1. I’m really digging this video!! Sooo beautiful!!!! Soooo cool. My oh my, mama mia!! Can’t stop watching your videos!

  2. You did this video with a mirror. Cool…

  3. Can’t wait!! For the show I mean.

  4. Hehe; funny video! :D There’s nothing wrong with being short though – I am too! ;) And you’re most welcome of course for us always being so supportive; we’ll always love ya! :* <3 :)

  5. wow!!!è la migliore XD
    Alyssa for ever <3

  6. This is full of WIN! :-) Can’t wait to see you on Castle!

  7. Alyssa, YOU ROCK!!! Your hair is really gorgeous, I’ve always loved your hair. my hair is insanely long too. Yes it is always important to have gorgeous hair. I can’t wait for both your shows!!! You crack me up and that isn’t hard to do. (trust me that’s a compliment)!!

  8. Thank you that you have made this video for your fans.
    You look so nice.

    Visit my Charmed Forum. http://www.Charmed-Ones.forumieren.de

  9. You’re awesome Alyssa! I wish I had a faster internet connection and sound so I could watch this video. Can you get me job on your set? I’ve been looking for work for almost 4 months now.


  10. Thank you for this video!
    Your hair looks really fancy :-)
    have fun on the set and rock on!!

  11. Cute puppies and beautiful woman!

  12. Thanks for taking the time to record a little video for us. That was really sweet. Your hoodie is pure comedy gold.

  13. Loved your coat!!! =]

    U look beautiful!

  14. You look so beautiful :-) and I love your jumper :-D.

  15. Alyssa, you are HILARIOUS! Thank you for taking time out of your day to do that. We appreciate it so much. You look beautiful as always, love the hair! Also being tall aint all that although I guess we can eat more? Anyway congrats with the show. WE LOVE YOU!

  16. Greetings from Mexico, great video and Alyssa funny as usual, thanks for the light u share with us….

  17. aww i’m such a big fan of u!i would be really happy if u would answer fan questions.the new season of charmed is coming soon in germany yeah love ya

  18. You are too cute!

  19. You’re not that short, and besides good things do come in small packages. Looking beautiful on the set, as of course you would. Looking forward to your guest appearance on the show as it is a show I love to watch. Have fun :)

  20. You are so funny…
    I can’t get over how grounded and real you are with all of the fame you have lived with since childhood. Maybe you should do some Hollywood charity work and council those celebrity brats that can’t seem to get their sh*t together.
    Just keep being your awesome self! We all love you.
    I can only imagine how much fun it is to be on that set. Nathan seems like a great guy. Loved the Firefly series and of course Serenity the movie. He is the greatest Space Cowboy of all time!!!!!

  21. Good luck with your new job :) Yes, your hair looks fantastic!

  22. Hi Alyssa! Great video;) It’s always nice to see you and hear your voice. Can’t wait to see you on Castle!!! xo

  23. very cute!! funny!! lol! and of course beautiful like always… love your hair!!! always wishing you the best and good luck with everything!! and congras!

  24. And you look like the Queen of the Castle.

  25. A true star! You go, Alyssa!

  26. Thanks for taking time for this, you look amazing…
    I wish you the best and keep on rocking hehe :D
    love ya! :)))

  27. I love this video. BTW, Can I have a Million dollar? please :)

  28. Thanks for the video. Look gorgeous as usual, love the hair!!
    Good luck on your new show

  29. Hey Alyssa

    LOL, you’re awesome & you look amazing as always!
    I’m definitely loving the sweater!!!

    Thank you for the message, I hope you enjoy working on castle & I’ll give the show, a try because you’re on it :)

    (You should guest star on Bones, now that’d be awesome! ;) )



  30. that was a nice lil snippet. snazzy iphone! ^_^ m/

  31. Alyssa,… i just love you, seeing this video makes me wonder how wonderful your personality must be!!! keep it up cause you’re the best for me!!!stay blessed!!!

  32. Hi, congrats on the show, you look beautiful as always!
    was just watching charmed in norway where you have short hair- i didn`t realise it was a while ago until i saw your long hair here.
    love your work!
    good luck with everything!

    a big norwegian squeeze :)

  33. wow nice video you look great i like the hair either way but look good good luck on the project and continued success still gorgous

  34. Thank you Alyssa for taking the time to post this video. You show such a great amount of respect to your fans and you deserve the same amount of respect back. Thank you for being such and insperation to me in all of my philanthropy works!!! XOXO

  35. I love the fancy hair! The only time I had hair that fancy was on my wedding day, but I secretly wanted to have it every day! Love the hoodie too!

