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By on 5-05-2010 in News, Romantically Challenged

Hello again,

Okay, last time I asked you guys to make some noise and not only did you get us to trend, you also got our viewers to go up! You even just got me to use an exclamation mark, which is not only a rare outpouring emotion for me, it also forced me to take a nap. And even more surprisingly, many of you even wrote me back, which gave me the illusion I had a social life.

So I just wanted to thank you so much and ask you to please keep up the good work for our fourth episode – which airs Monday, May 17th.

We won’t be airing Monday the 10th ’cause “The Man” long ago scheduled a 2 hour Dancing With The Stars. That’s right. And you know WHY “The Man” scheduled a 2 hour Dancing With The Stars on Monday? Cause I’m Jewish. And a comedy writer. Trust me, there’s no greater oppressed minority than that in Hollywood. A few Aryan nation dudes might disagree with that notion, but that’s okay, as of last week, they are no longer our target demographic.

So Monday the 17th will be our final episode. But hopefully, not forever. ABC will be deciding whether to include us in next year’s lineup in about a week or so. That’s when all the networks go to New York and announce their new and returning shows. Now what can we all do to increase our odds of being one of those returning shows? I’ve jotted down a few ideas below and you can all weigh in on which ones you think are the best.

– Write to ABC telling them how much you love Romantically Challenged.

– Write to ABC, and say when the show DOES return, you feel the diminutive creator of Romantically Challenged should have a lengthy make-out scene in every episode with Alyssa Milano. And Kelly Stables. And oh, what the hell, Josh Lawson.

– Write enthusuastic messages of support on the message board about Romantically Challenged and how much you want it to come back. I don’t think they follow twitter, but hopefully, at least a few ABC execs are familiar with their own website. I’ve heard many of them can even read.

– Tweet to Alyssa Milano and tell her even though she’s found deep, profound, meaningful love with her husband David Bugliari, you feel deep, profound, and meaningful love is seriously overrated and you want her to leave David for me. True, on the surface, this one might seem a little cruel and self serving, but I honestly feel if I’m not married to Alyssa Milano, the terrorists have won.

– Send a box of chocolates to ABC in Los Angeles, saying that you bought a romantic gift for them so they will bring back their funny show with “Romantically” in the title. I will make the chocolates by hand and give them all to you behind a Denny’s somewhere in the Midwest.

– Tell ABC that it’s my birthday May 14th (that’s actually true) and explain to them that even though you don’t know me and have never met me, you don’t want me to be sad on my birthday. There are a lot of bad things in this world like hunger… and um…overpopulation, and uh, I think the ozone layer, but that’s one you just can’t live with.

– We all meet in a recording studio in Hollywood and record our own “We Are The World” type song. We can even use the exact same melody (since it’s already written and I understand writing music is extremely hard) and just change the lyrics to something like “We are the world, we are the children, please renew Romantically Challenged and put it on during the all comedy lineup on Wednesday.” Those lyrics may be a tad rough, but we still have a little time to tweak them.

Okay, all this has forced me to take another nap. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and I just wanted to thank you all again for everything you’ve done for our show. You have no idea how much it means to us. It’s even gotten Alyssa to take almost half of my calls without screening.

Still desiring all of you emotionally and physically,

Ricky Blitt

P.S. To contact ABC to show your support for a season two of Romantically Challenged you can go to:
Fill in your info.
In the “select a show or category” drop down menu chose: “Romantically Challenged”.
In the “subject” drop down menu chose: “comment”.
Write a brief message about how you’d like to see a season 2 for “Romantically Challenged”.
Thank you.


  1. You folks are a blast! This show should b kept on! I love it, but I’m not going to help you get a makeout scene with Alyssa, (unless I get one) lol.. I most defintely want to see more shows, a lot more! Note to ABC.. Keep this show on, it’s very funny.. Bobby :D

  2. Ricky Blitt, you just made my day!! Thank you for this hilarious insight into your thoughts. We will do everything we can to keep Romantically Challenged on the air. Can’t wait to record ‘We are the world’ HA! RCA 4eva. ~Laura~ x

  3. Just sent a comment to ABC! And will likely do so again.

    (Also tweeted to Alyssa to not let the terrorists win.)

