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****UPDATE: The wonderful Scott Harrison made this video for us! I hope you’ll take a moment to watch it.

As you may remember, last year for my 37th Birthday, I donated my Birthday to a charity: water campaign. Due to everyone’s mind-blowing generosity, we were able to raise enough money to give 18 communities and 4,628 people clean water in Ethiopia. It was by far the best Birthday present EVER.

Scott Harrison, the founder of charity: water, just returned from visiting one of our wells! He sent me these wonderful pictures that I wanted to share with you. This well is in a rural community called Lihamat where 300 people live and… now have access to clean water.


I just wanted you to see your generosity at work. Many thanks to all that donated. You’ve changed lives and I am forever grateful for your compassion.

And Love,


  1. Nice to see my $37 went to good use.

  2. Well done Alyssa. I am so proud of you.

  3. One Peace At A Time…..
    What beautiful SMILES!!!

  4. Really happy to have been given the opportunity to be part of this. I can’t wait until my birthday this year so I can do something similar :)

  5. a great thing and really important for those people.

  6. This is amazing! I’m so proud of all the work you do, and seeing someone use their ‘power’ to good use it’s just amazing!

  7. Alyssa: I have always admired you and just recently started with Twitter and Face book. I was never a “Star” watcher of member of any fan club for anyone EVER. But watching you on Jimmy Kimmel and talking about “tweeting” I had to see for myself.

    You are truly a remarkable human being and such a lovely woman. I admire how you have taken the internet and used it for such a great purpose. Hopefully you and the generation coming up behind you can make a lot of changes for the better. Mother Nature is calling out for help and it’s about time we listened to her.

    I can’t even begin to tell you how YOU have changed my life just by talking about “tweeting” on Twitter. I used to think it was stupid and all people did was talk about what they were doing every minute. I am glad you opened my eyes. I can’t believe how much Twitter (and following you and your #FF lists, et al) has opened my life to what is going on around me. I don’t always have time to sit and read all the news stories that matter, or surf the net for good causes. You and the other Entertainers, and Person’s in the Entertainment world have brought the paparazzi to their knees. You share so much about what you do and why you do it and gather your followers to rally in your causes that it leaves me positively in awe. I am from the generation that “Entertainers” were “Godlike” and would never associate themselves with the common folk. What I have learned is that you are “people” too; it’s just that your line of work brings you to the front page. The fact that most of you (the younger entertainers) use it in a positive way is what really matters.

    Keep up the good work that you do. You will be blessed with good Karma and lots of love.

    Always An Admirer,
    Rose Smyth
    Tampa, FL

  8. You made such a good job, it should give more people like you… really !!!

  9. Awww!! Great job!! xoxo

  10. Wow, that was such a great thing, your birthday gift! Now we get to see the results! This is a great charity & your influence is now helping these folks drink clean water Using twitter for this & other causes is fantastic! Keep up the good work & you will surely be blessed by the Father!!! Love & Peace always…

  11. thats so awesome! incredible what people can do when they come together to help people in need. and ure our inspiration that get us to do that. congrats! God bless!

  12. WOW! i bet thats such a great feeling to know that you have helped so many people, the world needs more people like you, your such a unique woman, kind hearted, beautiful, and amazing!
    Love You Lyssa!!
    Hayley Braithwaite xoxo

  13. Hi Alyssa, being able to participate in this was a great moment for me and I was glad to help, thanks for sharing these photos with us, look at their smiles, God Bless, Carrie Walker, Colorado

  14. It astounds me how many people use twitter for self-promotion, and here you’ve found a use for it that people can see and become a part of. This kind of thing will pick up steam every year. i just hope you don’t mind missing out on a few wrapped presents! :)

    This is the kind of thing people love to see!

  15. How awesome! Goes to show how people can make a difference, even from far away. To see these pictures makes me realize that we really can make a change for people who have far less then us. You should be very proud of yourself Alyssa. Congratulations!!!

  16. That is so awesome! Congrats Alyssa :)
    Best money I ever spend, thank you for letting us be a part of this!!

  17. That’s gorgeous !

  18. Great job !!!!

  19. Alyssa, you are a Social Movement on your own. You just have to point in one direction and everybody that likes you (and that’s very easy to do) will start walking with you. You are an inspiration. Thanks.

