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We’ve had an overwhelming interest in sending Alyssa and David eGifts for their unborn baby so… we are creating a virtual baby shower! Email your submissions (videos, poems, drawings, etc.) to: BabyBugliari@celebrityloop.com and we will post them for you in a special place for Alyssa and the world to see!

And don’t forget to check out http://www.babybugliari.org/ and help us spread the word about this very special cause.


  1. Congrats!
    I can’t help but say all the cliche sayings of how she is going to be a blessing and how it’s really difficult but totally worth it.

    You are a very beautiful woman and I’m sure she’s going to be a wonderful little bundle of joy. Truly enjoy all the time you spend with your newborn cuz like me, I have a 20 months old and he really did grow so fast.

    Sometimes you wonder, why couldn’t God allow them to stay newborn size for a whole year. LOL

    • Sorry, I mean HE (not she)

      • Dnt worry this is really nice and Sweet she will forgive anyone she is the most prettiest Person in the world
        and Good Luck

        • I truley am excited for you both. I have watched you grow in to a beauitful woman from who’s the boss to charmed and I think no I know you will be a great wonderful mom and you look georgous as always I hve had much respect and love for you

  2. Good luck with everything. Alyssa, hope your labor goes smoothly and the baby is healthy and strong and you recover quickly. Babies are such a blessing and so much fun! Enjoy every moment. Congratulations!

  3. I love the idea! Just blogged about it!

  4. Dear Alyssa and David, i hope have a beautiful and heathly baby boy

  5. Congrats on the upcoming arrival of your little bundle! You’re going to be a great mom! Can’t wait to see pics!

  6. Alyssa and David,

    Wishing you both continued Love, Health and Happiness as you become loving parents.
    Parenting is truly on-the-job-training.

    God Bless,

  7. How wonderful! I loved the idea!
    You always surprising!

    My dear star, I love you!
    Kisses from Brazil

    • Alyssa i Love you ive follow you since you where a girl on the set of who’s the Boss and i loved you even more on Charm…your Baby is gonna be Blessed and gonna be a wonder child you are gonna be a proud Momma and a caring one Too…Congratulations…a baby is Gods Blessing to Loving couples….

    • Good Luck Alyssa with your new bundle of joy! Motherhood is the most rewarding job you’ll ever have! Take lots of pictures! Chrissy

  8. Congratulations Alyssa and David!!!!

  9. Lovent idea!! Congratulations Alyssa and David!!! Love you so much!!

  10. This has to be the cutest thing i ever heard of. I just want to wish you all well:)


  12. hey alyssa! all the best to u and ur new baby. i love u!

  13. What a lovely and fun idea!! I think it is awesome.

    May God Bless you with wonderful and beautiful wonderment with your beautiful baby.

    Love & God Bless yall 3,
    Lori :o)

  14. Alyssa, thank you for all of the wonderful work you do! You’re truly inspirational :) Wishing you all the best during this exciting time of your life. Welcome to mommyhood :)

  15. Muchas felicidades :) de todo corazón te admiro mucho desde que hiciste EMBRUJADAS :) LA SERIE :)
    saludos desde España aunque mi país natal es Ecuador :)

  16. You and your hubby are awesome! Good Luck and Congrats!

  17. Dear Alyssa & David,
    I wish you an easy delivery and Baby Bugliari cannot be happier to have such wonderful parents as yourselves. Your humanitarian work Alyssa is awe inspiring, and your loyalty and help to Alyssa, David is just as important. I am sure both your parents are even more excited than you are!
    Baby Bugliari has in my opinion the kindest and most caring parents in the world. He will not find people with such a determination to genuinely help others in need. I hope he will follow in the same footsepts as his parents! Love, Mayer Sasson.

