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As fun as it was reading all of your gender predictions on Twitter, I’m really bad at keeping secrets and had to share (not to mention, I was bound to unintentionally slip at some point). David and I are elated to announce that we are having a baby boy.

We can’t wait to meet him.

Boys names, anyone? Leave me suggestions in the comments!

And Love,
Alyssa, David and Baby(boy) Bugliari


  1. Congrats hope all goes well

    • Congrats to you!!! I am so very happy for you! I know you will have so much fun with that little one. I wish you all the best!


      • that’s amazing!! im so happy for you and david… that’s one special little boy…can’t wait to see how
        beautiful he’s gunna look and what you guys decide to name him….much love from @jennakatherine on twitter

    • You are so lucky: You are rich, beautiful, I would be honored if you wanted to name your son after mine.
      His name is Destry Scott. Of course his last name is North. Or my second son Auston P North.
      They are both very handsome strong names.

      Thanks for your time.

    • Name: Senna Giovanni

    • CONGRATS!!!!! Seeing as though I work a Dmv please pick a fairly normal name…lol…for the sake of all who’d have to type it later :)…my 2 suggestions…1) Cole :) and 2) Jackson

    • Congrats!! I must say I was always told that little boys are cuddlers and just love there mommy’s. I found out first hand five years ago how true this is. No matter how independent or how hard he is playing he stops all on his own and say I love you or comes and just gives a big hug. Alyssa, the journey you about to embark on is an amazing one. From the minute they are born they are learning and taking everything in. I have loved watching my son learn every day since he was born. It is awesome to see them learn and go through every stage. My advise is enjoy every day! They grow way to fast! Okay I’ll stop rambling and give a name suggestion :)

      Of course I am going to say my son’s name: Dominic Michael
      Other names I really like are: Patrick, Xavier, Cameron, William

      Best Wishes!

    • i love charmed and my dad thinks your hot haha

    • Congrats to the both of you! Well since we just had our baby girl 6 months ago we decided on a name that would be easy to change if it was a boy or girl – Alessandra or Alessandro.
      My husband being of Italian heritage thought of it which we both loved…hopefully you both will to.
      Again congratulations! God bless and life has just begun again on a whole new level…


    • Congratulations on your pregnancy! Bastian is a beautiful name. The name comes from ancient Greek and means noble, dignified, commanding. Sry, my English writing is not as good.

    • How about Daveon Deva’e Bugliari or Daveon Alva’e Bugliari

    • Hi Alyssa,
      I have been a huge fan for years and just wanted to congratulate you on your baby boy to be. As for a name, I used to not like my name when i was younger, but Massimo is a great Italian name, you should consider Take care and congrats again.


    • Love that your having a boy…I like Quinn, Collin, and Kade

    • Congratulations! Very happy for you. Love the Dodgers by the way. I don’t know if you like the name Cameron or taylor, but I thought I would suggest it. Hope everything is going well….. wishing you all the best in everything you do.

    • I thought you could consider my son’s name, Gaston, as a possible choice! Any hoo congrats and good luck.

    • Congratulations Alyssa!!! =)

      I apologize but I do not write very well in English =( I’m Italian … I bet that the newcomer will be wonderful! … if you like Italian names I propose you: ANDREA (my favorite!), DAVIDE, ALESSANDRO, MATTEO, LUCA, ALESSIO, RICCARDO, SALVATORE …. anyway I know that you will find the perfect name!! I wish you the best things of this world! To you, your little baby and your entire family!! =)
      Your biggest fan!

      Greetings from italy =) =) =) =)

    • What about “Vince” ?

    • name : noah, tom

    • congratz alyssa and i know u have three name’s picked out that u like but i think oscar would be a good one it is
      an Italian name and i think its goes wonderfully with Bugliari plus it belonged to one of the most sweetest man
      the fell truly in love with my mother and us 5 children he was also a very talented painter if u would like to see his work look me up on facebook u would love his paintings and the meaning behind his last one before he died of brain cancer this past october his full name was oscar nanfito

    • I wish you all the happiness to you two. For the question of the first names I propose you Foday, it is original and his sound, please, Foday David Bugliari Milano. And it is original. :D :D :D

    • Heyyyyyy Congratulations hunnnyyy yur 1 of my heros <3 hope all goes well with your little bundle of joy i am also pregnant and also having a boy =D the 1st in my family to break the chain of girls lol much love sweetie all the best xxxxx


    Hmm, name? Philip :P

  4. I have 3 boys: Christopher, Cameron and Carson.
    I KNEW you were having a boy!!! Congratulations!! Boys R the best!!

  5. Oh congrats Sweetie! You’re gonna be such a great Mommy & he’s a lucky boy. Should we start a pool for how many suggestions of Wyatt & Chris, respectively, you get for names? ;-D

  6. Wyatt? ;)
    Jax or Jasper?

  7. That is really cool! Congratulations you two. I am really excited for you. I personally had a gender preference, but the closer it got to the due date, the more I realized it didn’t matter. What matters is that you and the baby stay healthy.

    I love you guys and am very excited for you!!!

    Brian Schamp @BrianSchamp

  8. Congrats Alyssa I am so excited for you!!! you are going to be such a great mom!! hmm boy names Aiden? Evan? Ian? I don’t know what ever you guys name him will be perfect and he is so lucky to have you as a mom!!

  9. My wife votes Richard – I vote Ricardo :)

  10. Congrats!!! A baby boy is such a wonderful blessing (I’ve been blessed with two ;-) My boys’ names are Julian and Sebastian…and they have proven to be perfect names for them. I am sure they’d be honored to share one or the other ;-)
    Whatever u decide I’m sure it will be beautiful and unique and all his own. Best wishes!

  11. Congrats! I have a 13 month baby boy (Owen) and it’s so wonderful! They are soo much fun.

    Boy names we picked out but didn’t go with. Spencer, Wyatt, Cooper, Luke, Noah, Ryan, Oliver, Aiden, Matthew, Evan. I found it harder to pick out boy names than girls.

    Top baby stuff I would activity/discovery center, jumper-roo, bebepod seat. For little things to play with Manhattan toys and taggiesis very cool and for teething Sophie the giraffee!

    Very very excited for you guys. Any questions just ask. There are so many parents out here who have done it or are going through it and can help. God bless you and your family. What a blessing!

  12. Congratulations!! Many blessings to you, David and your baby boy! So Happy for you and your family! :)

  13. Congratulations Sweetheart!
    I’m soo happy for you! *_*
    I like my bro’s name: Otto.
    He’ll be a great man, You’ll see it.
    and a biiiiiiiig baseball fan.
    like his mommy!
    Happy happy happy!

  14. Congrats Alyssa!! I have always like Luke, Bret or Darrell.=)

  15. Congrats, you are going to be great parents….your little boy is a lucky little guy.
    Names…. Colby, Ryan, Jacob…..just a few to add to your list.

  16. Wow that’s such a great news!!!!!! A name for the new baby boy??? Uhm…I like Julian or Justin….or what about Vincent? lol
    Love from Italy to all of you

  17. Congrats. Hmm boy names…I’ve always liked Liam and Colin and Seth.

  18. i think an Italian name is mandatory. if u dont want to use one i’d say ‘gabe’ but as for Italian names, how about LUCA, ALLESSANDRO, RAFFAELE, Emilio or Tiziano.
    kisses from austria <3

  19. I think you should name him kennedy. Congratulations.

  20. Congrats to you both!! We have three and their lives have brought so much joy to ours. Baby boy names? I really like these names: Javier Andres, Juan Francisco, Joaquin Gonzalo. But they are all hispanic so I’m not sure if that’s what you are looking for.

    I wish you the best!!

  21. I knew it was a boy!!! You are the perfect mom for a boy since you love sports and have a lot of energy! So happy for you both!

    I love the names:

  22. Congratulations!!! Are you considering Italian names at all? I love the name Matteo (my grandfather’s name).

  23. Congratulations! Noah means peace.

  24. Congrats! Personally I love the names; Mason Alexander, Liam David, Wyatt Aiden, Warren Matthew & Nathaniel Cole! :)

  25. Congratualtions! Boys are so much fun. My boy is 16 months and such an absolute joy. How about Ethan or Hudson for a name?

  26. Congrats Alyssa and David on your baby boy!!!!! I Have to say I was one of the ones hoping you were having a girl for some reason I could picture you with a girl more but as long as he’s healthy I’m so happy for you!!!! As for names I have a few. Don’t Judge Me
    My favorite boy names are
    Ok I’m going a little overboard but here are some names for you. Again congrats on your baby boy Dodger fan!!!
    Love you!!! :)

  27. I would wait until you have you’re baby boy to give him a name. pick out a few boy names then see what best fits him when you have him. I don’t know that’s just my idea and what I would do. Lol


  28. YAYYY!! CONGRATULATIONS to you, Alyssa and David!! :D
    Thank you so very much for sharing this wonderful news with you fans! :) Your boy is already SO loved by SO many! :)

    LOTS of love, hugs and kisses!


  29. Congrats! Girllllll…boy names are so hard! I’m due next month, its a boy…I think I’ve got it narrowed down to Chance Warner (middle name is from my Grand father) or Noah Warner. I’m sure you’ll give him an awesome name! Good luck, and wishing you lots of rest …while you still can! ;)

    i’d say it has to be an Italian name. LUCA (my fave), Raffaele, Alessandro, Romeo, Nino, Vittorio, Emilio or Tiziano. or non italian ‘Gabe’.
    kisses from Austria <3

  31. Congrats lovely lady!! Baby names are so hard to decide on, but so fun to think about! I’ve always like Rocco… different but a strong name. Whatever you both choose will be perfect for your little bundle! :)

    Much love to you guys!

  32. Congratulation to you both!
    I think little boys are the best and
    I love the name Chase or Hunter.
    Many blessing to you and David.

  33. Congratulations! Since he is an Italian baby from Italian parents why not name him Francesco Bugliari?

  34. Congrats!!! May the lord give you a great healthy child. Gabriel is a good name. Good luck with everything its a great experience having a child.

  35. Aw, sweetie! Congrats! :)
    A few actually seriously jumped into my head, they fit pretty well with both of your last names, but that’s just my opinion:

    – Hayden
    – Dean
    – Chase
    – Adam
    – Colton
    – Aidan
    – Hunter

    Congratulations, and I wish you the best! :)

  36. I just heard this name and LOVE it.. Coen.. We have a daughter Carys and if I have a boy next I think this will be the name.. Congratulations motherhood is the best feeling in the world!

  37. Congrats on your little blue bundle of joy! I’ve always liked the name linus and Atticus….I am also a big fan of offbeat name! Have a healthy rest of you pregnancy!

  38. Congratulations ! I know you’ll going to be a great mom ! I ‘m from Brazil, so the names are diferent but i like names from the bible like Paul, Peter, John, Caleb, they are more simple and beautiful ! Xoxoxo !!!!

  39. I would like to suggest Oliver. And I think it sounds awesome with Bugliari!
    Congrats Alyssa!

  40. Congrats! He’ll be gorgeous and wonderful just like you two!
    lol on the Wyatt and Chris XD Though that’ll be from your charmed fans!
    What about Marco or Hayden?
    Best of luck and Good Wishes.
    Love from the Maritimes!

