Five Minutes with the President

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Five Minutes with the President

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Source: The Washington Scene – The Hill

A child star at age 11, playing Samantha Micelli on “Who’s the Boss?” Alyssa Milano later gained further acclaim for her nine years playing Phoebe Halliwell on the WB series “Charmed.” An avid sports fan, Milano also owns a female sports apparel line, Touch. Her latest film, “Hall Pass,” is a comedy set for release in February. Outside her acting and producing career in Hollywood, Milano is dedicated to philanthropic works, including her role as a human rights, animal rights and political activist. Milano serves as a United States goodwill ambassador for UNICEF and is a founding member of the Global Network for Neglected Tropical Diseases.

Robin Bronk: If you had five minutes in the Oval Office with President Obama, what would you discuss with him?
Alyssa Milano: Global health.

RB: What issue would you like him to know about?
AM: The neglected diseases of poverty.

RB: If you could give President Obama one piece of advice, what would that be?
AM: Be the guy I elected into office.
RB: If you could ask President Obama one question, what would that be?
AM: What do you think about LeBron’s move, and our obsession with it? What does it say about us as a society?

RB: Would you ever consider a political career?
AM: Never. You have to have a certain amount of game to have a career in politics. I have no game. (Although I am pretty good at Scrabble.)

Bronk is a seasoned Capitol Hill strategist and advocate. She started her career at The Creative Coalition, a nonprofit, nonpartisan advocacy group for the arts and entertainment industry, in July 1998. During her tenure as CEO, Bronk has taken The Creative Coalition from a New York-based entity to a national organization.


  1. I like it better when Hollywood stars just keep their political views to themselves,wanna help some poor person,fine,but do it in private and not announce it to the whole world.They are rich and famous and good looking and all that,but for us regular people,just help and it keep it real.

  2. Great points! I’d vote for ya!

  3. hang on a politition i say a good one is stright forward and Honest and does what is in the best intrust of the people. and you need game. I tell you i look forward to Scrabble. I need to build up vocabulary and spend time with you. now do you allow misspelled words. FTH love you!

  4. You are such a “Winner”! Unlike a lot of your peers, you are a success Alyssa. I saw it early on in your acting career in film and TV.

    I imagine that your family is awfully proud of how you turned out. Keep up that drive…you are going places.

    I, along with a lot of your fans, wish you the very best!

  5. You go mama! Well said! :-)

    Hugs & Blessings!
    Amy aka @PreddyMami

  6. I would like to see u run for office of some sort,because I believe you have a good heart and you seem to care about people as well as many other things that need that kind of person.God bless you and live long and prosper.your friend Todd.

  7. As always, Alyssa, intelligent and thoughtful responses. And I believe that you are currently being the best that you can be, and you use your celebrity to lead by example and to help causes that you passionately believe in.

    We need politicians to make deals and to make compromises. And we need amazing people like you to teach us about integrity, about selfless devotion, and about how to make it through this world with a kind heart.

  8. The person you voted for? Because like Reagan, Clinton, and every single president who dealt with a recession, he hasn’t fix it in 2 years? He’s being graded on an unrealistic level and it’s not fair. He can’t wave a magic wand and fix 8 years of garbage that easily. Did you know he passed more progressive legislation since LBJ?

  9. If you ever consider a political career…I’ll be voting for you! :)

  10. Great feed! If I had a question that he would answer would to be; Can you stop slamming G.Bush, after all while the election Bush did give a “hands off” on deporting your(Obama’s) family menber who was on Fed Aid and a Illegal Immigramt wirh a expired VISA and failed to report her self to the mandatory Immigrations office!
    And “Where you really born,Man! “Own up & Man Up” if you got a pair! Thanks, Smartbloger.

  11. You are a great person and have some great views, the problem is all over the news though. I can not believe how harsh society is about evryhting under and on Gods green earth. People come to conclusions people are guilty before all facts are in, people bash other people publicly and privately. Celebs have no privacy anymore and are judged harshly, usually wrongly also. I want a law that protects celbs privacy such as in the Tiger Wood’s case. how is it my business what his personal life was. we are a society that is going downhill fast. Oil companies are aloud to spill billions of gallons of gas in the gulf and still make billions of dollars a week. things need to change and people like yourself can change things i support all you do to. Just stay strong and dont waiver you will do great things one day, running for office as Todd said would be great for this country. loved Whos Whe Boss and that Vampire movie you were in, hope to see you act more. GL Eric outta here find me on twitter. likubles

  12. Hamster 1, Bart 0

  13. Great answers. That issue is a real problem. You’re a great actress and i hope that all you wishes come true.

    Your fan Marlou

  14. Dear Alyssa Milano-Bugliari, Why is Angelina Jolie the only UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador? It is great you are the UNICEF and NTD Ambassadors; but President Obama should confirm you as a UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador as well! Love, Doug x,o

  15. I agree with her statement about the Pres being the person we elected. My opinion of her just elevated immensely learning she has no political aspirations. And it was already pretty high…

  16. I just love your humanitarian work! There is a lot of suffering in the world, you, UNICEF, do fantastic things helping these folks, NTD is doing great things to help, lets not forget all those folks getting clean water thru your work with Charity Water! Really love it all, as far as politics, lets just say, I believe in free speech.. :D

  17. to mercedes & re: allyssa’s president answer of “peice of advice to him”: No we are not wanting him to fix the recession in 2 yrs. What we want is the man who said he’d be doing everything in the PEOPLE’s best interest. He is not being the man he campaigned to be. He spends like crazy just like Bush, just in different ways. The spending in places he choices to be needy, like Italian tile in Army offical offices or vacations (how many have they taken – like 7-8 or so). I would like 1 where I can spend as much as I want like they do.

