1. Hey Alyssa, I just watched this on YouTube it was great!!! Can’t wait until 10pm tonight!!! Excited!!!!
    -Sumner from Florida

  2. Alyssa Milano is beautiful!!!!

  3. Oh … waited a long time that at least one eye to look at it))

  4. Hey!
    I just watched “Castle:Behind the Scenes” on Youtube too and it was very great! I hope it come in France soon!!!

  5. I can’t wait to see it. I hope in involves you as a psycho bride. Psycho brides are the best! Reminds me of my wedding…. ;-)

  6. LUV it LUV it cant wait 2 watch it later on 2night!! “Thee best written show so far on televison” YESSS!! :D


  7. Castle comes on in about 10-15 minutes east coast time!!!! I can’t believe it’s almost time I’m so excited. I know you’ll be awesome Alyssa, you always are!!!
    -Sumner from Florida

  8. Never disappointed with Alyssa’s movies, T.V. spots or anything she does. I just love the way she is, acting or not!!!

  9. Hey Alyssa, Can not wait to see the show tonight 10pm (PST). You look fabulous as always and I am looking forward to your future projects! You go Girl!!!

  10. OMG!!! Just finished watching Castle!! I LOVED IT and you Alyssa!! It was totally AWESOME!!! That kissing scene w/Nathan was HOT!! I loved it!!! BTW the gloves and coat are so cute!! You Rock!!!
    -Sumner from Florida!!

  11. Nice job. This was the first time I watched Castle. Glad to see you in primetime again. Looking forward to Romantically Challenged.

    Thanks for all the great tweets on twitter.

  12. Awww I am from mexico and i can’t watch this video, I’ve aready watched it on youtube and it’s GEAT!! Everything what you do is always AWESOME Alyssa!! congrats :)

  13. Alyssa and Nathan! Nothing could be better. Two of my faves on one place! :-)

  14. Was great seeing you back on screen again! I already love Castle, it’s a great show. Too bad you will not be a regular! Ahh well, Romantically Challenged will be worth the wait!

    Great Episode!

  15. I loved Castle, first time and it was great. They should air the show in the UK! Alyssa you were great (as always), and thank you for putting a smile back on my face, after a tiring day at school :) x

  16. Wow! I just watched the episode and it’s definitely one of my favorites so far. You were brilliant! I’ve missed seeing you on tv.

    Love from Portugal,


  17. The hug you gave the groom at the end of the show…. Damn, I think every guy on the planet should get a hug like that from you. peace.

  18. Hi Alyssa,
    I just watched the episode today and you dd a fantastic job playing the bride. You looked beautiful and made me cry, at some points. Great job playing your part. It was, over all, a very very cool anf funfilled episode. Much love and luck to you and your family. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  19. I totally missed this episode. I have been looking and searching desperately to watch this Castle episode A Rose for Everafter…but every site seem to have taken it down for some reason. I want to know how and where online can I watch this episode??? Please someone tell me please please please??

  20. Someone needs to BRING BACK CHARMED original cast Alyssa Milano, Holly Marie Combs and Rose McGowen. The show should have been picked up by the CW in the first place! That show is one of the best written shows ever!

  21. It looks like a great show!

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  23. I love looking at this clip you guy’s look like you had so much fun!! need to watch it again..

  24. Thank you for sharing this, Alyssa.

    The opening frame looks like fun, but my computer keeps crashing when I click the play button.

    I’m glad that you had fun on the show. You did a great job!