Here Is What To Do Next Mr. Old Spice

By on 7-21-2010 in News

Here Is What To Do Next Mr. Old Spice

UPDATE: Old Spice Challenge

I was totally thrilled to play along quietly. And then… In Old Spice video #4 addressed to me, the dashing Old Spice Man said (in only the way he can): “So… tell me what to do next”. Well… sounded like an invitation to me and… an innovative way to potentially do something good. So I put on the largest towel I had (more like a moo moo with a pocket) and made my own video, in my bathroom, using my iPhone.

Now, anyone that knows me or follows me on twitter knows that I’ve used Twitter to successfully raise money in the past. I had great success with my last challenge for the victims of the earthquake in Haiti. In case you weren’t following me on twitter then, I challenged corporations with just a single tweet to match my 50k donation to UNICEF for the Haiti Relief Fund. From three corporations and 1 anonymous donor, I was able to raise $400,000 for UNICEF, exceeding my challenge and just being blown away. I also gave up my Birthday last for a charity:water campaign and we were able to build 18 clean water projects in Ethiopia.

So, yeah, my mentality going into the challenge was – Old Spice used my name for 4 videos and by doing so, created a lot of buzz for the brand and viral campaign. “So tell me what to do next,” seemed like an invitation I couldn’t refuse. I knew Old Spice would continue to get exposure from the exchange and visibility from my Twitter community. I did the only thing I thought that would have some positive impact and relevance – I told Mr. Old Spice what to do next just as he asked. I told him to “ to keep our relationship a’goin-on, you must make a 100,000 dollar donation to the National Wildlife Federation Gulf Relief Fund”. I think a lot of people thought I was challenging the actor who plays Old Spice Man (brilliantly, I might add) to make that donation. I was not. I was challenging the Old Spice brand, which is owned by Procter and Gamble, to make the donation. This would be my invitation back to them to do something awesome.

Here’s where we are now… I’ve been speaking with Beth who isn’t from Procter & Gamble but from the PR firm that represents them (I think that’s where she is from. Wherever she is from, she has been wonderful in answering my many questions). Beth has told me about the abundant philanthropic partnerships Procter & Gamble has and donations they’ve made. As Beth proudly tells it: “In the last few months P&G donated 5x your requested donation to the International Bird Rescue Research Center and the Marine Mammal Center and they are about to start that campaign again, which should result in another donation of $500,000.” Beth has also shared that 12,000 bottles of Dawn Liquid Soap has been sent to clean the wildlife. This is awesome. Beyond awesome and it makes me happy (seriously, way to go P&G). I do feel that I should add that on the IBRRC website it says that BP is funding their Gulf clean-up efforts and that any donations made will NOT be going to Gulf clean-up efforts but to their other programs. I may be misreading it but you can see for yourself here: Also, it is unclear from the Marine Mammal Center website if donations are going to the clean-up efforts or if they are also receiving BP funding. But I did see: “Each bottle of Dawn you purchase can contribute one dollar to the important wildlife conservation efforts of The Marine Mammal Center and the International Bird Rescue Research Center.” Regardless of what this means (cause I honestly don’t have a clue), I applaud P&G on all their philanthropic work and the donation of 500k to these organizations.

This is all my roundabout way of saying it looks as though my specific challenge for National Wildlife Federation’s Gulf Coast Relief Fund will NOT be met by P&G BUT… the lovely Beth assures me that Proctor and Gamble would like to do something to acknowledge my challenge and will brainstorm some ideas. I have reiterated numerous times that it is important to me, that whatever they decide, I would like for it to be focused on the Gulf relief and clean up efforts. They’re actively talking about how they might cap off this back and forth with something great. I’m appreciative of the time and effort they’ve dedicated to the challenge. We all know they could do nothing at all. The fact they would do anything, makes my heart happy.

And again, I want to thank everyone for their support with Tweets and ReTweets about my Old Spice challenge. I believe it’s because of YOU and the exposure you’ve given the challenge that P&G has taken this as seriously as they have. So… thank you, thank you, thank you.

Adore you all.

Stay tuned….

And Love,


  1. Jeez if I send ya roses, do I get a towely vid from you too? ;)

    /rushes to

  2. Awesome video Ms. Milano. Very nice answer in return indeed.

  3. Great idea! I hope they do it!

  4. awsome alyssa ur amazn

  5. LOVE IT!!!

    Not sure about the charity you chose to ask funds for, but this is a BRILLIANT way to ask!