  18. Alyssa & David
    I wish you the best your wonderful new gift from nature. Enjoy your baby. :-)
    Best always

  19. I am just in awe of you and your accomplishments. Now your fixing to top them all! Wishing you joy peace and happiness always. You deserve it girl. Best wishes to you and your new family. Thank you for allowing us to share your happiness with you. love, Robyn Kilgore

  20. Congratulations on your wonderful upcoming arrival. You two are so lucky to be able to afford nice new things for your sweet little one. My baby is 4 months and I never knew I could love so much. Good luck and best wishes to you all.

  21. Alyssa & David,

    You have no idea, David, how LUCKY you are to have such an amazing, beautiful, expecting woman by your side. Good heavens when I get pregnant I hope to look half as beautiful as you Alyssa!!!!!

    Congrats to you and yours. I know you’re already living Happily Ever After.

    Laura T

  22. I wish you all the happiness that a baby can bring. You both deserve to feel a new kind of love for each other with the knowing of what being a parent can bring. You have always been one of my favorites and I wish you all the joy in the world. Toni 51 years and still going……………………..

  23. What a good idea! You are totally awesome! Alyssa, we follow your career since you were little, it’s a pleasure to have a “relationship” with your unborn baby. Thank you for sharing so many things with us! You really are a family of gold. Love you!

  24. Hi Alyssa & David congrats your baby first of all! I know you two will be great parents and I wish you both a smooth delivery and happiness with your little one! I know he will grow to be like his mother and father.

    Love, Jessica

  25. Great idea in the making. Should be a very special day for Alyssa & David.

  26. Happy baby shower Alyssa and David. Thank you for sharing it with your fans. You two are very inspiring and will be wonderful parents. I know your child will be loved, well-grounded and grow to be a very special person in his/her own right.

    I know you are humanitarians but you are also animal lovers as well and I was wondering if you are familiar with the web site http://www.TheAnimalRescueSite.com. It offers you to to make food donations to animals (free of charge) just by clicking on the purple button… and they have some wonderful items there for sale as well. No I don’t work for them, just an avid shopper and animal lover as well. I just found out the are on Twitter too. :)

    Again, HAPPY BABY SHOWER!! Hope I’m not too late with the wishes, I just got home from work and found it listed on Twitter. :)


  27. congratulations, I wish you the best for you and your family, you’ll look very nice breast, if you already were now more because being a mother is a blessing and thank God you will have the privilege of being.

  28. I’m sure you’ll be wonderful parents because you have a big heart.

  29. If its a Boy Douglas is a Good Name….
    CongraTS to you and David…

  30. Alyssa and David I know with genes from both of you this baby will be very special..You both have such kind caring natures and do all you can to help others less fortunate tham yourselves and I,m sure this little boy will be raised to have those qualiteys also…I hope you ahe a very easy Birth Alyssa and I wish you and David all the best of health and luck with this coming baby…Luv ya both..(soon I will be able to say three).

    • Spelling mistake in above message I guess I am showing my age but the meaning is still the same,,have an easy birth Alyssa and good luck and good health to you and yours…xxxxxLuv ya

  31. Alyssa, have LOVED you since i was 6 years old and charmed premiered. Best show ever btw :) have enjoyed all your movies as well, especially ‘sundays at tiffany’s’ because it is soo cute. I can’t wait to see your little one, im sure he’ll be aborable. i want to thank you because you were the strong female role model i looked up to and aspired to be like growing up. best wishes to you and your family, love sarah from australia xxxxxxx

  32. That’s a wonderful idea. Congrats Alyssa & David! ((((Hugs))))

  33. What a good idea! You are totally awesome! Alyssa, we follow your career since you were little, it’s a pleasure to have a “relationship” with your unborn baby. Thank you for sharing so many things with us! You really are a family of gold. Love you!

  34. Alyssa! I so love you! I’m from Argentina. I follow your career and I think u r an extremely good actress, so beautiful and above all, I think you are an amazing human being. I wish you happiness and an easy delivery! enjoy so much and be a very happy family. Being a mom is the most wonderful experience on earth and I am happy you are experiencing it. ENJOY! lots of blesing for you, your husband and of course, the baby! love from Argentina!

