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Hello All,

Just wanted to clear up the Nasty rumors which are being spread on social networks implying Alyssa “is dead.” Alyssa is living and well, and watching Sundays at Tiffany’s with her family at the moment…

Tune in TONIGHT to see the very alive Alyssa on the LIFEtime network!

– the all knowing webmaster


  1. That’s just horrible that someone would be spreading such a fake rumor like that about anyone, no matter who they’re. some people need to check themselves.
    God bless Alyssa Milano and her family and my best wishes for all of them! know you have a lot people who care about you. #AlyssasArmy!

    Tamara Lee (@tamaracharmed)

  2. I hadn’t heard or seen anything about this,and I’m probably glad that I did. I don’t know why people get such a cheap but sick thrill off of other people’s lives. Whoever posted it,is desperately seeking attention,but going about it the totally wrong way.

  3. I can’t believe someone spread that rumor….craziness.

    I’m watching the show right now!! I’m so excited to see her on TV again yayy…hope to see her more often!!

  4. Didn’t hear about your”death” but it bites someone would start that- Well back to Sundays at Tiffany’s -enjoy the movie with your family

  5. shocking ,, I’m apauled such thing happen, in this day and age i just can’t believe it glade to here Alissa is OK ,group huge

  6. Your awesome in the film. I love when you act and I love this novel. Best of luck with continues work.

  7. “Anything for attention” becomes more and more a way of life in this world every day. No matter how awful. Glad you’re still with us Ma’am :)

  8. What those people get out of starting those rumors is beyond me. You’d think that they would have something better to do – like dishes or laundry. Something tells me the people that start these types of rumors haven’t left their house in months!

    With Love,

  9. The horrible rumor did not come my way either, don’t merit it, it’s just the enemy working against you!:) I would definately be watching your new show only it’s not airing over here on the east coast, any idea when it will?:) God be with you!:)

  10. OMG! I can’t believe I missed the whole movie I was looking for it on LMN not Lifetime since yesterday. I sure hope it gets aired again Alyssa you look just as good now as you did in Charmed! And I’m a big fan of CHARMED!:)

  11. I was having trouble with my ES and my network and now that it’s all over, I should be up and running tomorrow but I’ve been promoting it and will be on Logo and Lifetime in the future to check you out. <3 :(

  12. God bless Alyssa Milano and her family and my best wishes for all of them during the Xmas holiday.

    Alyssa I loved you movie, “Sundays at Tiffany’s. We have to talk about the movie at breakfast. It was a beautiful show. I would not had miss the show for the world.

  13. Typical, and nothing out of the ordinary. Just one of the many rumours spread about Lyssie over the years. It’s a pity people like this just didn’t find a way of getting a life and stop resorting to spreading innuendo and silly rumours like this in order to justify themselves. They must be awfully poor individuals if they have to resort to spreading rubbish like this in order to make themselves have some semblance of personal justification. This is one case in point where a head shrink is justified, simply because these individuals must be imbalanced. I suggest they take a course of regular therapy and if it’s too pervasive a problem, then maybe they should bring back full time institutionalisation in order to treat them. In other words….they’re mental cases.

  14. Don’t know why anyone would spread such awful rumors! Just remember there are a lot us myself included that care about you and are glad you’re still with us Alyssa!
    PS! Absolutely LOVED Sunday’s At Tiffanys ~HUGS~ :D

  15. Dear Alyssa Milano-Bugliari, You certainly are alive and well on Facebook; there are so many pages with your name. I thoroughly enjoyed your Lifetime Motion Picture ‘SUNDAYS AT TIFFANY’S’! Your character Jayne is too sexy and loving, about to be married…The movie is special, memorable, and emotional; I love the funny, romantic scenes. This Is A Four Star Movie! Love, Doug x,o,x,o

  16. It saddens me that on the night of her so amazing performance in a wonderful movie some nuttcase starts this crap. So wonderful to see Alyssa on TV again So happy.


  17. I’m not even gonna dignify the rumor by getting angry/mad.
    SO glad you’re still with us, BossLady :)


    Oluva Maria – the BIGGEST fan on the Faroe Islands! :)

  18. screw those ppl spreading the nasty rumors,they just want to divert the attention coz sundays at tiffanys is now airing!well they cant change the fact that many ppl still loved alyssa and we don’t believe those rumors easily.. i’m so happy that you’re still tweeting and make us smile..xoxo

  19. I think, it was just a joke!

  20. I was sitting watching a movie on the couch last night with my partner when his iPhone made a sound (a news alert) he set the phone down and said, Alyssa Milano died today. I shouted out loud “OH NO!” ….I was so sad, I am one year younger and grew up with her as a tv personality that I have greatly enjoyed. So relieved she is alive and kicking!!!!! Long live Alyssa!

