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Lovely People, Woooooohooooo! I’m thrilled to report that ABC has picked up “Romantically Challenged” for midseason.

It has been a disappointing couple of years of trying to get a show on the air (it ain’t easy). And although I’m proud of the last two pilots that I shot for ABC, this great news is even more proof (as if we needed any more), that everything happens for a reason and that there is a perfect system at work here.I’m elated that I will get to say the words of the great, hilarious, Ricky Blitt. I’m elated that I will get to learn and grow from my costars (Kyle Bornheimer and Kelly Stables).

Have I mentioned I’m elated? And blessed.Thank you all for your prayers and positive words of encouragement. I could not have gone through this tedious waiting period without your support.



*Update: Our cast is finally complete. Australian funny man, Josh Lawson has just been added to our cast. I can’t wait to start shooting!


  1. Hello Alyssa !
    I am so happy for you ! Comgratulations !
    I have never met you but i know the wonderful person you are, i hope that you acomplish everything you want from life and even more.
    I am from Brazil , we love Charmed here !
    Hugs and kisses
    PS: i will be sure to watch your new show when it airs here in Brazil.

  2. congratulations for your new show!!! So, what is the plot of your new tv show? I would really like to know what your new show is about. Does it have romance? Is it comedy? Please tell me a few things about it… :-)

  3. I’m really excited for you Alyssa. Congrats! I will definately be tuning in. I’m a HUGE FAN! LOL!

  4. Hello A. Milano:)
    I from Ukraine.
    I glad for you Alyssa!
    You know, I like a “Charmed” and another films, where you are.
    P.S. “Following me in Twitter, please…..
    Good Luck”.

  5. Congrats Alyssa! I will be watching you on your new show, I promise!! I am a huge fan of yours! I grew up watching you and love everything you are in. I have watched all of your stuff and will continue doing so. Congratulations once again on your new show and on your marriage!!

  6. Alyssa,
    I am so glad you have succeded in a new show on the air. I have enjoyed watching you grow up in the lime lite and hoped often being a child star wasnt rough for you. My kids loved you in charmed, you were always their favorite. So I began looking for reruns of when I first saw you. My favorite episode of “Who’s the Boss” was when you wanted to teach young johnathan how you learned to fling a dead rat in the city.. You have come along way. I hope your new show is very successful. My kids and I look forward to becomeing addicted to television again. Good luck!

  7. Hi Alyssa,
    I have been a huge fan of yours since you were on “Whose the boss”.
    I loved “CHARMED” , and watch the reruns on TBS every morning. I have been hoping to see you in another T.V show, secretly hoped you might even
    join one already on like the original C.S.I or N.C.I.S. You are a very versital actress and would no doubt be able to carry a major role like that in your sleep. You are an extremely good actress. You and your former co-star Holly Marie Combs would be great on a show like that. Congradulations on your new role! I will be anxiously watching with admiration. Keep up the good work and don’t stop designing either. You have great taste in style .

  8. hey alyssa,glad to here you are comming back,goodluck,and godbless.

  9. Hey!

    (I’m French)

    Congratulation for your career and your wedding!!

    I really glad for you!



  10. Hi Aly, how r u? My name is Brenda and I’m from Peru ..I understood the 80% you wrote hahaha.. I’m taking English classes, but my writing is not good..sorry…also I don’t like writing..anyway I wanted to write u..I saw u in Who’s the boss? and Charmed ..and in some films like The surrogate and Hugo Pool ..that movie made me cry awwwwww…I really loved Charmed..I have all the DVDs …amazinggg hahaha…I really admire u because you’re a generous person and u deserve everything you have. You’re the best!

    Congratulations for the wedding..u must be really happy =)

    Good luck in everything

    take care Aly



  11. Congratulations, Alyssa! Can’t wait to see it. I wish we had more information as to when exactly it will be aired. I don’t wanna miss it. Hopefully ABC will start advertising it soon.


    One of your biggest fans (that’s what they all say, LOL!)


  12. Hello from a rainy evening here on the South Coast of South Africa. Good one on your new show:)

    It’s wonderful to get results after long waits and many attempts. And its true: things do happen for a reason. Pity we don’t know in the moment what the reasons are, but we get enlightened eventually!

    May your elation carry you into the arms of your dreams and help you to create more dreams:)

    Love and Light to you also.


  13. Congrats Alyssa!

  14. Good on ya, kid! Make sure you get some top notch scoff (food) to celebrate, if you haven’t already done so.

  15. can hardly wait to see that shiny beautiful spirit on the tube!

  16. I am a very big fan of yours. I’m sure you have heard this a million times and are really tired of hearing this but I absolutly loved you in Charmed. Charmed came out when I was 10. I have admired you ever since. I wish there was some way I could become a talented and famous actress like you. Congrats on your new show. I will definitely be tuning in.

  17. Hello Alyssa,

    I’m a French Fan. Congratulationq for your wedding day and for your new show. You are an extraordinary person. I like you.

  18. hey alyssa … i can believe that i’m talking 2 u now !!!
    i just wanna say congratulations and u r the best …
    u r like an angel .. i love charmed so much especialy PHOEBE u were very funny…
    wish u the best always

  19. hello alyssa
    i am french but i like you for the films . Congrats alyssa and good luck

  20. Hello Alyssa I am fan of you . I am French. I’m 15 years .You is very beautiful . Take my adress e-mail please : .I have to look at all the episodes of charmed and I to look at particularly that you. I love you mutch.:$(L):$

  21. WAHOOO!!! I’m all together happy for every blessing that has come your way this year! I’m excited to see the new show!
    Hugs and blessings and thanks for all of the good you bring! Also; I loved the book!

