Celebrity WatchList: Alyssa Milano

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Celebrity WatchList: Alyssa Milano

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Alyssa Milano has been a TV legend since she was a child on Who’s the Boss?. She had a supernaturally successful run as a witch on Charmed and most recently a very grown-up role on Mistresses. While she was promoting Mistresses with the Television Critics Association, I asked her what television shows were exciting her these days and found out her own personal WatchList. Leave us a comment below, do you agree with Alyssa Milano’s WatchList?

Alyssa Milano’s TV WatchList begins with the old standbys. Everyone in Hollywood is hooked on Breaking Bad, as the story of Walt White’s crystal meth empire comes to an end. Needless to say, Alyssa Milano will remember the name Heisenberg.

Another popular choice in the Hollywood community, Homeland is just getting started. Season three will premiere later this month and answer the cliffhanger left by season two’s Langley explosion and Brody (Damian Lewis) going on the run, leaving Carrie (Claire Danes) behind to answer a whole lot of questions.

Showtime’s serial killer epic is also coming to an end this summer. Alyssa Milano was on board as we met Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) using his Miami PD job as a cover to be a serial killer. At least he only killed other serial killers, but now inevitably his sister (Jennifer Carpenter) found out and is struggling to keep his secret. How will it all end?

Now Alyssa Milano is speaking my language. I loved Dr. Gregory House (Hugh Laurie). Patients and viewers would complain that he’s so rude, but I didn’t find House rude at all. He would insult uncooperative patients and make fun of them for not realizing how they made themselves sick, but he was hilarious about it. Plus he was always right and saved their lives, except for the occasional very special episode where House was humbled by a patient even he couldn’t save.

On the comedy side, Alyssa Milano like the groundbreaking TV comedy of Louis C.K. Louie incorporates C.K.’s standup comedy with humorous episodes about the daily life of a single father raising his daughters and dealing with his own existential crises.

FX’s comedy series stars Paul Scheer, Katie Aselton and Mark Duplass as men in fantasy football leagues. You don’t have to follow sports to get the jokes though. They’re just being silly.