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Congratulations to Alyssa, and all of her followers on Twitter, for winning VH1’s 2010 DO SOMETHING Award in the TWITTER category!

When Alyssa donated her 37th Birthday to Charity Water, she opened the flood gates for thousands of people who took to their Twitter accounts and collectively donated over $90,000!


  1. Congratulations, you look HAWT! btw

  2. Awesome. Since she obviously has a voice that’s heard and she has producer credits under her belt, I think maybe Alyssa should see about developing the show fans of Charmed want to see: The Charmed Sons. People STILL post online everywhere wondering if there will be more-granted this is in other lands where it didn’t run as it did here. But I think if pitched to The CW w/Alyssa on board, it might happen. Ok, probably wishful thinking but it doesn’t hurt to put it out there. But I know there’s still interest, there’s nothing else on like what the show could be and with magic, powers and the like being the rage these days, I think it’d work. Here’s hoping… :)

  3. Congrats Alyssa :)

  4. congratulations it’s a happy day =)

  5. You are a very great woman !!

  6. congrats Alyssa, I´m very proud of you!!!!

  7. So proud of you Alyssa! Congratulations!!! Xx

  8. Felicidades!!! Alyssa hicistes una gran labor

  9. Felicidades Alyssa!!! hiciste una garn labor

  10. WHOAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO ALYSSA!! You rock, I am so happy for you! You really are a wonderful person! God bless you!

  11. Dear Alyssa Milano-Bugliari, Once again congratulations on winning the “Do Something Award” for using Twitter as a tool to create water wells for the Ethiopians! You looked like the LA Dodgers won the World Series when you accepted your award!! If only we can think of a way to end homelessness in the U.S.A.. I almost invited your Mom, Lin Milano, as a connection on my LinkedIn account! Love, Doug x,o

  12. This could not happen to a better person. This is a Great! cause too.

  13. Alyssa congratulations for the award you just win you are a wonderful peso, there is not dude,im from colombia, and i really admirate you as a person, thanks for been an awsome inspiration,
    :) maria paula

  14. Its great to see someone with starpower do some real good. I never take the time to post comments but I gotta say you rock!!!!

  15. Congrats Alyssa!
    Wish more celebrities would follow in your shoes!!

  16. Congrats Alyssa!! I’m so praud of you :) Xo

  17. Like I said… I’m so proud of you, plus… You deserved it!

    I love you.

    Congratulations once again,


  18. Congrats Alyssa! you make the human race a better place….er.. so did not mean to rhyme that *laughs*

    anyway, well done!

  19. Hi Alyssa!!!! You are gorgeous and one of my favorite actresses of all time!!!

    Keep doing what your doing and I wish you health, happiness, and LOVE!!!!!

    Michele from New York

  20. Congratulations Alyssa! ;)

  21. Alyssa Milano: fashionissima as always! By the way, Alyssa, you’re at
    Congratulations on the award! I’m a big fan!

  22. Congratulations Alyssa, you’re simply the best!! peace, light and love you can present to anypeople, bye

  23. My star Congratulations!
    Again you fills me with pride!

    Love you!

  24. That is awesome i meant to watch it, but i was at my friends house and we watched client list, this is one of the many things that i love about you, when you set your mind to something you don’t give up until you have wat you went after. your kind and pretty and bright to boot!! you have inspired me in many aspect of my life, not just did you inspire me, but you kept me alive, i’m not sure wat it was maybe you unbelieveable kindness and consederation for people less fortunate and for the animals in need that you help, maybe it’s your generosty for people you barly have met, i don’t know but i would like to figure it out!! i’m sure i will but i just wanted you to know you have touched my heart and made me who i am today, basically alive!! i was in a bad place in my life then i was on youtube and ran across a video of you singing a give a little kindness and how you helped all those people and instead of being selfish and thinking bout me i decided to stay alive and help people and animals like you have i’m only 15 so i can’t do to much now but help my friends but one day when i’m older i will work on helping the less fortunate and needy just like you!! i love you allyssa and want to be just like you when i’m older and congrats on the award no one else deserved it but you!! hugs!!

  25. Congratulations alyssa you deserve lots of rewards you are my favorite actress

  26. hi alyssa i am like a huge fan and i watch charmed in the morning channle 34 and a nother channel comes on at the same time and channle 337 charmed comes on @ 5:00 pm 3 og them and i watch it on youtube to bye

  27. o cograts

  28. you earn it to because your pretty smart kind helpful talent cerate if i can go on and on and o and on and on and on and on and on and on