  22. Congratulations! :D i’m glad, i really liked you on charmed and it’s great that you have a new project coming. Can’t wait to see you back in action and on screen.
    Best of luck, peace, light and love :)

  23. Hey Alyssa!

    I usually don’t write things like this but Im just so excited to see you in Romantically Challenged and I’m glad it got picked up by such a reliable network! ABC has an outstanding reputation! I started recording Charmed when I got into college on TNT just because I randomly saw an episode. I also love that you love baseball and have made Touch! I am a DIEHARD Cardinals fan! There is really nothing better to do in the summer then going to a baseball game with friends! Anyway I wish the Dodgers luck in the post season…if they get past the Cardinals of course! Congratulations on your new series!

    Best Wishes,

  24. Hi Alyssa,

    I’m a French Fan, I want to tell you congretulations for your wedding day and your new show.

    I like you very much.

    and Health


  25. Great news! Cant wait to watch. Congrats Alyssa!

  26. Hello, great news about the tv show! When will be be aired? I guess, like everyone else, I love charmed, the plots were always fresh & new. mWe get it 3 times am day here! I also rerad of y0our recent marriage. All the best to you and your new husband. Thanks for all the great shows & I know the new one will be just asm great.

  27. I will look up the words “I’m elated”

  28. wow…i am so thrilled 4u…i cant wait to see you on tv i mean like recent. i watch charmed everyday and its a pleasure just to watch your work on only 13 and i get why your blessed to have all that u have i mean it must be great..and with your new show>your just making people happier everyday!!!


  29. Hello

    congratulation for your new show

    greetings from argentina ¡

  30. Congrats, you sweet face! I know it will make me smile

  31. Oh Alyssa Congratulations!
    I’m from Italy.I’m your fan,and i’m crazy for u since you did “Charmed”,however sorry for my bad english.I’m sure I’Ill love this show,I’m baseball fan as u.
    Peace and Love.

    Francesco from Italy(Naples).

  32. Congratulations!!
    I’ll watch it when/if ( I think when =) ) it airs in Holland!

    Good Luck !
    x Anouk

  33. Hi Alyssa, congrats on the great news! It just goes to show that keeping the faith and in working hard results in good things happening to good people as you definitely deserve the best…it was nice meeting you in Chicago last week at Fans Edge & thanks for being so patient w/my little disposable camera (lol), the pic turned out great! You are too awesome, thanks again,

    Bill :)

  34. Congratulations on the new show! I just want to thank you for being such an inspiration. The way you carry yourself is truly beautiful in every way.

    All the best,


  35. I’m happy for the return of the show, but I want to say thanks for the video of the girl who silence the world for five minutes. This girl spoke the truth and if we followed this would be a great turn a round in the would today

  36. Very nice and congratz, looking forward to see it. You are the greatest.

  37. Alyssa

    Great news, thanks for the update. I have been wondering what was happening with ABC. I am thrilled for you not to mention excited. Thanks for the beautiful pics in your gallery I posted a comment in the palms.



    and Happiness Forever,


  38. oh my im so exciting to write you a message i love you so much im a big fan of you i have like 25 posters in my room of you
    i admire you for being a indenpendent woman
    I live in israel and now there in T.v the 4 season of charmed
    I heard rumors that you gonna break up with cole there
    I think I cry hhaha..well
    I hope you will read it i love you so much
    if you want you can chat with me
    Cheni :D

  39. Hey Alyssa.. you are very well known in our Armenian community! we love you, and are happy for you.. I have been a big fan ever since charmed.. and all your events and what you have done for all those kids. :) There is god up there and he sees everything.. keep up the great work mama.. ;) .. i will love you today, tomorrow and forever.. keep in touch. :)

  40. Congratulations!! I have no doubt ’09-10 will still be chock full of blessings.. Beautiful wedding pictures (People), btw! A fine year, indeed! :o)

  41. Hi
    is there a date set?

  42. vous joue tres bien la comédie,un de vos fan depuis 10 ans .

  43. vous joue bien la comédie….

  44. je vous adore du au moin 15 ans

  45. toute mon honneur pour votre prestation dans charmed.

  46. Congrats, although I don’t know you, I loved watching Charmed for the eight years it aired and now I am even about to buy the complete series of it because I love it so much. And I also use to watch you in Who’s the boss which you were only a teenager then but still a great actress. I wish you the best on all your endeavors.

  47. Fantastic! Congratulations, I believe that you are immensely talented and provide a positive outlook in all of you endeavors. On top of that, you’re a huge baseball fan…the perfect woman…:) Continued success from one of your fans!

  48. Hi Alyssa,

    Congratulations on Romantically Challenged!!! I sincerely wish you all the best of success with it. I have admired and adored you from back in the days on “WHO’S THE BOSS” and shortly after that in my all time favourite kids movie “COMMANDO”, to my adult years in watchinG you on “CHARMED”. Best wishes on your successes. Your adoring Aussie fan…. Sherlena xoxo

  49. im so happy for u……im from colombia and cant wait to see your new show…….love jhoana

  50. electricity is like faith, you can’t see it but you know it when it hit’s you

  51. Hey Alyssa, I am 11 years old and I am your biggest fan Charmed!!!! YOUR AMAZING!! CONGRADULATIONS on your wedding and everything else you have achieved this year! I really wish i could meet you! I live in England wish you could come to England one day! Oh wow i can’t believe i get the chance to actually talk to you! Oh this is overwhelming !! Seriously your my idol! God Bless You!! Love Cait xx

  52. Hi Alyssa . I’m 15 years old I am your fan. You’re amazing. I love you ;)
    I am Polish.

  53. Hi! Alyssa… I’m so happy for you. I am 15 years old and I am your biggest fan Charmed.Je te trouve tres belle et aimerai pouvoir vivre au etat-unis et avoir une aussi belle vie que la tienne mais j’habite en France et je suis tres loin de tout ca. Enfin desole d’avoir ecrit tout ca en francais mais je ne sait pas trop mexprimer en anglais.
    Thanks and excuse

  54. i like to write im sorry about those
    comments i made on your myspace comment section a while ago.
    hope you can forgive me.

    congratulation on your engagement.

    have a great new week

  55. I’ve been a fan of yours since “Who’s The Boss?” and have literally watched you grow up on television. I am truly impressed with the warm and compassionate person you have turned out to be. Being in “the business” usually jades people, but I see none of that from you. Best of luck with the new show!