  4. ROFLMFAO This is soooo hilarious!!! I’m so gonna help you with Romantically Challenged cause I love Alyssa and I want to see her on TV, but I actually love the sitcom! All the cast is very talented and Ricky is hilarious! lol I don’t want to see him sad on his b’day so I’m going to do my best and spread the word. But I have to say that I support David, so… I’m sorry Ricky, but I’m not going to propose a making out scene between you & Alyssa, however I’m gonna try to fix you up with Josh.
    Much love to everyone and good luck! If ABC knows anything about good sitcoms, then I’m sure you’ll get a second season.

    P.S. I’m available for the recording of “We are the World” version of our favorite kick-ass show, before May 13th, cause after that my finals begin. Tweet me @Phoebe1_, when you set up the date. xoxo

  5. I love the show and all the time the cast has taken to chat with us. You guys are fun and funny on screen and off! Will help in any way I can!

  6. i Love Romantically Challenged! ill try and help by sending ABC an email! lets hope it works! :)
    Good Luck Romantically Challenged!!

  7. by the way Alyssa Milano i think your totally awesome, id do anything to see you on t.v more! haa!
    ill do all i can to help! hopefully ABC’s not dumb and knows that Romantically Challenged is the best programm on t.v (because it is!)

  8. LET’S DO THIS PEOPLE! I’m sending ABC an email right now. Season 2 of Romantically Challenged. We can do this for Ricky Blitt and America! LOL.

  9. I have already wrote to ABC requesting season 2 & passed along a link on Twitter. I truly hope Romantically Challenged will be back for season 2! I love this show. It is one of my favorites! So which Denny’s parking lot are we making the chocolate exchange? And I am in for the song recording :) I wouldn’t want you to be sad on your birthday. That’s just not right. Good luck to you all & to the show!

  10. Great, vibrant show, I’m sure it will be re-newed!!
    Life is Greater than who we Are, but we are More than our Experiences…

  11. Hello to all team of Romantically Challenged.
    Between France and the U.S. there is a huge gap (including the translation) and we know the importance of puns in humor, but the show is hilarious and Alyssa always wonderful to watch.
    We are pleased with the great success

  12. Love reading your blogs Ricky. I can meet you in the Midwest to get those hand-dipped chocolates from you to send to ABC. :-) I’ve saved all episodes on my dvr and watch them frequently since there’s hundreds if channels and it seems to be the only good thing to watch. I really hope “The Man” decides to keep Romantically Challenged on for many more seasons.

  13. will alyssa who plays rebecca will she do any rhyming? with a drum beat

  14. Ricky I love the show and I’m going to write abc to make sure Romantically Challenged get’s a 2nd season lets but I wont give you a sexy make out scene with Alyssa Milano but maybe we can get Romantically Challenged for an hour then you can look at her longer and go home and dream about Alyssa Milano in a HOT AND SEXY MAKE OUT SCENE!!!!! PS i want tickets to the show not your dream lol (but Romantically Challenged) how do i do that

  15. Heck, I wanna see an episode with Alyssa, Kyle, and your CATS!!! :) Here’s to a renewal! :cheers:

  16. Even with my cruddy old computer, that contact form is very simple to use, so I did it. May I please sample some chocolates, now? (Need to make sure they pass inspection). Notice how the word “chocolates” got our attention? Btw, an early Happy Birthday to you! :)

  17. Happy cinco de mayo Ricky!

    and happy upcoming bday too! I got to see the first episode being taped I think it was, when you had a studio audience. Good luck to all of you; I hope your show gets picked up. I don’t get ABC at home with my converter box; I’m just a poor extra and can’t afford cable. Do you have any job openings on the show? I wouldn’t mind being a part of the cast or crew. I could even sweep the floor or something. I worked at the CBS Radford a few times last month as an extra on a couple of shows but didn’t get to be an extra on RC. Again happy upcoming bday, and good luck!


  18. It would be a terrible shame if ABC doesn’t bring Romantically Challenged back. It is due mainly to the very talented Alyssa Milano. I would like to also let ABC know that I am available for last minute fill-in guest spots for make-out scenes with Alyssa! LOL

  19. Just sent a email to abc to keep Romantically Challenged on the air. I hope it works :)

  20. “A few Aryan nation dudes might disagree with that notion, but that’s okay, as of last week, they are no longer our target demographic.”

