Alyssa’s 38th Birthday

By on 12-03-2010 in Charity Water, News, UNICEF

Alyssa’s 38th Birthday


campaign imageLast year Family, Friends and Fans from all around the world showed a flood of support for Alyssa’s 37th Birthday MyCharity: Water Campaign. Alyssa’s 38th Birthday is just around the corner and shes hopping to break last years amazing record….
It’s that time of year again!

I have everything I need. All I want for my Birthday is to fund clean water projects in developing nations.

Water-borne illness is the second highest cause of childhood death in the world. When water is unsafe and sanitation non-existent, water can kill.

Last year, from my charity: water Birthday campaign (, 1,419 people donated and together were able to raise $92,568 to bring clean water to almost 5,000 people.

Needless to say, this was an overwhelming achievement that I could not have done without you. I still get weepy just thinking about it.

The icing on the cake was this video from one of our wells in Ethiopia: BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER!

Will you help me again this year bring clean water projects to those who need it?

Thank you for reading and considering a donation. And if you can’t donate, I totally understand… please just help me spread the word.

I beyond appreciate it and you.

And Love,


  1. The clean Water Campaign is a great cause that has a big effect

  2. Happy Birthday

  3. Happy Birthday Alyssa ! I hope you get lots of donations it will go to a great cause !!

  4. My husband and I wish this is something we could help with. Lord knows we dont have the money to help or it would be done. We live in Alaska barely making it as it is but all we dream about is traveling helping other countries. Our heart is in the right place, its just too bad our hearts can clean the water. :( Happy Birthday Alyssa!! From Alaska

  5. Hi Alyssa. Happy Birthday. I love you!!!! Thanks for the Water Campaign Cause. ;)

  6. Happy Birthday I wish I was that young again. I would start my life all over again. I would know what I know now about my Life

    Best Wishes

  7. God bless your efforts! Much needed. Happy Bday! I will be 39 on Dec. 10!

  8. Hello I’m Valentine ! I’m a A big fan ! I’m French =) But, how could I forget? ” : Happy Birthday! I watch Charmed and I think of you!
    Kisses my dear ♥♥

  9. Years ago, I saw a woman that had a deep care for the people around her. It didn’t matter how far away they were, who they were or what they did. She cared about their well being and the state of their joy. She gave generously to them without expectation of anything in return. Our birthdays are close together, but she is younger by a year or so. She looks ten years younger. I once asked her about how she felt about razor stubble in the sink and if it mattered which end of the toothpaste tube was squeezed; I didn’t get it then. She had it all along. I understand now. I hope, next month on my 40th, I can give to others as you have for so long. Happy Birthday Alyssa. Thankyou, from my heart.

  10. I was just watching an episode of Charmed and had a feeling to look you up online. I am a fan of yours only and nothing more, but I had a gut feeling and so I found your website and that your birthday was two days ago. Happy Belated Birthday! Mine was on the 16th. I think what you are doing about your water charity is awesome and I will donate as soon as I can. Many people do not realize how little water we have left on our world so I applaud your efforts to support clean water for children. Keep it up!

  11. Dear Alyssa,
    I salute all of your efforts for the true needs. My wife & I agree that what you are doing is beautiful, sincere, & honest. You seem untouched by all the “Hollywood Hub-Bub” & if we read about you in the paper/magazines :you’re always “ACES”.
    Personally, You are in the top 3 “Most Beautiful Women on Earth”.[Our list] . Of course, you’re # 1 !! – followed by Jessica[ pretty, but who tells the Secretary of the Interior- ” I love what you’ve done w/ the White House”????]
    You are smart, talented, gifted, delicate, & one hell of a human being.
    May all the Blessings of life be in your Life!! RKD/TAD

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  16. Hi there Alyssa!! I hope that you have a wild and woolly Birthday Alyssa!!
    I hope that you get all the donations you need for your cause!
    Lots of Love and Blessings from, Justin Lee Wise.
    Redfern, Sydney, Australia. xoxoxo
    Mmwah! Mmwah! Mmwah!!!