Baby Bugliari’s Baby Shower

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Baby Bugliari’s Baby Shower

Matt Kemp hit a homer and Clayton Kershaw threw eight dominant innings as the LA Dodgers cruised to a 6-1 victory over the visiting Houston Astros on Saturday, August 13, 2011.  The stadium roared for their Dodgers success but, inside a private suite with a perfect view of the victorious game, Alyssa Milano’s guests laughed and cheered in celebration of Baby Bugliari.  The co-ed gathering of David and Alyssa’s closest friends and family included a stadium-catered lunch (Dodger Dogs included!), an arts and crafts table and tons of customized kitsch to welcome the couple’s first-born son.

Hosted by Alyssa’s mother Lin and best friend Alaa, the luxury stadium suite was decorated in all things baby.  A giant Dodger-blue ribbon on the suite’s door invited guests into a room full of grandiose balloon bouquets by Balloon Celebrations and exquisite floral arrangements by Empty Vase. The decoration’s centerpiece was a tall-standing glass vase full of underwater orchids and baseballs that whimsically plumed into a display of roses and, of course, more baseballs. Shower-goers arrived in their best game attire and proudly wore “Baby Bugliari” medals while sipping champagne, crafting, and catching up with the glowing mother-to-be.  Alyssa looked beautiful in a Dodger-blue maxi dress, happily showing off her baby bump and welcoming her company as a gracious hostess.  Friends and family gathered around her to share stories and decorate “labor beads” with words of encouragement for the mother (and sometimes the father!) in the delivery room.  Each handcrafted bead was then strung together like a rosary of love from those excited to meet her baby boy.

Guests, themselves, were showered with goodies including Dodgers-decorated cupcakes by Crumbs, custom-wrapped chocolate bars by Tillman Sweets, gold-plated vintage baseball charms, and beautiful blue candles engraved with the baby’s initials by Carved Solutions. In return for the soon-to-be-born baby’s hospitality, guests had the opportunity to scrapbook well wishes, first hellos and thank you’s into what will be Baby Bugliari’s first official book. In fact, shower invitations were sent with a request for guests to forgo traditional gifts, and to bring their favorite childhood book instead. The result was a collection of both hilarious and heart-warming shared memories among friends.

As the Dodgers win became apparent, and in a moment of appreciation for the afternoon, Alyssa’s visiting cousin turned to the baby’s grandfather, Mr. Milano, and said, “Now all we need is a foul ball hit into our suite.”  And then…moments later…a ball came soaring into the suits and was caught by a neighboring fan.  Looks like Baby Bugliari is good luck for the team, we can’t wait to meet him!


Want to send your own message to Alyssa and her baby boy?  Visit her Virtual Baby Shower and learn how!

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  1. What a cool place for your baby shower! You look beautiful! Congrats to you both!

  2. Very cute pictures!! soo Happy for you! Congrats! God bless you and your whole family!

  3. you are truly beautiful, even more so now that you are pregnant!! best wishes to you, your hubby and baby b for a lifetime filled with health, happiness and love!!!

  4. Congrats on your upcoming miracle! You two look very happy, best wishes to all 3 of you!

  5. All the best to your family and friends. Bugliari has chosen his parents well!
    Best wishes from Norway

  6. Very beautiful pictures David and Alyssa, your baby is gonna be the luckiest baby boy of the world thanks to you. Crongatulations on this wonderful baby shower day. Sending you lots of love <3 Xo, Sonia @cillasb :)

  7. Love the pics. I think its awesome how open you are with your fans. Also, this Houston gal thinks you were smart to have your shower when the Dodgers played against my Astros. A guaranteed win for your happy occasion. Congratulations, my husband and I wish you more happiness than you can imagine.

  8. Congrats!!!!!!! Thx for sharing the pics.
    Long time fan…
    Trina frm Twinsburg, OH

  9. I think the little baseball jersey is adoreable. Good luck to you and your baby, Alyssa.

  10. Thank you for sharing and congrats.

  11. Congratulations on your new baby coming! I know your going to be a fabulous mom!! :) blessings

  12. My star!
    I loved the photos, you look beautiful!
    Welcome to the world baby Bugliari!
    Luck, health and happiness to your family!

