Third times a charm

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Hello! Hello! I am hoping third times a charm! I just signed on to do another pilot for ABC. It is a comedy written by Ricky Blitt (Family Guy). The tentative title is “Threesome”. It is also being called “The Untitled Ricky Blitt Pilot”. The pilot stars Eric Christian Olsen, who can be found as his party going alter ego, “Perry Hilton”, on Funny Or Die.

How funny is that guy? I’m looking forward to working with him. Eric plays a guy who hasn’t really grown up yet, who finds himself torn between the new love of his life and his best friend. I am playing Rebecca, who is the new love of his life. Here is the kicker and why I’m particularly excited about this pilot… Most of the comedy scripts that I’ve read, the female leads are kind of the “straight men”; meaning that the chaos ensues around the female roles and the funny is left to the other, supporting, characters.

This isn’t a bad thing. It’s just obviously not as much fun as being an active participant in the comedy. Well, much to Mr. Blitt’s credit, he has written the female character as funny as the male leads. Rebecca has a comedic voice in the script that goes toe to toe with the guys. AND… the script has a lot of heart, which as you all know is important to me. Can you tell that I am excited? I’m excited. I’m not ecstatic about going through the whole pilot process again. It is stressful and somewhat scary.

But I am happy to be going through it with such a special script and am flattered that ABC continues to give me opportunities to get a show on the air. It really is like lightening in a bottle. So many elements have to work for the execution to live up to the potential. The chemistry has to be there. The audience has to want to see how things unfold. The audience has to invest something in the characters. Keep your fingers crossed for me and I will give you updates whenever I get a chance.





  2. dear Alyssa,
    i have groan a custom to you lol.
    Not in a bad way though :).
    i am a 16 yr old from Sydney, Australia and i have watched you grow up in the tv series charmed. I have loved your character and your personality as the character from the get-go of the series. You have been a huge inspiration for me. I have met new friends thanks to you. My friend and I love you! we always watch your episodes. My favourite one is “there is a woogy in the house”. I got goosebumps when you read the spell to banish the woogy. I have always admired your work and you have seriously been a huge inspiration to me. I have seriously waited for you to been in movies so i can just watch them.

    you probably get emails like this alot but seriously i have watched charmed since i was like 6 years old and you will not imagine how much i have loved it. I seem like a person who doesn’t really get out much. But thats what you get for making such a good show.

    You have really aspired me to become an actor.

    thanks truly for being a great actress and a great human being. I wish you luck in your life and i hope you make great movies and tv series :)

    P.S the older you got the better looking you became. (not saying you were ugly or anything because you were always beautiful.)

    Your biggest Fan (hopefully), Daniel Elkhatib , Syd , Aus

  3. What the mind doesn’t know, the heart fills in. That is what you represent ALYSSA MILANO, don’t let anybody take that from you.

  4. hello!
    alyssa milano. My name is debora i’m 12 years old 13 old in november i live in france. You are very Beautiful. I look charmed every day and i like.
    I love piper, paige, prue and you phoebe, and also cole and léo. You are my celebrity favourite. I would like very much meeting you really but between the America and France that makes a little bit far. Can be that one day I would really meet you, one never know what the future reserves us and will be it the most beautiful days of my life!!

    By waiting this day I am going to content with looking at you has the TV, and to think of you very hardly!!!
    Goodbye and can be has a day!!

  5. I wish I could meet a woman that is ambitious, out going and beautiful as you!!

  6. hello alyssa,
    My name is Juliana I’m 16 years old I live in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and I love charmed my favorite episode is the P3H2O I love him this since I first saw you in charmed loved her character she taught me a lot I have one sister, 9 years old she is called Beatrice and she loves it too when she saw the last episode she wept because she had died early on but then saw that you were alive again our she was so happy but then wept again because charmed is over. Good hope remains that wonderful person you are and I hope one day to meet you’ll be very happy when that day comes. If you want me replying my e-mail is
    Kisses your fan
    By: Juliana A.

  7. Hi, I dont know if you read this but i just wanted to say I have been a fan of yours since I was a little kid. I think youre talented and very beautiful (i know you hear that a lot lol) I love your website, I definitely think that it reflects you perfectly. Thank you very much.

  8. Hi Alyssa,

    Good Morning from New Jersey, Fan from the beginning. I am so glad you are doing well and happy. And congratulations on your nuptials and on your new show. Can’t wait till it comes on. Well have a wonderful weekend and God Bless.