  41. First, CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS!!!!!!! Being a mom is the most amazing thing. Everyday is a new adventure. You will get a ton of tips on parenting, but keep in mind 1)they don’t come with instructions and 2)every kid is different! Enjoy every moment, they go by so quickly.

    Hmmmm boy names…….I’ve become fond of Emmitt and Oliver. Good luck and best wishes!!!!! ; )

  42. Congratulations!!!
    My name suggestions : konstantinos (greek name, mine too :P) or Vincent

  43. Congratulation Alyssa !! I love William or Alexander or just Alexis!!

  44. Dear Alyssa,
    I m so happy for you, may you have a beautfull, healthy baby boy who will grow up to be a wonderful person just like his Mom (and Dad) :D Now your happiness will be complete and may it stay that way for good. My fav baby boy name is actually Christian, unrelated to Charmed, cross my heart :))

  45. Congrats on your baby boy Alyssa and David! we’re all soo happy for you! God bless you all always and that beautiful baby!! lots of love,health and happiness for all of you! .. and for a baby name Jonathan is a good name.

    Lots of love to all of you and many blessings!!
    tamara and Pacheco family!

    • Tristan, Joseph, Jeremiah, just to name a few! Congratulations! I am so happy for you! Being a mother is the most wonderful thing in life! There is no love like the love you feel for your child!

  46. Hurrah!!

    Boy name: Sebastian Michael

    However whatever you decide will be the right name.


  47. Congratulations to you & your husband on your son..The greatest gift you can get..and Brady..cute name for a boy..

  48. Bryson

  49. Congratulations! I am a Mom to 2 boys. No real names I can recommend but will share what my MIL told me years ago. Yell the name you pick three times to make sure you don’t get tripped up, make sure the initials don’t “spell” something naughty, make sure the name doesn’t rhyme with any naughty words. She was so right. Sending prayers and reiki for you and the family!

  50. Congrats, Alyssa!
    hmm… I like the names Colt or Jacob :)
    you HAVE to tell us what you’re gonna name him:P
    He’s gonna have an awesome mommy!

  51. Congrats on the baby boy, Alyssa.
    I’ve always liked the names Ethan, Benjamin, Kevin and James or Jamie

  52. Congratulations!!! I love the names Jacob (that’s my little man’s name), George, Alejandro, Antonio, Keith.

  53. Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you and, even though I don’t know you personally, you will be a wonderful mom!

  54. Congratulations! I had a son 10 months ago and his name is Maddox. It’s less common but it totally fits him!

  55. Have 3 boys – all grown now. Boys are the best (don’t tell anyone I said that) Congratulations!

  56. Congratulations Alyssa and David!!!!!!! You are going to be amazing parents :) Name suggestions (Using your peace, light and love theme) Lucas (Luke) means light, Geoffrey/Jeffery means (gift of peace) and Noah means (Peace).

  57. congratz ^^
    what about Jeremiah or Isaiah?

  58. Aww, I’m so excited for you angel… a precious baby boy… future NHL, MLB, NBA or NFL athlete maybe… I vote hockey player! I like the name Cai (sounds like the letter “K”) that’s the name I would have used if I had a boy.
    ‘Cai Aramis Bugliari’ maybe? I like it… Love and blessings to the three of you. All the best to you. LOVE!

  59. Congrats! Obviously you’re loved by a lot of people because your website took 20 minutes to load today!!
    I think you should name the baby something normal. I’m all for originality but for goodness sake, don’t name him after a fruit (or any other type of food).

    That being said, I’m sure he will still be adorable should you choose to call him Meatball.

  60. Congratulations. Boys are great. Just watch out when you are changing his diaper :) I love the names Noah & Ian. Hugs.

  61. Congratulations!! Boys are such fun! You will love it! I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes great and that he is a very healthy baby. I’m sure he will be beautiful! Maybe Tomas (my son’s name) it’s not a crazy name but with a different spelling. Just a suggestion!

  62. Congrats Alyssa and David! He’ll be a beauty…and hopefully will have your computer skills :)
    I’ve always liked the name Locklynn, just a suggestion.

  63. Congratulation, Wyatt is a good name.

  64. Congrats on your baby boy!! :D!!

  65. Congratulations to Alyssa and David!! May he be Healthy and Strong! May God Bless your new Famiglia.

    Now about the name….How about something along the Italian line.. Michale , Dominic , Anthony, or maybe Cavaricci. But I am partial to Michael ;) lol Or you could do Michelangelo .. But whatever you choose I’m sure it will feel right to the both of you.. Just keep it kinda normal… We don’t need no more fruits as names… eg: Apple LOL

  66. Congrats! Little boys are so much fun:) Boy names, I like Abraham and Donovan. Many good wishes for you and your hubby.

  67. The Angels are singing the joy of your baby….Michael David

  68. Congrats doll! My two boys have brought me only joy. Def the best thing I’ve ever accomplished. I know you’ll find a special name for your special little man. My younger son is Luca. Nice Italian name for two nice Italian descent parents .

  69. Aww yay congrats!! I’m so happy for you!!
    As for boy names there are the obvious ones, Wyatt (which I love I dong care what anyone thinks), and Chris. Lol

    Then theres:

    Sorry that’s all I can think of right now. is normally where I go to find names when I’m writing stories. Again I’m so happy for you best of luck.

    Peace, Love & Pixie Dust

  70. I am so happy for you and David. I have no doubt in my mind that you two are going to be awesome parents!… As for names, how about Spencer? Noah? Gabriel? Jesse? I like Jesse =)

  71. How fantastic for you both. All the very best with everything.

  72. Congrats. Here are some good boy names

    Good luck


  73. Congrats to you and your husband Alyssa! Wonderful news! I have been a big fan of yours for many years and am so happy for you. Wishing you a healthy and happy baby always. My name pick is Mateo.

  74. Congrats!!!!! How about the name Nathaniel? Its a strong and lovely boy name.

  75. Congratulations! I am partial to the name Connor (my son’s name) :) If our daughter had been a boy, she was going to be either Ethan or Evan. Whatever name you choose, I am sure it will be perfect, just like him!

  76. Congrats! Boys are fun! Our son’s name is Tucker…and we love it!

  77. Congrats love the mommy tummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Jeremiah is good get’s lots of options, Jeremy, J combined with middle inital, Jer, Jerm.

  78. Congrats on your great news. Children are a blessing from God. What about Italian baby names like Mario or Francesco?

  79. Aww…congrats!! Names? How about Elijah Joel? LOL!! I always loved that name!!

  80. Congrats to you both!


  81. Ooooo Congratulations!!!! You will make an amazing mom. Looking forward to following your journey on twitter. Only name I might suggest would be David jr. (Davy)

  82. Congrats!!! Kids are the greatest! Life is about to change for sure!

    My 3 sons names are: Garrett, Braeden and Tristen. So, I am partial to names that aren’t so common.

    Best wishes. Chris

  83. Dear Alyssa,
    Much love and congratulations on your baby boy. May God bless your family with health, love and happiness.

    My husband would say Christopher is a good name… but whatever you decide, I am sure it will be perfect.

    Many Blessings,

  84. Congrats on your news of a baby boy! Well, I got my son’s name (Wyatt) from Charmed of course. It was going to be Wyatt Cole but his dad veto’d that. I really like these names though…

    Dylan- “son of the sea”
    Caleb- “faith, devotion, whole hearted”
    Carmine- “song”
    Alexander- “man’s defender, warrior”

    Just a few of my fav’s…

  85. Congratulations on your baby boy! Children are such a blessing. May you always be happy. Cherish each and every moment with your little one they go by so fast.

  86. Congratulations!! Still I like Caleb.

  87. Congrats.. you will be such a good mom your a milf now lol well i think you should name the baby. . JOSIAH

  88. Congrats, I new it! since you have an A, B, and D all in your names, I’m thinking you need a C. So I would go with Chase, Conner, Cayle,

  89. Congrats on your baby boy! It must be really exciting.
    I like the names Trevor, matthew, issac.
    Well congradulations again!!!!

  90. Congrats on the baby boy! :) I like the names Christopher {Chris} & Jonathan {John}. With love, we welcome your dear new baby boy to this world. Enjoy your new baby, for years will pass by, and your new baby will grow before you know! Best wishes for you, David, and you new baby boy!

  91. Congratulations Alyssa and David. xxx
    Boys are so much fun, i’ve got a Boy, he turns 5 this July. And he’s a proud big Brother to his Sister Cheyenne Jamelia, she turns 1 in June.

    Boy Names: Well my Boy’*s Name is Connor Jeremy. But i like Jayden, Damian, Zachary, Cobey and Tyler

    Mandy <3

  92. How about Asher James? They have very strong meanings. :).

  93. Congrats! Boys are so much fun! I have 3! Greyson is an awesome name! :)

  94. Congrats to you and your hubby! A boy is so exciting I am also having a boy!We picked the name Jaxon Xavier and we love it! Hope you guys find a name as wonderful as he will be! Good Luck and Much Love,


  95. Congrats! How exciting. We didn’t find out the sex of our first baby and were so surprised it was a boy, we were so happy. We named him, Zachary. It’s an awesome name. We are keeping Zachary…not Zac!

    Be safe and have fun. Many blessings to you. Oxoxox

  96. Congratulations! I’m so happy for both of you. How about naming him Jack, after Jackie Robinson? Now that you know it’s a boy, you can safely paint his entire room Baby Dodger Blue! (actually I see no problem in doing that if you were having a girl too…) :D

    Much love,

  97. Congrats on your news of a baby boy! Well, I got my son’s name (Wyatt) from Charmed of course. It was going to be Wyatt Cole but his dad veto’d that. I really like these names though…

    Dylan- “son of the sea”
    Caleb- “faith, devotion, whole hearted”
    Carmine- “song”
    Alexander- “man’s defender, warrior”

    Just a few of my fav’s…
    Much Love and Luck to your growing family…

  98. Congrats! Boys are so fun! My boy is 2 1/2 and the best thing to ever happen to me. Give him a nice manly name like Jack!

  99. Congrats!!! I’ll love being a mommy to a baby boy boys r sweet on their mamas I love the name Kyle I named my son Kyle Thomas :-)


    I like Derek as a name….however you’ll know which name will be right. Trust me on that one, your gut will let you know which name will be the right one.

  101. Congratulations!! Hope you have a very fast delivery and say yes if they ask you if you want drugs. Maybe “Thomas David” for the name

  102. Congratulations on the precious baby boy!! I am only 14, but for 14 years my favorite name is Elliott! I am sure the name you choose will be perfect!

  103. Congrats on the baby boy!!!!!! Name suggestion?? Aiden Riley. If my 7mth old had been a boy that would have been his name! Again Congrats! Best of luck, wishes, love and warmth!

  104. Congratulations on your baby boy!! You are very blessed :) I like Mekhi for a boy… Congrats again!

  105. Congrats to you and David! I think your son is going to be one lucky little boy to have you guys as parents.

    As for names: I like Liam, Jase or Brady.