  36. Nathan Fillion said you smelled like cupcakes – still get a giggle over that one. That is one of the sweetest things someone could say about someone else. I hope its a recurring role for you.

  37. Eres la mas brillante estrella en el firmamento, en esta historia.

  38. can not wait to see the tv show,give us more info when it will be on,thanks.
    and have a fun and lasting week.from michael

  39. how did that person get there picture up? with there comment?

  40. Hi Alyssa!

    I haven’t watched Castle yet, but I will now! It’s set on my dvr, I can’t wait!

    You look fabulous as always.


  41. Yeah! I love the video!!! You’re so cute! I love your hair and OMG! The wedding rings are soooooooo B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!! Better than they look on a photo. I’m so excited for you being on Castle! Haven’t watched it ever, but I will now! ;) Congratulations and thank you for this lovely video!!!! ~hugs from Greece~

  42. You’re like the sweetest person in the world !!
    I can’t wait ’till Castle comes out in belgium I mean it is already here but.. we always run a little late so :p..
    Anyway.. I wanted to say congrats and lots of luck…


    Btw: Love the hair :D

  43. elle est trop adorable^^

  44. hi alyssa i am your number 1 fan i love you you always look great and you are tall to me because im 11 years old !

  45. Good gal she is and one of the babes of ABC. Along with her, I like Diane Sawyer, Kelly Ripa and Sandra Oh, the All Babe Channel it is. ;)

  46. Thank you for your cute video. I hope you have fun, Alyssa!

  47. Hi Alyssa! I can’t wait to see you on Castle!

  48. absolutly loved the video alyssa and congratulations when you star on
    castle show there no stopping miss milano an excellent professional actress
    and a beautiful person godbless you from richard alfred palmer please have
    a nice day

  49. Great video Alyssa… Now go out there and hit that “three run HR”… and keep tweeting too. Always great to READ… and YOU have a REALLY NICE DAY…

  50. Dear Alyssa, I live in Vienna, where we are still watching CHARMED (every day) on TV. I am absolutely not looking forward to some day, when the last season has been finished forever. Unforntunately in Austria I haven´t the opportunity to watch your Hollywood(American) films, nevertheless I wish you the best for Acting. Always thinking on “Phoebe” Yours Monika

  51. OMG!! Alyssa I love your sense of humor! I don’t think your short, I’ve always thought that you were tall. Great video and congratulations!!! Much love and luck xoxox :)

  52. Alyssa,cool like always.Peace and love from Serbian Hero…

  53. Castle, good show…

  54. Hey Alyssa, Loved the video! You looked so professional as always! Keep up the tweeting and bloging.. I am a huge fan! From one LA fan to another, Have a great day!

  55. Hello from Greece!!!!!
    Alyssa you are such a beautiful woman and even more a great person. You look great, as always!!!!
    Thank you for taking the time to say Hi to us, it really means a lot and it shows how kind and sweet you are!
    I wish you the best from the bottom of my heart!
    Take care and lots of love and kisses from sunny Greece!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Luv that sweatshirt, lol! Good luck w/the show!

  57. I love Alyssa!
    sei bellissima e stupenda…grazie di tutto!

  58. Hi Alyssa!I don’t think you short!For friends and fans you important than you height!Great video!Love,peace and rock!

  59. Buona sera Alyssa :)

    You’re not looking short! :D You’re always looking beatiful!! That’s true I’m an italian ;)

    At least I want to say:

    Your such a great actress and i’ve loved the Series; Charmed; i’ve looked all 8 seasons. Then I was very sad that it doesn’t came out another season but that’s okay, it was a great series with a great ending!^^

    (?)with kind regards Luca

  60. Hi Alyssa,
    I’m a fan of yours and I used to watch “Charmed” every week then when it came on TNT, I watch it every day. I was very sad when “Charmed” was cancelled in 2006. Do you still keep in touch with “Piper”, “Prue” and “Paige”? If you do, please tell them that I’m also a fan of theirs and all of you are excellent actresses. I hope you enjoy your new series and I hope you are able to reply to this message. I live in Collinsville, IL. Thank you, Diane.