    With all my love to you both!
    Kisses from Brazil

  13. Beautiful pictures ! We can see that you have a wonderful family !
    Lots of LOVE and LIGHT to you and your baby !!!

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

  14. Congratulations on the birth of your son alyssa I hope and wish it to be as beautiful as you when he’s older and God protect

  15. Congratulations to you both. I wish you a lifetime of health, happiness, love and baseball!!!!

  16. just wanted to say the pictures are wonderful and it looks like you’re doing great:) your mom looks just like you. Hope your baby arrives soon and you can start enjoying him on the outside.

  17. love you girl.have fun with your new born.give him lots of kisses for meok and one for you.

  18. Congrats!! The pictures are awesome.You look great. I know you and husband and your family are all very excited. And boys are very awesome I have two of my own. Good luck and Blessings to you all.. Blessed Be

  19. Congrats to the mother and father to be!!! You both look great! Alyssa I always wondered how you would look with a baby bump and you look beautiful as always ( ) hugs to to the family! Can’t wait to see the pictures of the baby boy we will all love.

  20. lovely photos thank you for sharing your day with us, your fans cannot wait until your little boy is here with his loving parents.

  21. You are absolutely glowing!! Thank you for sharing your photos with us! Best wishes for a smooth delivery and enjoy your little boy when he is born! CONGRATULATIONS!

  22. So Awesome! ♥

  23. Congrats to the happy couple and may you find peace and joy as you begin this journey of parenthood together.

  24. Alyssa! you are THE coolest celebrity EVER!!! I have always thought you were so down to earth and humble…this showcases that!!! Thank you for sharing such a personal and precious moment of you life with us! Its rare when celebrities are as open as you! I love you!!

  25. I always felt like you are my baby sis. I am so happy for you and pray all will be well. However, I feel you are going to have a baby girl because you look so beautiful beyond beauty.
    Enjoy yourself and try to pamper yourself now because when the baby is here, you will lovingly, not have the time.
    Again, Congrats and best wishes

  26. you’re beautiful alyssa!i wish you and you’re family will be in good health always..

  27. you look fabulous! You guys will make awesome parents. Very nice baby shower theme!

  28. you’re very very EXTRAORDINARY I LOVE YOU ALYSSA AND PEACE AND LOVE FOR YOUR BABY AND FAMILY :):):) YOU’RE ALWAYS IN MY HEART :):)I GROWN UP WITH YOU AND CHARMED :):):) and i thank you from my heart for this :):) you’re my sun :):):) kisses

  29. congratulations Alyssa and David

    beautiful pictures

  30. I know you are so close to having the same due date as I did, September 9th, only my “baby” will be five on September 12th! The day of my shower I had my “bloody show”! I was wondering if I would make it through my shower. Tyler was born four weeks later so don’t worry too much if you get it early. I remind myself of my mother, and now I get it. Can’t help remembering where I was five years ago: I had just gone off work because I had GD and I had to go to the doctor three times a week, work just wasn’t making sense any more. I was supposed to be induced on the 5th anniv. of September 11th and that day I was still running around doing nursery stuff! I got stopped by a policeman on September 11th and I said, “Would you please give me a break, I am pregnant and I am going to have the baby today.” He did not believe me so I had to “Step out of the car”! He let me go, he could not believe I was running around like this on the day I was supposed to be giving birth.

    Alyssa, you are looking so beautiful and happy. I am very sick and poor now, I became sicker after having my son, but I wouldn’t trade him for one more day of life! So I wish you and your baby boy health and safety through these last few weeks.

    Try not to worry too much, even though I know it is hard. Just be prepared to take the biggest “dump” of your life, take all the drugs they offer you, and you will be fine! It really does not feel like period cramps like everyone tells you, it really feels like you have been constipated for forty weeks and it is finally coming out!

    I love you!

  31. Cangrats you guys! I think it is a awesome idea that you had your baby shower there. Very unique! You are positivly glowing! Cant wait to see the pictures of the little cutie after he is born. :)

  32. All your fans already know what a wonderful mother you are going to be. I wish you and your husband all the joy in the world with your new little one. May blessings from God always be with you and your family.

    Love from Florida..

