1. i love your new video. your hair looks great and your smile is GUESS…YEAH UHHUH, YOU GUESSED IT….AWESOME!

  2. Hahahahaha, thats’ funny,Lol.

  3. Aah, you look nice in the New York Giants jersey, Alyssa.

  4. Alyssa – please, please, PRETTY please, design an NfL swimsuit line. Start with us “water”
    States. GO RAVENS!

  5. the joy of psychotic delusion,, yeah team,, :) not u me ,not happining

  6. alyssa, love your hair you look beautiful as always. great smile.

  7. Hello….

    I would like to say that I was very happy when you started changing the women sports clothing. Since am a huge Yankees, Jets and Steelers Fan
    I also fell the same way, there was never anything cute for females. I finally order the New York Jets Women’s Legacy TriBlend Hooded Tank but I have to be honest and say that as cute as it is, I am not happy with the material it is made off and the front pocket is coming off after one use. So thats one sport item I can’t use. I found so may cute touch items but am afraid to order any more because I don’t want the same thing to happen.

  8. hi its me from lasts yr how are things going you look great , maybe you can look me up on fb too i remember you tought me how to tweet , from steven

  9. Wow, great! Best wishes from Germany. I follow you on the TV since “Who’s the Boss?”. Hope to see you soon again in German TV.

  10. Look my blog but it’s in Fransh so :/ .

    Smile ;-) for you !
    Because you’re the Best and after you it’s Stania Kenic In castle :)
    Love U. (sooooooooooooooooo Much)

    By Mélanishhhhh <3

  11. I was so exicted when you came out with your line for female sports fansm, finally we don’t have to walk around looking like linebackers. I’m a woman and a football fan, but I am failing to find attractive outerwear not only for my size but also for my team. I’m a Texans fan and a XS/S but it appears that all the Texans gear is made for large women, including what’s available in your line of clothing. What gives? I know that Texans tend to be heavier people, but I’ve been looking on SEVERAL sites for weeks and still no XS/S sizes. Then adding to the problem, I look at other team offerings and there is a vast selection which of items that aren’t even available to Texans fans. Why the descrepencies? I have several friends that also fall into this category and talk to other women in the stadium and find they have have the same problems. How can we show our support for our team? Are you explanding your line to include our team?

  12. I finally got it to play!!! Yay Alyssa you’re on a and NFL, but with your clothing line too!! God Bless and take care! Much love and luck!
    -Heather :) <3

  13. I commend you for creating such a cute clothing line for women to wear to sporting event. I was so excited when my boyfriend ordered me a Florida State tank top. However, I only got to wear it one time. Following the one time use, I washed the shirt as instructed on the label. To my disappointment, I found a hole immediately after removing it from the washer. The hole is very noticeable and I will no longer wear the shirt.

    My boyfriend emailed FansEdge, the website selling through Amazon.com. They refused to refund our money because we have had the shirt in our possession for more than 7 days. I find it ridiculous that I am required to wear and wash a shirt within 7 days of receiving it to discover if it is defective!

    I think the quality for this particular style was unacceptable for the $30 (plus shipping) that my boyfriend paid. If someone would kindly contact me regarding this matter, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  14. Hi, either i’m an idiot or just really confused but i can’t seem to actually find the link that shows me the clothing line! Do i have to go to a different site to view them? Help!

  15. Love that smile of yours! :D

  16. Build a few more entries and will be truly nice!