  6. Yeah! Love the challenge! You rock!!

  7. bhaha you’re adorable alyssa :) well done!

  8. This is AWESOME!!! Nicely done!!! Love that you are having your new guy make a donation to the animals in the gulf, if he wants to keep you!! Good call!!!

  9. You are weird, but pretty…pretty weird

  10. I ALMOST PEED MY PANTS hahahahahahahahah that was spectacular youre such a sweet heart

  11. Wonderful!!!!

  12. Absolutely love it!

  13. I loved it. I thought it was so great. Way to Go!!!!

  14. lolololololololol.

    Alyssa your the cooolest!!!!

  15. You look so beautiful, wow, you are soooo funny!!! :D

  16. This, is the greatest use of Twitter/Internet/viral marketing/philanthropy I have ever seen. Alyssa, you are the most awesomest!

  17. Pretty smart! They’ll have to donate now! Well done!


  19. great video lol and u look so amazingly beautiful and sexy has always :)

  20. haha…you’re an angel!

  21. You know Old Spice HAS to step up now! Ingenious move, Alyssa. My hat’s off to your ballsiness (if “ballsiness” is really a word).

  22. I love how you used a well followed form of entertainment to help in your philanthropic ventures! You have such a beautiful heart! xoxo

  23. Hahaha! Nice!

  24. haha, this should be a funny or die video… hilllaariiousss.

  25. BEST EVER!


  26. Brilliant!

  27. Record video in the bathroom? This will turn fashion!
    I loved it!

    Love you my star!

  28. Damn! Now that’s one way to throw down! (The towel doesn’t hurt matters either).

    Love it!!


  29. Not only are you funny, but that was a totally brilliant move on your part. I mean, how can they say no?

  30. great next move! kudos!

  31. This is awesome! I think that bathroom videos are going to be the next big thing.

  32. GIRL! this is hilarious! And because I want Old Spice to dish out the $$ to clean the Gulf, I am gonna send LOTS of traffic your way to this video from my site:


  33. Alyssa you are awesome!
    And absolutely stunning!

    Wonder if *he* will go through with the donation…..

  34. Old Spice, are you up to the Milano Challenge???

  35. My wife & love that this video. We need more bathroom interviews and tweets in our life.

    Love Always
    Creolebill & Wife

  36. overacting makes it hard to follow

  37. well thats no fun.

  38. Love letters from the bathroom. Nice! LOL

  39. This shouldn’t be a problem considering that his bank account is now diamonds.

  40. so funny

  41. A reply with style!
    I wonder if it was too early in the relationship to ask of something like this?
    We’ve seen him build kitchens and bake cakes.. I wonder… :)

  42. I have been such a huge fan over all these years and missed a chance to meet you at universal city at the Raider Image 2 years ago. I was so mad. Now seeing all of your tweets just confirms that you are not only gorgeous but really cool. Congrats on all your success.

  43. You are too funny…and beautiful. Love the video response to Old Spice spoke guy. Oooo, put your money where your mouth is Mr. Spice!!! 100K…bring it.

  44. Awesome!!! You are too funny!!

  45. i wonder if he is man enough to do it

  46. ILMAO Git it Alysssa!!!!!! It was great…


  47. Alyssa, you are so totally AWESOME!!! That has got to be one of the coolest and funniest videos EVER!!!! You always AMAZE me and you always make me smile! You ROCK on so many levels!

    Alyssa you are the Sweetest Most Amazing woman EVER! That is all!

    Love lots of love from me to you!
    xoxoxoxo :D

  48. Alyssa, you are great!!

  49. Wow. You are nuts and awesome!

  50. Don’t do it. it would be defeating the purpose.

  51. This is awesome!!! I just kept laughing. Your intonation and the towel etc. Hahahahahha!

  52. hahaha
    It was so funny :D

  53. So, after he donates $100k I suppose you will hand-deliver roses and a hand-written love letter to him.

    Oh, I love new love! It’s so fresh, like the spring time air! Also, videos in the bathroom FTW!