    I’d Have thought this change would’ve come with Tom DeLay’s appearance as a contestant…

  21. so ABC more than being anti-semitic, they are being anti-semantic with poor Ricky, and they are ignoring his writing feelings and bumping his show to May 17… the nerves. :)

  22. Ricky, I’ll do my part and write ABC and send chocolates and all of that, but you have to promise not to include any more unrealistic, impossible to believe story lines in future episodes. You know what I’m talking about…Shawn not being able to find a bar showing the hockey game during playoffs? Come on! The show is set in Pittsburgh. You’re a Pens fan. How could you let that happen. Try finding a bar in Pittsburgh during the playoffs that DOESN’T have the game on. Other than that, I love everything about the show. Keep up the good work. We’ll chalk that up to having some disgruntled Flyers fan on your editing staff having hijacked Shawn’s story.

  23. The show was better with Eric C Olsen.

  24. Ricky Blitt, this post was brilliant and of course, hilarious! I love the show and will continue to support it in every way I can. I am already looking forward to seeing it next season! As a fellow Jew, I must concur, we really get a bad rap in Hollywood. Since when does dancing take precedence over comedy? What has happened to this country’s priorities? That is why so many people are Romantically Challenged, they try to dance before making their love interest laugh. Priorities I tell you. Rock on Mr. Blitt! Hope you had a good Cinco de Drinko! Happy upcoming birthday on Catorce de Mayo! :)

  25. Ricky,

    I think that ozone layer problem has been fixed. Anyway, keep up the great work!!

    Pico Rico :)

  26. Romantically Challenged is a fun show. I enjoy it and I told ABC too.

  27. Wow!! Great message, Ricky! I have to admit that I’m already addicted to Romantically Challenged and I can’t imagine my life without season 2 and even more, so I’m gonna do everything to make it happen. New version of “We Are The World” sounds awesome, let’s do it hahaha :D

    P.S. Happy (Early) Birthday Ricky !! :):)

  28. Ricky,

    No, I can not keep supporting your happiness.

    I was willing to do so much for you and the show. I even crafted a letter to the one ABC exec that can read, you know who I’m talking about. But he too is outraged at your desire for more, more, and more.

    Why can’t you just be happy for Alyssa? I am. We all are.

    I look at you and I see a guy that has it all. Sure you can only pick the low hanging fruits, but you have two cats (one that looks oddly suspicious), a TV you don’t use, a set of awfully cumfy-looking velour pants, grandiose hair, rosy lips– dude you are quintessentially Romantically Challenged. (go edit wiki)

    That is what we love about you.

    Bugliari has nothing on you. Let her go. And in turn, stay hungry, because surely the minute you figure out what makes those two stay together, you’ll have to begin sharing your remote and your cats with a portly lady with a great voice.

    Happy B-Day and don’t go changing!


  29. Jewish people are the most oppressed minority ? your being sarcastic right?

  30. I’ve already ask ABC to continue with the show. I like it. I cannot understand why is it that the show will stop after 4 episodes. That’s when the crew really starts to get warmed up. The chemistry between them was a lot better this last episode.

  31. Or you can tweet them @ABC_dotcom

  32. My comment has been sent!

  33. I’ve done my part an also spoke to a few ppl at the NYC studio ,
    But I would love to see you shoot in Ny , maybe at Silver Cup an give me
    The one night stand gig but its all good Happy Bday to ya . An the tell the
    Cast an crew keep up da good work . Long as you keep up the good humor
    An writing ya’ll all still be on for a lot more seasons to come (god willing )
    Well love you all . M.DeLorenzo maybe you could ask some of the cast to
    Follow me so week could chat also .

  34. Dear Mr. Blitt, My feedback to ABC has been sent! Too bad there is no show tonight; everyone will be looking for it. Ricky, I am the one with the birthday on May 14TH!! Also, Alyssa’s husband’s name is David (like King David), so you better be nice. If anyone is going to have a better than “Poison Ivy” make out seen with Alyssa Milano, it is going to be me. Loyal “Romantically Challenged” Fan, Doug

  35. I have shown my support on abc, twitter, and facebook. My friends are also showing their support on facebook and abc. Hopefully with every fans support it’ll be enough to keep Romantically Challenged on air.

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  40. I don’t think so lol.

  41. Yo guys I think ya’ll are lively.


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