    I actually feel that barack & michelle are acting like a couple given an unlimited credit card to go crazy with. Michelle lil trip to Itally cost $500k, thats 29 peoples ANNUAL wage @ the federal minimum wage (which some people would love to make instead of being unemployed). Seeings the president doesn’t make $500k a yr, theres no way she spent her own money on the trip + plus there was the cost of getting her there & her safety… who gets this kind of vacation just becuz you PO’d @ your husband for having Oprah @ your birthday party. Sounds like the young couple needs some prioritizing. In their lives & w/our Lives in their hands.

    My husband is steadily employed because of all the government Flooring jobs, I am grateful. But when I hear they picked a $6k gym floor mat for the Navy gym (blue & yellow mats cut into designs specificly w/Navy emblems) over the $1k floor (black mats w/blue & yellow mat specific paint painted designs of the Navy emblems)… I’m confused. They are spending $17mil per building times 12 buildings on the Rock Island Aresenal to rehab them for engineers to move here (not creating more space for more jobs openings, just moving jobs here to destroy the place their coming from). The construction & carpenters are the only ones getting the jobs. Its actually not creating new jobs, just giving some jobs more work because the other companies in the world cant afford to build or rehab. All they’re really doing is making all the GOV places prettier, classier – while they’re spending more on the materials then needed. They should be able to say “we have $16k left over from this project of rehab, we’d like to open a day care for parents on the arsenal… or a couple roads need to be fixed up… so we’ll use it there.” What ever the choice is, there’s a choice. Even if it has to be approved, at least its an option to put escess monies saved in 1 spot & put them towards something else needed. OR they could split the excess up & give it to the SCHOOLS for our kids.

    The problem w/these budgets is that the gov allocates a certain amount of money (& its outrageously more than they need for each job), then tells them if they don’t use it all – they can’t use it in a different department where it could be used up properly. Instead they’re ordering italian tile & wooden desks that cost tens of thousands of dollars. Who needs a $40k desk, just cuz your a high ranking officer? That’s my husbands annual wage in that desk.

    There are MILLIONS of wasted dollars that are all on Obama’s head of wasted spending. It’s not that Obama should have fixed our recession in 2 yrs, but I would bet my kindney that we would be 50% closer if the budgets were so rediclously over spent in bad areas. 4ex: they are talking about taking away our trash pick up in our county so that they don’t have to downsize police & fireman. Excuse me, we have to decide between safety & stinking up our neighborhoods (becuz you know not all poor people can afford to pay an outside company to pickup the trash & it’ll smell like a landfil in alot of areas). Why are we choosing anything regarding our safety, but the Admiral gets a $40k desk & italian tile.


    PLEASE please please do not vote in obama again, anyone else w/a fresh new look (which is what we though Obama offered) would be better than whats doing on right now.

  18. Thanks for your humanitarian work. I wish more people knew how much celebrities are doing for the world with money & time.
    I agree regarding President Obama. He needs to be the man we elected. But what president has ever come in to office and completed his entire legacy in his first two years? He’s given up all aspects of a normal life & dedicated it to us. Four years of it. Imagine the pressure he’s under. Ever sweat when you watch international news? Well, that’s not even a snapshot of a millisecond of what he knows and bears the burden of. Is it really a stretch for every one of us who committed to him in 2008 to get out & vote to keep dems in the House & Senate this November? That’s actually the ONLY thing we can actually DO to help. The sane cannot sit by while this man is sucked under by the tide of irrational anger. Please vote.

  19. The neglected disease of proverty can cause some many problems for the young, old, and even adults with weaken immune systems that could lead to early diagnosis of a skin, lung, or gastroentestinal diseases (erythema infectiosum for children, pneumonia for adults, tuberculosis for the inner city proverty). Because a simple cold can lead to a virus like the flu or influenza, or the swine flu and a simple endemic can become an epidemic or pandemic like AIDS that likes to linger in the neglected area. With affordable healthcare and education on disease prevention these situations or diseases can be quarantined.

    Alyssa you could make a good politician because you’re a good role model

  20. Hey Alyssa! I have enjoyed your acting..I cried during your stunning performance in Sunday @ Tiffanys. Outstanding! Happy Birthday! I will be 39 on May 23rd. I don’t know about you but we are flirting with 40! any advice? Hope you will check out my blog. I am trying to start my own non profit, to help families keep their children. There are alot of families here in Kentucky who are going through quick trigger adoptions. I feel we all have a brain and can be re-trained. I hope to include you for support. Thank you and Happy Holidays!

    All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope.” (Winston Churchill)