Google Chrome: Dear Sophie

By on 5-09-2011 in News

Maybe we are just hormonal, but this commercial makes me and David weepy!


  1. As the mother of 3 wonderful kids, one of which is graduting from high school in 3 weeks, I cried too. I thought the videos were so perfect a picture of what each parent experiences when they are involved in the loving of a child. Great idea to capture so many special moments.

  2. Ahh thats such a cute video!
    Me and my boyfriend are gonna be trying for a baby soon, and thats a great idea.
    Its the perfect scrap/memory book :)

  3. Not hormones… it is very touching!

  4. i think this make you weep not because your are hormonal it is because you think you could do that your husband could do that for your son.

  5. Me too! Mine is 9 years old, and every day is amazing. Sometimes sad. Sometimes frustrating. Always, always amazing.

  6. just awesome!!

  7. It made me cry a little bit :D
    It’s a great commercial (and an excelent browser too)
    From La Plata, Argentina, best wishes to u Alyssa, hope you’re doing great. I haven’t seen u since Charmed, but you’re still as pretty as a summer sunset

  8. this commercial makes me cry EVERY time. Maybe hormones add to it, I don’t know.
    All of their commercials have been spot on, enjoy ‘em all, like the lovers being apart and him moving to Paris to be with her. :)
    Also good luck with the delivery and baby, they are the most amazing joy one can be blessed with in life!
    Can’t wait to see which tattoo you’ll add in order of that little bundle of joy! :)