  20. Hey congrats! that’s awesome! I’m so proud of everyone! is incredible what people are able to do when they get together to help out people in need. amazing! I’m glad to see and read this! thanks 4 sharing! God bless! you’re such a inspiration to all!

  21. Carry on! You ( and your friends) are doing a great service to humanity….My prayers for your success!

  22. It’s amazing the simple things we take for granted eh? What an amazing present you and everyone who participated gave to these people. Wow!

  23. Carry on! You ( and your friends) are doing a great service to humanity….My prayers for your success!

  24. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that’s so beautiful!!!!!!!!! you’re great and make great things like this, I love to be your fan I’m so proud of you and your friends :) <3 <3 <3

  25. Well done. :)

  26. Give me your tired,your poor,
    Your huddled masses yearming to breathe free,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore,
    Send these,the homeless,tempest-tossed,to me:
    I lift my lamp beside the golden door.

    Emma Lazarus, The Statue of Libery
    Alyssa Just like You

  27. Wow! This is amazing! Its good to see what happens when people come together and make a big difference.

  28. I think that is awesome – I grew up with Lake Superior in my backyard -sometimes I need to be reminded that not everyone has clean water!

  29. It’s amazing what you and your friends did. I couldn’t imagine the feeling of what it would be like to have the ability to help so many people so far away. It seems you are involving yourself more and more in charity work and it inspiring to me, sorta gives me the warm fuzzy feeling inside that people in this world actually do care. Hats off to you and your friends for a remarkable change you made in a community miles away.



  30. Thats wonderful. I wish I could have helped. I would love to help people in that way. I am a big fan and this is one thing that makes me proud to be your fan. You are always doing things for others that need help. God bless you.

  31. C’est tellement merveilleux de vous! Son agréable de voir les étoiles sincères vraiment eux-mêmes impliquant pour un grand besoin! Dieu vous récompense! Dieu vous bénisse et vous continuez à marcher avec Dieu!;) <3

  32. Let this be an incentive for other artists and especially for all people …
    Thanks for all these samples!

    Every day you’re still my pride and admiration!
    Te amo
    Kisses, my star

  33. Thank you for so kindly sharing these results with us, Alyssa. God bless you and all who contributed, for giving us this opportunity to help others in such a tangible way. It brings tears to my eyes to see these pictures and know that we all helped fill a basic human need for these people. Thank you again for the good you help us do.

  34. This is really cool.

    This year, I gave my birthday to charity also. The company I work for gave a local Boys and Girls Club a new computer lab. I went on my birthday to help set up 9 new computers and 6 used computers (with new monitors/keyboards/mice). It felt good to take a day where I usually took and gave back for a change. Not quite to the same scale as your water project, but every little bit helps.

    Bless you… you are truly one of the Angels on Earth. Thank you!

  35. It’s the simple things in life that are often the best… like clean water! :-)

    Big Yay to Alyssa & friends!!!

  36. This is FANTASTIC~!!! I’m so proud to be a part of something that helped so many people! You can be proud of your 37th Birthday FOREVER~!! Geez, are you really 37? You look more like 27 and I mean that professionally =)
    Anita Nelson @ModelSupplies

  37. hello Madam,

    i am student from the IITMadras, trying to become a film maker,thats great what you- people done, here in INDIA i have a Team, to do some things for the Society and for the Country but we don’t have any financial Support to do all these things for the Society, our Govt and our people[Celebrities,Businessmen]they won’t Encourage all these things, i want suggestion or support from you, how can i over come all these things”, i want to show my Honesty and Sincerity towards this Nation”… waiting for your Reply… Have a Nice Day

  38. This is truly amazing and inspiring… as are you. Thank you for sharing and allowing us to be part of something great. :)

  39. Wow , I gave , I forget how much , 30-40 bucks , but seeing Alyssa Milano and Friends Plaque is great . Generosity does change things .

    I could not give much , because of no job , sick , and house in foreclosure , but it’s great to see that .

    It’s really funny . Before I lost my job , and a lot of money in bank , and things were Financially great , I gave 15,000 Dollars , to Life out reach international , for 3 Wells , to be drilled in Africa .