  33. Thank you for letting me and your millions of other fans feel apart of your pregnancy with “Baby Boogs” (via JBreezy220). I think it is amazing how willing you are to share these very personal experiences with your fans and followers on Twitter(mapleleafs_75), Facebook & Google +. You are allowing all of us to feel a part of his life, even before we meet him. (I love when you say ‘You can’t wait to meet him.’ I have just never heard any expectant mother use that expression before when talking about their baby being born. It is just such a reminder that even though you have this boy growing inside you, you’ve been building a maternal bond with him, and you love him with all your heart & soul, you still have yet to actually “Meet” him. )

    What is also great is the way you include us. Since you are a famous celebrity, I understand that you get to experience certain privileges that I (and most of your fans) never well. However, in your description of the Shower, you never come across as jaded or entitled. The way you recall each detail is genuine excitement. This pure enthusiasm is why you have the millions of admirers you do. You aren’t some celeb who just expected to have a shower at Dodger Stadium, with all this great food and decorations. You are a regular person who was excited and overjoyed that your family and friends would throw you & David such a great party.

    Any chance you can add captions to the pics? It would be great to know your thoughts on them.

    P.S. Was David able to top the organic garden for your 2nd anniversary?

  34. wow your bumb is looking very big but you can carry it of so well what i mean is you look as pretty as ever even with a baby bump :) love you so much you have been a big inspiration to me and hope you both have years of happiness with your little boy xoxoxo

  35. Looks like lots of fun and good times and good gifts, congrats to the ever gorgeous you and hubby

  36. You look so beautiful and happy! Congratulations!! I wish you and David great joy and happiness! ♥

  37. Thank you so much for sharing these pictures with us, Alyssa. You are a vision of expectant beauty! Baby Bugliari is super lucky to get you for a mommy!!!

  38. you look so beautiful… you have the mommy glow enjoy every moment sweetie because it goes fast congrats to you and your hubby :)

  39. Love the pictures. You look so pretty. Congrats.

  40. Alyssa,
    You have a beautiful family!
    Congratulations on your baby boy, he’s lucky to have such a sweet caring person for his mama.
    Enjoy this time because it goes by so fast!
    Best wishes,

  41. GOD Bless You….Keep rocking

  42. Congratulations to you and your husband, a child is a blessing and it’s wonderful that you are willing to share it all with the world. God bless you & keep you all.

  43. Dear Alyssa Milano,

    I’ve been a huge fan of yours for years, I’m so proud of you for taking the next step into life by becoming a parent. Congrats! I hope you’ll continue to show your fans pictures of your new arrival soon!

  44. Congratulations my dear, you look so glowing and lovely wish I looked like you when I was 9months pregnant!! Good luck and I wish you a good and short labour. X x x

  45. love the pic’s Alyssa. Congrat’s to you both. Being a parent is the most rewarding job ever.God Bless your family.Been a fan of your’s since Who’s The Boss.

  46. Congratulations Alyssa. To many more! A new page is opening in your life and may you always have wonderful memories as these to share always. Yes, show business is nice, but you have to admit this is nicer!! Waaaayyy nicer!! What a pleasure to see a Hollywood celebrity that is normal for a change!!
    And with familly, and with values and with so much love! Good Luck Alyssa!! Good Luck!!
    Love, Mayer

  47. Congrats Alyssa!
    All the best with the birth
    And your future as a mother!

  48. Congratulations!! You look very happy!!
    Good luck with your new life like a mommy!!
    Lots of love from Spain!

  49. CONGRATS !!! great family you got there .. KEEP SMILING :) GODBLESS

  50. You are absolutely glowing. Congradulations Alyssa! Blessings to you and your family.

  51. Very nice pics u r cute i like u and want to meet u

  52. Congrats! Boys are busy but they truly love there mama’s. God bless you all!

  53. Beautiful shower!! Very unique. Just a guess but you’re a Dodgers fan? Congrats on your baby boy!

  54. Alyssa you are just glowing and exquisite. I wish only the best for you, your baby, and your family.

  55. Having your baby shower at a baseball stadium isn’t at all surprising. Thanks for sharing this time with everyone. You look incredible and almost ready to “pop” :)

