Ageless & A-List stars: Hotter now or then?

By on 10-05-2013 in Appearances, Movie & TV, News

Ageless & A-List stars: Hotter now or then?


Mom and former child star Alyssa Milano says she’s feeling sexier than ever at 40. But she’s not the only star with a Benjamin Button-style aging process.

At 40, Alyssa Milano defies logic, and gravity, with her ageless looks — and she knows it! The “Mistresses” star recently told In Touch Weekly she feels hotter now than she did in her 20s.

Milano says having her 2-year-old son, Milo, only made her more confident. “After having him, I became more comfortable with my body,” Milano said. But Milano’s not the only star who’s making “over the hill” look fab.

Here are five other stars in their 40s who may just look better today than they did in their youth. You be the judge. Hotter now or then?

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