1. omg! u look so cute & ur just glowing! i hope the best for you & ur family, i have been such a huge fan of urs ever since i was a little kid, u are one of my biggest role models and when i found out in the news u where pregnent i was so happy :) best wishes! love u xxoo – jess,16yrs old

  2. Lovely to see all your ‘bump’ photos together. Thank you for sharing this amazingly special time with us. You’re going to be an awesome mummy, sorry… I mean mommy ;-) and David is going to be a fantastic daddy! Looking forward to meeting the little guy in a few months. Love ya Boss Lady!

  3. You’re really beautiful, I wish you much happiness and God bless you. :)

  4. Awwww! So Sweet and Cute!!! Alyssa you’re so beautiful!!! You deserve all this happiness and more! God bless you and your baby boy!!! Love you!! :D

  5. So happy for the two of you! Being a mom is so wonderful! God bless you all!

  6. You look amazing-positively glowing!! Im such a huge fan of urs & want to thank you for being such an inspiration :D Best of luck to you and your family for a bright & forfilled future xxx Tasha 21 England xxx

  7. Was whipping through space and saw your twitter avatar and was like, “WHAAT!” So I came to look at more baby bumps. Congratulations! I think my favorite is the one with the dog chillin’ with the baby sounds — I’m sure they can hear something. I swear my dog hears and sees ghosts so why not baby sounds.

  8. Hi,You look even more Amazing with the “Baby Bump”! Enjoy every moment…they do grow up quickly..LOL! I have 3 beautiful girls and still look at them in awe.I wish you and your family the best :) Cant’ wait to see the baby !! Luv ya <3

  9. Hello Alyssa!! I just wanted to let you know how inspired by you I am:) You have touched me in such a way that it brings tears to my eyes.. You are beautiful not only on the outside but your spirit as well..&& I wish you all of the happiness in the world for both you&&your family:) Peace&Love, Victoria xo

  10. Hello Alyssa..!

    I’m from Malaysia. I am one of your big fans. Your really beautiful and i starting to love you from charmed. I’m so addicted to charmed series until i bought the complete season dvd :))
    I’m glad to know your pregnant and i know your little boy will be beautiful as his parents..
    Love you and take good care..!

  11. Angellllllllllllllllllllllllllll…

  12. Hi,You look even more Amazing with the “Baby Bump”! Enjoy every moment :) .I wish you and your family the best ♥

  13. Hi, Alyssa.
    All the best wishes to you, your Baby Bump and the father in waiting. Every time it´s a miracle being pregnant.

  14. congratulations on ur pregnancy,u look stunning and all the best xxx

  15. Hello,

    I love the photo’s of you and Bump thankyou for letting all your fans share
    this experience with you. Best withes for the birth hope all goes well and
    you have a fantastic future with your new family!

    Loved you since charmed phoebe ;) your still as beautiful as you were then :)


  16. I am your biggest fan! I love Charmed…I never get tired of watching it. I’m so happy for you and your hubby. You’ve always been beautiful…and you look amazing with your pregnant belly..looking forward to more pics…better yet…the day you have your baby boy and post up the pics for all to see.

  17. I remember a girl several years ago swearing against children, now look at how amazing you are! As I said to Pink just a few moments ago, welcome to the mommy Club! I am so glad you are in this place, blessed be.

  18. At 72 i can say i’ve seen you growing into a very beautiful lady since before your teens.. Take care of yourself as
    I consider you an excellent role model.. I have a daughter near your age.. Fathers LOVE beautiful daughters.. Ask
    your pop if i’m wrong…………… A dear fan…….. And yes, you do still look lovely pregnant ………….jack

  19. Alyssa, you are truly an inspiration to young women and yes us older women every day. You show good personal values and morals. I’ve been watching you since I was a child in “Who’s The Boss,” Now that goes way back huh? Sorry not to give away your’s or my age here. But I watch “Charmed” faithfully every day from 9:00 – 11:00am, even though I’ve seen every one of them several times from the begining to the end, however; I love the story basis behind the show and that would be family, the changes in them and now the changes in yours not on stage. Thank you for so many wonderful years of watching you grow up with me. I feel that I had one of those special friendly angels out there to grow with and to help put a smile on the face of those like me when our day to day activities as just behind the scences normal people are. Maybe one day I’ll be able to meet you or get a photo with a signature (Hint, Hint) Lol!! Any whoo, good luck and your going to be a wonderful wife and mother. Cordially, Connie

  20. Congrats on your baby !!!!I’m such a huge fan,You were my favorite character in charmed because I related to you the most.You’re gonna be a great mom:)I wish you and your family all the happiness in the world!:)Best wishes…..xooo – Tara 21yrs old and p.s. you look awesome!!:)