  56. Very cute pictures. I wish you happiness!

  57. Hello Alyssa and David!

    you both look so happy, wish you all the best for your new life with your baby!

    thank you for sharing the lovely pictures

    love leyton08

  58. Congratulations to you both on the upcoming birth of your baby boy!!! May GOD bless you and your family!!! :)

  59. Hi Alyssa,
    You are Such a Darling to share your life with us all, and The Journey of Your Pregnancy. It’s wonderful to see a beautiful person like you not being afraid or ashamed to share such a Beautiful Part Of Her Life. You look absolutely Gorgeous in All of your Photos, Alyssa. You are going to make A Wonderful Mother. We Also Can’t Wait to Meet Your Son :-)

    Enjoy The Rest Of Your Beautiful Journey, Alyssa.

    Congratulations Beautiful Friend,
    We ALL Love You Very, Very Much <3 xoxo

  60. Blessed this year with new grandbabies from all four of my kids! In four months!!! I am so excited this year I just had to say congratulations to you both..happy days and blessings and love on your family. Steven

  61. You look amazing Alyssa, congratulation for the baby ! Hope all is well !

  62. congrates on the new life that ur bringing into this world!

  63. Alyssa, I have been a fan of yours for a long time and a cheer you on for being a mother. Congratulations and I pray all goes well with your new baby.

  64. Dear Alyssa Milano-Bugliari, Looks like You and Husband David had a fun and enjoyable Baby Shower! I wish You, Your Husband, Your New Born Baby Boy many more blessings and fun family moments. Love, Doug xoxo

  65. Alyssa i am a big fan of yours i wish your baby, you, and your husband a happy life. You are the best actress ever especially on charmed. If you want to follow me on twitter please do my name is @charmedp333

  66. Alyssa, we ( my children and I) have been fans of yours forever and we would like to wish you and your husband and your new little boy the happiest future, may God bless you & yours always :-)

  67. Alyssa, my family and I have always loved you. We want to wish you and your husband all the best with the new baby. My God bless you with everything you put your hand to do. Have a blasted with the new baby.

  68. Alyssa, Congratulations to both you and David. Have a great rest of your pregnancy. You look beautiful. Any chance of seeing BABY BUGLIARI in some blue pinstripes. Take Care and Be Well

  69. Thank you for sharing your incredible shower with us. So thoughtful of you! You look wonderful and you and David look so happy! May God bless you with a peaceful delivery! Trust me, it’s the most beautiful experience you can have! Blessings to you all! ~ Kris

  70. Congrats for you both! You look amaging! I also got a baby boy 4 mounth ago! It’s miracle!

  71. Best of luck. Little boys REALLY love their mama’s, even when they grow up!!

  72. that is just soo sweet to have true friends an family there with you before the big moment,you’ll be a great mom wish you all the luck on sleep an rest

  73. Alyssa ready for Baby’s Arrival. blessings
    of Mexico

  74. I am a mom of two and I can honestly say that there is no greater reward than creation, being able to bring another human being into this world is truly a great blessing.

    You are both blessed. I wish you all the joys and unforgettable moments that motherhood and fatherhood will bring you both.

    May God bless and protect you and your family, always.

    P.S. See you in Toys R Us

    Love always,

  75. i remember the first time i saw you on who’s the boss and thought wow she is going to be a knock out when she gets older and i have been a devoted fan every since. was amazed at the job you did in cammando. and anything else she played a prt in and charmed is one of my all time favorite shows all because she played pheobe. and when i heard she was pregnant all i could think was it couldn’t happen to a nicer young woman and i would like to give alyssa and her husbandand little Milo the best wishes in life may it be the happiest time for all 3 of you.

    your #1 fan always
    Devlin Dale Thompson Sr

  76. Congradulations to you both! I have been a fan of yours for a lot of years. I am so happy that you have been blessed with a son. You will make a great mom!

  77. Congratulations, Alyssa. I am so happy for you and your husband. Enjoy every monent because he will grow up so fast.

  78. I’m so happy for you! I bet he is very cute. I love you girl! Have fun with him,they grow way too fast. Charmed forever!

