen to people going on and on how they love the show, but paying attention to those comments won’t help you make it better and avoid cancellation!

    First show, I was left with neutral impressions of Alyssa’s surrounding cast — nothing seemed too memorable. After the 2nd show, I felt a little more connected to the sister character — and the one-off annoying guy character.

    First show, started off with an “Is Timmy in the well?” joke, which I’ve seen on countless other sitcoms. Lazy writing! Especially bad within the first five minutes of a brand new show where you want to win over people with its charm and wit. Second show, starts off with the cheap “I can get you off” dialogue — again, lazy and not clever at all.

    Overall, the show seems too “typically sitcommy” and if it fails, could even be held up as a representative sample of “why this artform is dead.” We who love sitcoms are slightly depending on you to REVIVE that form. The second show’s subplot about the two male roommates “breaking up” had its cute moments, but wasn’t fitting with the “romantically challenged” concept. For this core idea, you’ll have to work very hard to NOT let it become trite and corny — for a group of characters to remain so “challenged” without finally landing a partner and finding happiness — will be itself a challenge to keep recycling that core idea as the show progresses.

    We all find ourselves “romantically challenged” in life, even when within a relationship — there is a lot to pull from to draw people in and feel that “It’s funny because I lived that, too.” I found it a bit uncomfortable to see the sister asked to date the same guy, and for that guy to be so outlandishly unfit to even survive well in life — that makes it a little harder to identify with. This show could more likely benefit from the more “Seinfeldian” LITTLE annoying things that seemed to resonate so well with people. “Seinfeld” itself could have well been called “Romantically Challenged,” because all those characters successfully remained woefully single all the way through — and people loved it. BUT, that may have worked because those characters were essentially unlikeable, miserable people — so it became funny to see them get their comeuppance as their irritants got the best of them. Your characters all seem to basically want to be liked, which never really troubled the Seinfeldians. So, maybe there’s a happy medium to find there.

    I give you points for installing a few eyebrow-raising outlandish moments, which are sure to keep some folks’ attention — but getting the audience to really “invest” in those characters will take some work. Maybe it doesn’t have to be “mean” like Seinfeld, and maybe this could work out to be more like the similar but differently-positioned “Friends” which celebrated the characters’ flaws but managed to keep them all likeable.

    This show has the potential to BE the new “Friends” after a fashion, and I surely hope you can pull it off. I LOVE Alyssa being in a show like this, and of course she’s mainly who I’m rooting for here. It will be hard to believe “Alyssa” can’t nab a nice fellow without too much trouble, though — so you’ll have to REALLY be creative if you want to keep her “Romantically Challenged.”

  38. i like watching alyssas new show on abc tv. will alyssa on future shows do some rhyming? i hope the show stays on for nine seasons or ten or maybe 11

  39. the thing about kicking homeless… I think is “too soon” :)
    the show is great.
    great chemistry. Alyssa is gorgeous (the hair !!!) and Kelly (didn’t saw her before, love her now) is very naughty and super-cute.
    I’m watching it and will keep watching it… and I hope the traditional “taking a good show of the air” doesn’t happen.

  40. I will be making alot of noise. I’ll be posting on every website that I can.

  41. You are too FUNNY…”When You Wish Upon a Weinstein”…I wish more people in the world learned to laugh at themselves :-)

  42. Me and my boyfriend love this show. I will def spread the word :)

  43. I don’t get ABC with my converter box; so I can’t watch the show.

  44. I am so happy to see a show that is well written and has a great comedy aspect. This is one show I can really enjoy laughing to and not have to yawn as many of the other sitcoms out there. Oh my gosh is this the way I love to write. It is so refreshing to see true comedy has come back. I loved the dentist scene the other night. OMG I was laughing so hard I had an asthma attack. Alyssa is an angel and she is perfect for the show. I hope that you get an EMMY for the show and Alyssa. Romantically Challanged will be a water cooler topic for a long time to come. Bravo! Keep up the great show and writing. Hugs and Love,
    Author D’Maria Scaglione
    PS. Being short is great. I am only 5’0. :)

  45. I like … this show because Alyssa aka back in the day as Sammy was the one star who I thought was Briliant at comedy and I was right …!
    You should do a show that has something to do with Golf widows….been there done that…me going to play leaving her to fend for herself….or Baseball, of course there’s NASCAR, football, soccer, sailing, surfing,fishing, skiing, Hockey….by the way Who’s the Boss at your place????

    Got to Dash the Boss called: Silly Me…


  46. Why did my comment get deleted :-? All I was saying is that he is a great writer and I enjoyed what he wrote :-(

  47. Have watched since the first episode and will watch everyone there is. I LOVE IT……Keep up the great work.

  48. Watched the first two episodes hoping it was going to be good as it has one of my favourite actresses in it, it is more than good and had me laughing out loud more than a few times. Hope this show runs and runs.

  49. I love this show!! Really, really hope that it stays on the air! We need good comedies, Romaniticlly Challenged, during these hard times! So please keep this show on the air!! This is Bobby talking now… :D

  50. Ricky, what happend to Eric Christian Olsen? I attended the taping of the first pilot (with Olsen) and I keep wondering why he got replaced.. Please give me some info.

    My gf and I have been waiting for a whole year to see the result.. It’s sad to see it’s nothing what we thought it would be.

  51. I really liked this blog, and will definetly come back for more. Only thing is, I didn’t find how to subscribe to this blog. Will you implement this sometime soon?

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  53. My brother and I love soccer. We always watch it and collect trading cards and other memorabilia too.