    It was not a week , after that , I lost my Job .

    I am not sure , if they really used , the money for Wells or not .

    For that much money , I should have been given Physical Evidence and a Plaque , with my name at each Well .

    It’s nice to see it .

    The bad things about this Christian group , is that when I hit hard times , and ran out of money , they took me off their mailing List , it’s as if I do not exist to them .

    In the Bible , when Money was given to the disciples , they used it to help People .

    In this World , we have Enough of everything for everybody .

    God has Provided a Place , where if we share , all will not be hungry , all can be taken care of .

    My own sisters , when I hit hard times , would not even take me into their Homes .

    I don’t know , what the hell is wrong with us , that sisters or brother will not help each other , and the rich who when Cain ask in the bible , Am I my Brothers Keeper ? Will not Help the Poor and Homeless .

    We are , are brothers keeper , God gave us all Enough of everything for everyone , we just have to share .

    David7711F on Twitter

  40. This is so amazing!

    I suggest if you were unable to help then, help now:

  41. Wow. Sometimes it is hard to completely comprehend the impact we can have until one sees the other end of the spectrum. You never cease to amaze w/your amazing will and efforts. You are truly very special.

  42. That’s awesome! :D Congratulations, Alyssa! You must be very proud. Thank you for all of the beautiful things that you do to help make the world a better place.


  43. This has really made my day! I’m so overjoyed! Bless you, Alyssa! You are an angel! :-)

  44. That is fantastic. Congats!

  45. You really ARE forever Charmed! Here lately I’ve been watching Who’s the Boss? on Hallmark. It seems like yesterday these were in first run. They take me back in many ways. Then when I watch Charmed I see how things have changed with you, the world, myself and so on. Then I read things like this…God bless you and your parents for raising such an amazing person! I’d love to elaborate on all those points above but I kinda just melded a few thoughts together. I hope one day to meet you and just say thank you in person for the many ways you’ve touched my life, inspired me or just been part of my life-by that I mean I shared many hours at certain stages in life watching your shows, movies and so on. You’re truly one of a kind! :)

  46. That is wonderful how you helped those people. I wish I could have helped. I would love to help out where the help is needed but cannot afford it. I think you are an angel for all that you do for people. I am a big fan and it makes me proud to be your fan because of all you do for people in need. God bless you.

  47. wow!)) how cute … such plates have a track to do))) let’s do it in Russia!)) as would like to Alyssa in my Twitter “Following”))


  48. That is fantastic, people have water clearly water. They are really happy on this picture and I wish that they have water every time.

  49. Im so happy that i donated and was a part of bringing this to life, thank you for letting us see the results too, you are such an inspiration Alyssa! thank you :)

  50. awesome Alyssa making the world a better place thnx love you

  51. They look so happy to have the water! Is amazing that something we take for granted is so cherished in another part of the world. This is awesome and is true faith and love in action. You must be happy and may God smile upon you for caring and doing something so great :)

  52. me alegro por ellos porq son personas q lo necesitan y gracias Alyssa Milano lo han coseguido y podran tener un mejor y mayor calidad de vida para sus familias y generaciones

  53. Thats great Alysser, thanks for sharing! I think I heard Tony Danza used to call you Alysser.

  54. Well done Alyssa. I think they really appreciate what you do for them.
    You and all the people who helped you did a great job :)
    Thanks for sharing.
    xoxo from switzerland :)

  55. I love this! You are an inspiration to us all! I am glad we could help and seeing this makes it even more surreal. You make us smile everyday!
    Melissa twitter @doggiecouture

  56. That’s wonderful to see!
    Keep doin’ what you’re doin’ Alyssa. ^__^/

  57. I’m so glad I could be a part of something so meaningful! I’ve started my own campaign, following in your footsteps, for my birthday.

    If you would like to help out, I’m trying to raise $4,000 for 40 families at charity: water for my 40th birthday.


    Thank you!