  9. Greetings from Russia!!!!

  10. Hi Alyssa

    This Is from shannon martin, you tottaly rock, you are the best Role Model, im 13 and i wanna be like u wen i grow up because you are really nice and kind, and you were AMAZING in Charmed, i have ALL the DVD’s


  11. I hope that it works for you it would be nice to see you on the big screen again. By big screen I mean my tv LOL

  12. Hello, Alyssa! I am 17, I`m from Ukraine. Maybe you won`t read this letter, but I want to say a few words. I admire your work at all. You are so lovely actress!!If you ask me why I like your roles I just say you :” A bad workman quarrels with his tools”. It means you are always at the top of fame because of your good-played roles!!! I always surprise of your life energy and resolut position in everything. For me you as a busy as a bee, because you never sit without work! Most of all I like your appearence. You are such a beautiful and good-looking woman. The greatest thing I like is that your eyes are too bright and full of real and at the same time wounderful life!! I think if someone don`t know you and don`t see you charm and charism, so he must be blind!
    In my childhood I always dreamed ty become an actrees and go away from my ciuntry. But I know that it`s impossible without knowledge of foreign langusge. That`s why I study foreign languages at the University now.
    Because of it I`m sorry for my mistakes, if they are.
    At the end I wish you Happy New Year and long life!!!!!
    Best wishes!
    Yours sincerely,

  13. Has this show aired/is it being continued?

    Either way good luck with your amazing career! You truly are a great role model for teenage girls and even women! Keep up the awesome work.

  14. I think You should not worry that you’ll play your role badly. That you do all filled by light and geniality. I’m trusted all it will be fine. Good luck. With love.

  15. Alyssa I AM YOUR BIGGEST FAN!!!!! I have been watching Charmed ever since I was about five and I would just DIE of happiness if I ever met you! I don’t know about the Alyssa above, but I’m pretty sure I’M your BIGGEST fan because I watch Charmed every night!!! You’re a GREAT role model for not just me , but for everyone. Well I hope you write back!!


  16. oh!:D
    rebecca`s my name;)
    okey I really should get to bed.
    but I love you`re blog.
    :P Ì can`t remember what it is called in english
    but you know that “car” who takes the snow away from the street xD
    hah great english I speakxD
    anyway that car is driving outside and I can`t sleep:O

    very intressting I know;)

    good night!

  17. I hope you hit pay dirt with you new show. !!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Will be 9 season Charmed?

  19. Hello Alyssa,
    I am a 12 year old in the capital of Montana, I live in Helena Montana! I am a HUGE fan of you work and charmed!!!! It has become a part of my life, and heart! I think you are a great person!!!

  20. I am a 14 year old. Alyssa ur sooo amazing i luv u sooo much. As a matter a fact my mom my dad and i are watching charmed. They hate watching it me because i always say ur part wen u do i have memorized them all. My fav to say is,”Im making soup for cole hell eat it in a bowl, i guess thats my new role just making soup for cole.” I luv it i play that part a million times. i have gone though the series charmed a least 40 times. I luv long live the queen i cant stop watching that 1 and from fear to eternity. i always cry wen u do in the last few minutes of long live the queen. My dream is to meet u. I have ur picks all over my wall. All info on u to. Although i know u hate camera men in ur face i would hate that to. I feel bad that u have waterphobia. That sux. I dont really like water either. I have a glass like the one u had at ur wedding. I hope u will read this even tho ur very busy. Have fun. Great job on supporting ur lakers. I even have google alerts on all ur blogs. I luv reading them. Ok hope to cya.

  21. OMG! Alyssa, you have no idea how big a fan i am of charmed, i have watched every episode, read every book and am recreating my own book of shadows, i loved phoebe and how she finally found love in coop despite a failure in love everywhere else (no offense). although her only setback was how easily she could be turned evil but no worries she was good everywhere else. i was planning to name my daughter (if i have any) either alyssa or maybe phoebe or piper or prue or paige (or maybe all four if my future wife lets me :p) i am an aspiring actor and i was deeply saddened when charmed ended because i really wanted to be in it!!!!!!!!!!! anyways, Alyssa I LOVE YOU and i love everything u do!!!!!! xxxx

  22. Lakers deserved to win this year, hands down. and not cause I’m a big fan of Bryant :) They were the best.

  23. Love is so hard to find, i try to find the right girl that’s perfect for me. Not Perfect in general. It’s hard. There’s no time limit for finding a partner; take your time and find the one that settles your soul and fulls your heart with love. I’ll rather be happy then with someone that makes me feel sad…


  24. You are extremely beautiful. Hope you are doing well

  25. Alyssa i love your personality and all you do for humanity and the less fortunate people of other countries. I’m from the U.S and I’m 14 years old as of August 3rd. I love your acting skills especially in charmed. You inspired me to become an actress and some day i hope to meet you and the cast of charmed but mostly you. You’re my hero and my role model. Also i love your sports wear line.
    From one of your biggest fans,

    email me sometime:

  26. OK I personally do not have any difficulties with my snoozing but thank you for publishing this, fascinating read

  27. Hi, your acting is so natural. I wondered if you have ever been asked to star on The show Supernatural , as the charmed one’s. I think that would be a great story.
    Just a thought.


  28. Best content surely encouraged everyone

  29. Hello, thats great, i hope to see it soon, its going to be amazing as i assume because Ricky Blitt wrote it and your going to be in it. However im glued to Charmed so i have to finish all the season of that first!! im on season 6, its so amazing so far cant wait to see what’s next,

    I wish u and the cast of Charmed got back together to make more seasons or even a charmed movie thats about 2 hours long hhaha, That tv show really inspires me to do good in our world, like the simples things can make a person have a great day. Ex: Like leave change at a phoneboth, or walk an alderly wemon across the street. like stuff like that or even just to say hi to a person.

    However, I wish u luck keep up the amazing work.

    From a fan: Jordan :)