  54. Nice challenge! Kudos.

  55. Alyssa, you’re such a social media and tech savvy person, and I know I’ve seen you tweet about iPhones and iPads…. Why do you use a flash site? I want to see this video but I don’t want to drag out the PC. :)

  56. Way to make a point and get help to clean up the gulf!
    Lets hope mr. smell good pays up =D

  57. Alyssa Milano I love you! Not only is this totally epic and super funny, you have made it into a philanthropic endeavour!!!
    You are one of my idols, if I ever become famous I want to be like you :)

  58. Simply brilliant! I think mostly naked spokespeople should become the norm… and the charity doesn’t hurt either ;)

    Bravo! :)

  59. LOVE. IT. I can’t wait to see what his reply is!

  60. They should totally make an old spice for woman, and let u head the campaign! u got my vote!

  61. I love watching you and Mr. Oldspice go back and forth. I am constantly checking my phone to see who made the next move. Great stuff….thanks for making me laugh!

  62. This is ACE!!!! ;) Excellent!!!
    But I gotta feel for Mr. Old Spice as I did myself dedicated one song for you Alyssa in my first CD album! ;) (where can i send you the CD btw?)
    Anyhow Props to both of you for the vids! It really cracked me up…

  63. Now THAT was a great move.

  64. i would go out and buy old spice products right now if they agreed to your demands! well played!

  65. That is hilarious!!! Love it!

  66. That is hilarious!!! Loved it!

  67. OMG! Love it! I second the statement “Alyssa you are the Sweetest Most Amazing woman EVER!”

  68. Good one Alyssa!! Sweet, funny and effective ;)

  69. This is hilarious, Alyssa.

    Thanks for spreading happiness.

  70. Hahahahhahahah! The best video ever! Very well played and so funny!! I think @OldSpice guy started a new era on twitter – vidtweets era, ha! Can’t wait to see his next move :D Alyssa, YOU ROCK!!

  71. Wow, 100k.

    Gold digger much?

  72. Lord that’s funny. Very well done.

    But despite it being a good cause, @oldspice shouldn’t supplicate to a woman, it’s not an attractive quality.

    If he want’s to be Alpha, he should consider donating that amount of money to prostate cancer research/awareness instead. Good for his market and a good cause that doesn’t get the publicity, awareness and funding that breast cancer does.

    Maybe he could do a duet video about it with Alyssya. I’m sure it would be amazing.

  73. “i’m not even sure why I said that..” hahahahaha

  74. This is the funniest thing EVER.

  75. Very sneaky, but very persuasive for the @Oldspice guy. I don’t see how he can resist…

  76. holly mother of god!! u are a guru!! just started my day laughing my head off!!
    luv u loads!!
    stay in the light!!

  77. nice and smart move! you’ve started a new fashion: bathroom chatting!

  78. hahahaha, this is hilarious, props

  79. Haha, I love this video! In the bathroom? You have a lot of humor ^^ Just brilliant ! ;)


    What a nice answer to Mr. Old spice.

    Im really looking forward to hear his answer ;)

  81. Check and mate! Good move.

  82. That was totally amazingly awesome!!! I watched it last night & I tried really hard not to laugh, cause everyone was asleep. After that they’ll ask you to do the female version of the Old Spice guy! hahaha!

    This video is unbelievably funny & you turned it in a whole other direction and makes me love it even more. I hope Old Spice will make that donation.

    You are always amazing! <3

  83. HAHA!!! This is too funny. Love it : )

  84. Way to use the power of celebrity and bathroom video in a good cause – brava, Alyssa! Now let’s see @OldSpice step up and make that donation… after all, it only seems a fair trade for your lending your name/voice/image to their marketing campaign!

  85. Brilliant!


  87. I cant get the video! Geez bummer

  88. Hey Alyssa!
    This was awesome! I can’t wait to see his response! This whole banter between you is the best thing about the Oldspice guy does videos, thing! *BIG WINK*!

  89. I can’t see the video. It starts then disappears

  90. This is great! And thanks for supporting us down here in the Gulf.

  91. Im in Love

  92. I love it! ROFL!!!

  93. Bwahahahaha! I LOVE IT! This is awesome! You rock Alyssa!!! :)

  94. Lyssa, only you. I Love You. You make my heart sing, lol. This tops the jersey shore vid. Cracked me up when i saw your video…farewall bosomed beauty, yes you did say that….(by the way…nevermind ill wait till i get posted…)

  95. It is nice to see someone like you actually care about wildlife and trying to help. The only problem is that it takes such a disaster to get people to care. Wildlife is hurting every year and every year more and more wildlife rehabilitators are going under and there are less people actually caring for the wildlife throughout the United States. Wildlife needs the help all year round and not just when people create disasters.

