1. Alyssa, you are so beautiful on “The View”. Funny television show on Monday night – Ms. Milano! All of your characters on the show are hillarious! I will be watching “Romantically Challenged” every week. From: the “Doug” who will hold on to you and love you forever.

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  3. I loved , loved ,the new show will watch every chance just wish I would have taped the first show so I could watch it again, excellent comedy love to watch things that make you laugh out loud !!!!

  4. hi i think alyssa milnao is very easy going person.

  5. You seemed much more relaxed on The View and GMA then on Jimmy Kimmel Live last week. All three interviews were informative and terrific. Romantically Challenged is off to a fine start and I look forward to not only next week’s episode but hopefully it being a part of abc’s fall schedule (or mid-season replacement at least).

    Good luck, thanks for finding the time to DM on twitter and your terrific tweets. :)

  6. You look so beautiful on the View Alyssa! However, you broke my heart as I found out you that you where married last August! Glad that you are happy though! You made a grown man cry! As Mick Jagger had said in the
    song “Start Me Up! Anyway you remind me alot of my lovely daughter Erica who is now 27! Romantically Challenged is also a great show, because of you Alyssa! Eric D. Erickson


  8. congrats on everything! life sounds great:) i especially LOVED charmed, and still do. i was on the internet going to buy season 3 (my favorite) and i saw a season 9 on a search engine. i NEED to know if this is true! lol and if anyone else see’s this and knows the FACTS plzzz post it! i will see it on a posting, plzzz! and ALYSSA! if you go to your website, (lol) plz make a posting. i just dont know if its a fanfiction thing, or the real deal,

    btw: congrats again:)

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