  56. keep trying your land one.
    one day

  57. dear alyssa

    Jag skulle älska att vädra dina byte. älskar doften. gör mig kåt

    could you help me with my sailboat? just kidding


  58. Bonsoir,

    Quelques mots que vous ne comprendrez probablement pas , pour vous dire combien votre sourir peut révéler autant de charme et de grace sur le visage d’un ange …

    see you …

  59. Hi Alyssa,

    Congratulations on your new show! I know it will become a big hit. I have been a fan since “Who’s The Boss” I have always liked your name, so I named my daughter Alyssa. Good luck with everthing and also stay postive everything happens for a reason : )

  60. hi alyssa ,i want you to know that i am a huge fan of yours your show charmed is my favorite i have watched the episodes over and over again on TNT since 2007 the show has helped me through some difficult issues in my life and i feel like all of you are a part of my life. god bless you and good luck in all that you do. ileana

  61. First off congrat’s on the show getting picked up. Based on your resume of prior work I am sure it will be great, and you and your family will be in our prayers that you get picked up for 13 more next season.

    Secondly my daughter is 3 years old, the most beautiful child inside and out, and mostly the center of my entire universe. She was in my office at the house the other evening and was watching Noggin when she walked over to me and asked me what I was doing ? I told her that I was on Twitter and reading some tweets. ( by the way she thinks those names i.e. twitter and twitts sound like I am on a bird website or something, smart kid huh. ) Well just as she came over to sit in daddy’s lap your profile page came up on Twitter and she saw your pictures and she said, and I quote ” WOW daddy she is so beautiful, can I do my hair like hers !” It was just the cutest thing the way she said it and how serious she was about it, now she talks about you all the time. I don’t know if she is your youngest fan, but she is the sweetest most sincere little 3 year old fan you have. Just thought I would drop you a line, thought this might make your day. P.S. Her name is Payton and it would make her soooo excited to somehow hear back from you. Payton and I look forward to following you on Twitter and reading your blogs. God bless, and hope you and your family all the best.

    Rob & Payton Pelfrey
    Dayton, Ohio

  62. Congratulations on your new show! I am really happy for you. I still watch CHARMED on TNT 3x a day. The show never gets old for me. Will look forward to seeing your new show each week.

    Blessed Be….

    Tim in Roanoke, VA

  63. alyssa’s fimp has a sweet scent. umm

    stay strong

  64. Best of luck on the serie! I believe you can make it happen and succesfully. You’re a great actress and as I can see a great person, that is willing to help needy people
    Keep in that way
    You’re are so great.
    I’m portuguese and I just love watching Charmed, I’m like addicted. :)
    Best of luck for everything, personal and professional.

  65. Congratulations on Romantically Challenged! I’ve been keeping my fingers crossed for so long.
    Now I will keep them crossed for Swedish television to pick it up too!

    Best wishes!

  66. Hi Allysa! Glad things are going so well for you, and best wishes on your wedding. Could not find any other avenue to write you a note about your “Touch” line, so am going for it here. I was very happy when your designs began showing up. I am a huge Dodger fan, and a Colts fan too. All my life I have been a big girl, and was so glad to see your feminine line is sizes 2XL or XXL. What happened? Even your designs that appeared on HSN were only up to XL, and they are known for their large sizing. I know that it is not only me that is disappointed in this turn of events. If there are people to write, just let me know!

    Keep up the good work–and the larger sizing. Again, so happy for you and your marriage.

    Sincerely, Shannon

  67. Whoops! Sorry about the mis-spelling of your name. My brain does not always follow through to my fingers! Alyssa!

  68. WOO HOOO!! I sooo happy for you I love you so much,I grew up with you with Who’s the boss and Charmed!! I wish you the best in life ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
    WOO HOO (can’t help it soooo exciting xD)
    I’m so gonna watch it♥

  69. Hi Alyssa just wanted to wish you all the best for the future with the new show and that I am a massive fan too

    from Helen


    (Please do not post personal information)
    – Admin

  71. Alyssa, I wish to all the best for her new show I hope it is fabulous as it was in Charmed good luck with the book and clothing line.

  72. Hi alyssa, congrats ;)
    i’m gonna watch it for sure ! :D


  73. Hi Alyssa, I am a your great fan.
    Congratulations on Romantically Challenged


  74. Hi Alyssa, hope you will visit Switzerland sometimes. We watched everything from Charmed or Who’s the Boss etc. Wish you the Best.

    Love Jeannine

  75. Congrats, Alyssa! I’m so happy for you. I can’t wait to see your new show. I follow all of your work. You are an amazing actress. As a human being and as a character on television(Phoebe), you have been a huge and very personal inspiration for me. I wish you all the best.
    Lots of love from Alabama,

  76. Hey, Alyssa good luck with your new show. I hope it will be a great experience for you. This is my first comment on here. I am not the Wes or Wesley on here who writes all the time. That is just wierd. Peace, Happiness,
    and Light?

