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Dear Significant Others,

Well, unfortunately you’ve probably heard the news by now that Romantically Challenged was cancelled. I have to say I’m more than a little confused. Not only was it a very good show that was continuing to get better, but I personally slept with every exec at ABC to insure it would be renewed. Maybe I shouldn’t have wept or texted while copulating with each of them, but hey, hindsight is 20/20.

I get the feeling this decision was made a very long time ago, and that the passion of fans and actual viewers was totally ignored here. That’s never a wise thing to do. You’ll never know just how much me, Alyssa, and the rest of the cast and crew appreciated all your support, kind words, and the hard work you all did fighting for our show.

To repay all of you, we plan to travel to all your homes and act out a new episode each Monday. We ask only that you serve us submarine sandwiches and heroin, and we promise to clean up after ourselves before we leave.

Though I’m one of the least positive people on the planet, I’ve always felt things happen for a reason. And I’ll always be grateful for working with such an incredible cast and becoming “close friends” with Alyssa Milano. I put close friends in quotes cause the truth is, we’re having an affair. (It counts as an affair if a woman occasionally returns your calls, right?)

Alyssa finally got me on Twitter ( too, so that’s another good thing that came out of this. I look forward to corresponding with all of you some more and once again want to thank you so much for your incredible support and passion. That’s rare these days, and its unbelievably callous and arrogant for a network to just ignore that.

Tomorrow I will feel better, but tonight I plan to take off all my clothes and sleep in the dryer.

Thanks again,

Ricky Blitt


  1. Thanks for sharing Ricky; sorry your show didn’t get picked up. I don’t know how the execs decide what shows to produce and which ones to scrap. I guess it’s sort of like losing the family pet or something when your show gets canceled. I’ll pray for all of you; you know everything happens for a reason though right? I’m sure you will all go on to bigger and better things; this was just a learning experience for all of you and a chance to be thankful for the time you did have together. Never take these things for granted because you never know if and when you’ll get another opportunity like it. Again, thanks for sharing Ricky.


  2. This is for Alyssa: KEEP talking to people. Ricky, your mom, whoever is close to you. Don’t you dare internalize over those idiots. I sent you a bunch of tweets after you mentioned the article you read, and it’s really important that you get the message. DON’T PICK YOURSELF APART about it. You do NOT need to be remade. Above all else: Like what you see in the mirror FIRST. You don’t have to be Marilyn to have meaning. People still love Norma Jean.
    As for me, I’m not as nutty as I sound, and I live far, far away from California. I just worry for people in general, and (surprise, surprise) you’re a If you want to ramble, or just tell me off, feel free to use that email address. It’s all about you staying the person you are.

  3. I am so sorry, I am just gutted, though the show was not in the uk I still loved it and watched it.

    Wish they just gave it a chance. :(

  4. Wow that was quick. I can’t beleive they won’t give this show a chance and keep garbage on the air.(e.g. Chuck).

  5. Rikcy, I’m too sorry for your show because we loved the show and we made the best effort to support Romantically Challenged… finally for nothing. Keep being positive that’s the best way to succeed in this life. Alyssa, Kelly, Josh and Kyle thank you for sharing with us all the love and all the funny moment of your acting ! Love you all, @sbhydra.

  6. I’m glad you made these points Ricky, I agree it seems the network had little faith in the first place which is totally unfair of them. I get that the business is cut throat but isn’t the point of Television to entertain? We were entertained and that was ignored. Not fair. Anyway, like you say everything happens for a reason and I really believe something else is around the corner for all of you. You should all be very proud of the show, it was brilliant and should have been given a chance. I look forward to seeing what you come up with next and will support all of you in your ventures.

    Hugs, Laura. xx

    Ps: Thank you for making me laugh.

  7. As always said… the show was good, and tonight we´ll watch the swan song episode…
    But we certainly went down fighting!

    Best regards.


  8. Thank you again Ricky! You are awesome and I totally agree with you… I would have thought sleeping with the ABC execs would work; especially since ABC stands for Anything But Class ;) I am still bummed that we wont be seeing more episodes, any chance another network is going to pick it up?
    All the best,

  9. This sucks. How can the show of a man who is so funny he made me laugh 3 times during THIS very blog entry be cancelled.
    Hope to be able to coninue to see shows that are from you and or staring the others.