  79. Congratulations with your baby boy Milo .

  80. Bonjour Alyssa
    Je tenais a vous félicités pour votre Bébé je suis content pour vous !Ainsi que l’heureux Papa !
    Cordialement .

  81. Congratulations on your baby ! How awesome! It will change your life greatly and for the best!

  82. While growing up i was often compared to being an Alyssa look alike. As an adult I was even asked for your autograph in Chicago. Seeing you pregnant, my mother even says we looked alike. Now I am a mom of 4, and you had your first, and like me, it’s a boy. As I say to all new moms, cherish every moment, even the tough ones, for they grow up so very fast. Make as many memories as possible with baby Milo, Take pictures as often as you can, do keep a baby book, for future questions by Milo. ( and he will have questions) Surround him with love every moment of everyday. Read to him constantly, I did this with all my children, and they could read at the age of 3.I wish you and your family the very best, and I pray that your lives are always blessed with health, love and happiness always! Congrats to you and your husband!

  83. congratulation both of u Alyssia for the new baby born! :)

  84. Alyssa u beautiful mamma and good actress! ;)

  85. Congratulations Dave and Alyssa you are very lucky and blessed God bless all 3 of are a very kind hearted woman you’ll be wonderful parents.

  86. I hope you enjoy that baby boy as much as possible.You and your family look really happy and never sweat the small stuff enjoy each other always.Always say you love each other every day.

  87. Congrates on ur baby boy Milo i was so excited when i heard that you had him From Your Biggest Fan in the world Jade XOXOXOXOX

  88. Congratulations Alyssa and david
    I hope that your son will bring you so much happiness as my children bring me, that of the happines
    Corinne from france

  89. I congratulate you on the birth of son!:)

  90. Hello mommy and daddy of Milo! Congrats!!!!
    I wanted to mention that I’m 23 weeks pregnant with a baby girl, and we’re gonna name her Alyssa. Such a beautiful name!
    I wish you and your new family all the best!

  91. Woot I had no idea you were a Dodger fan Alyssa. All the best on your journey ahead as a proud mother. We love and and all happy for you. :)

  92. Hi happy mommy and happy daddy!
    Congratulations on your little baby boy :). Peace and never-ending love :).
    Greetings from Czech republic

  93. God bless !!!!! Hope and pray that you enjoy the role of a life time , MOTHERHOOD !!!!! Dum ! Dum ! Dum ! You and your hubby will be amazing !!!!

  94. Hola Alyssa!!
    Felicidades por tú embarazo, y por supuesto a la puntería del marido :P no sabría que nombre sugerirte, pero lo que sí sé, que Gracias a la Serie Embrujadas, a mi primera hija le pondré Phoebe.
    Soy Española y una gran admiradora de tú trabajo, como actriz y ser humano, siento no poder escribir todo en inglés, espero que puedas traducirtelo o simplemente entenderlo al parecerse tanto a mi Italiano querido.
    Los nombres que a mi me gustan para chico, para tí, claro, son Españoles, Como por ejemplo Álvaro, Darío, Pedro, Diego, Gonzalo.
    Espero y deseo que el año que viene también pueda ser madre, que con 35 años ya va siendo hora.
    Un fuerte abrazo dorado, lleno de luz a la familia Milano et Esposo,Éxito, Abundancia y prosperidad.
    Martha G.
    París, 08/09/11 <3<3

  95. thanks for your work for animal rights. They know more about the existential value of their life that we do! I took a pic of your billboard in Bainbridge, Ga and just posted it on my FB. I am happy to hear about you baby. God bless. You are great.

  96. Hi my name is melissa and im a big fan of yours i really miss watching u on charmed and i think its wonderful that ur a mama now i have a 5 yr old y self her name is sarah and i got her into watching alot of the re-runs of charmed with me we would love to she photo`s of ur beautiful baby boy when ur up for it! ty love ur biggest fan mel and sarah!

  97. A baby boy is so unique
    So tiny, sweet and ever meek.
    It’s fun to imagine what he thinks
    Between those coos and little blinks.

    Though now he’s just a babe, you’ll find
    That busy is his little mind.
    Learning, watching, listening
    To every single little thing.