    All the best to you!


  106. Ronin! That’s the name I wanted to use for our child, but we are having a girl. Her name will be Inara! Congrats!

  107. Congrats!!!! Enjoy your bundle of joy. I suggest Tristan for his name :)

  108. Congrats to you and David….I think Aiden Thomas is a strong name…plus it would make a great name for a baseball player or an actor :and it would make Nono happy :D

  109. Congrats!!! Greetings from Venezuela, I like the name Daniel!

  110. Congratulations!! God bless you and your family. [:
    As for names, I like Samuel and Timothy. Maybe Brandon?

    Love to you all! [: I pray that he’s healthy and happy.

    Love, Bevi <3

  111. Congratss! =) its a big steap in your life! About the names mmm Gabriel is really nice this is the meaning: It is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Gabriel is “God’s able-bodied one; hero of God”. Biblical: the archangel Gabriel is the only angel besides Michael named in the canonical Scriptures. Gavriel is a Jewish variant popular in Russia. Musician Peter Gabriel; author Gabriel Garcia Marquez; football player Roman Gabriel; actor Gabriel Byrne.

    Geattings for Venezuela!
    I wish u the best!

  112. Congratulations to you both! You asked for suggestions for names…Braeden, Cooper, Patrick, Blake, Ryan, Taylor…lol…you DID ask!

  113. Congrats – I saw your note on Twitter! How about:

    l(a)-ne as a boy’s name, is pronounced layn. It is of Middle English origin, and the meaning of Lane is “path, roadway”.

    I think it’s such a great name, and it has such a wonderful meaning! I’m sure whatever name you two choose will be great!

    Take care and congratulations!!!

  114. Congrats I have been blessed with 2 girls melody and sofia but my favorite boys name if all time is hunter dean I hope you have a safe happy pregnancy and labor xoxo

  115. Alyssa!

    Congrats on your baby boy! The name depends on if you want something
    normal, unusual, ethnic, etc. I usually choose a name which means
    something special. I like names like Michael, Sebastian, Antonio, Joseph,
    Daniel, Marcello, Brian, Angelo, etc. It’s up to you, though :) There are
    plenty of unusual names out there.

  116. Mark is a good name, so is Martin (my father’s) and Anthony (my Grand father’s).

    Congratulations to the proud parents.

  117. Congrats to you and David. I have 2 boys named Joseph and Frank, my wife and I picked our names based on each of our Dads.

    Good luck :)

  118. Either Noah James or Keith Michael

  119. How sweet a baby boy. I like Demitri, Preston, Devon, Emerick, Diego… Best wishes!!

  120. Congratulations!!! I’m so excited for you guys!!! Tyler, Ryan and Jason are all really great boy names! I’m sure you will find the perfect name for your little guy!!!

  121. Congratulations Alyssa and David!!! Ill post again for the name, can’t think of anything yet. haha

  122. Congratulations, Alyssa and David!
    My wife and I have the cutest, sweetest 3-year-old on the planet. His name is Connor James. My wife heard the name Connor on the radio while she was pregnant and we both liked it, so that’s his first name. And it was her idea to give him my (legal) first name, James, as his middle name. So there you go. Enjoy every second with him. The first 3 years, at least, go by much more quickly than you want them too!

  123. Congratulations!!! My first was a boy as well…. I have always liked the names Brady or Hunter.

  124. Yay a boy!! I like the name jonathan. I do like the name christopher but that would be kinda strange lol. And Holly just popped up on my tv as I was typing that haha.

  125. I love the names Caiden and Logan! You could always name him Sam!!!

  126. CONGRATS ON THE BABY! Name: Xavier! It’s very unique!

  127. Carter , Lukas , Liam , caleb Congtraz Hun

  128. congrats im happy for you and a great name for him would be Marcus

  129. Congratulations!!!
    Owen and Aidan are great boys names!

  130. Congrats!!! Enjoy your bundle of joy. I suggest Tristan for the name ; )

  131. Congrats to both you and David!!
    For names, I’d go for Nicholas, Dimitri,(hehe I now.) and Dean

  132. Congratulations!!! How many suggestions do you think you will get for wyatt or Chris??

  133. Before I found out I was having a daughter 3 years ago I had my heart set on Addison Alexander for a boy. Always loved that name.

  134. Congratulations! As a new Nana to 2 beautiful Grandsons (5 & 8 months) I am partial to William or Matti ;-) but you’ll know when you meet your little man, what his name should be.

    All my best dear on your new path, trust me there is nothing like it in the world!
    Hugs Lyne

  135. Congrats on your bundle of joy! I’m really happy for you and know you’ll make a great mom! Comparing Alyssa to Phoebe, neither of the two can keep secrets lol. I really like the names Logan, Nathan, Sheldon and Kaleb.

    I wish you the best in your near future and may God bless you with a beauty, healthy baby boy.

    xoxo :)

  136. Congrats!!!! Best wishes for a happy healthy baby boy!
    There are all kinds of cute baby boy names like Garrett, Owen, Gavin, Christian.
    Whatever name you choose, he’ll be special.

  137. Congrats, sweetpea!

    I think you would do well with a nice traditional name. (:
    How about… Broderick, Kendall, Cameron, Landon, Adam, Jacob, Nicholas, Seth?
    Best Wishes to you and your little family!
    <3 <3

  138. Congrats I know everyone will say this but what about Wyatt Chris Leo Henry Cole Andy or Daniel but i personally like Johnathan Michael or James. But any name would be great for that little baby.

    Your Biggest Fan

  139. Helloooooo!!!!! Congrats!!!! I am sure you’ll be a great mom!!! You’ll love the experience, I have an almost 3 year old girl and now I am also expecting a boy… 3 months to go yet :-S I want him here already!!! I think the second time goes slower. I have a few very good names… I’ve been having to do my own research so ;-)

    Artur (no h after t)

    There are some… If I get some other suggestions from my friends I’ll let you know hehehe…

    Huge hug!!


    p/s: I was thinking about you yesterday because I heard you’re craving broccoli and I make THE BEST broccoli soup!!!

  140. As a proud mum of two boys (Joshua 10&1/2 & Aaron 6months) the first bit if advise I would give you is to have plenty of face flannels with you for nappy changes the first few months! You never know when they will pee so best to cover with cloth when nappy is off! Best bit is don’t tell daddy the secret! ;-) 0:) x

  141. Congratulations!! Hope he is healthy and has a great life. Hmmm…name…maybe Atlee??? Awesome name if I do say so myself! hahaha

  142. congrats on havin a baby boy. how bout dilan, david and milano maybe alvid, alyssa and david combine. ill suggest wyatt, chris, jay, or maybe javid, a combination of david and your middle name jayne. hope u guys find perfect name for ur baby boy. congrats again.

  143. Congrats to both of you! I named my boys Aaron and Noah. I absolutely love those names. Sam, Jonathan, Jacob. :-) Just make sure it’s something you like and don’t let anyone else tell you different! May God grant you many blessings.

    A friend,

    Mary Jane

  144. What about “Trevor”?

  145. Congrats Alyssa & David!!! You will love being parents, it’s the most wonderful journey you will ever take!! I wish you all the best! I love the name Nicholas & Tristan!
    Best wishes!!!

  146. so happy for you & hubby, bo9ys are awesome I have a five year old, how about Dominick for a boy or Connor??


  147. First of all congrats and for the baby name how about ether Vance,mike,royce, or walter.

  148. Congrats!

    I love Boston, Judah, Anthony & Julian!

  149. aloha and congratulations! have fun thinking of a name!

  150. Congrats on the baby boy. I like the name Mark or Daniel.

  151. I like the classics like Christopher and Michael personally! We made a list and looked at it every day, deleted the ones we got sick of and kept shuffling the order until we found some we loved. We then made a top four list for each gener so that we could choose the perfect name when our baby was born. Sometimes they don’t look like the name you have in mind so it’s nice to have a few you love.

    Erica certainly didn’t look like a Zachary! ;) or a Samantha, she looked like an Erica :)

    All the best for your family and your little baby boy!

  152. Congradulations!!! Health and happiness to all. For a name always liked Robert. So happy for you.

  153. Congrats to you!!! How about Lexton (Lex for short!!)

  154. Congrats… I say you name him a nice Italian traditional name. Anthony or Antonio..
    also Dante is a great name. we named our son that.

  155. Im so happy for you!!! Really exciting… watched charmed sence I was little.. [<3] major fan,

  156. Congrats to the both of you!! My name suggestions are Joseph, Anthony or Jacob

    Love and Blessings,

  157. Congrats On Your Baby Boy so happy for you!! How About Alex for a Name?

  158. I’ve always loved the name Caleb. Such a strong biblical name!


  160. Boom! It’s a boy! Congratulations, Alyssa & David!!! :D

    I’ll have to put some thought into the naming suggestions. I’ll tweet them.

    Have a great week!


  161. Ohhhh.. I jst wrote a comment and is gooooooonnneee!!!!

    Congratulations to you both… I am sure you’ll be a great mom!! I am so so happy for you… enjoy very much the pregnancy, the first one goes very fast. I have an almost 3 year old girl and a boy on the way (in 3 months…) I think they will be the longest months ever!! maybe the second pregnancy goes slower :-S

    Some name suggestions having to make a research myself ;-)


    I’ll keep thinking :-D keep many next to you because for example my mother named me just in the moment she saw me… she had 6 names and when she saw me she said I had a Vania’s face hehe… later she added 3 other names after Vania but still… Vania was the first…

    Very good luck with the pregnancy… again, enjoy!!!


    p/s: I make THE BEST broccoli soup that you can ever try!!!!

  162. Congrats Alyssa and David!!! Boys are great! I have 4 nephews!

    I’ve always like Jacen or just Jace. I think its cute! :)

    But I’m sure y’all will find the perfect name for him.

    Take Care!

  163. Landon is my favorite name :)

    Also Preston

  164. Congrats!!! i always loved the name Cameron James and then u can call him CJ…whatever u pick willbe great..unless u name him after a fruit like some people…

  165. I would venture to name the little one after his father and grandfather soo….Thomas David?

  166. Congratulations!!!
    Kyrian, Kaden, Boden, are just a few of the names I like for boys.
    Again congratualtions on the baby.

  167. Congratulations on your baby boy. Prayers for a beautiful and healthy baby.

  168. Congrats Alyssa and David on your baby boy. You both will make wonderful Parents.

    Grayson Ryley or Riley, I love this name.
    Shelby Joseph, I love this name too..
    If I had a boy or boys thats what I would name my boys

  169. Aven Jay Milano

  170. Hey Alyssa Congrats on the new addition my sons name is Rhys I think that is a great name!!

  171. I am very happy for you, I knew it would be a boy …
    PS: I’m anxious to see the face of the baby boy =)
    With love both!

  172. I really like the name Rylan. I wanted the name for our son due in may, but my wife said its to close to the name of our dog (Riley).

  173. I would like to strongly suggest Benjamin. It’s a traditional, strong name for a boy. Classic really. Congratulations again! You’ll be great!

