A Woman’s TOUCH on Baseball

By on 8-19-2010 in touch by am

A Woman’s TOUCH on Baseball

Alyssa talks all about Touch on Pix 11.


  1. alyssa you are so cute

  2. Thank you for creating awareness about the floods in Pakistan. Explaining the devastation in words is impossible because it is everywhere you look. But whatever you’re doing is definitely going to help so please keep it coming!

    Thank you!


  3. I love Alyssa Milano and i have followed her from day 1 of charmed. She is my idol and my inspiration and every now and again i tweet about her on facebook and take a good look on here now and again to see what she is up to. Wish i could meet her in real life…in a way im trying to be more like Alyssa by helping people. I volunteer at a charity for children…i play with the children who are Young Carers. They take care of people who are disabled who they live with from a young age. I myself was a young carere and still am i take care of my mam who is disabled and im only 18 so :). But enough about me…haha! Alyssa your clothing is fabulous just wish i could buy some. :( Im from the UK and can’t really get the delivery there haha! But your clothes are fabulous and miss you on the Tv. Good luck with love and life. Best regards….No 1 fan Miss Leanne May Bevan xxxx <3

  4. Well so great alyssa !
    But ithink you don’t read or answer to a Reply so0O…

    Goodbye =D


  5. Hello Alyssa “Sam Phoebe” Milano-Bugliari, Again Happy Wedding Anniversary! Thanks for updating us on your “TOUCH” Clothing Line; everything looks neat and snazzy! I have at least six ladies in my immediate family (many more in my extended family) who would love your clothing as a gift or present!! “TOUCH” was a brilliant idea that was needed years ago! Love, Doug x,o

  6. i just read its your Happy Wedding Anniversary ,hope you have many more ,

    Clothing i’m just not that into it ,hopeing you have every success

    Cricket 5 days of fun ,,,

  7. Hi Alyssa. This is my First Time visting your site. Love Baseball. as well.

  8. This is my first time visting your site. I’m a Baseball Fan as well. Love my Chicago Cubs. BTW congrads on the Dodgers getting Ryan Theriot and Ted Lilly. so sad on the cubbies part.

  9. hi iam a big fan of alyssa i hope she does some rapping with a drum beat.

  10. Hair cells and transducers, charge it to rescue, I am breathless, dreams and beliefs, hearing is special, i love Alyssa.

    My twitter is not working

  11. Can you please get MLB to carry more of your clothing in the Tampa Bay Rays line ? Thank you !!