Alyssa Milano cast in Fox’s ‘Breaking In’

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Alyssa Milano cast in Fox’s ‘Breaking In’

By Stuart Levine

Alyssa Milano has been cast for a guest appearance on the upcoming Fox comedy “Breaking In.”

Actress will play the ex-wife of Christian Slater’s character, Oz, who is the owner of a high-tech security firm.

“Breaking In” will debut at 9:30 p.m. April 6 — with a nice lead-in of “American Idol” — and Milano will appear in the April 13 episode. Depending upon future scripts, she has the potential to be cast in future episodes.

The pilot was shot in March and the remaining episodes are now in production. Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison Prods., Sethsquatch and Sony Pictures Television are behind the project.

Adam F. Goldberg, Seth Gordon and Doug Robinson are exec producers. Goldberg wrote the pilot with Gordon directing both the pilot and second episode.

Milano, currently appearing in the Farrelly brothers’ bigscreen laffer “Hall Pass,” is set to begin filming Gary Marshall’s romantic comedy “New Year’s Eve” with Robert De Niro, Ashton Kutcher and Zac Efron.

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  1. Oh my God! You look so beautiful! I love your work.
    I watch Charmed every day.
    From a Brazilian fan.

  2. Alyssa Milano c’est le plus belle!
    Je la kif trop!
    I love you!

  3. Alyssa if its a girl a cute name might be Alexa Makenna or for a boy Aiden Wyatt

  4. I heard you are expecting a baby. I am excited for you. <> from the East Coast.

  5. Should have read: Hugs from the East Coast.

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  10. I like you article,thank you very much!!

  11. Hi Alyssa, I just wanted to congratulate you on your pregnancy, you look amazing. I loved you in charmed, it was my favorite show on the CW. I can’t wait to see you back on TV full time again in your own show!!

    Good luck and all the best…

  12. David (fother-In laws middel name) or your fathers middle name .but not a to you both.GOD BLESS you both.

  13. Congratulations on your pregnancy and the upcoming birth ofyour soon. I can remember how awed/excited/scared/happy I was with each of my three babies.

    I like Mason for a boy’s name. Please choose a name that is reasonably normal so that your son doesn’t have to either pronouce it or spell it every time someone asks….I had an unusual name and hated it….

  14. So happy for you, my prediction was wrong, I should have guessed boy, he likes fries. Best to all of you

  15. American Idol really needs to go away. How does anyone call this art?

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  17. Su pagina es muchiiiiiuuu informativo. Millones de gracias por tu contribucion en linea con su articulo.. cuidate

  18. You look so beautiful! We are so happy for you guys. Congratulations!!!!!! Much love. Irene and Genevieve

  19. hello
    I’m from Colombia I have long read about you
    e inclusibe since you made the movie command, you know you are a pretty woman
    someday I would love to talk to you even though I’m from a Hispanic country
    I have always admired
    cuidate mucho
    and always watch for your answer

  20. finally, i am so happy. i have been watching u on tv since commando, then charmed. you desive it. i am really happy for u. i have a son, u will see how much love u will get from him, nothing but kisses. best of luck.

  21. Congratulations Alyssa ! I’m very happy for you and David. Have you got to find a baby’s name ? Friendly, Christelle from France

  22. j adore alissa milano c la plus belle est comme nom je propose axel pour le garcon I love you

  23. I hope that you read these wonderful postings and good wishes, and realise the reason behind them. I would not call myself a “fan”. I would more say that because you have always conducted yourself with class and grace I respect you. It clear that you have a kind heart and care about your fellow man and animals. I have nothing but good wishes and kind thoughts for you, your husband, and your baby. As for a name for your little man…..the right name will come at the right time. With my son I had not picked a name until I was in labour. I was watching the movie the Ten Commandments. John Derek’s Joshua made me think of what my son would look like when he was grown. So – my son is Joshua. Funny thing. He looks nothing like the character in the movie.

  24. Tu articulo era muy informativo. Mil gracias por contrubuir online con tu articulo.. cuidate

  25. beautiful picture! hope you have fun shooting “new years eve”!

  26. Very Good News!!!
    Un fan depuis plus de 22ans!

  27. Alyssa…I am all too excited to see you on TV again. You were adorable on Who’s the boss…..Stunning on Charmed…..and you were great as a Mafia Queen …. I understand your need to lay low and take time off….but pop your head out every once in a while and let your fans see you. I dont even watch “Break In”…but I will tune in that night just to see ya…:) Be Blessed !

  28. Dear Alyssa,
    I would love to see you on TV again. I still look at Charmed. In the Netherlands we only get what is hot in the U.S.A. if our V statuions pay the price.
    I hope it will happen soon!!!
    Love ansd kisses,


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