  21. When I’M awake I will forgive…. For the life I see I’ll never be…… M.D.6-8-73

  22. Hi Alyssa,

    You are gorgeous!!! Fantastic!! Wonderful!!! And for sure I rarely saw a women who looks so beautiful during pregnancy <3 love you and wishing you all the best and a healthy and beautiful baby (don't doub cause you are the mom) :-)))
    Greats & kisses from good ald Germany

  23. Sooo cute!)) Take care of your baby)

  24. You are so beautiful, from the inside out. You’ve been my role model ever since the beginng of Charmed and to get to follow you and for you to let us in to your life in all the ways you do, is truly amazing and I really admier, respect and envy everything you do for the world and other people.

    you are a truly beautiful person

  25. Congrats pheobe i mean Alyssa im proud of good luck giving birth. lol

  26. Great wishes from Old Europe from Germany. You and your pregnant belly are looking sooo cute. I love the picture where you paint the baby room :-).
    I hope you’ll have a sweet healthy child and give him all your love.


  27. Nous sommes français et avons toujours été fan de toi! Nous sommes très heureux pour vous deux et tu es toujours aussi jolie!!!
    We are french and always “fan” of you! We are so happy for you and your husband… and you are always beautiful!!

  28. magic, good photo ,had a dream about u well you kinda poped into it, kinda weard magic ok got to go fix the chainsaw then greese the car , and if theres time sand more of the floor byeee,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  29. Hi Alyssa. Enjoy conversing with you on Facebook,

  30. WOW, you look amazing and so happy!
    I have been a huge fan since i was little and I am also expecting my first baby (boy) late August…
    Thank you for sharing this moment with us and i wish you and your husband all the best with your bundle of joy!

    God Bless

  31. Looking good future mommy! All the best to you and your new family.
    Share the music,

  32. You look gorgeous! And yes, Dodger dog can probably hear your son’s heartbeat :) They will be the best of buddies…wait and see :) Congratulations

  33. o that dream i don’t trust that level to much there so many weirdos creeping about ,yeah a bit like the internet ,any way back to the story , you were/ had a blue hue about you i don’t know because of the “many fold complication” of
    trying to interpreting such things because that are just that “” you wanted a boy or your having a boy or your wondering who know what other peoples head is a place i don’t fancy traversing ,I for my part hope your have a healthy baby ,,:)

  34. Alyssa, you are wonderful as usual. How are you? What is baby? I hope not to be mad at me for insisting.

  35. You’re dog is so precious! I love how he looks like your baby belly put em to sleep! Love it! Congrats on the wonderful blessing you’re carrying!

  36. Nice Foto. You so cool @–;—

  37. Hey sweety… u look still good, even with ur baby bump.. compliments!! U’re great. It’s fantastic u re going to be mommy ;)
    I wish u and ur family all the best and good luck!
    Will u bring out other films or series? I know not for yet, but maybe a few years later?!! If the baby grew up… I miss ur face on tv ;) bye gabriella

  38. Just wanted to say hi and congraduations. I have had a crush on you for ever, just had to say. You will be a great mom.

  39. Just wanted to say you look amazing and congrats.

  40. Great seeing you up on the big screen last night at the stadium! Had no idea you were pregnant. Congratz! My kids are in their 30s and I am a grandma, but I remember every moment, they are stellar! Get ready for Little League, it is right around the corner! Let’s see … he will hit the majors … oh, about 2032? Best to you !!!!!!!

  41. Hello to you two, I was very happy to know you were going to have a baby I wish a lot of happiness because you the merite I am a very big fan d alissa since madam is served I have never missed episodes and every series which in been able to make as charms I him(her,it) was liked. I hope that the childbirth(delivery) will take place well and that that will be a beautiful baby in full health everything but congratulations vincedbe

  42. I have always been such a big fan of yours, you are so beautiful and sweet, you are an amazing person. I’m really happy for you about the baby, congratulations. You’re beautiful as always and you look like you married a wonderful man!

  43. aww, your baby will be as beautiful as you are. i love you so much as i have done ever since Charmed. i am like charmed’s biggest fan <3<3<3

  44. I was wondering when the little Man is getting here? I thought he should be here by now. Congratulations to you and David. I am a huge fan.

  45. omg alyssa i didnt know u were pregnant congrats
    love you so much
    huge fan since i saw you on charmed
    hope u have a healthy baby boy
    and he comes soon :)

  46. You’re so beautiful!!!!!!and congratulation for this little boy!!!!!
    I wish you all the happiness of the world!!!!

  47. Very wonderful, loving and touching pictures. Dogs are smart animals so I think that he will hear your son’s heartbeat