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By on 5-13-2010 in News, Romantically Challenged


My dearest next of kins,

I’m in Pittsburgh now, listening to the loud and long hacking cough of a woman in the room beside me, and that got me all misty eyed and poetic, so I thought I’d write you all again.

Last night, my Penguins were eliminated from the hockey playoffs, and now, mere hours from my birthday, I am praying even harder for good news on the Romantically Challenged front. I pray in kind of an unusual way; I just stare at myself in a mirror and say in a real sarcastic way “Thanks a lot, God” but then I get on to more substantial issues.

So, early this morning, I asked Big G (he doesn’t care for this nickname, but sometimes it’s fun to needle the Deity so he doesn’t get too full of himself) if there was anything left we can do to help RC before ABC makes their final decision by Tuesday.

The Lord told me he prefers the shaky camera hijinks of “Parks and Recreation,” but before I could explain that was on another night, he pretended to get another call and then hung up on me.

So I knocked on the hacking cough woman’s door, and asked her opinion and she just shrugged and said “Tell the RC army to go into overdrive sending letters and emails to ABC since they’re even MORE important now with ABC about to make its final decision at any moment.”. After a wetter, near deafening cough, she added “Oh, and tell them all to get as many people as they can to watch and DVR RC on Monday, since another good ratings night that even builds on what we already had can make a final, dramatic, and powerful case to ABC before they walk into their upfronts.”

I asked her how she knew all this and heard of the inside showbiz word “upfronts”, but she just closed her door and continued emptying her throat.

So let’s not disappoint this unsightly coughing woman – who I like to call the future Mrs. Blitt – and let’s do what she said.

To close on a semi or extremely sappy note, last night I got to my hotel in Pittsburgh depressed about my team being eliminated, but was then overwhelmed by so many of you tweetimg such supportive things to me personally and about our show.

It’s so ridiculous that I take hockey losses so hard still, when I’m technically an adult, but you guys really did make me feel immediately better.

Gotta go. That woman just knocked on my door. At the risk of being crude or indelicate, could any of you please quickly fax me a condom?


Ricky Blitt


  1. Thank you for all you do.

  2. Hi Ricky love your blogs that are (just above the pleadings of a panhandler at walmart with a sign saying “will work for food” & a cup in hand praying for change)! You make me laugh. As for the future “Mrs. Blitt” who got ur attention with her loud cough (are you sure you weren’t hearing my loud cough in Kansas?) and her useful infomation. Happy birthday!! Love you and the cast of Romantically Challenged! ~Kelli~ @charmedangel1 P.S. Your supposed to have condoms in your wallet. :-)

  3. With writing like this, how could anyone not love this show? They (ABC) would have to be out of their minds not to let this show go on! The ratings are good, very good, so why would they screw up a good thing, oh by the way, that call He got was from me. I’m told not to worry, it’s all cool. This show will continue or else!!! :D

  4. I am part of the army too. I will fight for RC to the bitter end if must be but I wont be faxing any condoms. Sorry I have to draw the line some where. I have as many people as I can muster watching on monday night. I will be writing a second letter to ABC as well. Love Romantically Challenged more than any other show. My best Francine

  5. Penguins Suck

  6. Ricky this might help tell her that you or worryed about her cough that is why you have to run to the store and pick up some meds for her and while picking up meds you can pick up some condoms As for Romantically Challenged Army we will not let you down if abc don’t pick up RC after all the write in we will boycott abc but i don’t think you or Alyssa Milano have anything to worry as funny as RC and as awesome as you guys or it is in the bag


  8. Hey Ricky,

    So I guess Alyssa hooked you up with her web site at Celebrity Loop. I’ll say a prayer for RC; I know uncertainty is hard; I’m having to deal with it too. I ran out of work already after 2 weeks of working on the census and am now unemployed; probably going to sign up for food stamps tomorrow. I don’t think I would bother with a faxed condom either. You can say a prayer for me and I’ll say one for you, I am also dealing with a lot of fatigue and exhaustion lately, maybe you can tell the big G about that too.


  9. Oh yeah, and happy birthday!

  10. Happy Birthday Ricky Blitt, I thank the Lord God Yehwah and his natural born son Jesus Christ and my Dad & Mom, that I was also born on this Day. It is a great blessing to see someone like yourself use his God given gifts to become a famous writer of the #1 hit comedy television show “Romantically Challenged”.

  11. happy bitrhday i hope your gift will be writing so more funny stuff on Romantically Challenged”.

  12. Happy Birthday Ricky! Another brilliantly funny post! I just saw all the hubbub on Twitter about the rumors flying about the show being canceled. Thankfully, a rumor is just that. The RC Army is out in full force supporting and promoting a next season for RC.
    I, too, pray to the Big G in the sky and hope ABC does the smart thing and brings Romantically Challenged back for a full season. The upfronts at ABC better not have their uptops stuck too far up their backsides to see that not having Romantically Challenged in it’s lineup would be a huge mistake.
    Thank you!

  13. I do not live in the United States but I want that Romantically Challenged is a season 2! I looked at the first three episodes, they are EXCELLENT! I do not want that the serie stops. I thus sent a message has ABC and now I cross the strong fingers! LOVE ALYSSA<3

    I would always follow you in your projects

    Ps : I would be the happiest to receive an e-mail of you!

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