1. oy this is so cute! How old were you?

  2. in the one with you and that guy i mean..

  3. u just have to say how much i luv ur hair in all your pics….and that im so happy for all that youv done and that i hope someday ill be just like you…ur my one and only role model,bless your heart:]

    -haley nixon<13,indiana

  4. Now this is the Alysssa Milano I remember. Alyssa what happened?

  5. you are a very blessed person with your looks and i believe your heart you have done so much and I cant wait to see what you do next

  6. Hello, my name’s Shaima.

    I’m 9 years old and i live in Paris.

    EVery day i watch tv for “Charmed”, and i think you’re the most beautiful sister.

    I love your films and i love u, you’re so cute thank u for giving me so much pleasure to see charmed.

    I hope you can send me an answer and a dedicated photo.

    I can give you my mail in france


  7. I remenber this pics, you were phoebe in charmed, it was in the first season. =)
    I’m totaly fan of you since i’ve seen you in this series.
    You’re wonderfull and a greatfull person. I think you should be a model an kindness for many person in this world.

  8. Супер! Красота!

  9. AWWW

    ur sooo pretty in all of these pictures,,,ur soo lucky

  10. OMG the one when u were little is soooo beautifull!!!

  11. Omg….you dated leo? How did that not become a thing as long as charmed was on? Wich i have to say I still watch the reruns……but still…..you dated leo….

  12. I would have to say that of all the wonderful things you have done in your life that you managed to keep focus on the important things in life is that you have a big heart for people..Yes my daughter got me to watch Charmed (all of them)..Who’s the Boss?..now I have all of them on DVD. You are a blessing to all of the people you help…God Bless You Alyssa. Did you get married at one point about two years ago? if so, who and ar you still together? Do you still hangout with the other Charmed cast?

  13. Hay, i m your biggest fan you ever seen.
    I am from PAkistan. I have watched a lot of your movies. plz once contact me in this life. i will live a big part of my life in some mins with you. i have no money to reach you and meet you. but its my heartly request that you talk me via internet or whatever way.plz
    Gud bye and take care of you. andd plz remember me i cant forget you in all of my life

  14. Hi, Alyssa I think you are one of the most beautiful girl on television. I watched a lot of Who’s the Boss and Charmed, and I seen most of all your movies. What is your latest movie?