  61. i hope you had a great time on the set of Castle i will be chomping at the bit for January 4 for it to be on and i know that it will be great. BTW i think the hoodie is great i have one with the same saying only in black have a fantastic well…have a fantastic everything. kevin

  62. Hey alyssa, my wife Connie is not only a Charmed fan but more so a Saints fan and she is looking for your Saints gear. She didnt see your jeans for the saints. Where can we find these jeans and the rest of your saints gear

  63. hello !
    i’m french and I LOVE YOU !

  64. Hi Alyssa, it’s really excited to hear from you. I will be looking forward to your new show though I’m still religiously hooked onto ‘Charmed’, watching the DVD over and over again. Meanwhile, enjoy the filming. Take care.

  65. Hi Alyssa

    I love most of the movies you have been in and of course, I also love charmed!!!

    BTW you look fantastic:-)

  66. Maravilhosa! Deusa! Adorei você no filme “HORAS DE MEDO”.
    Estava muito gata!

    Samuel, BRASIL!

  67. Hi Alyssa, u make so many smile, so here’s a xmas poem for u, enjoy!

    Twas’ the night before Christmas
    Not a reindeer was harmed
    Santa brought more magic
    Than the witches from Charmed
    Alyssa cooked up a feast
    And set all the tables
    Then made a show
    With her friend Kelly Stables
    The egg nog was spiked
    Along came a haze
    They caroled into the night
    With the Chloroform Days
    The hangovers were fierce
    There was so much to say
    Only a few months til’ opening day
    Another Giants loss was too much to takes
    “I’ll tweet with you guys later”
    “I’m seeps not wakes”

    Happy Holidays! Thanks for being you :-)

  68. Alyssa, I am such an admirer; I’ve tweeted but because my accounts are for our cause; I don’t know if you think I’m tweeting you for my cause; I am old school and one of the older fans; I’ve watched you grow from the days of Who’s the Boss and watched all of the Charmed episodes; even cried when it was over….I wish you so much light & love & success; it would be an honor if you would follow us; @justinsrecovery on twitter…..The best of luck to you in your future endeavors ;)

  69. Dear Alyssa!
    My name is Natasha. I live in Russia, in Samara area, town Togliatti. I know English is not very good, I apologize in advance for my grammatical errors. I am 16 years old. When I was little I watched TV series Charmed, and now decided to revise. You’re a very beautiful woman. we’re even a little similar, example, My growth of 157 centimeters :)) I did not want to write a long letter, but it turned….sorry :))

  70. Dear Alysa!
    My name is Tomek. I am 16 years old. I live in Poland. You are great actor and beautiful women. Your smile is beautiful.

  71. hi
    im stephanie and i think you are a vantastic actor i mean first charmed and now this thats pretty awesome. i am looking foward to seeing you on your new show castle. i hope you are as funny as you are in charmed, i thaught you were the coolest and funniest on charmed and i cannot wait to see what your like in this film. good luck and have fun i bet you will do great

  72. hi
    im stephanie and i think you are a vantastic actor i mean first charmed and now this thats pretty awesome. i am looking foward to seeing you on your new show castle. i hope you are as funny as you are in charmed, i thaught you were the coolest and funniest on charmed and i cannot wait to see what your like in this film. good luck and have fun i bet you will do great

  73. WOW!!! Alyssa,

    so many fans on your site for that matter all around the world adore you,
    amazing how I’ ve touched the lives of many including mine.

    You truly are a rare gem.

    so proud of you, and glad you are or we are friends from the old neighborhood. (ha, ha)

    Brooklyn’s own neighborhood girl does good.

    Hope all is well.


  74. Your looking good as always. Have a great day Alyssa!

    From your fan and new friend Rob

  75. Hello, small french of Cannes, I find you beautifull and I am ready has to share my little house with you ! kiss

  76. great vid lol

    you’re amazing used to watch charmed always on Net5 its repeating all the episodes these days lol and my mom always used to watch who’s the boss? anyway you’re amazing well bye

  77. [i]Ola eu sou um fan seu de charmed

  78. Dear alyssa
    There are many things that I would like to tell you as you are my favourite actress or love charmed but I shall confine myself and I will start with the stand. I call Martina I am 13 years old and are Italian,I live in Genoa. My dream is to become an actress Famosa and of course, we can dream know since baby son. Kiss:) Marty♥

  79. Alyssa,

    I am 50 this month, a mother of 5 ages 20 to 29 and have a fourth grandchild on his way. I have watched you for many years. Cant say I remember everything that you have done but I have always remained a loyal fan of Charmed even to this day I watch the re runs over and over. Sounds silly but I enjoy the show very much. I feel like I watched you grow up on that show. my daughter in-law has the series on video. She even knows some things verbatum on the show. Just wanted you to know how appreciative of your talents that all generations may have for your skills.