  58. Great to see that… Bravo Alyssa…

  59. es presioso el gesto un beso desde españa ojala yo pudiera participar en eventos de ayuda asi a gente de otras ciudades alissa me encanta lo que haces un saludo y un abrazo

  60. That is awesome!!

  61. Alyssa,

    After reading this I felt absolutely compelled to tell how thankful I am that there is someone like you in the world. You are an amazing role model and example for young women all over the world. You continue to show us that you can have brains, beauty, compassion, generosity, AND a love of sports all at the same time. Most young women believe they have to sacrifice or surpress what they really love in order to fit some mold in order to be accepted into this world. So, thank you for breaking that mold!!


  62. Great work. Inspirational as well. I will be donating a lump sum to charity this year instead of giving gifts for Christmas. Money better spent in my eyes.

  63. This is so great, thanks for sharing these pics. I feel blessed and honoured to have been a part of this. Love, Graham

  64. A good deed Alyssa! Keep it up!

  65. You are an inspiration, Alyssa! Thanks for all that you do!

  66. Thank you, Alyssa for sharing. I’m proud to be part of this. Untill the next birthday :-) x

  67. Your amazing and wonderful you gave them water!!!! Keep it going! You rock!

  68. That is pretty Amazing! I am doing the exact same thing for my 23rd b-day! I went to go visit some of these villages in ethopia, i could not be any more surprised at what these kids were asking, let alone the villages. Most of these kids were even happy just play games. It was so moving to see these kids happy with clean water and even the villages too! and it was a amazing trip! Worth going!

  69. Que bueno ayudar a las personas que lo necesita. Gracias por las series de hechicera, en Venezuela es el programa más favorita de todos, demasiado buena esa series, cuidadate te deseo lo mejor del mundo.


  70. This is pretty incredible — great story — big heart. As an environmental writer, I am inspired by stories like this. Write On!
    B Jas (www.restlesswriters.ca)

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  72. i help bring water to my people too

  73. wow!! I donated!!!! that is way cool of that picture that says “Alyssa and Friends”! :) keep on!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alyssa!!!!!! I support you!! =)

  74. Hi Alyssa! I am so pleased for you and the communities you helped. And I’m happy that it made your birthday! Lots of love,Cali x

  75. Wonderful Super Alyssa :-) XoXo

  76. That video is awesome. I had to watch 6 times before I could get get through it without tearing up. Thank you for letting me be a part of your birthday gift. It’s an amazing thing you did Alyssa, and I’m honored that you let me be a small part of this gift, that will keep on giving. If you ever need help with your other causes don’t hesitate to ask.

    PS Getting involved with the charity:water, inspired me to get more active in my community, and I now volunteer several nights a week in the winter at a homeless shelter, and help in fundraisers during the rest of the year. :)

  77. thats really awesome Allyssa i am so happy for these people having god clean drinking water.Haveu head of blood water mission?they r doing a similar thingwhere they have put wlls in for people in africa also fr those who need clean water.Godbless u and everyone who hamade this possible.

  78. In tears indeed.

  79. Very Nice!!! You are Awesome!
    May God Bless you with even MORE HELPERS on your next mission!

  80. Hello Alyssa…..this is really Great!….congrats to everyone…those happy faces are heatwarming….

    What an awesome video…and what a great person you are Alyssa….you’re one of the Best in the whole wide world…!Keep up the good work…….! Love Lots….XOXOXOXOXO


  81. Bravo Alyssa! No wonder I’ve loved you for all these years.

  82. Incredible work, Alyssa! :)

  83. That is awesome!!!
    I spent two in the Langano area of Ethiopia and it really bothered me seeing the kids get drinking water out of the same creek the animals drank out of. I wished I could have done more.

  84. This video is a very emotional moment. This well is going to change the life of these people. You are a great person.

  85. i coulnt keep my tears away from my face!! such a big heart!! i cant find the words!!
    bless you and stay in the light!!
    Asu xxxxxx

  86. Whaaat? Who thinks of stuff like that? What a creative and useful way to celebrate your birthday. You literally made the world a little bit better because you were born. Niiiice. Might just have to copy you on that one. :)

  87. Hi Alyssa,

    You are so great natured I think thats great. I am from a small town in newfoundland canada called harbour grace south. I am sure you do have much time for a kind hearted normal newfie like myself, but thought i would leave a message in hopes that you may respond to me sometime. i would for canada customs, living in woodstock ontario canada. Hope to talk to you soon, keep up the great work in all the great things that you do, hey and also keep smiling the guys that had a chance with you that never treated you right are so not worth it, maybe you should try getting to know a newfie from canada thats just as kind hearted as you are.