    So you’ll come to my house in cologne to? I make first class sandwiches! Like tuna?

  10. Wants you to know that the show is being watched all the way here in the Philippines! I love the HS reunion episode.

  11. It seemed like an awful lot of money to spend to cancel so soon….you guys should try and get it picked up by USA or TNT….they seem to give stuff time to find a following and get their ratings up. I’m sorry that they made you feel like you had to sleep in the dryer….but you’re welcome at my house for sub sandwiches and heroin any day of the week….except Sundays….that’s the day I cut my heroin.

  12. Oh man what a bummer for Ricky and Alyssa and the whole cast. The show was such a breath of fresh air among so many stale shows. How ’bout some other network getting to pick it up? I just want a % because it was my idea. :) I had always thought that networks picked shows up when the ratings were going up every week to give a show time to mature ( although it didn’t need much ). One last thought — PLEASE put the dryer on gentle cycle when you go in for your nights sleep. Thanks. @calguylacey

  13. Ricky, Alyssa — Sorry this one didn’t work out for you. I had a good time watching it. Tomorrow is another day … head up!

    And Ricky, should you need a ride somewhere just drop me a note and give me 24 hrs. notice (I’m in Carlsbad now so the commute is longer).

  14. I’m truly sad that such an extraordinary show did not survive. Just thinking about your show not getting picked up makes me get that hollow feeling in my stomach; I can only imagine how you, Alyssa, Kelly, Josh, and Kyle must feel! And although experiences like these suck (there’s no elegant way to put it), they give us material to feed off of to make our future endeavors even better. Yes, that was a fancy way of saying, “Think of this as a learning experience!” albeit one we all could have lived without. I can’t wait to see what each of you does in the future! Please keep us updated so we can continue to rally behind you!
    With love and support,

  15. Blitt,

    Being Canadian, I like the fact that you’re watching hockey on your TV with your two suicidal-looking cats. And it appears to be hockey from the 1940s!

    The best kind.

    Back then, there wasn’t any “video-replay” or “diving” or “Sidney Crosby” to interfere with the pure beauty of the sport. You, taping old 1940 hockey games and then watching them as if they were live is a heartbreaking testament to who you are as a man.

    I’m sorry for what they did to your TV show, Blitt. I think the positive you can take from this is that you *had* a TV show on air. With a great cast (I’m actually dating Alyssa in my mind where, surprisingly, she’s asked to just be friends), you’ve really reached millions of people.

    That’s something few people can say.

    Also, I thought your ratings for the slot were pretty strong for a start. If this were cable, you’d still be on.

    If this were YouTube, you’d be the top show.

    So I guess the lesson here is that YouTube > ABC. And that 1940s hockey > 2010 hockey.

    And that I’m dating Alyssa Milano.

    All the best.


  16. I guess networks forget the past. Seinfeld became a huge hit after it was on a while. The networks don’t give shows a chance to prove themselves or gain followings. Romantically Challenged started strong & had a loyal following before it even aired. I look forward to any projects you all will be a part of in the future. Much love to you all!

  17. thank you for those lines that made me laugh, I translated it to my mum, and intend to dud and translated the whole show myself for her if I have to, once I’ll get the DVD of course( please tell me there will be some) if they are not translated yet once I get them in France.

    anyway thank you for your creation :) I am looking forward pretty good news soon
    good luck and take care :)

  18. Hum, apart from “heroin”, I have to much respect for the human brain to let it depends of such poison, if you came here, after flying 6000 km or even more, you’ll be well greeted on. Since I’m not in the least a cooker, you’ll have pasta, and some hen thighs already cooked, warmed in the wave. Bordeau, unfortunately not the best one to drink, or/and tape water. Apples, or bandannas for dessert.
    And, on the tiny probability you wouldn’t be already bored, you would listen to my music, such a kind I call saw, never really found off of any interest by others. Otherwise, before running out, you would even heard the storyline of the SF book I’m writing.
    At least after flying back, you’ll never see the red planet the same again. You’ll see people living in big cities, all created by the genius of men.
    But, concretely, I hope you to find another show to share with pretty Allissa Milano!