  80. here is a song for you alyssa fly me to the moon let me play among the stars
    let me what spring is like on jupiter and mars in other words hold my hand
    in other words baby kiss me fill my heart with song let me sing forever more
    you know who i long for who i worship and adore in other words please be true
    in other words i love you fill my heart with song and let me sing forever more
    you know i long who i worship and adore in other words please be trueeeee
    in other words in other words IIIIIII LLLLLLOOOOVVVVEEE YOU.

  81. You are such a beautiful lovely person. Thank you for making such an effort to keep up with your fans.

    hello…I would just like to say that I think your hair is spiffy…You are awesome and incredibly entertaining…but kind of short:)
    I wish i had magic…cause then i could orb there and watch Castle….thank you for taking the time to talk to us!

  82. I love the video blog! Can’t wait to see you on Castle this January! yay :)

  83. So glad you got your long hair back. Love it! Stay Golden Beautiful

  84. Hay Alyssa
    I hear you love Pets so do I we have a pet setting business in Minocqua Wisconsin the business is called Privit Care Pet Setting Sevices. I’m sure you hear this from your fans some times I like watch you on WHO IS THE BOSS watching you grow in the this grate loving women you are now. yes I had a crush on when I was younger and so did my older brother and yes we had pictures of you on the wall. I allways wished I could find a women like you in my life but we all know that dosn’t come true. I allway find the wrong person but I have a grate son that is 17 years old. Believe it or not I know a little about you some fan hay! lol I would like to know more about you some day if you have the time to talk and e-mail me I could allways use more friends. I know one thing about you you have a very loving heart and you love sharing it with real people like me and other people to so hope to talk to you soon and may God Bless your heart and may the angle of love protect you in your hour of need God Bless You Alyssa with love Todd

  85. salut je suis français et je sais que tu as pris le temps de traduire ce message en anglais, je voulais te souhaiter un très bon anniversaire même si c’est demain moi je vais dormir en pensant a toi pour me donner de beau reves et si ton mari s’inquiète, sache que je ne suis pas là pour voler ton coeur mais pour le remplir d’amour comme tu l’as fais avec tant de monde, je t’aime très fort
    merci d’être aussi joyeuse, mes posters de toi me donne de l’énergie positive et mon âme envoi tout son amour pour toi pour l’éternité, merci à Dieu de t’avoir montré a nous, loques que nous sommes
    un fan parmi tant d’autres

  86. Hey Alyssa!

    Adorable video. :) Can’t wait for your new show on ABC… I expect it’ll be great. Can I also mention that I love your activism? Tell your hubby happy birthday for me!

    Lots of love and support!

  87. Hello Alyssa ! I’m you’re fan for … 12 years I think ^^ . You’re fantastic !
    And I want to say too… Happy Birthday Alyssa ;)
    (sorry for my bad english, I’m french lol)

    Kiss. Louise .

  88. Just stopped by to say ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!’

  89. Hello, Alyssa)My name is Kate and I’m your fan from Russia)I think you’re the greatest actress in the World!!))You always look fantastic and I like your sence of humor))
    I hope, you’ll visit Russia soon))
    P.S. sorry for bad english)i’m just studying in school))

  90. Hello from Russia!
    Good video.
    Alyssa, you are very beautiful.
    I wish good luck to you in a new film.
    Svetlana, Russia.

  91. The beginning made me giggle! :D lovely hair! New people scare me? I think, love that. xxx

  92. Heeey! :) I love this video!
    I just wanna wish you merry xmas and a happy new year!
    You’re my idol. Love ya forever: Fatima from Hungary

  93. the biginning of the video made me laugh a bit but i lovely the tv shows and movies you’ve been in. i still think i like charmed the most.
    you look great and i just really wnated to say hi. i wish you luck with the film and yeah.
    hi from me a 14 year old in australia.

  94. Hey beautiful! I have been in love with you since who’s the boss! Long shot for sure! Good luck with life sweetie! Looking good as ever!

  95. So is “castle” and “romantically challenged” the same show, or did I miss something?

  96. That’s so sweet that u took the time to say hi to your fans! Ur the best!

  97. Hi! Someone from twitter made you a birthday video. I’m just doing her a favor and I hope that somehow you read this. Here’s the link:


    It really is a good video.

