Alyssa Supports Unicef By Attending Playlist With The A-List

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Alyssa Supports Unicef By Attending Playlist With The A-List

Playlist with the A-List raised $250,000 for UNICEF’s ‘Schools for Africa’ campaign. UNICEF and the Nelson Mandela Foundation started ‘Schools for Africa,’ a campaign to promote education for all, with a special emphasis on girls, orphans, children living in extreme poverty and other vulnerable children.

The night kicked off with a performance by the evenings’ Music Director, Rickey Minor and the electrifying band from “The Tonight Show.”

Hosted by Bill Bellamy, performers included Jack Black (who sang “War Pigs” by Black Sabbath), Ne-Yo, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Jena Malone, Ryan Bingham, Michelle Branch and James Ingram. Kyle MacLachlan, James Denton and Doug Savant sang the classic “Sweet Home Alabama” together, while Angela Kinsey and Brooklyn Decker donned pigtails as they sang the Britney Spears hit “Baby, One More Time.”

Along with Alyssa, Adrian Grenier, Eva LaRue, Soleil Moon Frye and Laura Leighton were also in attendance.

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  1. you’re a person of great heart and a beautiful woman.

  2. You look amazingly beautiful. I have watched you grow up on the screen and you have truely blossomed. All the greatest of luck with the baby.

  3. alyssa hello, how are you going, I’m so happy for you and your husband, I wish you much happiness with the baby

  4. Thank you Alyssa for helping to support Africa and their education system. Thank you for using your life successes to help charitable causes like this. It sounds like it was a fun night for everyone too. Good luck with your baby. Enjoy it!

  5. Alyssa!! Once again, thank you for being so bright & sharing your light w/so many others including myself. You are such an inspiration in my life, thank you. && continue to have a blessed life, you definetly deserve it:) Peace&Love, Victoria xo

  6. Hi Alyssa you are amazing person, you look great. Honor for humanitarian aid. I saw the first time in the series Charmed, you’re fantastic, keep it up. I wish you much luck in life and joy with the baby. I would like to know if you will once you come in Serbia? :) Love, Nina (15) from Serbia :*

  7. Hi Alyssa you are amazing person, you look great. This photos are sooo beutiful ♥I LOVE YOU :)
    Love,Chantal (13) from Germany ♥

  8. Heyy Alyssa Congrats im only 15 and u inspire me in so many ways i wish i could meet u one day help me i always get picked on and it makes me so sad i come from a really small town in Australia it is so amazing there are really nice people here and im one of them Jade i have FaceBook and ur really beautiful i loved Charmed as well so good luck

  9. @Alyssa_Milano Dear Alyssa! t’s for you! Please tell me what do you thinking about my drowing)))It’s important for me:)

  10. You rock Ty for all the tweets you inspire me to give more to others

  11. Alyssa..I am a huge fan and applaud you philanthropic deeds. But while I feel for the children of poverty stricken foreign countries, might I point out THIS country has starving, malnourished, uneducated and homeless children in desperate need and little or no fundraising. Yes the Christian fund and others say”children in the US and abroad” i asked the operator and was told I could not specify a child from the US. I urge you to lend you voice and large fan base to focusing attention on the children of this country…your country. Thank you.

  12. I think you are an amazing actress. You are extremely talented and I have always enjoyed the television shows you have appeared on.
    Your support of UNICEF saddens me. I support feeding the children in the world, but as the mother of two children adopted from China, UNICEF’s stand on International adoption is offensive and sad.
    My children deserve to have two parents who love them- they deserve a family not an orphanage or a nanny. The deserve to grow up supported, loved and encouraged. My youngest daughter would never have been adopted in China- she would have languished in an orphanage her entire life. My older daughter- also would never have been adopted- she would have spent her entire life in an orphanage.
    I can support feeding children, providing vaccines, food, and medical to help save lives in a great cause. I donate money to several charities to do just that- but I can’t support an organization that would rather see children in orphanages – than in secure loving homes in other countries.
    My girls are proud to be from China, they are proud to be American. They know they have a birth family- they also know that for reasons unknown- that their birth families were unable to take care of them- and we were the family chosen for that privilege.
    I’m sure that UNICEF does some pretty amazing things- but their stance on International adoption makes any good they do- irrelevant.

  13. Hey i cant wait to watch it im totally going to see it the day it comes out and Alyssa you are the most amazing person in the world and i hope you and david are having fun with milo he seems like a great kid to hang out with love always 1# Fan Jade Grant

  14. Hi Alyssa.
    I am maria from belgium
    I find really beautiful
    You can play well in movies and TV series
    You’re really a great example to many people
    My wish is to meet your ever
    but this will never happen I think
    I can not even good English
    I translate everything google
    I hope you can give me an email back
    on my email.
    Many thanks for the good things you do in the world.
    Greetings from maria

  15. Thank you! So cool to hear it!)))

  16. Lin Milano are you alyssa milano dad if you are can you tell her that i think she is so amazing and that i said hi to Milo and the rest of her family