  96. FANTASTIC. Cannot WAIT to see his response.

  97. I love it – 2 “popular” people showing they are down to earth and normal like the rest of us! Thanks for the smiles, today!

  98. You’re totally AWESOME, Alyssa! That was *very* funny, and for a wonderful cause, to boot (IF “to boot” IS actually an expression). ;-)

  99. This is awesome. I hope that you two have a money and love-filled video bathroom romance that raises lots o’ cash for the animals!

  100. hi easy going person rhymer phoebe halliwell alyssa milnao i hope you come back on tv. why dont you go on that show on abc family called pretty little liars

  101. Is it just me but you mention the problem in the Gulf and next day BP says the leak is blocked. Has Old Spice man fixed it because BP could not for an age?

  102. Well, we didn’t raise $100k, but my community outreach team just sent $5k to Nat’l Wildlife Federation. Great job by you and Mr.Old Spice too!

  103. LMAO! That was hilarious!

  104. Bravo! I hope they send it. Forget the Old Spice guy. I want to see more of you in your bathroom.

  105. He has backed down, he will disappear now that a real challenge is on the table.

  106. Dear Alyssa, Please stay away from the “Old Spice Man”! I might understand Spiceman’s motives better if he had sent you the $100,000.00 instead of the roses. I do not like the play he made for Rose McGowan!! What are you trying to do, star in the movie – “FEAR 2″ ?! It is good you did not hear back from him; do not give hime the time of day. Thanks for listening. Love, Doug x,o

  107. Alyssa I love your video, I couldn’t stop laughing. What will you think of next.

  108. Maybe Old Spice Man can start a donation campaign on behalf of the clean-up effort even if the company can’t pony up the dough. Yes, I talk like a 30s crime boss.

  109. It would be sensational if P&G came up with that donation, or a way to get it!

  110. Alyssa, love the video and the request from Old Spice Man. Hope he comes clean with the $100,000…Check out if he can’t come clean with the cash!

  111. She basically put him on the spot to get the money. The fun genuine humor just left from their interaction – boooo

  112. if i messed up with the marraige comment im sorry i didnt know the comment it was going to be shown

  113. Great effort, Alyssa! You drive a hard bargain.

  114. I know P&G has made a lot of donations the past, but, they did use your name and these videos to you have received the most attention, so, I personally think P&G should have paid out to clean the Gulf!
    Just my two cents worth ;)

    NICE of you to have tried!

    And thanks for having kept us in the loop.

  115. Love how your mind works!!! The way you turned this to help down in the Gulf is fantastic. Always caring & helping, a truely compassionate woman! Keep up the good work you do! Love & Peace… always :D

  116. @oldspice was getting plenty of buzz for its clever and innovative use of Social Media. They didn’t need Alyssa Milano. She tried to horn in on them, not the other way around.

  117. Alyssa,

    I think this is awesome and I think your response back to the Old Spice guy (P&G) was clever, fun and indeed brilliant. You have ALL my support ALWAYS!

    Thank God for wonderful philanthropers (not sure if that is an actual word/title – but I liked it! *smile*) like yourself! Your speech on the VH1 Do Something Awards was heartfelt and I agree what a wonderful community Twitter has become in so many ways.

    It is those like you who help make our world a better place. :)

    Peace n Love,
    One of your most faithful followers and genuine fans,
    Amy (@PreddyMami)

  118. Excellent! I love it. Hope they do something worthy. Idea. Maybe good, maybe bad. Everyone has to buy dish soap, so challenge some folks who follow you to go out and buy a bottle of Dawn. 100,000 bottles and there is your $100,000.00 donation. I’m due for a new bottle. Even if it sits on the shlf at home for 6 months, it will get used! I’ll go pick my bottle of Dawn up on the way home from work to get it started.

  119. Alyssa, love your creative but philanthropic spirit!

  120. I love it!!!!! haha and nice video:)

  121. The whole exchange was so much fun. That something good could come out of it would be wonderful. You know you brought the needs of the wildlife in the gulf much needed attention no matter what. I bet some other companies will even step up in support & to join the fun!

  122. Great move Alyssa. Any action that contributes to preserving the Wildlife deserved a big compliment and our support.

    On the critical side: It is such a shame that first a disaster needs to happen, which could have been prevented. What are the BP and P&G of this world going to become a really responsible company. Having sustainability as core of there strategy. Donating is one thing. Prevention is better.