  174. congratulations =) all the best….wishing you a safe & easy birth !

    i love the names Mateo and Angelo….. =)

  175. Conrats, Alyssa and David! Very happy for you guys. <3 Name: Jaxson, or Jax for short. <3

  176. How about Conor . Congrats on your baby,now you will know what love means.

  177. 1st congrats. As a father of 5 boys I’ll give you my favorite name of the five, Cooper! William Cooper is his full name but we call him Cooper. The other four are Connor,Colby, Carter , and Kyle Chandler. Yes after the actor lol

  178. Congrats honey on your baby boy! Love the name Benjamin and Alexander. Good luck!!!

  179. Congrats! :)

    Some baby name ideas:
    David Thomas Bugliari
    Jackson David Bugliari
    Ryan David Bugliari

  180. Hi Alyssa! Congratulations to you and David on your baby boy!!! One of my favorite names is Jesse!!! Good Luck with the rest of your pregnancy.


  181. Brian Patrick is a good name

  182. Congratulations to you and David. David is a nice name. Some usually have the fathers name as second name or Grandparents first name as a second. List for boys:- Dalton, Jayden, James.. Too many to choose from. I think when you look at your baby for the first time, you will know!.. Enjoy your pregnancy. God Bless the Three of you!

    Love, Peace and Light.

  183. Congratulations! I know you both are so very excited. How cool for both of you. Name suggestions…..Connor, Cole, Brandon and Wyatt. Just some off the top of my head Best wishes to both of you. And you look absolutely adorable by the way. =)

  184. CONGRATS!! I was betting that you’d name him after a LA Dodger, but…my suggestion? “Talon.”

    Wishing you 2 the best!

  185. Congratulations Alyssa and David!! :D I had a feeling it was going to be a boy! I think Jack Bugliari would be a totally cute boy name! Maybe give that a thought…or also maybe Jacob, Aaron, or Aiden, but I think Jack would be especially cute! That is my suggestion. Jack.

  186. Congratulations!
    I’m sure you and your hubby have some ideas about names but we couldn’t decide til the last minute ourselves.
    Some names we liked are Joey Joseph Noah Leo Evan Leroy Toby Ruban.
    Good luck and all the best all the way from Perth Australia!
    (with a 5 month old baby boy!)

  187. Wishing you a healthy pregnancy and a super easy labor! Congrats on the little boy – my third is a boy (six months old) – had a great time picking a name – Griffin.
    Enjoy the pregnancy -u look great – simply glowing!

  188. Yay!! I have 3 boys (LOVE BOYS!!), and every day is nothing short of a grand adventure. Niko will be 4 in June, Xander will be 2 on Friday, and Max was born a week ago :-). Good times are ahead, as are sleepless nights, heartwrenching and pure elation, surprising frustration, and a profound sense of being humbled in a way you didn’t know existed. Boys are lightning in a tiny body, laughter from the belly, sticky kisses and dirty toes…the soundtrack of your life will take the most beautiful turn. Welcome to the tribe momma!!! Xoxoxo!!

  189. I just had my second baby girl 9 weeks ago:) but no more babies for me. If baby girl 2 was a boy( didn’t find out) we were going to name him Myles but it was a she who is now Lilly . Myles great name:))))

  190. Congrats! So happy for your family! Its what its all about! Zachary Ryan is my vote! :)

  191. Oh, how lovely! Congratulations, and many wishes for a healthy, happy son.

    As for names, Tatum, Owen, or Anthony seem to flow well. ;-) Best of luck!

  192. Congratulations, Alyssa and David! I adopted my son from Haiti, he came home right after the earthquake. Boys rock! Mine is 3 now. BTW, thanks for all you raised for Haiti.

    Just watch out for names that can be made fun of or names that are super difficult to spell. I’m a teacher and there are so many names I couldn’t pick:)

    You are an amazing woman and I’ve loved watching you on screen, especially Charmed. Thanks for many years of wonderful talent!

  193. congrats to you both. I know you are overjoyed right now! I am truly happy for you guys. You look adorable by the way. Just a few name suggesions…..Conner, Brandon, Dalton, Wyatt & Cole.
    Congrats again!!! =)

  194. Nothing Hollywood weird

  195. Congrats!!! Myles

  196. Alyssa & David,
    Congratulation! A boy….Wow! As much as you love your brother & hubby, the love you have for this little one will be unmatchable. Never knew what people by saying that until my son was born. And they were right. In love instantly!!
    May God continue to bless you & your growing family.
    As for names…..Jonathon or Dakota Bugliari has a nice ring to it.

    With love always
    From my family to yours,
    Johnny (@69wolf)

  197. I am for Wyatt or Chris after the wonderful series of Charmed. Congrats sweety!!

  198. Congrats. I am so happy for you and your husband. I am sure you will be amazing parents. All the best.

  199. Congratulations for your baby.
    Desde la Cd de Mexico

  200. Congrats and Michael is a great name!!

  201. Congrats! I’m really happy for you.

    Name: Ethan Robert

  202. Congratulations. All the best to you and your little family. :)

    As for names? Max. I tend to like names that can be shortened into nicknames. I find it endearing.

  203. WOW… congrats getting a boy must be exciting, thats excately what I want as a first baby later…since I have an older brother I know how great they are ;)…good luck for you and your little family…you’re probably gonna get thousands of suggestions the next couple months but I’m gonna give you one anyways maybe you’ll like it ;-*

    Nathan David…
    or a little long but I like…Noah Jacob Connor

    oke doke wish u a nice and enjoyable pregnancy…best regards from Germany

  204. Just wanted to say Congrats on your Baby boy….take care

  205. Many congrats! I like the name Aiden.

  206. Congrats Alyssa!!! I’m so sure he’s gonna be the happier baby in the world. Babies are blessings of God!!! Enjoy every minute of your pregnancy and every step.

    I can suggest you a few names… Here they are:

    Aidan / Varek / Isander / Luccas / Adrian / Azel (made by God)

    All the best!!!!


  207. Congrats to the both of you. How about Connor?

  208. Congratulations! Nicholas Bugliari!

  209. Wow, Congrats Alyssa and David……. So excited for you…..

    I will think of some names and get them to you. When are you Due????

    Hugs, and xoxoxoxo Pam

  210. Congratulation such wonderful news . My favorite name for a boy is Brynn michael

  211. Congrats, I wish you all the luck and keep in mind EVERYONE has baby advice to force upon you lol. Perhaps Garion ( Gary-on), was my sons name. He passed 11yrs ago from SIDS.

  212. hi alyssa! im a big fan of yours, and i am so happy you are finally becoming a mommy! i know you will be a good one! I have 2 daughters and being a mommy is a wonderful thing, you will love it!! even the sleepless nights!! what about, anthony, logan, alexander, jackson, cooper, ethan, evan, owen, jacob, or colby? good luck hun! cant wait to see who the lil guys gonna look like!

  213. Noah Riley
    Wyatt Lee
    Xander Evan

  214. Congratulations! Best wishes to you! I have always liked the name Malcolm.

  215. Good for you guys!!!! Good luck with everything. This is so exciting for you both, enjoy it and savor it all!!!
    I like the name Brice.

    God Bless you all!

  216. Alyssa,

    Congratulations on having a boy. My boy is so much easier then my girl is. I seem to like basic simple names like Robert Joseph or Richard Robert. Good luck.


    P.S. Scott Charles is another goof one.


  218. Congratulations to the both of you on your soon to be handsome little man. So my favorite name is Brynn Michael

  219. Have always loved the name Atticus. Do you think you will decide on the name before the baby is born or will you choose it once you see him?

  220. Felicidades! Hope he’s a healthy baby boy!! Names: Cole, Leo (;)! Angel(my little brother), Perseus(Percy), Zeus, angel david, Juan David, Maximiliano. Hmmm very hard decision, but you will figure it out!! <3 

  221. Congratuations….
    I wish you both the very best.
    As for a name I recommend Garrett, I am kind of partial to it since it is my Son’s name.

    Whatever you choose it will be special to you both

    With prayers and love your way
    Jamie (@jlcook08)

  222. Congratulations, Im so happy for both of you.
    May good health bless the 3 of you.
    I like the name Logan Cole Milano
    Good luck you,

  223. Congrats on having a boy. They are the best. Name him Corbin!


  225. Congrats! Boys are so precious to moms. Not that girls aren’t but boys have a special place in their moms heart… Name: Camden

  226. Congratulations Alyssa!! Our middle child’s name is Wyatt, haha! Can you guess where we got the inspiration??

    Our oldest is Spencer, but I love the older names… my friend just had a baby and named him Bennett…

    Can’t wait to see what you decide on!

  227. Congrats!

    Daniel – Son of King David.

  228. Congratulations and may God continue to bless you and your family. Would you consider Samuel George?
    This is what my wife and I wanted to call our son if we had one, but God blessed us with 3 beautiful girls.

    God bless Alyssa,

    Kindest regards,

    Tom. (Northern Ireland).

  229. Alyssa and David, congrats on having a boy! Very exciting times becoming parents for the first time.

    Here’s to a healthy bouncing baby boy!

    p.s. Brandon is a great name eh?

  230. Hi, Alyssa Congratulations to you and David on your coming baby boy! Be ready for years of fun, laughter, frustration, tears, astonishment, and love! As for his name sometimes the name you pick before the baby arrives, special as it may be, will not be quite right. You might need a special pick and an alternative. Then see if Baby Bugliari agrees! So happy for you!

  231. Hey congrats on your first son, coming are lots of new first. Lots and lots of happy first. Anyways good luck in your happiness Alyssa.

  232. Congratulations Alyssa and David!!

    Here’s my choices:

    Caleb, Jaxson, Colton, Jace, & Paxton.


  233. Congrats to you both! As far as naming kids I found that no matter what names were the front runners once you see your gift for the first time a totally new name will be found. But my suggestion is Nash. Congrats again!!!

  234. You can name him Samuel (after your character name, Samantha) and use Reese as a middle name after Pee Wee Reese who was inducted in 1984, the year you moved to L.A. and became a fan of the Dodgers.
    Samuel Reese Bugliari

    Too cheesy?

  235. Congratulations on your wonderful news. My 2 boys are Daniel and Christopher xx

  236. Luther Vandros

  237. Congratulations on your baby boy! I have two boys myself and consider it the greatest blessing. Boys love their mamas! We named our boys Anthony and Matteo – both great names!

  238. Alyssa and David,
    Congrats on your little blessing. Welcome to this amazing journey of parenthood. Best advice…keep it simple. Max and Jack were always a few of my favs. No matter what you decide, it will be perfect!

  239. My beautiful daughter we named Quinn Taylor . works Awesome as a boys name too :) Congrats!!!

  240. Ok, I was finally able to open the link!! Congrats to you and your husband!! I have to suggest my son’s name, Tanner, only because I love the name and my son!! Best wishes and again, Congrats!!

  241. Congratulations!
    How about Lee?

  242. Due September, 3. 2011 @ 4.45 AM and I have a lot of money on this one :)

  243. Say Whaaaaaaaaaaattttttttttttttttt?? Yeiiiiiiii

    Congrats Lys, I’m so happy for you guys. I can imagine him dressed as a baseball fan. So cute!
    I hope your baby be a happy and healthy little boy.
    I like Dylan and Tom or Tommy like his grandpa :D
    I send you a Big “Beso”
    Take Care!


