1. Aloha Alyssa
    I see you love dogs just like i do i’m studying to become a veterianrian assitant and i hope it will work out good for me.
    and take care alyssa best wishes to you and your husband
    aloha always your fan Hariah

  2. just perfect :-)

  3. Too cute. <3

  4. Oh how I love these guys, with the beautiful Alyssa in here, my heart is melting…. :D

  5. I love that you are such a pioneer for pets Alyssa. You do so much for them and I can see how beautiful and healthy your dogs are. They are truly lucky dogs to have found an owner such as yourself. Now I hope my Aussie, Hoku, can always say that about me :) !!!

  6. Very cute video!!! :D

  7. Aww this is just lovely :)
    The dogs seems like they pretty much like the camera lol adorable

    @Jenilly from Twitter

  8. They’re so adorable & you always look so beautiful & happy with them. I hope Lucy has fully recovered & continues to stay healthy & strong. You are truly blessed & I wish you, your husband & new baby the very best! :-) God Bless You All!

    Norma aka @gemdrgn1 on Twitter

  9. Oh my god, they are just so cute, I wanna cuddle.

  10. lol, my friend never experienced it, I’ll tell him that he remembered about it, thank you for sharing this information.