1. Excuse there is no your E-mail. Has written here.
    I wish you the big successes. Happiness and health!

    Hello! I ask to excuse for my bad English language. I am sorry for anxiety. Very much you I ask to assist. Help to sell the first number (he and last) magazine Billboard Let out in Soviet Union in 1990, a good condition. Agree to pay percent from sale. Very much to you I will be grateful. It is ready to give any data on this magazine (a photo, video). All that is required. Thanks for the help!!!!

    The enclosed file (photo of a cover of magazine Billboard)

    Yours faithfully, Sergey!

  2. O ,, kissy kissy, me love you long time , 15$ no 30$

  3. Can you please please please make women’s and/or junior clothes for Soccer? like the teams in the barklays english primier league? plz let us kno.