  88. Hello, dear Alyssa.
    I just wanted to say that you’re the most kind person on the planet.
    I wish I had an opportunity to help others like you do. You are my role model, and will always be. With lots of love, Patricia.

  89. You are a very kind, very loving and GREAT person in this strange times in the world. I hope that other people will follow your GREAT exemple , because so many children needs support in so many countrys of the world. From Timisoara (Romania) with LOVE & ADMIRATION

  90. hi alyssa,

    you are truly one of the most beautiful women inside and out..keep up the good work!!!question: wanna help too..in my own little way..how?

  91. What I can sey? You the best and you make my happy.You a angel,but I nobody… I like your help people and wish meny good friends to you (charmed)…

  92. Dear Alyssa,

    I just wanted to tell you that i think your amazind and a REALLY good person. I just finished watching you star in Charmed and was wondering, why did you stop filming it??? I practically worship that show and would love for you to start it up again. I know that that is probably not possible but still, a girl can dream can’t she?
    Please get back to me but i understand if you cant


  93. Well done everyone! I’m giving up my 34th birthday this year. My goal is a little more modest at $250, but so far so good and I hope I can exceed that.

  94. Me name manon
    fan de vous


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  95. je suis française

  96. Bonjour, chers Alyssa.
    vous êtes vraiment l’une des plus belles femmes à l’intérieur et à .. maintenir le bon travail! question: voulons aider aussi .. à ma manière peu propre .. comment?

  97. Hi Alyssa! I just want to tell u that I’m glad to see all what You’ve done for good. I’ve been following U all “Charmed” seasons, last new I knew of U was that You were going to get married and that You wrote a book, Congratulations for all of that! Well, now I see U did it, got married and I wish U both to be very happy!!!

    Enjoy every sight, every moment, every wisper… Wish U happiness an plenty.

    God Bless You.

    Claudia, México.

  98. Alyssa, did you know the total amount of electricity that could potentially be
    generated from wind in the United States has been estimated at
    10,777 billion kWh annually—more than twice the electricity generated
    in the U.S. today.


  99. Alyssa,

    You are so amazing! You are truly a remarkable human being. You are truly making a difference in the world! In my opinion Alyssa you are an Angel. FYI I’m following you on Twitter and I sent you a Myspace request! Hope to get to know you better on the social media sites! Wishing you all the best!


    Jocelyn Massiet

  100. Alyssa,

    that was an awsome thing to do as there are not many people out there that will do something so generous… Hopefully some day a lot more people will come together and do more for the less fortunate…

    Congratulations on all that you have succeeded to do…

  101. hey alyssa u have 2 call the dino costa show on mad dog radio 7-12 est time. he has been waiting 2 talk 2 you.you have 2 tell him craig from the bronx had u call him.we have an old friend in common from the pizza place in l.a. named jeff.if u want 2 call dino the number is 1-888-623-3646.

  102. Good day Alyssa,

    My heart swells when I think of all that you have accomplished so far in your life and as a grandmother of 6, I would love for my grandkids to emulate you. I do not follow celebs in general, however, you are an inspiration to women of all ages (and you follow @wilw on twitter :) Because of your Touch line, I decided to go into internet marketing when I retired a year ago from ATT. I look forward to continuing my support in your causes as they are diverse and honest. Thank you!

    Live Positive, Charlotte Martin

  103. Alyssa you are doing a great thing. People in undeveloped countries need water, especially in places like Africa. Where would some of us be without you?

  104. I watch you get old and delvople great woman I wish you best luck in future.

  105. Hi, good work. Making a difference. Just stumbled across ya on twitter and here. Me? Old fart. http://wbdoyle.com/blog/about/ How about an RT @wbdoyle ? Baseball? WAS Cincinnati Reds fanatic in 70’s & 80’s but you know how THAT went. Ugh! Please continue to lead the way and set the example for all to follow! Women need to put their collective foots down, in one voice “Enough!”, and raise the bar back up high. Thank YOU, Ma’am!

