Alyssa Milano Welcomes a Son

By on 8-31-2011 in News

Alyssa Milano Welcomes a Son

By Alla Byrne and Julie Jordan via

There’s a new boss in Alyssa Milano’s house: her baby boy!

The actress, 38, and husband David Bugliari welcomed a son named Milo Thomas Bugliari on Wednesday at 9:27 a.m. He weighed 7 lbs., and was 19 inches long.

In March, Milano announced on Twitter that she was expecting a boy.

The actress told PEOPLE she was having a lovely pregnancy and knew her husband would be “the most amazing father ever.”


  1. Congrats! Enjoy every minute because the time goes by so fast- before you know it he’ll be one month old!

  2. Congratulations David & Alyssa Bugliari Welcoming New Born Baby Son Milo Thomas Bugliari!

  3. i hapy for u and ur little family

  4. Congratulations on the birth of your son. I wish you all the joys in the world.

  5. Congrats on your new addition, may your lives always be filled with joy and happiness!

  6. CONGRATULATIONS!!!, Alyssa and David. I wish you so much Love, peace, happiness, health and joy with baby Milo. I feel your baby is so blessed to have you as his mother and I feel David will be a blessing to Milo as well. Savor every moment with your child. I wish Milo genuine LOVE and all success in his life.

  7. Congratulations! Babies are such a blessing! Treasure each moment as they tend to go by so quickly.
    Blessings to you all.

  8. How wonderful, Milo was so excited to meet his awesome parents that he decided to arrive early!!! :D CONGRATULATIONS!!! Isn’t he just amazing! Tiny fingers, toes and his nose? God is SO good! Your lives are forever changed for the better! And as my momma says, “Now, you can really understand how deeply your Mom loves you.” BLESSINGS AND LOVE TO YOU ALL!

  9. Congratulations Alyssa & David. I wish you, David & baby Milo genuine Love and All the Best any family could have:-).

  10. Congrats Alyssa & David!!
    i’m so happy for them!
    and of course i adore the name Milo!!

  11. Welcome MILO & congratulations to the parents!
    It’s a merveillous day and a new life which begins. I’m so happy for you.
    Love and love.

  12. Congratulation so much,
    I hope you and baby are healthy

  13. Congrats!! What a lovely name for a lovely baby.

    Good luck an good health to all 3 of you.

  14. Alyssa, please accept my congratulations on the birth of your son! I wish your family many happy years together. May your son grow up strong and healthy! :)

  15. Congratulations!!! :*

  16. Congratulations Alyssa and David!!!

    I’m so happy for you! You deserve all the joy in the world. I know you are giggling and smiling non-stop now!
    May God bless your beautiful baby Milo!

    Much love to you and your family, Niki. ❤

  17. Toutes mes félicitations!! Congratulations!!!!

    Elodie (France) <3

  18. Hey Allysa and David,

    what a great news congratulation from the netherlands a tear in mij eye from happyness,.
    you are the most beautiful woman on earthe i can wait to see a picture of you re son he is just as hansome as you are (L)

    i.m exepecting my third boy 31 dec11…
    my oldest Nicky, and the youngest Brian (you know were that came from:) )my third boy will also be named by someone of charmed

    from the netherlands a big hug and lots of love


  19. Congrads Alyssa! I hope everything went well and that you and baby are enjoying quality time together, only 7 weeks to go for me, I can’t wait!

  20. Dear Alyssa,
    I have been reading about the great news and I wish you and your familly all the very best and best of success and happiness on the birth of your new son, Milo. You have picked a splendid name as I knew you would. This name is typically italian and everyone will know he is your son!
    I wish Milo all the best and success for the future. Canada is very happy for you and we hope he will walk in your footsteps. Something tells me he will be a great personnality in the baseball business, don’t know why! Good Luck! ALso to your parents who are now grandparents! Love, Mayer

  21. Congrats on being new parents is a fun crazy ride :)

  22. I was so excited to hear the news- congratulations Alyssa and David, you deserve much health, happiness, and peace (mixed in with sleepless nights and dirty diapers ;) also, I’m in LOVE with the name Milo- a.dor.a.ble. :)

  23. Congrats Alyssa and David,
    I wish you all the luck and happiness with your new bundle of joy!

  24. Congratulations!!!
    All the luck,happiness,and health for the 3 of you!

  25. Huge congratulations to Alyssa and David, and welcome Milo – Hope mother and baby are both doing well! Sending you lots of love and luck for the new arrival – I’m sure you’ll both be fantastic parents!

    With love to you and your family,

    Sarah ❤

  26. hello! congratulations to the Popes. happiness, and kisses a fan of Portugal, dina m. :)

  27. .. and you will be the most amazing mother ever as well :))

  28. Dear Alyssa,
    CONGRADULTIONS to you and your husband on the birth of your son Milo. I love the name as Im sure you know now that the love a mother feels for a child you always think you do until you actually experience it is absolute and complete. Treasure every moment it goes by in the blink of an eye. I wish you all the very best I am happy for you all enjoy each other….Blessed Be

  29. Hey Alyssa and David Congrates on your baby boy milo im so happy for yous

    Look after him well because time flys by trust me im 15 1/ 2 and i love you guys your the best Say Hi for me
    love to meet u one day xo

  30. Also Australia was so happy when we heard u were pregant and then very happy when he was born All of Australia Say Hi and We hope to see you and david and little baby milo in Australia in Campbelltown or Sydney we love u and we cant wait to see u

  31. Congrats!! Very happy for u guys! Enjoy because they grow too fast.

  32. congratulations! I’m sure it will be an amazing experience to raise that baby.

  33. Congratulations Alyssa and love from Toulouse in France. I’m really happy for you and enjoy your baby because they became young people too quick and a baby it’s a part of your love with your husband and it’s love love love… Happyness for you and your family :-))

  34. Congrats on on your baby boy Milo is a beautiful name I wish all the best

  35. Congratulations!!! Such great news! All the best to you and your family!

  36. Congratulations and a double Congratulations for breastfeeding and talking about it! Not enough moms do it and you SUPER rock for talking about it! Your baby will have a trully amazing mother!

  37. Congratulations!! All the best. xx

  38. Congratulations on the birth of Milo!
    Health and happiness to all!
    Kisses from Brazil, with all my love to both! ♥

  39. Congratulations!!! :D
    Hugs and kisses from sweden :) and from me johanna! <3
    Love and happiness to Milo and you both.

  40. congratulation

  41. Alyssa and family,

    Congrats to you and David on welcoming a boy

  42. Congratulation Alyssa and David! And welcome Milo!!
    Alyssa, My name is Daria and I’m 11years old . I’m a your big fan and i live in Milano, Italy.
    In august i’ve been on holiday in Los Angeles… i’ve been also in 1329 Carroll Avenue (Charmed manor.. do you remember?).
    I hope you will come in Italy, maybe with David and Milo on holiday.
    Bye Bye – Ciao

  43. Congratulations to you! What an awesome name! Love it! People will give you all sorts of advice after having a baby, just go with your gut. Remember, you are Mama and You will instinctively know when you follow your heart. Enjoy every moment because it flies by. -Kel :)

  44. Congratulations Alyssa&David on your new little man! And Congratulations Milo, for being blessed to have such wonderful parent! Blessings, Victoria :)

  45. I’m so happy for you Alyssa and David.
    Best wishes from Poland;)