1. You are Sooo beautiful !!!

  2. You’re so pretty!!

  3. Congratulations and what can be better than a wonderful blessing of a new child after a long career of hard work. How the years go by! Good luck to the proud parents.

  4. Congrats on the baby to be .. You have always been #1 on my hot list but now that ur preggo that tight lil framed body is done …. I Love ya sam always will …

    • What a piggish thing to say. Good thing she probably doesn’t read these comments. But did it occur to you that other pregnant women might read that remark and feel bad? Thinking with the little head, not the big one. Creep.

    • How could the moderator of this forum let that piggish comment through?

  5. Hi Cousin Alyssa,

    How are you feeling? I hope you are feeling well. When is your baby due? You look terrific. I hope to get to meet you in person one day. I would also love to meet your husband and brother and your little one when he arrives. It would be so wonderful to see your mom and dad again too.


  6. hey im a huge and would like to tlk to you about becoming an actress. my name is pernounced as mikayla but my mom wanted it to be different…anyway i am a huge fan of charmed in fact im watching it whie im writing you..i hope its you that reads this..

  7. Alyssa if you don’t slow down, you’re going to give birth during a “spotting”.

  8. Soooooo pretty. You look fantastic Alyssa! Beautiful, as always. When are you due?

  9. Alyssa I love this dress!!!! It looks awesome on you!!!! :D

  10. Alyssa looks great! As always…

  11. Ur one off my favorite actress.I luv u in charmed.congrat on ur baby.god bless the baby (boy or girl).

  12. You look so amazing I never understood what they meant by “The Glow of Motherhood” till now. your radiant sweet lady


  13. Hi Alyssa! CONGRATS on the baby. I hope you have a memorable birthing experience…LOL! I personally think there IS such a thing as an easy delivery b/c I had a C-section and NO labor pains but it’s all a blurr. I LOVED that it happened that way for me but I don’t have any juicy stories to tell about my delivery other than “The meds were AWESOME!” Anyway, I’m really happy for you and your husband. MANY happy wishes.

  14. heyy!
    First of all! You look beautiful and you are glowing!! :) i love you and hope everyone including the baby does well. You may not get a comment from an indian often right? :) i hope so. God bless alyssa!

  15. I still see the lil brooklyn girl she looks lovely

  16. I love you alyssa youre soo beutifiull youre my god i worship you i love you soo much

  17. your are glowing and couldnt look happier. im happy for u

  18. you are glowing and couldnt look happier

  19. Felicidades mama to be! How exciting this time is for you and your family. Enjoy every moment and take time to rest and enjoy moments with your newborn..they grow so fast.

  20. Ohh … I’m a big fan! I love Charmed, and right now I’m working on a school project where we write about a person or celebrity we care about, and I write about you: D Love this blog: D Love you ALYSSA MILANO!! I Admire you so much! <333333333333

  21. beutiful,pretty,nice,sweet…:)

  22. Congratulation, toutes mes félicitations, je vous souhaites beaucoup de bonheur et bravo pour votre carrière professionnelle, et votre intérêt pour les oeuvres caritatives.

  23. Hey!

    I’m a big fan of your doing and your films. And = Your look is so beautiful!! I wish you the very best by the birth. And a wonderful time with your baby. I have a daughter (4years) and a son (2years). And I’m so happy with them! And I’m happy for you / with you. ( Sorry my english is so bad ;-), but I hope you understand my wishings :-)). )

    God bless you and your family.

  24. you are beautiful! ;)

  25. Hi mum and baby!
    Congratulations on your baby.You are pretty!!!
    How are you?
    Good luck Kristin

  26. Dear Alyssa Milano-Bugliari, Could you possibly become any more beautiful with your new pregnancy glow! I bet your baby will not want to birth for ten or eleven months, lol, ha ha! Best wishes for a happy and healthy pregnancy Alyssa. Love, Doug x,o

  27. Pregnant and dancing with Prince, does life get any better?

  28. Boy, you sure are on a personal journey!!! Congratulations!! How soon til your baby is born? I loved you in Charmed, and I would like to see you do some more movies. Great to see you on Twitter.com. Good luck with your new baby!!!

  29. congratulations on your pregnancy I’ve seen every episode of charmed especially julian mcmahon to a great and very beautiful couple a greeting from Spain and I hope someday greet me on Twitter thank you very much(twitter pfm66)

  30. Alyssa you are beautiful…:)

  31. Alyssa, you look beautiful. I hope everything run smood on your due date. I miss you, I wish we could have new episodies of charming. God bless you.

  32. Hello Alyssa,
    Just came on twitter After such a long time and am very surprise to See your new pic:)
    Very impressive and all the the love for you and your Family.
    Your looking wonderful and shamefully Beautiful too:)
    All the Love in this World!

    Lancia from Austria

  33. i just want to say that i have watched you on whos the boss and charmed. i am very proud that you have turned out the way that you have! it is a blessing to have such a wonderful past of the entertainment life and now to have the family life! you did it right and that in its self is a blessing from god! CONGRATS. on the family that you have and god bless you!

  34. Pregnant and in heels! I’m impressed!

  35. You are soo beautiful, even more so since you got pregnant….Truly Glowing…. Congratulations!!! I wish you and your son and BD are blessed with health, happiness and the joy of feeling that unconditional love… Gods blessings and love keep you and your family tight in his arms protecting you from all the ugliness of this world. You are a true advocate of soo many, and your a voice for people like me that are a member of RAINN. Thank you for providing a voice for the unspoken…. With love

  36. Hi alyssa u are very beautifil nerea from spain kiss

  37. alyssa milano i love u so much especially in charmed and even in pregnancy,, u re still beautiful after so many years ……….. i wish u save delivery

  38. You’re so smooth and beautiful alyssa. You’ve got it all! You’re a Cutie Pie, The Bomb! Candy In The Bank!!!!!
    God Bless you and your Child and your Family.

  39. Congratulations on the new baby im a huge charmed fan and love all of your work, your so beautiful

  40. hey Alyssa,
    Congrats for the baby!!!
    It will definitely get your talent!!!!!:D At all!!!!!
    You’ re a REALLY GOOD actress!! And not only:P
    I love u so much!!!!
    I come from Greece and I’ ve seen a lot of movies were ur join but the best of them is the serial Charmed!!
    I loved it!!!!
    you’ re great as Phoebe!!!
    I am your great fan!!!!
    You’ re also so beautiful!!!!
    Many Kisses and I wish you all to go well with the pregnancy!!!!!

  41. Hey Alyssa, I’m a fan of yours. I remember you from “Who’s The Boss” & enjoyed you on “Charmed”, which I’m about finished watching the dvds to. Anyway, you looked fine here. You’ve got my attention, &, no offense, you turned me on. Love ya.