  106. Have children! ….It only makes sense that the more more “alyssa milanos” we have in our world, the better off we ALL are.

    Although you’ve been introduced to most of us an actress, we all know you’re so much more and you’ve done an impeccable job at keeping WHAT YOU DO separate from WHO YOU ARE.
    You’re amazing, a true inspiration and motivation to all.
    Keep doing what you do cuz you CLEARLY do it so well!
    Peace, Love and Enlightenment ;) thanks to you! <3

  107. you are such a beautiful woman inside and out peace love andlight

  108. Hi! I’ve been looking for an easy way to just send ju an e-mail but couldn’t find it so I’ll write my comment here, as it’s about this topic…

    I’ve been following Charmed since it started to show in Sweden (many many years ago ;-) ) and have the whole series on DVD – which I watch regularly. I feel like the series are a part of my life and will be for a long time.

    Funny enough I was just cruising the Internet and found your website – and found out that we share birthday!! My birthday is also December 19th, 1972! I think you did a wonderful thing by donating your birthday last year, maybe we should try to get people with the same birthday as us to do something as you did?

    Anyway, just funny to – after so many years watching Charmed – find out that we share birthday! But not much more, as I live in a small town in Sweden, work in a bank office, are married and have two children. ;-) Just wanted to say; take care of yourself and have a wonderful day!

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  110. You must remember that the key to this strategy and repairing a break up is to work with human nature rather than attempting to work against it

  111. i think your the greatest!

  112. It’s a funny way that I came to know about you. I was actually looking for something like witches something which is dark, temptation , dirty play!!
    But I never expected to stop by a vid of Charmed episode 6 season 5!!
    I found it interesting though nothing like I was expecting but a way different and a way more rejoicing.
    So then I searched to get all the episodes and seasons and now I’m watching charmed season 2. It was really great the most wonderful character was yours…. almost carefree, rejoicing, and like a wind free to dance in its own way.!!
    But I guess Now the Lady is completely different after 12 years or so!!
    So I just wanted to know whether the carefree girl was still young at heart and happy now or not!!

  113. But U know what whether u believe it or not……. there are still many things beyond Human perception. I really dont know whether you actually believe in the magic worlds because you all have seen how the flashy things that are realistically presented to the audience are made and it may be actually very difficult for you to believe in them. But honestly speaking they exist and not in the way we believe or seen them in Charmed but in a different way.

    Have you ever thought what gave Scott that inspiration and idea to get involved in this…… n in the first place why should he ever visit to a country like Ethopia…… what is in there for him? So there are subtle things that work behind to make us connected to things that we actually love to do, and have dreamed to do…… to do something that will give us the innermost satisfaction. N sometimes maybe more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  114. I have been a fan of yours from the time you performed in Annie. I hear that you are coming to the city where I live and work. It would be a tremendous delight to meet you even if it were only for a minute. I hope that I get the chance to say hi and to thank you.

  115. Thanks a lot for a remarkable post!

  116. We have all experienced those cute 2 sided fleece blankets that everybody seems to be generating lately. They can indeed be simple to make, simple to individualize right into a poker theme, and better of all warm.

  117. What a great birthday present!

    I’ve always wanted to say this and I think this may be the best place to say it: if I could win one thing, it would be your wardrobe from Charmed! I am in love with Phoebe’s style =)

    I know a Charmed spin-off will probably never come out (although I won’t stop hoping as it my utmost favorite tv show of all time!), but I want to say that I really admire you as an actress and I am hoping that you come back into the spotlight soon. I will be among the rest of your loyal fans =)

  118. Wow you guys did great….If only more people on the planet behaved with such compassion the world might be a better place! I love what you do and i’d love to do it too,hopefully i will be able to some day…but for now i will continue to help out in smaller ways closer to home and when and if i can i shall expand, there is no greater feeling than the one we feel when helping and giving :) Well done Alyssa :) x

  119. Your project is incredible. Sometimes, in this kind of thing, money is keep by the chiefs.

  120. Absolutely amazing. I can not contain myself. I’m crying with joy like a little baby. You are an inspiration to so many people Alyssa… an angel… Because of you and your work AWARENESS is spread. AWARENESS of social issues around the world that some inadvertantly take for granted. You are the light that shines bright in many hearts. Hearts that at one time only had a flicker… You bring hope. Keep up the beautiful work and the spreading of AWARENESS to all. Hugs 2 u.