  77. please keep it up what ever u are doing to stay so super cute

  78. Hi Alyssa – I, like everyone else here, am a fan and have been for a number of years. First off, I would like to congratulate you on your recent marriage and extend my fervent wish that you find the happiness that you SO richly deserve. I am also glad to hear that you have gotten a new chance to display your acting abilities and am certain that Romantically Challenged will be a HUGE, HUGE success. You’re gonna do great, kiddo – TV worth watching!!! You know what? Well since you asked, I’ll tell you – a lot of people praise you for your acting ability and your looks – well not me…. OK, so you are an immensely talented actress with depth and vitality that can breathe life into any role you play, and you are not half bad looking either – OK -devastatingly gorgeous in the classic beauty sense of the word (good line, huh – it’s true) Aside from these patently obvious gifts, I would like to say that I think you are also a very intelligent woman – the kind of intelligence that is innate and instinctual – the kind that permeates every part of a person. That’s what has made you the person and the actress that everybody relates to so well. You are an endearingly cheerful person that lifts other people up – that’s not easy to do – gotta be smart for that! You’ve managed to navigate the entertainment business for 27 years – now that takes some real intelligence (I can’t believe it took 2 years for you to get a show – are these people crazy – it should have only taken 10 minutes, tops). And finally, you bring such warmth and genuineness to your characters – that’s the real gift of intelligence, insight and self-awareness that separates you from the also-rans and the never-weres. I wish you all my best – you’ve earned it!!!!!!!!!!

    Did you know that Charmed is a great treatment for diabetes?

    One more thing – you’re Dodgers and my Phillies are about to go head to head – are you feeling lucky?????

  79. Dear Alyssa,

    I have been a fan of yours along time. I still watch my favorite show charmed. I think you are a special person and you are blessed. Hope you get everything you desire in life.

    Blessed be.

  80. I have watched you grow up in movies and tv,youare truely an inspireation to alot of young girls encluding my daughter I will watch you in your new role,and wish you the best..(a hopeless romantic )..

  81. Hi Alyssa, i am 14 years old and a huge fan of you as an actress and as a great person you are! i love all your work, i still watch charmed twice a day its a really good show. CONGRATULATIONS for your wedding, i wish the best for you.
    Thanks for all the great shows you gave us
    kiss from Portugal

  82. Congrats on the new show I can’t wait to watch it, I have watched just about every show you have been in. I watched every episode of Charmed and Who’s The Boss. I think you are a great actress but I think you need to do some more work on your clothing line ‘Touch’. I think it is unfair that some things aren’t available for all teams and that some teams like the Dallas Cowboys aren’t available at all. I have 2 NFL teams the Bucs and the Cowboys, I also have 3 College teams the Auburn Tigers, Florida Gators, and Texas Longhorns it would be nice to go to games and game party’s in jackets, shirts, and jeans but you don’t those things available for all teams. If this is something you plan to fix please let me know so I can get them when available. I look forward to hearing from YOU.

  83. Hey Alyssa, I am 19 years old and I am your fan!!!! YOUR AMAZING!! CONGRADULATIONS on your wedding and everything else you have achieved this year! I really wish i could meet you! I live in Ukraine and I wish you could come to Ukraine one day!i had just searched this adress and decided to write to you)))) Oh wow i can’t believe i get the chance to actually talk to you! Oh this is overwhelming !!SO?write me something about you – how are you and what do you feel as a famous woman..Waiting,

  84. Hello,

    Just wanted you to know I have been a fan since you played on “Who’s The Boss” and watch you on Charmed as I work from home. I was recently watching the news about Casey Anthony…you know the girl on trail for killing her child, and I thought someone should make a movie out of this story and thought of you playing the role as Casey. I know you would do A FANTASTIC job at it. Anyway take care :)

  85. Hallo Alyssa, ich schreibe dir aus Deutschland und möchte dir sagen das du eine tolle Frau und Schauspielerin bist. liebe Grüße Claudia

  86. hi alyssa!!!
    i am trealed about the show romantically challenged .CONGRADULATIONS for your marriage and for the the hard work you giving to your fans to see you on the others country (like israel). we missed the show charmed .i saw you at twitter and would love to be your friend (the only one from the middle east). you very talented actor and i wish you all the best .

  87. hello alyssa!!I am french
    I adore you and you are on my fans!!my others are those wich have to turn with you in charmed. I adore this series I cannot to more pass some me!!
    I adore you!

  88. Salut Alyssa!!Je suis fan de Charmed,et vu que vous avez fait un site,je peux vous parlez a vous même si je peux pas parler a Holly Marie Combs,Rose MacGowan ou encore Shannen Doherty,même si vous êtes pas amie,je dirais même ennemie!!Mais voilà je suis française,j’ai que 12ans donc j’connais pas très bien l’anglais!!J’ai déjà été au Etats-Unis en Nouvelle Orléan,à Miami mais j’aimerai trop vous rencontrer!!!!Mais je ne connais pas votre adresse et je pense que vous ne voudriez pas la donner comme ça!!Mais si vous êtes d’accord pour me la donner,ce qui serai vraiment rare,même presque impossible,je pense que ce n’ai qu’un rêve,je vous passe mon adresse de blog,comme ça vous pourrez me la donner secrêtement,si vous voulez bien!Mon blog est sur skyrock c’est: voilà crée toi un blog sur sky comme ça si tu veut bien,tu pourras me laisser un message privé!Ou sinon tu me laisse un commentaire avec ton adresse ou ton adresse e-mail et je l’efface tout de suite!Merci!
    Shanon Fan de Charmed et D’Alyssa Milano!!!

  89. Alyssa,
    CONGRATS!!!! on the new show! I cannot wait to see it! I hope u continue with your successful carrer and life. I pray for u and ur Fam often. I have loved ur work since Who’s the boss? and cannot wait to see u back in the tv lime light were u belong! I was happy to hear of ur recent marriage! Another Congrats to u and the lucky guy and may u see many happy days ahead! So God Bless and remember that goodness comes to those that give it away! later! :)

  90. Hey there. I love “Charmed”. So much I went out bought the DVD’s. And I am looking forward to your new show. Good luck with it!