  244. I am so happy for you and your hubby!!!!!!!!!!

    Name suggestions? I went to the internet and looked in foreign names for my son’s first name… I started with picking what I wanted his first initial to be, “D”, as his daddy’s and granddaddys’ names all start with “D”. After discussing Irish and German names, as those are our family roots, and dismissing all, I went to French names, as Alexandre Dumas is one of my all time favorites, and wound up with the name…

    d’Artagnan, he is a leader! We gave him the middle names Justice Lee. I feel that a boy’s name should require a lot of thought, as his entire name is with him for life, therefore it must always flow well in order to maintain confidence and strength.

    Those are my thoughts on the subject, and I wish you and your hubby the most magical of birthing experiences.

    Blessed be! :)

  245. All the best to the both of you.
    C. O. N. G. R. A. T. S.
    maybe: Stephen Paul / Stefano Paolo / Luke

  246. congratulations, alyssa and david on your baby boy! :)

    here are my suggestions: soren and romulus. :)

  247. Congratulations!! I like the name Caden, but you will know what to name him when you see him!!

  248. Congratulations! What a precious time for all of you. That little boy is truly blessed to be welcomed into the world by loving parents. xoxo

  249. Congratulations! How about Braden? So happy for you both!

  250. I was told for 15 years I couldn’t have kids so we adopted 6. A year later I was in a horrible car accident that’s left me disabled. One day I fell & went to the hospital. Told them I didn’t need a prego test before the cat scan so in the tube I went. They sniping dropped the procedure rushed me to ultrasound and I was 20 weeks preg with a boy. Since 2 of my boys were already named after my hubby(whole different story) we couldn’t agree on a name. And when we did find one we liked every1 put there 2 cents in either liking or hating the name. So it dawned on me that when we get a new pet we see them first then name them(pets r part of the family), so we ce up with his middle name but the first name was left up to me entirely. I had a few names in mind but kept them to myself. I went into labor at 35 weeks and out he came. I held him in my arms getting to know him for the day. By that night the pressure was on from my family for a name so AFTER I filled out the birth certificate I announced that we named him Riley.

  251. Congrats! I am partial to Travis:)
    Enjoy it all~it goes quickly:)

  252. Congrats on your boy, my name suggestion is AUSTIN

  253. Felicidadesssss Alyssa!! God bless your baby boy!!
    Can’t wait to meet him too (I hope you upload some pics when he comes to the world)

    As David’s last name is Bugliari (italiani) my suggestion name for the baby boy is ADRIANO, I thin it would suit pretty good with the last name, and I soooo love it that I wanna name my baby boy (If I have one some day) like that, but you can borrow it for now:-) LOL

    Much love for you and you family.

    God Bless :-)

  254. How about Sean? We r Irish and Scottish so Sean means strong. I’m praying for a strong baby to match his strong mommy…..


  255. Congratulations!
    I think Aidan is such a nice name for a boy

  256. Congratulations, I’m also having a boy. I’m due July 30th, hope the sickness is not to bad it should be going away by now. I’m 35 and advanced in age to be having kids, so the Dr.’s keep telling me, so good luck to you and don’t worry you will have a healthy baby boy! Just don’t over do it and when you feel tiered just relax, you don’t have to do everything. I love the name Jake, now to just convince my husband he likes it too.

  257. Congratulations! For a unique name, may I suggest, Onalim Milano. It reads the same forward and backwards.

  258. Congratulations, it’s so exciting to know this, and now you can talk to the little guy in such a more meaningful way. God, the best time of your life is happening now. As a Mum of 2 boys (now 29 & 31) I can vouch for that.

    I’ve based my suggestions of names on the meanings – no idea of your taste in names.

    Aaron – exalted, enlightened, mountain of strength
    Aidan or Aiden – wise protector
    Fred or Jeff – peace

    I thought that all of these names are really good for a child born into these times, and all go well with Bugliari.

    Keep well and happy,

  259. Congratulations! I was thinking Cole would be nice to name him. Or even Leo!

  260. Congratulations! I personally LOVE the names Connor and Liam! I think Liam will be best! Congratulations again!

  261. Btw I am a huge fan and congratulations. God bless you and your family. When u look into his eyes for the first time you will know exactly the perfect name for him.

  262. Congrats!! Many blessings to you, you will be a great mother!! Names…Cameron, Holden, Hayden, Spencer…good luck and those all go with David. Hunter is another great one.

  263. My son’s name is Wolf. He loves it!

  264. Congrats! Children bring so much joy into the world. Enjoy every minute as it goes by so fast…..
    Alexander is a great name and is able to be translated into so many different languages. Comes in handy when traveling ; ) The best of luck to you and your family.

  265. Congrat’s, little boys are mama’s pride and joys…
    Also, I vote for Rylan David.,.. Its a strong name for an amazing little boy!

  266. Rocco!!! or Vincent? or BOTH! :0) Boys are the best!

  267. Congratulations!

    Jackson-Dean orrr Clayton-Dean
    OH and Castiel.


  268. I think you should pick a “C” name and then you will be A, D and C, B !! Cieran, Caelan, Cullin or maybe just Charlie :)


  269. Congratulations! I’m so excited for you.
    I wish you a happy, amazing pregnancy. Enjoy it. It will be over so fast.
    I must say I’m partial to the name Noah. Its so strong and honourable.

    Love from this West Coast Canadian Gal!


  270. I run a daycare and have some really cool names that come through. There is Lord, Sebastian, Zen ,Eagan, Draven, Zion, River, Teague, Artemis, Tao, I love earthy sounding names myself. Although whatever you pick will be just as lovely.

  271. Congratulations!! Baby boys are so sweet and they adore their mothers! How about Max or King? My son’s name is Max King El-Mofty. :)

    Best wishes to you and your baby boy!

  272. Congratulations on your little boy! You should name him Ebbet!

  273. Congratulations!

  274. Congratulations! May your new bundle of joy shine a light on to the world and bring many blessings for you and your family.

    Two names that I always loved are Gabrielle and Motek. Gabrielle in Hebrew means strength, and Motek in Hebrew means sweets or sweety. I

    Love from NY!

    Debby :)

  275. Congrats!! My suggestion is Matteo for the baby boy!

  276. Congratulations Alyssa and David on the announcement of your Baby Boy!!! :-)
    Brandon&Dylan are great names for a boy!

    All My Best to you Alyssa!!

  277. Names?
    How about…
    ~ Aidan
    ~ Luke
    ~ Tyler
    ~ Isaac
    ~ Darren
    ~ Nicholas
    ~ Matthew

    Just some ideas.

  278. Congratulations!!

    I like the sound of Antonio Gael Bugliari.

  279. A for you, D for David, Antonio David. Solid name. I like the sound together with Bugliari. That is your last name I hope. Thought I saw it on your posting.

  280. Hi Alyssa

    I can’t tell you in words how Happy I am for the two of you. I can see you holding your son with prue joy written in your smile and eyes. Names? Hmmm

    Gary < — Sorry I couldn't resist

    All my love

  281. I have two sons and four grandsons. Here are their names”

    Scott Joseph
    Brad David

    Scott Joseph (Jr)
    Braden James
    Charles Vincent
    Liam Joseph

    Boys are so much fun.

  282. Hi…
    I’m so happy for you ;)

    I like Benjamin, Sebastian, Jamie, Steve….

    God Bless!
    Catarina (from Portugal)

  283. Congrats guys! I’m partial to my grandson’s name: Trystan Rune (ok so I picked it out for him too :) ) but I also like Brendan, Ian, or Jaquin.

  284. what ever name ya and your other deside it’ll be blessed and be very stronge and stable

  285. Kaleb and Logan are strong names
    Conner and Harrison are distinguished names
    Hayden or Aiden are sensitive names
    Lincoln and Kennedy both have historical recognition and are connected to the best Presidents the US ever had
    Gideon and Tobin are just different and you won’t get any grade mix ups. My brother had that problem. Two boys, same name, very different grades and behaviors! My brother was the good one. Lol

    Hope this helps!

  286. Congrats!!

    Our three boys are:

  287. Congratulations. Baby name suggestions: Justin David, Patrick, Peter David, Christian Travis,

  288. Yay! Congrats :)

    I’ve always liked the names Taiten and Nash

  289. Congrats guys! My daughter, Harley, votes for Auggie. Kinda weird but a very lovable guy we know. Good Luck!!

  290. Hi congrats!!!! By the way big fan! I like the names Ayden, Alexander (xander) and Cullen! good luck cant wait to see pictures!


  291. my sons name is Miles, might work for you cause it keeps the mil from Milano! CUTE!

  292. I really like the name Aiden for a boy. It is the cutest name for a little boy. Congrats again and hope all goes well with your pregnancy.

  293. wow congrats! he’s blessed to have both of you as his parents… why don’t you named him

  294. HII!!! Wow finally i’ve been able to get on your site, it must of been really busy or crowded?? lol anyways well congrats!! OMG a baby boy!! Can’t wait to see him. You must be thrilled. Hmm… I can’t think of any names…let me see… Matheo, Alan, Christopher, Damon, Antonio, William, lol Well i guess I CAN THINK of some, I got more but don’t want to spam your comments haha..well hopefully you are having a wonderful day and wish the best for you! Love you!! -Dianakcv

  295. Im so happy for you sweetie! You are truly Blessed! I had a gut feeling you were having a boy.
    How about:

    Anthony Vicente Bugliari or Anthony Milano Bugliari or

    Levi Tyler Bugliari or Levi Milano Bugliari or

    William Daniel Bugliari or William Milano Bugliari.

    Just my two cents.
    Blessed Be!

  296. No name comes to mind, but his being healthy, happy, blessed certainly do. Enjoy the moments!

  297. Your son will be the most spoiled child in the world. Not only because he will be born to a well-off family, but because he will be the son of such a compassionate woman as yourself. I don’t know much about the baby daddy, but I’m sure that if he fits your standards, then he is no doubt an excellent testament to what a man should be. Your child will surely grow up with a strong sense of humanity, beauty, compassion, and love.

    Best wishes,

  298. Congratulations Alyssa and David! I have a suggestion for a name: Alfonso or….. hmmnnn Spartacus! Spartacus Bugliari! Wow! So manly!

  299. Yeiiii!!! COngrats to the parents to be!! I wish you both and the baby boy all the best ever! God bless you al!! ALyssa kisses from your greatest fan from Brazil!!!! @mariah_morgado

  300. Congrats on your beautiful baby boy Alyssa! Soo happy for you and David! I’m sure you guys are going to be fantastic parents to that lucky little guy! For names I like: Noah, Mason, Julian, Jack, Tanner, Riley, Kingston. Best Wishes! :D

  301. yay! congrats! i freakin LOVE u! u’ll make a great mom! congrats to u both again!

  302. Congrats on the blue bundle of joy…. If it were me I would flip flop do i want to know or not. It would be a total Cosby show episode. Congratulations once again. Wishing you and yours health wealth and happiness in the coming days and for all the tomorrows hereafter.