  121. Hi Alyssa! what a wonderful and rewarding thing to do with the Charity Water. I still watch reruns of “Charmed” almost every morning on TNT. Rose,Holly,Shannon and yourself did such an awsome job. Have a blessed 2011 and hope it is a better year for all of us.

  122. I don’t know what to say. This video talk like a million words! Congratulations!

  123. The wells are great and from personal experience I know they make a huge difference. The water still needs to be transported to peoples houses though. In the video I see some 20 liter canisters at the well. A full canister weighs 20kg. People often have to carry these for miles from the water point to their houses. This is literally back breaking work.

    To put this into perspective: You use up 20 liters of water in 2 minutes when you shower, one of these families have that amount of water for the whole day and the next day they have to go to the well to fetch another 20 liters.

    The guys at http://www.hipporoller.org found a really good way to help people transport water from water points to their houses. Maybe you can take a few water rollers along when you build new wells.

  124. May God continue to bless you and the people.

  125. idk where to start. i’ve loved your acting since i was introduced to it when i came to america in 2005. then when i discovered u were a un ambassador, u became my role model. then i saw this video and u became my hero. Im actually from ethiopia and my mother is from the region featured in the video (tigrai). im 16 and i remember how difficult things are in ethiopia for those who live in the rular areas. listening to my people talking about you has made me respect you on a whole another level. Thank you is not enough and i wish you knew how greatful i am for you and your work. you are one of the most benevelent human beings i have had the chance to know about. When i graduate, i hope i am able to help as many people as you have. thank you for your inspiration and keep up the great work.
    peace and happiness to you. God bless you.

  126. thank you also for remembering Ethiopia, my country when so many others overlook it.

  127. happy b-day n god bless im turnin 20 yrs old new years eve im tryin so hard to fullfil my dream and become an actor im really good at it n i want u 2 no ur my inspiration ur amazing

  128. When the cameras are off, you continue to care. My birthday is the same as yours and I just can’t think of anyone in the world I’d rather share a birthday with other than you Alyssa.

  129. Alyssa,

    I just wanted to say that I admire you work and I hopethat one day I can be as good as you !!
    I hope that everything you do will turn out good and happy also bright.
    I am a massive fan of Charmed well really everything you do !!!
    I love you and keep on doing what oyu do best. (L)

    Peace ,

  130. I’d been looking for some really good guidance concerning blooms when I stumbled on your web-site. You’ve got some excellent info here, can i use some of the content with my own floral blog? I will obviously backlink here so that folks can see the main post. Thank you in any case. Sophie Cook

  131. Extraordinary Alyssa <3

  132. Hi Alyssa!I hope you read my comment, I´ve always wanted to say to you that you´re great, acting and with people, that´s what I think. SInce I knew that you went to south Africa and other poor contries, I know that you´re great, really great. I have grown up seeing the charmed ones, with holly marie combs, rose mcgowan and shannen doherty, I have all the seasons in my house. I love them. Well, I know that you have thousands of comments and letters, but I didn´t know another way to tell you that. I´ve practised writting this since I was 6 more or less. I hope you´ll write back, thanks.
    P.S:Ik I have any mistakes it´s because I´m from Spain and I´m learning english.

  133. This is AWESOME!

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  143. Wonderful! I love seeing work like this being done. I think its fantastic that you are sharing this with the rest of us and being a great role model!

  144. you asked about baby names for boys, ever heard the name tobin or tobyn as i spell it?my son is 9 and there is only 1 person i have found besides him with it. its a shortened form of tobias from teh book of tobit in the bible. my sisters been envious for years over it and not having kids first

  145. it’s a wonderful thing to do !
    We take it for granted coz it’s just their.
    But for some it means life !

  146. Hi Alyssa!! I from Argentina, you are my favorite actress.. I need your answer, please! tell me hi!!!

  147. That is awsome that they have clean water. You all did a great job.


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