Alyssa on Castle Jan 11th

By on 12-28-2009 in Castle, News

Tune in Monday, January 11th to watch Alyssa on castle!


  1. Awesome, yay!! Can’t wait to see it!

  2. buon anno in anticipo alyssa milano dalla citta di verona italia

  3. So excited to see it!!! You look so beautiful Alyssa! Happy New Year!

  4. Happy New Year dear Alyssa, all the best for 2010 with peace, ligth and love in your heart… from Casale monferrato, Italy

  5. Happy New Year and good news with Castle. You and your family have happy and safe holidays.

  6. Cant wait! Happy new year Alyssa! xx

  7. Feliz ano novo Alyssa Que este ano seja eterno como minha paixão por vc

  8. Happy New Year ALYSSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  9. Wouln’t miss it for the world Alyssa!…

  10. Wouln’t miss it for the world Alyssa!…

  11. but I will miss a ‘d’ sometimes…

  12. but I will miss a ‘d’ sometimes…

  13. Why don,t you offer jeans with the Pittsburgh Steelers logo??


  15. Happy New Year Alyssa!!! I hope it’s a great one for you and your family. :)

    The little bit that I watched looks amazing! I can’t wait to watch, and I’ll definetly be tuning ingto watch it.

  16. Watched you grow up on TV. You’re the best. Looking foward to watching Castle on 1/11

  17. happy new year!!!good luck on the show

  18. I want what no one will remember that you chose a table eagerly expect … and let it unsaid that only you know to be filled … happy new year

  19. 1 week and counting:) Happy New Year Alyssa!! You Rock!! Can’t wait til next monday:)

    Your Loyal Fan from Jacksonville Florida and huge Braves fan!!

  20. I was so mad when they cut Firefly short. I am glad to see you on this show and look forward to it airing.

  21. hello alyssa i am frensh you are very cool

  22. It’s tonight!!! I am sooooo excited I can hardly wait for it to be 10pm. Alyssa, you’re awesome as always :)

    -Sumner from Florida!!!
    GO BRAVES!!!

  23. What a fun show! It’s one of my favorites.
    You looked so very beautiful and added an elegant charm.
    You were a delight to watch! Who knows, maybe your character will find a way back into Castle’s life again.

  24. it’s so great your in a new sit-com,sadly i won’t get to see yet as am from england.i’d love to know if there are plans to have “castle”aired over here am a big fan loved the humour you brought to your role in charmed!!!!!!! you’ve got charisma n oooooooddlesss of talent x

  25. It´s so nice, that you play on Castle. Good luck on your new show.
    Maybe you can write me.

  26. Hello Alyssa,

    That looks like a good show and kind of creepy at the same time!!!!!!

  27. Couldn’t have said it better! :) Well done..