  19. thank you for those lines that made me laugh, I translated it to my mum, and intend to dud and translated the whole show myself for her if I have to, once I’ll get the DVD of course( please tell me there will be some) if they are not translated yet once I get them in France.

    anyway thank you for your creation :) I am looking forward pretty good news soon
    good luck and take care :)
    and by the way , I am volunteer to host all of you any Monday you’ll like :) I’ll make PANCAKES too looool

  20. Hi Ricky,

    This cancellation is a mfkn tragedy…I’m absolutely baffled.I don’t understand how abc can pass up on this extremely funny show.. I’m sick of all the crap reality TV! Whatever happened to the comedy ensemble cast we could tune in to each week and forget our troubles.???
    How could abc let go of ricky and this cast! They are nuts…talk about mismanagement. Everyone will go on and be wildly successful elsewhere.. Good luck to you all and may you be treated properly at another network where execs don’t have their heads up their hoohaaas.

    Marika xo

  21. ABC is “Comedically” Challenged …. am tired of reality shows and to see a great Comedy show get cancelled, well, I think I will retire my TV instead! Going outside to watch the birds. Sad …..

  22. I am so disappointed that ABC didn’t pick up the Show. They never gave it a chance. Can you check with other networks? We want to continue to see the show, it seems unfair, they delayed the start and there were only a few episodes that showed. I am not happy.
    Just call first and tell me what kind of heros you all like so I can prepare lol
    and please bring drinks lol


  23. I was very very very sad to hear that the show had been canceled. I was really good. Sadly sence I liked it so much it may have been the kiss of death, sorry. It seem like if I really like a show it gets canceled. I don’t supposed there is any way to get the show back, is there? It was a great show and will be missed.

    twitter is @shadyvale1963

  24. Dear Ricky,

    I am so sorry the show has been canceled. I agree with you though, I think that ABC decided they would cancel it a long time ago.
    I am very mad at them. Making me laugh is a really hard thing to do but I did laugh watching the show.
    I just hope that the whole cast and crew will lend on their feet.
    I am sure next time it will work out.
    Don’t loose faith.

    A fan from France.

  25. The show is fantastic, wonderful!
    I am saddened by the cancellation … But it is the law of life, and we have to move on.

    Know that I will be with you at any time.
    I’m your fan and always will have my full support!
    Know that you are very dear!


  26. Of course I feel bad for all of you, but in the end, it’s all about selfish little ‘ol me, me, me! Me…the viewer. Why didn’t they listen to what I wanted? If they had, you’d still be on the air. Take heart in the fact that someone said ‘no’ to the Beatles too!

  27. I just want to acknowledge the work of these actors: Kyle Bornheimer, Kelly Stables, Josh Lawson and of course the great Alyssa Milano. And Ricky Blitt, the creator. For this wonderful series although has had only five chapters of life, has given hope to all those people who we are Romantically Challenged and we are not lucky in love.
    Really thanks for all the work you have done, I just hope that those who have made this decision one day to realize the mistake they have committed.
    Thanks for all, the laughter, the twitters, the moments….
    Thanks for make me happy

  28. I doubt I’ll ever fully comprehend how my favorite shows are cancelled while total viewership is increasing (as was the case with RC according to a May 4th online article). Quite honestly I suspect some viewers may be too self-conscious (or whatever) to tune into a show called Romantically Challenged, for whatever reasons… like the term makes them feel weak or something. Maybe it should’ve been ‘Queen of Kings’ or ‘Master of Her Domain’ or ‘Romantically Involved’ or ‘Legal Union.’ Something like that. IDK.