  92. Great news re: Josh Lawson – he is very funny guy. Did regular appearances on a show here in Oz called “Thank God You’re Here” and is on the naughty side but extremely quick witted

  93. Alyssa was not going to flatter, but you’re the most beautiful woman in the world, in my opinion

  94. Alyssa, I wish you creative success, make you happy, well and I like your fan will be praying for you!

    Nedzhmedinova Sevilla)))

  95. Hi, Alyssa. I wish you a great deal of success. You are extremely talented and I would love to see more of you out there.

  96. I’m sure you have been asked this a million times, but is there any chance that you, Holly, Rose and Brian could get together for a Charmed reunion even though Mr.Spelling is gone. Still watch the re-runs every day. You girls were great. Fun show.

  97. I’m a newbie and just finished the finale of “Charmed” and it was most awesome and quite frankly I put “Twilight” down to finish the shows. I know that I’m a late comer but it was DVR’d so I didn’t have to watch commercials lol…anyhow I just wanted to let you know if this really does get to you…(i can wish)…that it was fabulous

    Congrats I look forward to Emotionally Challenged!!!!

  98. Alyssa, I shall so much like to meet you

  99. lol.. Congradulations on the Pick Up! lol I’ll be watching it when it hits TV! haha im Happy for You! : D

    Oops.. i posted this same comment on the wrong blog.. :/ But this ones Correct! : D Have a Great Day!

  100. Dear Alyssa, I have really enjoyed your acting ability since your Who’s the Boss days. These days I often watch Charmed just cause your in it. I read an article about you today while visiting the Doctor about your love of horses and dog’s. Apperantley you love Chiwawa’s(spelling?). I guess we have something in common there. I have a 5 year old Cocker Spaniel named Jasper who is amazing! We rescued her from the pound a couple years ago and our lives haven’t been the same since. As soon as we brought her home we learned she is completely house broken as well as obedient and well mannered. How lucky we are! Keep up the good work Ally! PEACERS – Bradley

  101. I want to know more about what type of show this is. You elude to it being a comedy and I think that you are funny in your own right so you should do very well. Any more information would be appreciated. I definately feel like we need more shows like the ones I enjoyed in the late 90’s and early 2000’s.

  102. Hey Alyssa. how you doing.all the way from Australia here,just sending some good luck for you.your an awesome girl,take care see ya


  103. Alyssa,
    I just have to say I am a huge fan. I bought some of the charmed dvd’s last year. I watch Charmed any time it is on television. Are you still in contact with Holly and the other charmed girl (sorry can’t remember her name right now). Are you married, kids? I just think you are such an inspiration. I am 40 ish but I think you are such an inspiration. Thanks for being on Charmed.

  104. Alyssa,

    You have to be my last hope on this issue… I’ve looked everywhere for the answer and have gotten no-where. When you were on Charmed there was a song that was played in the episode “We all scream for Ice cream”. It is in the part where Holly says “Welcome to Club Switzerland” and then serves you Perrier. Please help me find this song it would mean the world to me. I’m also serving in The United States Air Force currently deployed, to Kuwait.

    Hopefully you can help,


  105. Hey Alyssa.
    I’m sorry again i have to ask you could you please follow me on twitter ?
    I’m such a big fan of you and i would do really everything that you follow me. My accound is Stevii_x3 and it would change my life would you do that for me? i know your life is such stressfull and i understand that you can’t follow anyone but please if you could do that for me please.

    in love yours

  106. Alyssa,
    I’m really happy for you :))) hope, the show’s gonna be a success :))) good luck :)))
    Kisses from Russia ;)

  107. Hi Alyssa,you are great actress and I hope your show will be success,keep it up.I loved you in Charmed

    Greetings form Belgrade,Serbia

  108. hey i’m megan a couple of days ago i sent you a letter it was a project that we had to do for math and i picked you! your the best actor in the world and i was hoping that you would write back to me but the signed picture of you was great!!! it’s hanging in the hallway. i’ll write you again plz plz plz write me a letter back lol i love you!

  109. Alyssa,I have followed your career since Who is the boss” and I am as proud of you as if you were my own. The reason is that you are still a good person is spite of you your success and have not degraded yourself like some of the so called young female actresses ie fox,lohan etc. I wish for you what I wish for my children and grandchildren-I wish you health,happiness and for you to always be a good person…..bob from NJ

  110. Good luck with your new show Alyssa. Have you started shooting yet?

  111. Look forward to seeing those rosie cheeks and beautiful smile on the telley!
    I could probably write a couple good episodes although my show would be called ‘Romantically Sophisticated, Relationship Challenged’

    Lincecum won 2nd Cy Young today..what a stud..Look out for gigantes in ’10.. Prediction: Dodgers v Giants in playoffs

  112. Bonne chance dans votre couple !
    j’espere que sa marchera !

  113. About your book.

    It was hard for me to like, never mind enjoy, baseball for a long time. I was born in Northern Virginia and the Senators hadn’t been moved yet. Or yet again. I payed some attention but not much. Until I went to my first game at Candlestick. Guess who was pitching for the Dodgers? Yep. Fernando. That was 1981 and I’ve been a Giant’s fan ever since. So when I saw your book at the library last week I thought “What the hell?” Forward by Torre, maybe she won’t totally suck. Support the library and check it out.

    Wow!! I’m impressed. No. More like totally stunned. Here I was thinking that this cute woman that had worked with Danza and Light and then went on to Charmed and to start a fashion line was just going to gas on about the HATED DODGERS!! Wow again. You, madame, are the real deal. Thank you for sharing.

