1. I LOVE ALYSSA IN CHARMED!!!! it id my dream to meat her and i want to be a actor my self she is my idol it would be amazing. if there was a date with Alyssa Milano i would enter like 5 times.

  2. sorry spelt stuff wrong i meet i would me amazing to meat her

  3. Truely the Queen of Twitter

  4. Hi Alissa..I loved Charmed only because you were acting in it…you were the best….You are the best!!!My dream is to meet you!!! I like you.peace,love,charmed,baseball, DaCa….

  5. Congets on you Twitter award :-)

  6. i am a big fan also want to be a actress

  7. congrates on ur do something twitter award big fan

  8. Hey Alyssa it was a pleasure working with you at this event and sorry so late but congrats on your baby :)