Alyssa Milano Shares De-Stressing Tips For Busy Moms

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Alyssa Milano Shares De-Stressing Tips For Busy Moms

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The ‘Mistresses’ actress is a busy mom, but she has some awesome tips for unwinding after a hectic day and spending time with the family. In an EXCLUSIVE interview with, Alyssa explained how setting a bedtime routine can set the tone for a healthy lifestyle — and it’s surprisingly easy to do!

Alyssa Milano knows a thing or two about being a busy mom. She has the most adorable 2-year-old son, Milo, who she’s always keeping up with, plus she has two major hit shows in the works! She shared her wisdom about how she keeps it all together with EXCLUSIVELY.


Alyssa Milano Parenting Advice — Establishing A Sleep Schedule With Kids

When Milo was born and Alyssa was trying to get him to sleep through the night, she found that establishing a set bedtime routine for herself and the baby was a total blessing.

Alyssa’s so serious about getting a good night’s sleep that she even partnered with Febreze’s Sleep Serenity Collection, a trio of scents developed specifically for the bedroom that help promote sleep.

Luckily, Alyssa’s son Milo isn’t putting up much of a fight right now. She told

Milo definitely is at the point where likes sleep. He’ll say “mama, tired. mama, nap. mama, night-night.”

How sweet! Hopefully he’ll enjoy those naps while he has the chance!

Alyssa makes “me-time” after de-stressing from a busy day by “establishing consistency” and “making a conscious effort,” to unwind:

After putting Milo to sleep, my husband and I have some time. We make the conscious effort to ask about each others’ day and talk about how we’re doing. Then I turn off all technology. Maybe I’ll do a skin mask, and then I breathe in the calming scents of Febreze Sleep Serenity.

Alyssa Milano’s Advice For New Moms

For Alyssa, de-stressing means letting yourself off the hook for the little things:

Being kind to yourself is the most valuable thing you can do as a mother. There’s so much pressure for us to be the best that we can be at everything. We need to stop trying to for perfection and be malleable to change.

That’s some great motivational advice!

What do YOU think, HollyMoms? Do you have an established sleep routine? Will you be taking Alyssa’s advice?

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