1. oh no, you’re a liberal. That is a shame. I guess hollywood gets to everyone. I really wish celebrities would stay out of politics. I find myself increasingly not watching programs with celebrities that push their political views whether it be liberal or conservative. Out here in the real world, the current president (and the last one for that matter) is killing small businesses with increasing taxes and the overall take-over of the free market. I think people should be educated in economics and politics before being allowed to vote. Just because I am conservative doesn’t mean I don’t give to charities(including those for animals). I just think the gov should stay out of individual lives and let us keep our money to spend so that we can help who we want and not be forced to help who the gov thinks deserves it. Well, I wish you well and enjoyed your shows over the years.

  2. You looked like you were being you, sexy, kind, funny, and beautiful in your own perfect way.

  3. Well Great movie !
    But i think it doesn’t exist in France Too Bad ! ='(


    Bye with peace and love …