Alyssa’s Engagement Party Pictures

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Alyssa’s Engagement Party Pictures

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Special thanks to BCBG, Corzo, Tillman Sweets, Red Mango, and Cobalt Events!


  1. Very sweet photo!

  2. Love the black and white pictures you are so beautiful… :o)

  3. Alyssa you look absolutley beautiful! and you both look so happy :) congrats to you both, enjoy every minute xx

  4. very happy for you both jealous but happy. you found the BIGGEST tresor their is * ALYSSA.* lucky man.

  5. Photos ofm the engagement party are so nice, you look so happy. The fellow in the green sweater is the groom? You make a great looking couple, do you have wedding pix to show us?


  7. Congratulations dear Alyssa I’m so happy for you. I’ve been waiting for the pics and now you published it. I wish you all the best happiness, Love and health. I’d love to meet you one day in my life because I admire you as a person, you’re a wonderful woman. Again all my blessings for your wedding. Sincerly.

  8. I am very happy for you two!! I have enjoyed your many roles and am grateful to have a healthy escape once and a while with a great tv show! Charmed was sooo much fun to watch!! Perhaps someday you could thank the rest of the cast for doing such a GREAT JOB!! Congrats Alyssa!! Your fan,Toddb :-)

  9. You are soooooooooooo sweet :)
    I love all the photos !!!

    You BIG fan, Vicki xx

  10. Finally, beautiful show of pictures, all looks well, also Mamma Mia and Padre
    Tom ! Nice horses too… greetings, Harry NL

  11. Truly beautiful! Congrats to you both!! xx

  12. Алиса удачи тебе!)

  13. Congratulations! You are so beautiful… and seem so happy… Love is in the air!!

  14. YEAHY horses !!! you guys look really gorges .. congrats !! Best wishes to both of you and have a great wedding !!!

  15. Very lovely pictures! Thank you for sharing! Congrats again and I LOVE the horses!!

  16. Dear Alyssa! I’m from Russia and I know English very bad, so forgive me for my mistakes. I am glad that I’ve had the opportunity to say how much I love you and admire you! You are a very good actress, a beautiful woman! Thank you for your work, I am very fond of you! I wish you much happiness and love children! Thank you for what you are!

  17. I did not know what my name translates into English as disgusting. In Russian it means the resurrection!

  18. magnifique !
    vive les mariés !

  19. Hi, First off all I want to congratrulate you both! <3

    It looked like a great party;) And Alyssa you looked stunning as allways!
    I wish you all off luck, and bless you both :)

    Btw: You published the pictures the day before my sweet 16th;) (14/09)

    Thanks for sharing them with me and your other fans :) – Kriise

  20. Sorry for my bad english!

  21. birthday !!!!!!! All you very very! love you. your fan from Russia

  22. bellisima….

  23. Alisa, hi :)
    You are great couple and i wish you all the best.
    In Moscow you have a lot of fans and all of us glad for you!!!=)

  24. hola

    probablementen no me contestes. soy tu admiradora al higual que de holly quisiera conocerlas, sabes desde que las conoci me puse una meta y probablemente la cumpla este año las voy a conocer e trabajado muy fuerte, estudio y trabajo soy de la ciudad de mexico me harias la vida muy alegre si me contestaras aunque sea un hola besos gracias

  25. You look like you are both in love!!!!!!!!! God bless you both!

  26. Hi.,
    Soy de Chile, eres mi actriz favorita…
    mil cariño…..

  27. Congratulations Alyssa! I’m a fan of yours here in the Philippines since Charmed days..

  28. Is it possible to have a crush for over 20 years? I think so. Wish you the best and all the happiness in the world. Fan forever. One day at a time.

  29. look great as always..!!

  30. I really enjoyed your photos allysa!! I am glad your happy!!

  31. Beautiful… all the very best for your future, you most definitely deserve it.

  32. Alice you’re gorgeous! Your regular fan of the Russian

  33. Alyssa* Sorry, this translator is to blame