    As you look into his eyes
    You see such wonder and surprise
    He’s just so sweet, and when he smiles
    Your heart just soars for miles and miles.

    All the the very best wishes to Mummy,Daddy and baby Milo.x

  98. I have never seen you so luminescent. I wish you and your baby boy the best. You look truly happy.

  99. Hello Alyssa,
    I just wanted to give u congrads on your baby. I have a new grandbaby and he is so quiet.
    This makes me a grandmom for the third time and this is the first for my husband to be. Please chirish your time with him because I just found out that I am dieing and no one,can tell me how long I have

  100. Hello, Alyssa!

    With all my heart and with all my heart I congratulate on the birth of her son Milo my favorite actress and the most perfect and beautiful woman I ever met! I adore and love you, Alyssa, I wish you, your spouse and sonny Milo all the best, the lightest in this life … I understand that it is probably impossible, but I still dream to meet you in person, and I hope that maybe someday my dream will come true …
    I, Victoria, and my daughter Elizabeth, thank you and all the actors in our favorite television series Charmed.
    I wish you happiness and blessings from the heavens!
    I really hope for a written response (

  101. you look amazing, i know that you already have your baby……congrtas……….

  102. congratulation !!! It’s a pity that one see you hardly on the television but it is not your priority at the moment!!!

  103. Alyssaaa! * _ * How beautiful I am a person who admires you very much for your spectacular work charmed, I love that series, although that ended years ago I keep seeing every episode, every season, you’re the best, my dream is and always will know you, or Holly .. really love them immensely … Congratulations on your baby! Kisses ..


  105. Congratulations on your little bundle of joy! Welcome to the most wonderful club in the world, parenthood :)

  106. much joy for your baby!!, that is the nicest thing there is! I am new mother of a beautiful girl and i know how beautiful it is … I have 30 years and follow you from a little girl, even today I still see occasionally charmed because I miss him, I loved … thank you of heart to share with us your stuff no matter how small, we want to demonstrate how you want and that shows a lot of heart and humility, if I could choose a role model seriously tu, q so I can only thank once again, i wish you much love, peace and health and a very strong hug from a fan from Galicia, Spain ^ ^

  107. G’day From a down under Aussie
    To Alyssa and David for your new Family welcome to your little man hope all is going well for you
    a prayer for you from
    Angel Prayer
    On the wings of an angel
    This prayer comes your way
    For the smile of God’s sunshine
    To Brighten your day
    Let his love lift your spirits
    And lighten your heart
    Bring a day filled with blessings
    For you from the start
    all the best guys hope to hear from you luv yas xxx

  108. I’mmmmm soooooooooooooooooooooooooo late. thank you for following me on twitter. You’re stunning. I’ve looked up to you since I was seven & hope to meet you & holly someday. God bless.
    <3 the lascanos

  109. Congratulations for your wonderful baby. X

  110. Sincères félicitation à la maman pour ce beau petit bébé,

    et bienvenue au monde au petit Milo,

    pour toutes les femmes c’ est une nouvelle vie commence, so enjoy

    PS: my daughter is 5 months and her name is Alyssa ;-)

    Take care (= portez vous bien) et à bientôt
    Leïla from Lyon, FRANCE

  111. Dear Alyssa,

    Congratulations to you and your hubby! A mommy at last. I’ve been watching “Charmed” series since the last few months. Hope its not too late to know something bout you. Such a beautiful and gorgeous woman.

    God bless you!

  112. congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To both of you:)

  113. hola, muy bonitas tus fotos, felicitades por la llegada de tu bebe. me encanto tu personaje en la serie charmed.
    te deseo lo mejor. recibe un saludo cordial desde venezuela.
    mi ingles es muy malo pero tratare de escribirlo .
    my english is very bad

    hi, very beatiful you picture. congratulations for you baby. I like very moch charmed in special you personaje proebe
    I like col.

  114. You look so pretty with yo

  115. Hello;
    I am French.
    I found you magnificent pregnant.
    Your little boy and too cute.
    Felicitation to you.
    I like you.

  116. Me and Milo have the same birthday. Virgo’s are good hearted people, Your son will bring you the most joy in your life, CONGRADS. BTW I love TOUCH. Stay sweet, beautiful and have more babys…