    Anyway, so glad we ‘got to know’ all of you who worked on RC. Take care :)

  29. Quite steamed at ABC right now. They treated your show like a complete afterthought and never even tried to promote it well. And they DO know how to promote — look at LOST! Also upset about FlashForward and “V” to an extent — at least they renewed “V,” but it feels like a story better geared to a short-term conclusion. FlashForward felt like it had “Lost” potential and could have BEEN their next Lost — but the boneheads took both shows off for about four months and virtually killed them both! Your show should have been tried out in the Wednesday comedy block — NO reason it couldn’t have been, and that would have made MUCH more sense. At LEAST Dancing with the Stars should have brought Alyssa to the mic rather than just showing her sitting there! Oooh, steamed I tells ya!

  30. I hope you plan to mark it to other networks. It was a great show!

  31. THIS is so typical of ABC!! I’m convinced the programming department is run by mentally-impared orangatangs(sic)!!! Well, since ABC has proven beyond a doubt that IIC (Idiots-In-Charge) care NOTHING about their viewers, I and hopefully many others will start to boycott ANY product advertised on ABC until they either come to their senses (if they have any) or go out of business! BTW, screw Disney as, since they bought ABC, the network has slid downhill into total chaos and mediocrity!! Rick and cast, my hat’s off to you for a right fine show! My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

  32. hi BLitt please tell abc to put alyssas new show back on maybe if you told them maybe they will change there minds

  33. Still don’t understand why this show was cancelled and we still have crap like the bachelor and bachelorette still dragging down the quality of life on tv as we knew it. To Kyle,Kelly,Josh and most of all Alyssa,from the bottom of my heart and soul,I thank you so much for doing what you do best in entertaining us and making us laugh. To Ricky,I can’t begin to thank you for giving us this vehicle of a program to watch Alyssa on tv again even if it was for a brief but eternal moment. With this show and Heroes gone as well,monday nights have gone back to totally sucking wind. I hope that Alyssa will find a another project that I will totally enjoy that will remind me of her time on Romantically Challenged.

  34. I have seen Networks cancelling lots of excellent shows so I guess this show sudden end should be seen as a “compliment”?
    What the hell is suppose to mean to invest in a 4 episodes season and then cancel a show?
    that’s the reason KFC was rejected as a business 1,000 thousands before somebody saw the potential.
    good luck in your future plans

  35. Thanks Ricky, your so funny.
    i cant believe the show is now finally over, i cant believe this is the end. very sad.
    Romantically Challenged will always be remembered even if its been cancelled by ABC. Personally i think there stuck up there own asses and dont know whats good for them (i hope they read this!)
    Thanks for everything Ricky.
    Thanks to the cast and crew of Romantically Challenged for making the t.v world a hell of a lot more funnier. i love you guys, Alyssa, Kelly, Josh, Kyle and off course Ricky, Your all totally awesome!

  36. I just wanted to let you guys know that you (Ricky, Alyssa, Kelly, Josh & Kyle) even have fans in the Faroe Islands (North Atlantic Ocean)! We’re SO sad that the show didn’t get picked up :( I was lucky enough to be in the States when the first two episodes aired, and I LOVED it! I saw the third ep online, and should see the fourth ep any day now :p It just seemed to be getting better and better, so I really don’t understand why it got cancelled :( But I’m really looking forward to the new and exciting things the future has in store for all of you! Just wait… it’s gonna be GREAT :)

    XOXO from the Faroe Islands (which by the way you should all come visit! :))


  37. I hate when stations cancel shows that are well-loved by fans. I didn’t get to see Romantically Challenged, but I know you guys were all really enthusiastic about it. I saw about five minutes of it last night, but wasn’t paying attention enough to follow what was going on.

    I say you guys try to find a way to bring it somewhere else. You could even do a web series.

    Best of luck in whatever you do.

  38. Im guessing it will not be coming to the UK anytime soon then. Thats so sad, I was soooooooo looking forward to seeing an advert to say ‘the new show “Romantically Challenged” is coming to LivingTV’ or something similar. Awwwww, hopefully I’ll be able to watch what was aired on the ‘net or something.
    Sorry it got cancelled and hope it gets picked up again or something :)
    Hev x

  39. LOL Another great funny entry by Ricky! I’m sad that RC got cancelled. You are all coming at my home on Monday, right? I’m so excited I’ve even started cleaning up. I’m Greek so we’re going to eat big! Get ready! <3


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