By on 11-03-2008 in Blog

Firstly, and most importantly, history was made yesterday. And with a constant stream of tears, I watched my country take its first step towards healing and renewing the American Dream. I am so proud.

Secondly, I am sad to inform you that ABC has decided to not move forward with Single With Parents.


  1. I think barack is great!
    evan thoe he`s not my countrys president.
    we have a king instead.
    But I love that Barack became president for the united states!

    peace <3

  2. Hi Alyssa,

    All I heard at school for a while was about this election but behind people’s back I was cheering for Obama!!!!!!!!!!!! It is awesome! But I bet he has alot of pressure, I wounder how he deals with it!!!!!!!!

  3. Hi Alyssa,

    I agree with you. This country did finally take a step in the right direction. The only thing I wish this country would do not is give this man a chance to do what he is meant to do. When he became the new Commander in Chief, he was not handed a silver plate with silve spoons or silver Chalices. He was handed a raw deal however I feel he has the strength, the perseverence and the knowledge on turning our country around. ALl we have to do is let him do his job. He cannot do that if he has to continuously fight the legislature or congress. This country needs help and if the rest of the people assist in running this country would just open their minds, hearts and see through or past their own political agenda’s, they would see where their hearts should be led.

    Stay safe my friend and hope to talk to you soon

  4. Its Sad That They Didn’t Move with the show it should have gone so well but you have found something so much better with an awesome funny cast I LOVE ROMANTICALLY CHALLENGED its so Hilarious LOL your awesome Just Keep Doing What You Do LOVE YOU : )