    I wont suggest names I’m sure you are getting plenty of comments on that {I am in the boat of no charmed names…}

  303. Obviously, Anthony is my first choice. Runner-up is Samuel. Honorable Mention is Christopher…gotta admit Sam Bugliari sounds like the future CF for NYY. Best Wishes.

  304. Congrats to both u. Such a blessing. How about the names kegan or garrett. The names of my great nephews who lost there lives in a car accident. They lost there as two small children we will everyday of our lives.

  305. Congratulations!

    Some few names:
    Zion Keith
    Crimson Luke
    Blaze Warrick
    Theo Zane
    Orion Blue
    Ezra Xander
    Zeke Orion
    Janus Blaine
    Bryson Carter
    Percy Jackson
    Addison Earl

    The future is now. He deserves a name suitable in his time :)
    As always, the decision is yours.
    Choose wisely Alyssa! :)

  306. A boy!! Congratulations beautiful! There is no one in this world that is more deserving of such a precious little gift. Wishing you and David all the best.
    Lots of love xxxxxxx

  307. Congratulations!!!! I’m so happy for you and David! :) I’m sure you’ll make wonderful parents! Just watching you on charmed, I can tell you’re good with babies!

    As for names, Nicholas?

    Hey, while I’m at it, I’ll throw in my name – Bashir . ;)

    Best of luck from a longtime fan! You will be in my prayers!

  308. I think I sent you a reply twice on Twitter that it’s a boy. As for a name suggestion, some parents here in the Philippines combine the name of their fathers. My cousin took her and her husband’s grandfathers’ names. I think they combined Christopher and Juan so their son’s name is Chris John.

  309. CONGRATS to you both!!!! So awesome that you are having a boy! He will be THE cutest baby EVER! : ) Some names: Jackson, Henry, Anthony, Evan, Matthew, Dominic… I like traditional kind of names. None of these new fangled ones like Caden or Skyler… just my opinion! : ) Blessings to your little family (including the animals).

  310. Congrats on the baby!! I always loved you on Charmed!! You will be a great mother!!

  311. Hi and congrats!! Love your tweets!!!!
    I like James(a little biased)

    How about Tiberius??

    Remember James Tiberius Kirk??

    Too over the top? Yeah I guess so!!

  312. Congrats on the baby!! I always loved you on Charmed! You will be a great mother!!

  313. Congrats to you!!! I have 3 little girls at home…=) Name suggestions~ Lucas Nathan or Jacob.. Again, congratulations!!!

  314. Congratulations on baby boy
    Love the name Mikel Dayne. Love to spell names differently. Good luck. <3

  315. Congratulations Alyssa and family!!!
    I’m so happy for you!!!!
    Leo is a beautiful name for a boy… i love it bcuz its so stronger but sweet at the same time haha :)
    ps: in Spain i can still watch Charmed every night at tv.
    Much love from Barcelona (Spain),
    Love you, Lety.

  316. To the best tweeter on the twittersphere….

    ‘Gratz … he’ll be a wonderful child…until he becomes a teenager…har har. ;)

  317. I am SO, so happy for you both. Parenthood is going to suit you very well. We’ll need a pry bar to remove the smiles from your faces. I completely understand if you refuse to name the infant “Lippy”, but maybe, just MAYBE I can be an honorary Uncle?

    Much love to your family tonight. This is only the beginning of a happiness you’ll never get over.

  318. Mazal Tov Alyssa! It’s so nice to hear such happy news, with all this tragedy in the world! May your son bring you a lifetime of happiness!

  319. And the Dodger family grows by one more… Congrats and many blessed moments for your family.

  320. Congratulations on your little BAMBINO!! In my opinion here are 2 really great names… ‘Joshua’ and ‘Christian’, and also the names of my 2 boys :-) ‘ Evan’ is also a great choice. Good luck with what i’m sure will be a beautiful,healthy,amazing baby. Also, if you don’t already know, 2 extremely helpful sites to check out for pregnant women are: and A friend of mine who’s also expecting loves them both.

  321. Congratulations, I just knew it was a boy! I think you should pick a traditional, normal name. I do love the names Cameron, Christopher, Nicholas and Justin, or you can follow Italian tradition and name him after your husband or your own dad, but I am sure whatever you name him, he will be very loved- Good luck :)

  322. Alyssa How about naming your baby boy Courage

  323. Congrats!! Having a baby is soooooooo special!! and for my 2 cents on a name i Like Brayden

  324. Congrats! He’s going to be beautiful and the best thing to happen to you! =)

    Jaedon Rhys (‘reece’)

  325. When we were pregnant with our first, a girl, we were sure she was a boy. We thought to ourselves how much more comfortable we were having a boy than a girl. How could we raise a girl? we wondered. Then our daughter was born, and for the next two years we thought, “How could we have ever thought we wouldn’t know how to raise a girl? ” And then our son was on the way, and we thought, newly, “Wow. Remember when we thought we knew how to raise a boy? HOW CAN WE RAISE A BOY? We don’t know anything about them!”

    Inevitably, after he was born, it all just…happened. My son is a delight, and is his mom’s main squeeze. There’s a special bond in the house, father to daughter, mother to son. I don’t know that it’s universal, but I wish it on everyone.

    Enjoy your son, Alyssa.


  326. What wonderful news! I am so happy for you both!
    It’d be excessively vain of me to suggest Peter as a name, but it IS a nice one. And a good meaning too. (Rock – steadfastness, loyalty, and possibly a hint as to what music he’ll like when he’s older!)
    Congratulations again! All 3 of you! :)
    (StudioDraven on Twitter)

  327. Congrats! This is such exciting news :)

    You are absolutely gorgeous pregnant…as always!

    Name suggestions: Avery, Schroeder, Sawyer, Lennon, Baylor, Kyan, Oliver, Tate, Hendrix, Orion, & Sebastien

    Those are my favorite boy names…I’ve always had more trouble with those names than girl names, wonder why ;)

    May love and peace bless your family!

  328. Congrats Alyssa!!!! That is so exciting, I am so happy for you:) Let’s see a couple of good names for boys that I like are: Noah, Daniel, Nathan and Eric. This baby boy is going to be so loved I can just tell by how excited and joyous you are. Good luck with trying to pick the perfect name for your little bundle of joy, there are definitely some really good suggestions on here!

    Much love and best of luck,

  329. Congratulations to you two! I am so so SO excited for you guys. Boys are a lot of fun, I have a nephew who will be one on st. Pattys day, never a dull moment with him around :)

    As for names, I love Aiden, Hunter, Skylar, Blake, Julian, and my nephews name which is Dominic. :)

  330. Alyssa..Congratulations on the WONDERFUL News!! I am soo VERY Happy for the Both of You!! I have 3 Boys..Tyler Scott (12), Calob Lee (5) ….Calob’s Birth Name was “Keagan Alexzander”, but was changed after 3 weeks, due to Paternal Family Tradition…. and last, but DEFINATELY not least, my Baby Boy..Noah Christopher (4). They are ALL True Blessings!! I had surgery 7 months before I found out I was pregnant with my 1st Miracle, Tyler, when my Specialist told me that I could Never have children. He said that I had too much damage from my Endometriosis. I was even put on Birth Control Pills to regulate my pain. I wanted Ty to be my only child, because I was a single Mom & I never wanted him to feel as if I was putting a man or any other children before him or he was less special because it wasn’t his Biological Father. 7 yrs later, after being best-friends w/ Shane & re-entering College, I found out I was pregnant w/ my 2nd Miracle..Calob. (I had been on the Depo shot for 5 yrs) COMPLETE SHOCK!! I basically lived in the Hospital, so my specialist & I thought it would be best to tie my tubes, cause my body wouldn’t be able to carry another child. I was due to get my tubes tied 3 weeks after Calob was born, because my Mom would be visiting from TX & could help w/ my Boys. The day b4 the surgery, I woke up completely paralyzed from the waste up. Numerous visits to the ER & an MRI later, I found out that I had a 6inch tumor inside my Spinal Cord (from C2 to C6). So, no Tubaligation. Instead, I had the Tumor removed 3 days before Christmas. We, again, scheduled mu Tubal for Feb. In January, my Fiance took me to a Brad Paisley Concert to celebrate my Birthday & me walking on my own. Needless to say, Thank God they do Pregnacy Tests before Surgery, because now I have my 3rd Miracle..Noah. EVERYTHING happens for a reason..even something as HORRIBLE as Spinal Cord Surgery!! May God Bless You & Your BEAUTIFUL Baby Boy!! Have a Safe & Wonderful delivery!! As far as Names for Boys..the 3 Most BEAUTIFUL Names {to Me} are Tyler Scott (after Steven Tyler & my Step-Dad)..Calob Lee (Family Name & My Middle Name) and Noah Christopher (From our Favorite Movie that Brought us 2gether as more then Best Friends..The NoteBook and Family Name) Little secret how to chose a it out like you are calling for him from the other room. Trust works!! (: Happy Thought Always!! Danielle

  331. Yay! Your little boy will be a gift…not only to you and David, but to the world. Enjoy the name search, the remainder of your pregnancy and all the well wishes!

  332. Congratulations Alyssa and David! I’m very glad to hear that you’ll be having a boy! I was hoping that it would be a girl,but I’m sure that both of you are happy regardless. As far as a name goes,maybe Anthony or Stephen or even Byron? Just a thought,Alyssa.

  333. Congratulations! I love your tweets.

  334. Congrats to you both!! I can’t wait to read your twitter after you have him…I am sure you will be gushing =))

    Alexander is a strong name…Alexander David or David Alexander…he can be called Alex. That’s my vote, but I know you will choose what is best for your family.

    Positive thoughts to you and your family through this…(((HUGS)))

  335. Congratulations you guys!! I am really happy for you..Many blessings sweety!! Hugs all the way from Canada :)

  336. Congratulation !! Being a Mother is such a joy.. Once you hold that beautiful baby in your arms for the first time the World will stop. I really hope you enjoy being a Mother just as much as I have. Again Congratulations and enjoy your baby boy.

    Your Friend


  337. Congradulations! You had me thinking you were never going to have children. Having a baby is going to make you very happy.
    I love to take my daughter to her soccer games and watch her play & practice. To watch her grow is a blessing from God. –Chris

  338. I am very happy to know that you are also … a son and a huge privilege.
    Congratulations, that little reaches bringing good health and multiply the love, always.
    A name for the baby: Eduardo, strong and beautiful.