    Let me share a piece of grief that will bring me to tears if I dwell on it long enough. Game Six. I don’t have to mention the year. Game Six. Suicidal depression? Yep. But you know what? I quit hating. Came back from the abyss and just started enjoying the game all over again. Couldn’t believe Poduca got traded. And I’m still in shock that Timmy got the Cy nod over Carpenter.

    Put it simply. You’ve opened my eyes. Isn’t it great being a liberal and have the open mindedness to be persuaded by a good argument without worrying about being a flip-flopper. I’ll never love the Dodgers, but I won’t hate whoever wears the uni.

    Thank you Alyssa, great job.


  114. Hi Alyssa!! Kisses from Venezuela!! I’ve been a fan of you for ever! :)
    I just read about “Romatically Challenge” and “Castle” , so I’m a little confused: which one is the new sitcom you are gonna be in? I’m not in the States but I have friends there who can tape the show for me. In what network is gonna be air.
    Thanks a lot!! God bless you always!
    Bear hug :)

  115. Hi Alyssa,
    I love the TV series Charmed, and I hope that you are with Holly and Rose continue shooting in the continuation of the series Charmed.

    All the best.

  116. HI Alyssa,i think many people have already said some very pleasant words to you.
    So, and I am not exception.You are GODDESS!I have many friends,who think so too!
    And i just want you to know:Russia loves you!

    Continue play and make us glad!
    With love!
    Your fan)

  117. Hi Alyssa, my name is Katie i am 13 years old and i am a massive fan and thought you were terrific in Charmed i still watch the re-runs and miss it so much !!
    you are my favourite actress !!! pity im not famous then we could hang out all the time lol
    my dream would be to meet you or even write to you like so many people would !!!
    i think you are the best actress ever !!! i done my factfile on you in english we had to pick our favourite actor or actress !
    i wish u great success in the future, God Bless !

  118. Plz XD I added my email and talk to me Alyssa, I’m from Argentina I love you and you are very beautiful girl, my English is very bad to help me with the google translator jaja XD …. good try to contact me and well chat …

    thanks and congratulations kisses =)

    PS: I love baseball, but in my country does not play =(

  119. Alyssa Milano I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry i had to get that out my system.

    And i look forward in watching your show, because your funny, beautiful(sexy), smart, and cool and a good singer.

    Have a good day!!!!

    And congrats on the marriage, that guy who’s with you is lucky.

  120. Will definitely be watching this show, from the title i’m intrigued there has been a lot of good female comedies coming out right now so you are in good standing perfect timing. I really hope this show does well for you from the talk its creating I’m sure it will do well in the viewing figures. I’m sure you will be fantastic as always and look forward to watching.
    Best wishes to you, and I admire you for all your good work, love your photography too, I too love cameras you have been to so many great places and it’s good to see all the things you’ve seen.
    Take care,

  121. hello alyssa :)
    i really loved you in charmed you were my favourite actress especially when you were with cole (jullian)
    i havent yet watched anything else your in as im only 16 so wasnt arond for all of your shows (n):( but i will :D
    i live in the uk so all your shows dont get aired her unforunatly.
    pleasee pleasee pleaseeeee can you follow me on twitter its @LaurenMILEYfan
    it would mean soo much if you would :D
    loveeyou, and good luck in romantically challenged! :D

  122. Hi Alyssa:

    It’s snowing here in Chicago and I saw that you are going to be in Romantically Challenged. Congrats on all the great shows ( Who’s The Boss, Melrose Place and Charmed) and all the great movies (Embrace Of The Vampire, Fear,Poison Ivy 2 to name a few) that you have performed in. I would love to see you guest star in an episode of the new Melrose Place. Please do not discart it as an idea. Please keep your fans informed if you plan on doing this. Merry Christmas and lots of success to you in New Year 2010. You Rock

  123. Alyssa I am a huge fan since Whos the boss and have all your movies luv Poison Ivy Lily you are so beautiful…I also luv charmed bought the book of shadows edition of the series glad your gonna be back on tv….I know you always probably get asked this but is there ever gonna be a Charmed reunion show I would luv to see that with Rose and Holly and Brian…Good luck Alyssa with the new show cant wait to see it I am a huge fan here in Minneapolis Minnesota watch charmed everyday even tho I own the series lol just a huge fan….

  124. hey Alyssa, I am a huge fan and have watched you in all of your shows and I own all of charmed on DVD love it! love it! love it! you are my favourite and I cant wait for your new show can you tell me if there are any air dates for Australia yet

  125. Hello,
    I like much your series, for me you are a very good actress
    I hope to be able view new new films or series in which you play.
    I find sincerely deplorable to see assemblies photographs of you or another subjects scandalmongers.
    I wish you good continuation and that the Net surfers stop interfering themselves your private life.

    goodbye and thank you to brighten our television screen.
    I am sorry for my pitiful English

  126. Good luck with the new show! Hopefully this one will definitely stick :).

  127. Hi Alyssa:) I think you are very pretty and sparkly and are a very talented and funny actress. I especially loved the TV series Charmed. One day I went out and bought the entire box set. I got two kitties I named Leo and Piper. They are just the cutest things. I think you do a great job in all your shows and movies. I got a couple of your movies too, on DVD. I think, Got a pretty elaborate collection, but I’m pretty sure I got at least one. Here’s wishing you well in your new series Romantically Challenged. I know you will do just great cuz when it comes to TV stars, you the boss, gf;)

  128. Your such an inspiration to everyone! your my favourite actress ever … i wish i could meet you one day.
    i’m also getting the box set of Charmed for my birthday £70 over in the Uk and i really want to watch you in your new series Romantically Challenged but i don’t know if they broadcast it in the Uk?
    Good luck in the future and Happy New Year to you :) xoxox