    Oh, and I’ve been following your twitter updates. I’m @yettezkiedoodle :)

  98. i love you i am such a charmed freak now lol before i thought it was weird then i saw you were on it and i love it i cant wait till i watch you on castle!!!

  99. I can’t wait to see this show on Jan. 11. It look like a great show
    I have bean a fan of yours since (Who’s The Boss).
    Its good that you are back.

  100. Hey Alyssa!

    Hope you are ok.
    First of all I would like to say a huge THANK YOU for the 8 years of Charmed that you and your co-stars gave to the public, seriously you were and believe me still are (since I am running through the seasons over and over again-huuuuuuge fun), a really good and relaxing part in the day (so sad that this part could not be continued, but as u always say everything happens for a reason right?).
    As for now, I can’t wait to see your new job, and of course I am going to be tuned for your Castle episode…
    Hope you are having a great time….

  101. Just came across your website, after deciding to do a google hour. I am not a big tv watcher. But I remember only being a year older and watching you in ‘who’s the boss’, going to highschool n thinking..what sort of life does she have. As I am quite ill, I really only enjoy watching 3 things on television now. They include charmed (which I must have seen over 100 times on reruns in both holland n australia , where I used to live). Well and the other is Little house on the prairy , teehee..still you have to give it to Melissa Gilbert there for also giving a great performance from a young age onwards..ach n the stories have such great moral to them.

    I just had to say you have been a positive influence in my life all this time, and thank you for that…and for remaining yourself..as much as you can. And thank you for using your well deserved influence from others, to help out like in the water project.
    And please dont start doing botoxy stuff cuz now ur uh..a certain age.
    hugs forever

  102. I’m a Charmed fanatic!! Can’t wait for new show! If you would ever cosider following me on twitter would make my yr! After losing Mom my bf this yr I vow to have a better 2010..twitter handle..gidgetcs1 regards,Cari

  103. um okay so i think you are one of the best actresses of all time and when you were in charmed with that really short cut u actualy looked good with it i think only two people in the whole world could pull off that and thats you and Halle Berry. keep up the great acting!! with luck. Break a leg.

  104. hey alyssa! I have loved you ever since who’s the boss and charmed! :)

    u are really sweet and gorgeous!

    the video above its really sweet of u to take time to jst say hi to us thank you :) Wishing you all the success cant wait for romantically challenged!
    Ive started following u on twitter as well:)

    Looking frward to ur tweets!

    Take care and Happy Happy 2010! :) Have an awesome year ahead and God Bless! :) Cheers!

  105. Alyssa, I am so excited for you! I always look forward to your work. And I have to tell you this: my 16 month old son, Pilot Jack, loves the Charmed theme and always gets a big, sweet smile on his face when he hears it! We think you rock! Go Astros!

  106. I can’t wait to see this show :). With you in it I am sure it will be great. Have fun shooting it!

  107. LOL I have never seen your hair look bad in one single thing you have done. Even when you cut it buzz cut short on charmed which would have killed most women it still looked great! P,L,&L

  108. hi alyssa!you’re my favourite person on charmed!i think you’re really cool!

  109. Hi I hAvE a TwItTeR tOo VeRy NiCe MeDiA,it’s realy good that your fans can talk to you oo and you have such a lovley dogs. I wish you everithing best !!
    FROM KrissKa with LoVe :)

  110. Hey Alyssa ur awesome ! U look so happy and satisfied. U’re a great actress a beautiful Women and thats more important a really good Person.
    Your help in Haiti is generous….what more could i say.

    I wish you the Heaven on Earth.

    Your Fan from Germany.

    Marco M.

  111. haha you are soo funny!:D

    that you for recording that!:)
    peace from a very very very very! cold sweden.
    I have to go to bed right now.
    becouse here the time is 00.01 at night!
    and I have school tomorrow:O

    have a great day!

  112. hey big fan love that u had time to say hi to your fans

  113. Allyssa I have been watching you since you were on Who’s The Boss. I loved you in charmed and was sad to see it end. I am so happy you are going to be appearing in Castle, you are very talented young woman that I hope we get to see more of again

  114. C’est vraiment gentil de pendre le temps comme sa pour ses fans et sa y a que quelqu’un comme vous qui pense a nous
    Alors Merci…


    Votre plus grande fan Lauriane

  115. You are my favoryt actress
    i love you

  116. Dear Alyssa,

    I think that video is sweet and awesome!!!!!!!!!! You are a awesome person and much more!!!!!!!!!!! ( or like me and my older sister says ” so there and a bag of potato chips!!!!!!!!!!! )

  117. Your hair look beautiful and that is vary, vary sweet to take a moment to say hi to your fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  118. Cool!!! Its great see you again on Castle… you rocks!!!