  339. Congratulations to both of you, Alyssa and David! Really really feeling great to hear that you are going to have an angel! :)

    My suggestion for your child’s name: Socrates or maybe you can modify it into Socratio :P

  340. Congrats again Alyssa! I am a big fan…love “Who’s the Boss” and “Charmed”. I think my comment got lost in the crowd so I will repeat, my name suggestions for you are: 1) Jack 2) Jacob 3) Aiden 4) Aaron

    Whatever you name him, I am sure he is going to be a cutie pie!! :D

  341. Congrats to you both! I’m so happy for you! I couldn’t get to the comments earlier, but still wanted to give my suggestion for a name. Maybe Robert, or in honor of “Charmed” which I do watch on TNT (when I’m not at school), maybe Christopher or Wyatt. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Other suggestions would be Joshua, Johnny, Karl, or Liam. You’re going to be amazing parents! I just know it! Wish you all every happiness & the very best! :-)

    Love & Hugs to you all,

  342. Congrats!!! My little guy will be 4 in June and I think he has the perfect name, David Jacob :-)

  343. Congratulations Alyssa & David! You both must be grinning from ear to ear (esp. daddy-to-be David!). I think the lucky lucky boy must be named MATTEO, an italian name which means Gift of God..truly defines him.. I think he’ll be healthy, he’ll be loved, he’ll be perfect! :)

  344. Connor
    Origin Irish
    Meaning Strong willed or wise Hound-lover
    heyy Alyssa congrats your going to be the best mum in the entire world, good luck xoxo

  345. Jackson, Cash or Judson:)

  346. Ciao Bella..Congratulations on your wonderful news..Have you considered Italian Names?

  347. CONGRATS! ALL Italians should b named after Christian Saints. When I was a Police Officer, whether r not u were Italian, everyone carried the St. Michael prayer ( protector of the innocent) Just no weird names like we hear in the rags. U WILL MAKE A WONDERFUL MOTHER! My son is graduating high school this May! From my family 2 urs….MANY BLESSINGS!

  348. CONGRATS ALYSSA and DAVID!!!!!!!! Thats going to be one lucky baby boy! :)A couple boy names I like are Deane and Adrian!

  349. Congrats!!! I love the name Evan Michael, also Joshua David flows good too.

  350. Hey Alyssa, congrats! How about the name Colton? That’s my bro’s name – he’s about as talented ( and smart and sweet and funny according to ur tweet to me lol) anyway, congrats again, you’ll be an amazing mom!! That is one lucky kid :)

  351. Darin = precious present

  352. Gianni, Marco or Giovanni

  353. Congratulations Alyssa and David! I’m so very happy for you =D I suggest “Nathan” :-)

  354. Congratulations and all the best to you and your family :)
    My 2nd child is a boy, he’s 6 months old, his name is Joshua Leonardo, other names we had in mind were Jake, Jack or Justin. Some names that will flow well with your last name are Massimo, Marco, Dante, Gian Luca, Giovanni. Good luck with the name choosing. Enjoy your belly, that was my favourite part, watching and feeling the baby move, so surreal, there is a life growing inside you, its amazing.

    Jillian :)

  355. Now the overtime fun kicks in! Knowing your babies gender just seems to multiply your amazing euphoria even more.

    Once again congratulations Alyssa and David. Wishing you three a fun, highly enjoyable and most pleasurable pregnancy.

    I look forward to watching your progress. Keep us updated please!
    As for names, good luck with choosing a name!

  356. again congradulations my favorite boy names r kevin or alex

  357. Congratulations Alyssa!! You will be an amazing mother!

    Boy names…hmm…I personally like Gavin, Levi, Aidan, and Noah. :)

    I will keep you, your husband, and your baby boy in my prayers. May God continue to bless you in every way.

  358. CONGRATS on your boy! My time goes fast! Our son graduates May 21st 2011 & u r having a boy. It did not make a difference what u named ur boy unless u r Italian & it had 2 have meaning. All Police Officers carried St Michael ( the protector of evil with the Policemans prayer) Just keep 2 UR Heritage & dont use weird names. My grandfather came thru Ellis Island @ his first name was FARANCHESCO. However there is compromise. I am sure u will pick a great night. After all my boys name is Brandon Kyle & I have no regrets. Good luck!

  359. I think Brady Bugliari would be a cute name. Congrats!!! BTW Brady is my son’s name lol

  360. Congratulations! Dallas or Andrew

  361. Congratulations! If I were asked to pick a boy’s name, I’d choose one that’s simple…something like Russ or Milo. But then, it will be up to you what you want to name him :)

  362. Congratulations Alyssa
    I’m so happy for you

  363. hehe and holly was just posting about #lifewithboyz. welcome to the club!i like Damon.

  364. Not sure how to title you, for I do not know the last married name. I have utmost respect and choose the prevent error in addressing you. I would say Mrs ……. I do not want to address you by first name because that is too bold and I don’t know you personally. I don’t have the right. You deserve respect.

    I am happy for you and your husband. I am overjoyed. It is a wonderful thing and blessing. Words can’t express how happy I am for you both. I hope to one day enjoy being a father myself. I am with no one now but do wish to be. I feel I am still alive for that purpose. I wish you both many many happy moments for the future. It always seems strange to me when communicating with a celebrity, because I have no words that you have not read before or seen before. They are not really of merit. But trust me I mean them with the greatest sincerity. You are a wondeful woman and human being. The world is blessed to have you in it. I am grateful to have lived in this time sharing the world with you. You make the world a better place. You do so much.

  365. Congratulations!!!

    Boys names are much harder to pick than girls names, I think. My son will be 1 in May and his name is Gary Michael, named after his father and grandfather. At first I wasn’t sure about that name but It’s a great name! Gary isn’t a common name which is what I was going for anyway. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and I wish you a quick and easy delivery and a happy and healthy baby boy!!! ;-)

  366. Congratulations to you and David! I have two boys, ages 10 and 8, and they are so fun! God bless you on this incredible journey!

    ~I suggest Corbin, Logan, Reed and Owen for names!~

  367. A boy that is amazing I have always wanted a boy, here is a few names from my list, Graydon, Kinlie, Bryce, and my fav, Rossland, hope to help , and congrats. Ashley

  368. Congrats! How about Robert Oliver. I wanted to name my son this ,but got out voted. My grandsons are Reese and Elijah . Enjoy every moment. You are going to be great at this. It’s the best job in the world!

  369. I’m very so happy for you !!! <3
    Baby boy: kevin, Nathan, Matt =) I like you so much, you're my icon …

  370. First of all Congratulations. Second a name to consider. Old fashioned, but means the great and gentle protector. I’m kind of partial to it : William. A couple others could be Kile or Reason. Reason was my great-great grandfather’s name and oddly enough he was a Judge. Well, whatever name you bestow upon your son will be a wonderful one and I just hope that you and your family stay healthy and happy. Blessings from the hills of WV and this poor fan who wishes nothing but the best, the world has to offer.

    William R. Sharpe

  371. Jennilly24 on the tworld:

    So happy for u and ur husband, i’m sure u’ll be an amazing mom. Smiling with u from here in Montréal. I’m so thankfull to have met u on the tworld: u have an amazing soul and i’m sure ur baby will be an amazing boy. congrats to u both!!!
    All my wishes for u three!!!Smiling a lot right now!!!a big MWAH!!jen

  372. Congratulations!!!

    Hope everything goes for the best :D Being a parent is a true bliss and I’m sure you two are gonna be great parents.

    As for name…….Benjamin!!!! I’m crazy about that name :)

  373. Congratulations Alyssa!
    One name i like… PAU it means peace in Catalan

    Love from Barcelona

  374. CONGRATS!! Besides the fact that you and David will have a gorgeous baby, I want to send well wishes your way for a happy and healthy pregnancy. On the name issue, I think Aaron Bugliari has a nice ring to it. Hugs ~Judi

  375. Yeah, a Baby Boy! Name? Lucas or Daniel

  376. Very nice it’s a boy :-D

    My sons name is Joshua! I still love this name!

    Enjoy your pregnancy, greetings from Germany

  377. congratulations!! get your sleep while you can because are so energetic!!! i have a 7 year old called Lewis and hes always keeping me on my toes!! but he is also the most loving and loyal little boy i could ever wish for!! I also have 2 daughters a 13 year old and an 11 year old (Paige and Megan) they are all fab!! motherhood is the biggest gift and emotinal rollercoaster you will ever embark on and its worth every single manic second, treasure every single moment as it goes so quickly!! xxx

  378. Congrats!!!! Boys are fun and trouble lol, I like the names Gavyn and nohlan!! Cant wait to hear the decision!!!:-D

  379. Congratulations guys!!!! God bless you!!!

  380. YAY!!! Congrats Alyssa, very exciting, I could always see you with a boy!

    Names I love: Landon, Oliver, Nickolas, Vincent, Parker, Avery and Sage

  381. Alyssa!!! Congratulations!!! Best of wishes for you guys!! He is gonna be one handsome baby!!! Tons of Love to the three of you…and the pups :)
    And as far as names goes, how about: Alejandro, Emilio, Diego, Paolo, Marko, Matteo, Carlo, or Alonzo (to go with the Italian Last name). Or…. Neiman, Elliot, Caden, Ethan. Just to throw some out there :)


  382. Congratulations from Italy!
    My name suggestion: Nicholas, Diego or Damiano

  383. Alyssa!!! Congratulations!!! Best of wishes for you guys!!! He is gonna be one handsome baby, that’s for sure!
    And as far as names goes, well maybe some italian names to go with the Last names. Emilio, Marko, Alonzo, Alejandro, Matteo, Carlo, or Paolo.
    If not… Neiman, Liam, Noah, Caden, Cole, Elliot.

    Tons of love for the three of you !!!… and the pups of course :)

  384. i am so excited for you both, congratualtions, i havent missed anything you have ever been in on tv, and your role on charmed was super, i lost my brother in 1989 watching charmed gave me the sense of family again. right now im watching my mom fail from alshimers and im losing the love of my life to leukemia and diabetes, i count my blessings every day to wake up to them, when they go i will be truly alone, i missed my chances for children when i was younger, so i hope you dont mind if i get really excited for you, my current life is filled with fear and sadness. when i was young i had a boys name picked out if i were to ever have a boy it was Christopher Michael, i never got to use it so im offering it to you if you should so decide upon a name. loves you both dearly

  385. Awwww! Congrats Alyssa & David :)
    What about Alex or Brendan??


  386. Congratulations,

    I wish you all the best for your little family – Love health and happiness accompany you forever.
    All the best yet for pregnancy!!!

    Baby Boy

    A baby boy brings so much joy,
    Surround him with your love;
    A pure an gentle, perfect gift,
    A blessing from above.

    The start of something magical,
    To last you all your days;
    Your life will be much richer now,
    In lots of different ways.

    He`ll bring you so much pleasure,
    There’ll be laughter, fun and joy;
    You’ll always be so proud
    Of your delightful baby boy.

  387. Congrats….boys are the best…!!!! I have one myself…but he’s 14 yrs old already…enjoy every minute with him cause they are so short and then he’s a teenager…agh..
    Sports Name: Brooklyn
    Hollywood Name: Pear (something earthy & natural)
    Charmed Name: Elder
    My sons name: Vulfrano…..
    I am biast I love the last one….

    Whatever you pick he will be loved…. ;0)

  388. Congrats Alyssa,,,i’m soooooo happy for you :)) !!! And you have a cute baby bumb aswell :)) I like


  389. Congratulations! What about Sidney as your boys name? Just thought I’d throw my name in there!
    Anyways congratulations and god bless you!