  129. You are one of the best actresses ever, i loved you in Charmed i can’t wait to see you in Romantically Challenged. But i don’t know if it will be on in the UK. Hope it will. Happy New year and GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  130. I´m soooo excited to see this pilot!!! I think ABC is smart enough to keep such wonderful actress as you are on their network. I´m keeping my fingers crossed for you!:)

  131. Hola Alissa saludos desde Peru – Lima. yo y mi familia hemos visto tus actuaciones desde chiquita de Quien Manda Quien con el churro de Tonny que era tu papà en la serie.
    Bueno tambien ahora te vemos en hechiceras, que haces un bonito papel.
    Espero que este año 2010 sea un año magnifico y lleno de Bendiciones.
    Y Ojala puedas visitar mi Pais Peru que tiene lugares muy bonitos como Cusco, Cajamarca,Piura,Lima, Machu Pichu y otros que te llenara de energia y sobre todo de gente calida que te recibiran con buena onda, la comidad exquisita en sus variedades.
    Bueno Alissa espero que escribas y asi sabre que leiste mi comentario
    Besitos amiguita y si lo vez al churro de tonny un beso jiji
    Elizabeth ;)

    Soy Elizabeth te escribo de Perù – Lima, te comento que yo y mi familia hemos difrutado mucho con series Quien manda quien que te hemos visto y divertido con tus escenas y el churro de Tonny que era tu papa en la serie
    actualmente te vemos en hechicera que tambien es buenaza la serie en Peru aqui lo dan los sabados a 4 de la tarde,
    Ojala puedas venir y conocer mi Pais es bien lindo y conocer algunos lugares como Cusco- Machu Pichu , arequipa – coLCA, Piura, Lima, Cajamarca etc etc encontraras diversos lugares y sobre todo la comida es riquisima
    te gustara desde ya la puertas d emi pais estan abiertas para ti y los tuyos, y llenarte del calor,alegria y buena onda de la gente Peruana.
    Espero qùe puedas leer mi comentario y puedas devolverme con algunas palabras.
    besos y exitos
    Elizabeth – Peru -Lima

  133. Hey, Alyssa!

    My 15-year-old boy is up for the role of your son. He really REALLY wants this part, and it’s down to him and another boy. We’ll find out later today if he’s chosen or not.

    Anyway, everyone I’ve talked to says you look too young to have a 15-year-old, and I agree!! Are you conflicted about that? Have you asked the writers to give you a younger child? Ha!

    All the best!

  134. Hello Alisa, you very good actress and me seems that at you every year the role in a film will be even better, than before!!! Good luck!!!))

  135. Hi, Alyssa,

    It is nice to hear that the proceeds from your show will go for children cause.Great. I think you should encourage your fans to do more for young amputees of Haitian quake and you can lead the way.

  136. Wow, was at the taping of Romantically Challenged! Great Show, I wrote a quick review on my blog at Dont miss the show when it airs!

  137. It is my understanding that the base location of the show is Pittsburgh, PA, but it is actually being filmed in Studio City, CA. Is this because those (including yourself) starring in the show live in California? We have some great studio facilities in Pittsburgh that would probably work just as well, if not better, as those in Sunny California…and you could enjoy a multitude of seasons as well. It is really beautiful in autumn here. Plus, we are the City of Champions…what could be better?!?!?!

  138. Alyssa,
    I have always thought you were a great actress and a very classic lady. You are such a natural when it comes to acting and you seem like an amazing person. When I saw you over seas helping the victims I was even more impress. I hope i am bless to find someone like you to marry and have kids with . Your husband is a very lucky guy to have you. I am sure he must be an amazing man for you to fall in love with him.
    Good luck with your new show. I know it will be a great success. I look forward to enjoying it. Just like Charm and all of you other shows. Take care and God Bless You,

  139. Moi c’est Lauriane ,je tiens a te dire que tu as énormément de fans en France (car je suis française).Charmed,pour moi c’est un vrai coup de cœur, j’adore cette série, toi et tous le reste des acteurs … Mon rêve ?? te rencontré …

    Lauriane AXILAIS
    214c impasse St Quentin
    76 210 PARC d’ANXTOT


  140. PAIX,
    ET AMOUR …

    J’adore cette devise

    Votre plus grande fan Lauriane

  141. alyssa, wishing you lots of luck with Romantically Challenged, always been a casual fan of yours (but really had a hard time figuring out the whole witches thing or whatever).

    Anyway being a huge Pittsburgh homer I think you’ll love the quirkiness the ‘burgh offers for scripts (even though you’ll spend most of the season on a sound stage in socal I hope you get out to the burgh for a few episodes).

    Best of luck couldn’t think of a better premise or actress to represent Pittsburgh common folk!

  142. Hello Alyssa, I’m from Brazil recently started watching the series Charmed have eight seasons and I love watching you is really incredible. Hugs and luck. Fernando – Brazil.

  143. Some days ago I’ve told to ABC(in their web, of course!!! ;P) how much I would like to watch your new show… It will be AMAZING, Im completely sure!!!

    Hope everything is doing well!

  144. Just wanted to say congrats! I’ll be watching the pilot when it airs =)

  145. I am coming to hug you …….

  146. well its my first day to visit your blog and it looks cool . well i know you are a very good actor and i admire you not just an actor but a human being but but be careful while choosing characters.

  147. I am excited for this show. Looks hysterical! If you check this (or if anyone else knows) can you let me know who designs the red dress that you have on in the commercials airing now for the premiere. I STILL don’t know who makes it even though I have seen it on so many stars. Thanks a bunch and best of luck!

  148. I can not wait for Romantically Challenged. I have been a fan since we were kids and who’s the boss. I am sure this will be great!!!