  119. Alyssa, I am from Russia. I Love You!!!!

  120. Hi Alyssa i have been a fan of yours for about four years now since im only 13 lol but u are most definatly my idol i think ur an amazing actress and i cant wait to see ur next ating job…bless the world u came into it life wouldnt be the same with out you..believe me!

    Haley Nixon-IN

  121. Your hair is awesome..So as you… :) Love you <3 <3 :*

  122. salut je suis française je voulais juste te dire bonjour. Merci pour ton message.Bonne chance pour ta carrière.

  123. And according to this article, I totally agree with your opinion, but only this time! :)

  124. Alyssa i am your biggest fan i love charmed i have sean every episode. it is my favorate show you are my role moddle. it looked like soo much fun working with the boys who played wyatt and chris(so cute). my favorate episode was cheaper by the coven, where grams turns you, Holly, and Rose into teens lol.you are my favorate actress. i love animals and i think its so cool that you are a vegatarian because i am as well. congradulations on getting married . i am only 14, but i belive in alot of the same things as you. i also love it that you are a huge humanitarian. i think there needs to be more people in the world like you. this is my first ever time wrighting to you.I AM TRULY YOUR BIGEST FAN!!!!!!

  125. awww..that’s so touching…thanks for the simple effort of greeting your fans, we appreciate it. You are loved!

  126. Hi Alyssa thanks for your greatings. It´s nice to see you on castle.
    Have a nice day. Many greatings from Germany sends Kerstin to you.

  127. Hello Alyssa! I’m very glad to see u on new project.
    Greatings from Ukraine. U’r the best.

  128. Fantastic post thankyou, made for some fantastic night-time reading! Tim

  129. will miss all of u. the movie charmed i watch each and every day love it hope u all the best in the future

  130. Thank you for taking your time to say ‘hi’ to your fan. I love watching charmed over and over and I am a big fan and congratulation for your marriage. I will watch your new show.. so excited…… miss you and love you… ;-)

  131. You are so Down to Earth Alyssa. I like U since “Who’s The Boss”, I’m your fans and always be. I always follow your tweets too. Well, All the best & keep the good works!

  132. i love you
    Alyssa Milano

    pease and love


  133. Thank you wery much for taking time to send a message to us. And take care, you are the best actress!! Keep up the good work.

  134. Sooo CUTE :)

    Good luck!

  135. Alyssa Milano is the best and most beautiful actress in the world can hardly wait for her new movie.

  136. You are awsome!

  137. You rock!

  138. Omg Alyssa I know you’re prolly sick and tired of all these messages alrdy,
    but I really cant help saying that I love you sooooo much! :)
    I’ve been rewatching charmed over and over and over again :)

    Keep the attitude and the faith girl! :)
    Youre so awesome :)


  139. wow nice shoot but youre still short LOL LOL well i really love your hair its very cool and

  140. Alyssa, you are a magnificent angel. I look at this video and I travel outside my borders, forgetting the concerns of the life, thank you very much.

  141. lol u fuuny mija lol

  142. I loved you on that episode on Castle. You’re an amazing actrice and an even more amazing person. The things you do for Unicef and others is such an inspiration to me. I can only hope that someday I’ll be half the person you are today. You’re by far one of the best role models there’s out there these days. Keep up the good work! Your incredibly BIG fan!

  143. Alyssa I love all your movies, I wish I could meet you some day.

  144. Traduction (français > anglais)
    I’m a big fan of Charmed jai seen all the episode and season
    I love all the character you three especially charmed my phoebe, piper, paige. send them to you, jai dvd and I’ll buy the book for Christmas and shadow with the 49 limited edition dvd
    Shame that Charmed will be finally made you stop a trio of shock whatsoever with prue paige that I know like everyone that you were arguing with your shannen doherty but you would still be my prefer actress
    sorry for my mistakes I’m only 13 and jai francaisse years so it l’english and I make two
    good luck, I adore you Manon
    i love Holy Marie Combs (Piper),Shannen Doherty(Prue) , Rose mcgowan and you .


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  151. Hi congrats. on Castle. Loved you on charmed and who’s the boss. Congrats. wth the new baby boy