1. love it! maybe one day he will become a child star! i need to watch this movie again! i forgot how good it was! :)

  2. I know this opinion will be far from popular, but I think although individual intentions are good, donating is exactly what pity is. At the end of the video it says “stop the pity…” and then it says “donate now” The assumption is that whatever their situation is can not be improved on their own. I’ve done some traveling in West Africa, which is even more impoverished than Tanzania, and the dependence on begging was possibly the saddest part. I’m weary of believing money from any organization gets to people, and if it does, that it makes a long lasting difference. If the child in the video is indeed happy, bright, etc. which I’m sure he is, he may well be better left alone. When I first encountered 2 absolutely starving children in a small village outside of Mauritania, I bought them food. Then I realized it was the worst thing I could have done. More than likely, as with the other places we’d been, no other person will pass through able do the same thing again and it will likely become a bitter memory. Not to mention the whole village of children shortly after gathered around us who we were unable to feed. How did they feel? It’s more complicated than an outsider can solve. People should stay out of Africa in my view, and if they want to help, do it here – there are plenty that need it.