1. but at least we in turn should slip into the same error ,we shall here take note of all of all thoses mental operations ,by which we are able ,wholly
    with out fear of illusion,to arrive at knowladge of all things (truth),,, part of rule 3
    from Decrates by Spinzia

  2. love has always been the storngest thing in the world. im so happy that you are enjoying life and your marriage remember to take care of him just like he is there for you. congratualions on so many wonderful projects and maintaning a positive attitude. keep loving hard as you can because you have had a tremendous impact on my life and all of my future endeavors and be happy for me when my time comes. love always j smooth keep me in your heart because i know i have a big piece of it already help me find my wife and pray for us i need her and want her so damm bad and you know it.

  3. Merry Christmas!

  4. love your work!,hope to see you in tv again,
    and have a happy new years,from rob,ohio