  149. fantastic, it’ll be grand. be well

  150. Hi Alyssa,

    Congrad’s on your new show Romantically Challenged I will make sure that I watch it. Also I just want to know will you be producing any more charmed eposide like Charmed the next Generation staring the children taking over where you guys left off if so I look forward to watching I believe it to will be a hit.

    Continue success with your career.


  151. Hey Alyssa,
    My name is Heather-Sophia, I’m 14 and live in the UK.
    I’m a huge fan of your work, you are definitely one of my idols and you have inspired me.
    I loved your work in Charmed, I thought you were amazing.
    Your charity work is phonemail and you are one amazing woman!
    I’ve heard a lot about your new show, Romantically Challenged, but I live in the United Kingdom and was wondering if Romantically Challenged would air to the UK anytime soon and on which channel because ABC Network is not available here as far as I know.
    Thank you, and God bless.
    Hevs x

  152. I was wondering if my family can get tickets to see ur show live in the studio audience, i got 5 kids, and a wife, but will probably only need 5 or 6 tickets, but it’s not too much trouble would love to get 7 to fit my entire family, your fan for life, actually the last time i seen u perform live is on i think ur 18th bday dec,19th,1991 on the set of who’s the boss, the same day i went home from my school field trip and found out my mother came out of her coma and past away. but she wasnt suffering not more, 10 yrs of kidney failure on dialysis. but i dont regret not being able to say goodbye, i think it was better i was on my field trip watching who’s the boss live!!! thanx plz have your ppl email me or whoever does that job let me know if it’s possible to get tickets, thanks a million cant wait till tonight, gonna miss 24 and watch you, i dont got tivo no more :-( or DVR,

  153. hi alyssa i am a fan of your sent who the boss you are one of a kind and a gret actress hope your new show dose well you deserve it good luck .

  154. I saw the show and was disappointed. I like the work you’ve done on other shows, but this show was vulgar and poorly written, relying on cheap sex jokes and very little substance. Tell the writers that the audience may not be as pathetic as they think and to do a better job.

  155. Hey Ms. Milano,

    I just wanted to say I really enjoyed watching you and your cast on Charmed.. I have all of the series.. and my husband loves you…lol.. Anywho I was just wanting to make a suggestion, maybe if you would like to of course… you should bring some of that cast into your new show.. even for appearances .. I really loved your romance with Cole (julian mcmahon) in charmed… I think all your fans did..I just thought I would mention it.. but I still enjoy watching your show with just you.. take care and hope all is well..

    be good, be careful, be safe.

  156. I attended the taping of the first pilot episode (the one with Eric Christian Olsen) in march 2009. It was amazing!
    I loved you before and loved you even more after!
    You are such a great actress! (And you are cute too..) :)

    I think it’s sad I have nothing to remember that special evening (cameras were forbidden during the taping). And, I think it’s even sadder that Olsen was recasted for RC.. I think the show would have been better with him on board..

    Anyway, thank you for that great evening. It _was_ the highlight of our visit to the US.

    Dave from Belgium, Europe.

  157. One of the things I love about website blogs is that they provoke an idea in my head. The moment that happens, I feel like I must write a comment hoping it is interesting to other people. For the reason that there are lots of blogs with diverse points of view, they question your understanding. It is at these occasions when you have valuable insignt the rest might not have had, which include the blogger him/herself. I find myself coming back to your weblog because you have plenty of fantastic insights and you have been at this a long time, that is very exciting and tells me you know your stuff. Keep provoking imagination in other people!

  158. A thoroughly intriguing take

  159. Interesting posts here.. thanks for writing so much in your blog.. Greets, Mitchell Wisley

  160. Where did you guys get this secret info? Please mail me back

  161. thanks lots, I must say your website is amazing!

  162. I think Japan shows all the strangest TV commercials. Is it possible that it’s how they are naturally, or could it be something else altogether? Pardon me for going off track, I’m not trying to take away from a well done blog post.

  163. I am a huge fan of all your work! You are such an inspiration to girls like myself, I’ve been watching you on TV since I was little and that was when Charmed was on. I was disappointed when that ended, it was one of my all time favourites! But it’s good to see you getting back on TV! Although the down fall is, I live in the United Kingdom and I’m not sure if Romantically Challenged is airing in the UK? I hope it does anyway, I would happily love to watch it :) Good luck in the near future, and god bless you!

  164. hi i have been following u since charmed when does romantically challenge air in uk… please pull strings.. love peace dan. xXx

  165. dear alyssa this leena from iraq
    i’m one of the huge fants of you
    i realy love you so much
    and i wish you luck in u’re work and soscial life
    you realy deserve the best things



  166. Hey Alyssa!Greetings from Bulgaria!Just wanted to tell you one big THANK you for the great shows you do and waitng for Romantically challenged to see it here in Eastern Europe!Keep up the good work!All the best to you,I wish you very luck in everything!Charmed and Alyssa Milano FOREVER!!

    Ceco Dermendjiev


  168. Isn’t posting this kinda stuff great ? Keep up the great work !

  169. i dont know where you live because i am picking strawberries now, and i wouldnt spray them with any thing now.kill pest before fruiting.

  170. Normally I do not make comments on blogs, but I have to mention that this post really forced me to do so. Really nice post.

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  173. Well i’m from Ireland, and throughout Ireland bono and the lads are unquestionably liked and also could certainly not do really much incorrect, we all love them.

  174. Thanks dude. It is interesting seeing

  175. I tend not to leave a response, however I looked at a few of the comments on Romantically Challenged | Alyssa Milano.
    I do have a few questions for you if you do not mind.
    Is it simply me or do some of the comments come across as if they are written by brain dead visitors?
    :-P And, if you are writing at other online social sites, I’d like to keep up with you.
    Could you post a list of every one of your social pages like your linkedin profile, Facebook page or twitter feed?


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