Disfunkshion Magazine Feature

By on 5-12-2011 in News

Disfunkshion Magazine Feature

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  1. Aww! U are sooo Beautiful!!
    I love u look ;D

  2. WOW; such a cool coverfeature!! And such rare, diffrent & unique photos of her! :) How can a gal like me here in Sweden get my hands on a copy of that one? :p Would love to have it on my website too! <3

  3. Alyssa…have to tell ya…ya look gr8! Wouldn’t mind havin a copy of the mag myself. Everything about ya is magnificant! Love ya always!! :-)

  4. Alyssa you are beautiful!

  5. You look beautiful!
    The pictures were wonderful!

    My star, I love you!
    Kisses from Brazil

  6. She doesn’t look pregnant in these photos.

  7. It was so fabulous doing the shoot with you Alyssa! You are one of a kind!

  8. Stunning! You look so beautiful! You are truly a star!

  9. LIKE Tyra Banks says “FIERCE” and another quote Phobe says ” You Go Girllllll…..rough(dog bark)” hahaha
    As always I think Alyssa M could have been a model but SO GLAD she is an actress we got CHARMED out of the deal. love the Touch line you are so creative….thanks.

  10. These Photos R So Beautiful Your BEAUTIFUL!!♥


  12. hi Alissa O,M ,G i dont know what to say . I hope we ca see you again . You look beautiful in all youre pics.I always wanted to ask you something, What happened with charmed? A WHAT COMES NEXT. TAKE CARE ….. GOD BLESS YOU ……LOVE YOU

  13. Really nice pictures as usually

  14. Could not remember just now i came to know that she looks in second picture like Audrey Hepburn, am i right?

  15. Hi guys! I’m a huge fan of Alyssa’s from back in the Charmed days, but I think it’s important to realise that DISfunkshion Magazine is not a legitimate outlet and should not be supported. They are a magazine that does not pay their contributers, writers, artists etc. Even more so, they advertise as an outlet for new writers to “get clips” but they don’t offer any kind of tearsheets or complimentary copies of their work. Essentially, they expect contributors to work for free and purchase their own copies of their work. This is NOT good business practice.

    • DISfunkshion Magazine absolutely supports start-up contributors and artists and is also a new publication with no real budget at the moment as all supporters know. It’s sad to see how people can often times be so critical of people following their dreams and patiently making them a reality in this very difficult economy. We can only hope that people’s eyes will open and hearts will soften to be a bit more tolerant to such companies and movements. Alyssa Milano is an amazing example of true talent and support of start-up businesses and helping young artists make their dreams come true one step at a time!

    • Similar to you, I am a huge fan of Alyssa’s, but I disagree with your comment about the magazine. They are as legitimate as it comes, and there is no set rule as to what makes them “legitimate” or not in the first place. Like any other fashion outlet or beginners magazine, these are artists striving to make a difference; putting their mark in a ginormous field of work. If you were to read the actual magazine, you would actually know the similarities that Alyssa and Disfunkshion have together: striving to keep young women confident, counter cultural, all while trying not to get lost in this chaotic society. What makes this magazine every bit more legitimate than the others is it supports a greater cause; one that society is just starting to realize. I suggest you take course in what good business practice is, because I know this magazine is utilizing it to the best they know how to; and they’re succeeding. And the complimentary copies? I know they receive them. I don’t know your source of information but it is entirely inaccurate.

  16. Congrads on the baby! I have all the Charmed seasons and watch your movies often.