    But anyway. Keep the good work doing. I keep to support and retweet you.

    Love and regards from the Netherlands

  123. The world needs more people like you!
    Thank you for existing!

    I love you my star!
    Kisses from Brazil

  124. AM-
    Love you but I don’t follow your logic. You initiated the conversations to him, if you didn’t want him getting the publicity off of your celebrity, you only needed to not initiate or reply.

    Pressuring OldSpice / P&G into making a donation you wanted them to make was out of line. As you later found out from Beth, P&G is very active in supporting many causes dear to them.

    Your actions now will make P&G look like the villain if they don’t succumb to your demands. It’s a tough economy, and P&G has needed to layoff some of their workforce this year. That $100k could have been someone’s job.

  125. Well said Alyssa! I have been following you for a very long time now and know of everything you have done. I knew your intentions with the old spice guy/company. Those who were negative should get to know more about you and what you have accomplished before they speak.
    We are all here for you, We got your back!

  126. Right on, girl! Love it. It’s sad really that anything needs to be cleaned up, and the unfortunate thing is that there are some in the government pushing for new offshore drilling… as if the world needs anymore oil spills. Did you hear about the spill in China?

    Kudos on what you’ve done so far.. ie. UNICEF. I have 2 sponsored children through Children International, and will eventually sponsor more and go to their countries to visit.

    Also just wanted to say that I grew up watching Who’s The Boss, loved that show.. and I still catch Charmed sometimes on We TV :)

  127. You’re amazing for doing all this Alyssa. One of the many reasons I’ve loved following you over the years. Keep up the great work!

  128. Good work maybe later you should challengethem to stoptesting on animals too hehe

  129. Isn’t she awesome!!!!!! She has the best and biggest heart hands down!! We should ALL want the be the person she is!!! Keep up the good work baby!!

    We ALL love ya and appreciate all you do!!!

  130. Alyssa….. you are amazing…. that’s the reason everybody loves you.
    You are the real deal.

  131. Thanks for sharing all the good thong that P&G do. Kudos to them and you for trying to help us out here on the Gulf Coast. Thanks for keeping us smiling. Looking forward to a great conclusion to the bet!!

  132. Great post! :D Do you have a facebook account?

  133. Ingenious. Smart. Classy. And compassionate. P&G can afford 100k. It’s the least they can do for the horrific testing they do on animals.

    I continue to be inspired.

  134. You are an inspiration to everyone! Thank you for all you do to help people and animals. Keep up the good work. We’re all here for you!

  135. Alyssa, you are amazing! You have such a sweet heart. You make the world a better place.

  136. You are such an inspiration! Thank you for all you do to help people and animals. We all love and support you.

  137. One thing I have definitely learned in the Social Media world is that humor often achieves the best results. It attracts attention in a positive way.

    Anyone with common sense knew where your Tweets and videos were truly directed, at P & G and not the actual Old Spice Guy, but the humorous exchange really made it feel worthwhile to make my own donation. I know a few of your followers personally, who used this time to make their own contribution.

    Long story short, it was a positive experience and a great effort. I think you should keep right on going in your inimitable style and make good things happen whenever the opportunity arises.

    You are the best.

  138. Very smooth! I don’t know how you’re going to top this one :)

  139. Just love what you’re doing… always helping, to turn something into a way of helping is fantastic!!! You are so compassionate, baby I love your way…

  140. Love it girl! LOL Only you would think this up! What a super way to spark the fire. Oh,.. I guess getting the word out about the oil clean up was good as well. LOLOL Really, this was beautiful. You’re a class act. Keep it up! (Let’s hope Mr. Spice can as well–wink)

  141. Nice bathroom! Mine is the size of a closet. Being broke sucks. Wish I was rich.

  142. As a Floridian, I want to send my thanks for your efforts. Well done.

  143. Interesting read, cheers! I finally catch the big ikon.

  144. My spouse and i quite agree with a person’s view, this website is basically superior, excellent in addition, refueling.

  145. @Bryan: Do you really think a 100k charitable donation by P&G could be used for someone’s salary? I’m pretty sure a 100k write off isn’t the same thing as paying an employee with benefits, etc. Don’t be so harsh on Alyssa, she is doing a good thing for the environment.

  146. may i use some of your article if I give you a link back? thanks

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