  21. @ Drone…Just a joke…and I suppose if we were to spread nasty rumours about yourself you’d feel as if they were a joke too. You need to check your own attitude because quite frankly if you think that the idea of spreading rumours about people is somehow funny then you’re not the type of fan that any celebrity would want. Spreading ridiculous and irresponsible nonsense about people is only done for one thing, to bring attention to those that do it. Only because their own self worth is that low they think themselves as being rather pathetic and in need of a “little adventure” in their lives. So they create a little scandal and controversy to liven things up. Like those that light bushfires….pyromaniacs….exactly the same sort of mentality. They’re sick people and need help, but they also need to be made aware of their own responsibilities and any consequences that may arise from their actions. But if they’re just doing it in order to hurt others and to get a kick out of doing it, knowing full well just what they’re doing, then they’re criminally liable and should be treated as criminals…heavily fined for their troubles and made to do a stretch in the “big house”. That might jog what little conscience they have.

  22. I think people who starts rumers like that need help

  23. The people with good hearts and good intentions, those that are blessed like Alyssa will always be attacked by those that are against the goodness in the human heart. The courage and commitment to human rights shown by Alyssa is a fire that can never be extinquished by the shallow words of selfish individuals. I am glad that a loving and caring woman with the means to make a difference in the world, braves the bad elements of mankind in order to do the right thing. Keep the faith Alyssa.

  24. I am just thrilled that she is Ok. Too many good amazing and talented people have been taken away from us, like Heath. So again, I am thankful it was just a stupid prank and hopefully the idiot that reported the fake story will pay the price professionally and find another line of work.

  25. I think people who starts rumors like that need big help…

  26. Alyssa is very much alive- read about the amazing miracle from yesterday that she is behind in rural Ohio:

    I am so thankful to her for making the calls and a call to action to help these poor, defenseless animals we’ve been trying to save for several days now!

    Thank you so much Alyssa! It’s so wonderful to see someone use thier Hollywood status for good- you’re remarkable! Thank you!

  27. I think people like others are monster.

  28. cher mlle Milano,toutes ces rumeurs me semblè irrèalisable car les parole qu-il sortèes n’est tes pas logique enfin bref je vous envoi un mèssage pour vous soutenir et aimerais (mon reve)que dès que possible vous fassier une petite halte en france.Es ce qu’ont vous vèrra dans un film ou série prochainement?Ont es tous avec toi Alyssa

  29. I’m thrilled tht u r still alive

  30. My son had called me on Monday and told me she had died from a reaction from some medication. I was so upset. Went to work on Tuesday and I listen to talk radio all day and didn’t hear a word about her. Just checked on line and was so releived to see it was only a terrible rumor. I don’t understand people these days at all

  31. i didn’t know there was any rumors going round but how sick and sad must these idiots be spreading the rumors,just immature, look how much damage nasty rumors can do they have no remorse

  32. manic depressives sociopaths who have on empathy for the people they cause harm too

  33. the 90% of what exists on internet is alone rubbish!
    why people are so bad!

  34. We love you Alyssa… and people who start rumor is so stupid !!!

  35. Glad I never heard any of these ignorant rumors. Happy Holidays to you and your family Alyssa!

  36. I never thought I would write to you but I got an email from
    God bless you for coming to the rescue of those dogs in OH. What a gift you are – such kindness. I hope it comes back to you.

  37. I watched Sundays at Tiffany’s and loved it was Fantastic …You are very much Alive … Happy Holidays Alyssa.
    So wonderful to see Alyssa on TV again So happy.

  38. Alyssa is alive and well as we all know..I think who ever started the horrible rumour seriously needs treatment..they are truly sick..Maybe a straight jacket and padded cell would help them

  39. Question? Where did it come from. What media? ect… Who ever reported it that you were did is just wrong. Not the type of attention anybody needs. Who ever posted it knews to know that class is something you have, not what you teach and this person has NO CLASS. Merry Xmas Alyssa