Alyssa Milano: She’s all action

By on 5-31-2013 in Appearances, Movie & TV, News

Alyssa Milano: She’s all action

The Who’s The Boss child star talks about the value of female friendship.

Although the Who’s The Boss child star has spent a big chunk of her TV career with female cast members (first on Charmed and now on her new ABC series, Mistresses, which premieres June 3) she only began to see the value of female friendship when she had a baby.

“As soon as I had my child (Milo, who will be 2 in August) and he had his first round of vaccinations and I could get into Mommy and Me classes, I started going. It wasn’t for the baby. It was for me. I had a sense of community. I wanted to be with other women who were experiencing and dealing with the same things I was going through.”

But Milano doesn’t regret not developing female friendships sooner. “I never didn’t like women, but I don’t think young women are kind to each other,” the 40-year-old says. “I don’t think that’s something I missed out on at all.”