  35. oh im so excited for u! I grew up you from the start of your carerr! So im so happy to see are married and about to become a mother! Its the best i have two of my own! :)

  36. Dear Alyssa and David,

    I wish you both of you lots of happiness, the kind that only the miracle from God (a baby) can bring, I know he will be Loved Lots and truely will be the Best thing that has ever happened to both of you!! Lots of happiness to you all!!
    All my Love, Jennifer Crocker

  37. Also wanterd to just say I have watched every episode of Charmed at least 12 times and have always Loved it!! I love the whole story behind being witches, the values you girls were brought up, how close the sisters are, etc. An all around Awesome, Best ever TV series!!! This I guess makes it more exciting for me to see you so happy and having the best gift ever… a baby!!

    Jennifer Crocker from Elkhat (South Bend) Indiana, USA

  38. Dear Alyssa+1 and David,

    Germany is greeting.
    I wish you and your little family only the BEST and GOOD LUCK for the delivery.

    There’s a old german saw:
    (I hope I translate it correct…hahaha)

    ღ Something begins small,
    something begins big.
    But sometimes the smallest is the biggest. ღ

    (I am a little kidswear designer and would like to send you ( from the virtual to the real ) a little handmade surprise dress for the baby boy. Hope you send a post-office adress or anything else to my emailadress – where I can send it to you. Willow also got one to her moms manager :-) )

    Have a nice time…

  39. you look beautiful Alyssa xxxx greetings from Belgium xxxx

  40. To my dear Alyssa and David,

    Thankyou so much for everything you have done for this world you have made a massive difference to my life and everyone else out there. Alyssa watching you in Charmed has turned my life around and made me feel differently about the world so thankyou !
    I hope that one day I can be as great as you, I really want to be an actress like you, Iam always repeating lines from Charmed! !

    Congratulations on your new little baby!! Hope everything goes as smoothly as possible for you ! It is a real blessing to have and to hold a little baby. I hope that one day I will have a little baby too.!
    I wish you both lots of happiness during your special time !!
    With all my love
    Ellie from the UK

  41. Dear Alyssa Jayne Milano-Bugliari, How do you make the curse of pregnancy look so beautiful and glamorous?! A New Baby is a Gracious Blessing from GOD in Heaven; and your New Baby will be fortunate, happy and over joyed to see a lovely Angel Mom/Alyssa Milano. Love, Doug x,o

  42. What is the deadline to send our eGifts? Thank you! :)

  43. What an amazing way to celebrate a new life. Wishing you both a happy and healthy pregnancy and delivery! Thank you for thinking of others!

  44. Alyssa, I’ve always been a fan and I wish you and your honey the best. It’s so nice to see you finally found real love and oooh a baby too!!! Awesome I feel so happy for you.

  45. All the best for the new baby – sounds like ya’ll are prepared!!!
    I pray that this new life will be a blessing to you both and that he brings you lots of love laughter and SO much joy!!!
    Take care,
    Love Anna.

  46. Congrats to Alyssa and David!!
    Best of luck. I’m so happy for you and i’m sending my love from Trinidad (in the Caribbean)

  47. If one feels the need of something grand, something infinite,
    something that makes one feel aware of God, one need not go
    far to find it. I think that I see something deeper, more infinite,
    more eternal than the ocean in the expression of the eyes of a
    little baby when it wakes in the morning and coos or laughs
    because it sees the sun shining on its cradle. ~Vincent van Gogh

    Wishing you both the very best on your up coming family xxBxx

  48. Wish the mom-to-be Alyssa, David and the unborn baby health, love, joy…
    You’ll be fantastic parents:))
    Lovely hugs from Luxembourg:)

  49. I’m sending you a drawing. I went to the same art school as Joni Mitchell.
    Hope you are well, Alyssa.

  50. Bible says: When a woman is giving birth, feels sorrow because her hour has come, but when she has given birth to toddler, she remembers the tribulation, for joy that a man born in the world to enjoy this wonderful experience. LAURA GOEZ