Welcome to new Alyssa.com

By on 11-12-2008 in Blog

I hope you love the new site as much as I do. I think it’s very user friendly and fun to navigate with all the slide bar links. We will be making revisions daily and trying to keep it updated as much as possible. I especially love the ‘MY TUBE’ section. There, you will be able to see what I am watching on the web.

To all of those in the San Diego area, I hope you will come to the Chargers appearance on Sunday. And if you can’t make it, we will take lots of pictures to share.




  1. Hi Alyssa, we use the same exact words as we end conversation’s / emails.Peace,Light,LoVE Go figure – cool huh,lol. luv yah-Lori

  2. Hello, I absolutely love “Peace , Love, & Hockey” (L.A. Kings) but could only find in XS. Will They be making more? I hope so!

  3. Hi Alyssa. I just wanted to say that I think that you are such an amazing, strong and beautiful women and I admire all the work that you are doing in the world to help make it a better place. I adore the ending of your greeting and would like to say the same to you luv ya Helene

  4. Dear Alyssa,

    Do you ever wander that you are just a little ant in this HUGE world? Ever wounder that there is something bigger? Like god, or just some thing bigger out there, bigger then human’s.

  5. I loved you in Who’s the Boss back in the 80’s. I was looking for a girl’s name for my upcoming baby. I thought you were such a good and beautiful actress and saw your name in the credits, and was like, oh I like the name Alyssa, so I asked my husband. He liked it too so we chose it. Our daughter was born and we named her Alyssa. She is 22 and I think she looks alot like you. I just think it was cool how that all worked out. I will be watching your new show on Monday.

  6. Hey Alyssa,

    Just wanted to drop you a line and say I will be watching your new series tonight, Romantically Challenged (19 Apr 2010), I’m sure it will be a Big Hit. It will be interesting from a guys perspective who has been through 5 hard relationships himself spanning 20+ years and can relate to the theme of being Romantically Challenged…lol. Have know problem with the romantic part, it just seems to be more like Relationship Challenged… :). But anyways looking forward to watching you tonight and seeing what you will be bringing us to the table take care and Peace……. (Go Yankee’s) ….lol …Sorry just had 2……


  7. HI Alyssa,
    wow,never thought i would ever be writing anything that you might possably read. First off let me say that i have loved you since you were very young ,playing in (WHO’S THE BOSS).You are ,or should i say were,very charming and funny.I am glad your career took off the way it did,and you became a successfull actress.I dont see why you would ever be challanged in any romantic relationship that you are in.But oh well,there is alot about acting that i dont understand .Alot of angles to figuare out.I wish you all the best and hope that one day get to meet you,although i did tell my wife that if i met you i would probably become one of your groupies.It would Just give her a reason, right.Bye for now!


  8. Just thought that I would let you know that I just love your new site.
    I just thingk that you are the best.

    Love ya

  9. Dear Alyssa,
    Recently on Twitter I and a few dads have started a hashtag (#DadsView) to help support other dads, men who are working hard to be a moving force in the lives of children. The world these days does not shed a favoring light on fathers and we are determined to make a change for good. We blog as a network, http://theramsnetwork.ning.com/ and do whatever we can to support fathers. I am a father of 8 and right now I am fighting cancer and Im confined to the hospital. I refuse to give up and from this hospital bed I am doing what I can to help dads and children. We need help. I know you are busy and often bombarded with asking for help. All we ask is for a “shoutout” on Twitter to #DadsView for any father who may need support.
    Dr. Shawn