  390. Hey Alyssa! Yay its a boy!

    Some names I like: Kendall, Bay, Indigo, Orion, Blaise, Luka, Bryce, Kai, Elisha, Kasper, Emery, Quinn, Karter, Gaige, Finley, Tatum, Flynn, Zachary, Jaxon, Indiana, Saylor, Jordy, London, Kayden, Blake, Xander, Rory, Peyton, Skyler, Avery, Jordan, Tyler, Lester, Jesse, Dakota, Bruno, Austin, Devin, Bailey, Ashton, Drew, Sidney, Kellan, Aubrey, Ryder, Eli, Bodhi, Lucian, Levy, Quincy, Shay, Zephyr, August.

  391. Boys are great, a boy would be perfect for you, cangrats for you both.
    My favorit boy name is maybe Theodor Alexander, but youst Theodor is great to,.

  392. Call him Leopold! :)
    And gratz to you both :)

  393. Congratulations To U Alyssa & David!!!!

    For The Name Elvis don’t you think?

  394. Congrats!!!!

    What about the name Bentley or Jayson?

  395. Congrats on having a boy. I have a 3 year old son and 6 months pregnant with another boy. I think boy names are the hardest to decide. It took us awhile to come up with our 2nd son’s name which is going to be Damian. I love the name Stefan and that was my first choice, but husband did not like.
    I think the name Marco or Dominic would go great with your last name.

  396. Congratulations :) my favourite names for boys are;
    and Tristen :)

  397. I’d suggest going with someone less common, names like Michael, John, Robert, Daniel, David, Aiden, Joseph, Anthony, Matthew, William, etc, are way too overused.

    You’re a pretty inspired human being, I’m sure you will find your unique choice for your first child, with some great meaning or association.

    PS: love the name Indigo and Shia suggested above.

  398. Congrats Alyssa,. I wil see Michael for the baby. Hapiness for you, David and the baby… =)

  399. Congratulations for this little boy!!! A first name for a boy? Why not Gabriel, as the angel?
    I wish you full of happiness to you three!!

  400. Congrads…may u be blessed with health and happiness…once you get that baby boy, in ur arms the whole world be dissapear….enjoy each moment!!! God Bless all three of you..OOoo I like the name Ezra..but ur baby ur choice lol goodnight hope u have a wonderful week ahead!!!!!!

  401. Yay, that’s super exciting!!!! Congratulations! I have 2/3 kids BOYS and I have to say there is nothing like the relationship between a mummy and her son. Theyre so loving and affectionate :-) you’re looking amazing and definitely glowing. I’m new to twitter and low reading your posts. Hugs xx

  402. So cute, it’s a BOY.Сongratulations mommy & daddy!!!! Name maybe ….Justin, Andrew,Matthew….

  403. Congratulations! i’m so excitng for you! i have 2 girls.
    For the name i love stanislas.
    Auguri Alyssa e David! !!!!!

  404. Congratulations!
    Boys are the best. I have a little son, his name is Felix.
    look at my homepage. he is a little hero.

    I hope all goes well.


  405. Congratulations for Both of you ! Well name how about name him after somebody you truely love or admire. I don’t maybe some baseball player or someone from your family.
    Or how about David Bugliari JR.

    Best wishes, Paula

  406. Congratulations!! I am so happy for you both! I have found a couple of names, you may or may not like, here goes: Wynne- (it means friend, fair); Celtic, English and Welsh. Orin-(pale); American, Celtic, Hebrew and Gaelic. Boden-(a shelter); Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian, French and Celtic. I know how hard it is to pick baby names, good luck to you!

  407. Congratulations to you both. I wish you all the best during and after your pregnancy. Anyone who has children will tell you they are a true blessing. I don’t have children, but I have younger siblings and I know what a blessing they are in my life. Good luck with picking a name. I hope you find one that you both love.

    Best wishes,
    Nickie :)

  408. Alyssa I’m so glad fore you and Dave!
    I think of the name and let you know when i have one!

    I know that your boy is going to be beautiful!

    Much Love Gina

  409. Congratulations Alyssa & David I’m so happy for both of you! ! ! I hope to be strong and healthy and happy and get love but you parents for all these are facts. And some names for your baby boy Coop , Ben , Chris , Alex , Teo , Cole , Brain

    with Love,

  410. Congratulations , was he born with a full head of hair you said he loved pizza, both my daughters loved pizza and they had a lot of hair the day they were born

  411. Congratulations to the both of you. I think both of you will be great parent to baby MATEO!!Or baby LOGAN!

  412. Dear Alice!I hurry to felicitate you on such wonderful event!I wish to you from a clean heart to bear a healthy, strong and beautiful boy!With the name I can offer here such is Аrseniy!
    with kind regards to you from Moscow, Russia

  413. Congratulations! Enjoy this beautiful time!!
    It´s amazing!
    Some names:
    Kyle, Jonathan, Ethan, Blake, Keith, Jaden…there r sooo much!!!
    I´ve got a boy since 8 month and his name is Felix…
    It is so amazing! Enjoy ever second!
    love Lina from germany :)
    ps. hope my english is not so bad! ;D

  414. A great big congratulations to your lovely self and David on such wonderful news. <3

    As for names, I think once you meet your little boy his name will come to you (I hope that made sense).

    Lots of love, hugs and best wishes to you! xxx

  415. I decided years ago, if I had a baby boy, I would name him Leo. :) I’m not 14 anymore, but nothing has changed, I still like the name and Charmed too. Unfortunately Cole doesn’t exist in the Hungarian language, so I can’t use it, although Julian McMahon was my favorite and he’s one of the sexiest men alive. :)
    Congratulations, Alyssa!

  416. Congrats Alyssa and Dave on your annoucement . God bless you and keep you baby healthy,wealthy,wise.
    The best Tom

  417. Congretulations !!!=))
    i am so happy for you!=)
    as a boy will have a surname Bugliary, you might call him on a vowel letter !=)
    Adrian, Emilien, Adam, Osckar, Owen=)
    wish you both, Alyssa and David, all the best!=)

    From Russia
    with love!=)




  419. Well first I just want to say congrats on the baby boy, you will be a great mom and im sure he will be adorable. And as far as names go my little brother’s name is wyatt so naturally I have to suggest that. But names that I really love are blake, landon, and quinton. But again im so happy for you. Congrats alyssa :)

  420. Ahhhhh Congratulations!
    I bet you’re so excited.

    Name suggestions from the UK:


  421. I want to both congratulate and wish the best for both you and your (growing) family. As a father myself, I know the joy you are about to experience. As far as a name suggestion? Perhaps Dylan?

  422. Congratulations. I’m french and my firstname’s son is Pacôme…

  423. Congratulations! I think Dawson would be a great name, it gives a lot of nicknames choices. It means son of David.


    best name is Michael=))

  425. From Holland a big congrats!!

    I just got a wonderfull boy 7 months ago and i called him ALLENO, its not a usally name, i found it myself and it doesnt mean anything strange in an other language.


    Big hug from Holland

  426. Congrats all!!! Wonderful news!!! I have two boys Calem (3) and Evan (6mth)…
    So name suggestions, CALEM or EVAN.
    love reading your tweets too xx
    Mind yourself xx

  427. Hi Good Morn unfortuantely i had to wait to hear yr news over here. A BOY fantastic as for names take your time my husband (now divorced) was a muslim so i got a book of muslim names my first son i already liked the name Jordan and then gave him a 2nd name which is muslim name Yasin, my next child was stillborn a girl i named her Florentina Linda, then Duncan Ali came along named after my dad and his 2nd name is my father in laws name and finally my daughter Safia Talia Anne. In the book her name was Safvera and my brother in law said what happens if she gets called Vera which is an old English name no way so looked again and find Safia i love it all the names have meanings behind them. Having a child is wonderful i love my kids more than my life is worth. When i named Safia it didn’t go down too well with the ex when i gave her a Jewish second name. Hope u have a good day Sx

  428. Congratulations, but finally it doesn’t count if it’s a boy or a girl. Is has to be a healthy human beeing. Like our daughter Phoebe… ;-) Thanks for your inspiration over the last 6 years on TV and web. Lots of kisses from Germany

  429. Congratulations!!!! We have two boys,Storm and Valentine (in Holland it’s Valentijn) Still great names!:)

  430. Congratulations Alyssa I’m so so happy for you and David x) A baby boy it’s verry cool.
    hmmm a name … Noa


  431. Alyssa, Congratulations!!
    Maybe a nice name for your babyboy is Kane.
    Lots of love from the Netherlands from Fabiola

  432. congrats on your baby Alyssa, And on the names I always liked Daniel or Christopher. Good luck hope everything goes well. :) <3

  433. Congratulations David and Alyssa a boy wow what a prescious gift, I can see you with a boy Alyssa , little baseball boots and a cap with a cheeky smile lol .
    I think a nice strong name suits you something like WYATT lol im just kidding mabey Caleb or Samuel ,
    my boys are called Samuel , Matthew and Adam my daughter is called Sarah-Jayne
    anyway what ever you decide I hope you have a fantastic life with your baby boy and David
    love Nikki x x

  434. Congratutalions..

    How wonderful with a little boy!
    I have a beautiful daughter and a adorable little boy myself, and we now have our third (!) on the way. We’ll know on April 18th what the sex of our baby is, have a feeling it’s a girl – but it’s a 50/50 chance *lol*

    Suggestion for boys name:
    Maximillian (our favorite for boy name, and most like the one we choose if it’s a boy)

    Enjoy the pregnancy, and a big warm hug from one mom to another!

    Twitter-alias: Huldra76

  435. Huge Congrats to you and David.
    Lots of exciting times ahead with a boy on the way. I have two boys and feel so lucky:-)
    Name suggestions: Reuben (or Ruben), Owen, Zachary (or Zach), Ethan

    If you’re into reusable diapers I recommend Bum Genius brand.

    I hope you have an enjoyable pregnancy and easy birth – I like to view birth from the babys perspective and as the mother we’re along for the journey and we just have to relax and trust your body and let your baby do it’s thing.

    Btw – if I’d had a girl Alyssa is was leading girl name.


  436. Congrats! I love the name Finn.
    I wish you all the best!

  437. Congrats to you both. I suggest Michael Anthony. I wonder why I’d suggest those names? LOL My own, Tony Danza’s & both are good, solid Biblical names and two blessed Saints! Regardless what you choose I send prayers and blessings for a happy, healthy baby! God bless you both! :)

  438. Congratulations Alyssa, I know you and David will be great parents and I hope the best of luck to you all three =) and maybe more =)


    Anthony Alexander
    Timothy Wyatt
    Leo Alexander

  439. Congratulations!!! Which ever name you choose will be the perfect name,
    but there are names that sound good with your married name like Aidan, Mathias, Nicholas, Keith, Gregory, Gabriel or Alexander to name a few.
    Best of luck choosing, I know how hard it was with my first child, we ended up naming him after his dad but reversed the first and middle name because we couldn’t decide what to name him,
    it was easier naming our daughter.
    enjoy your parenthood!

  440. Congratulations !!!!

    Why not ” Marc ” ?

    The proper name for your son is when you feel something in the saying … (sorry my english is not good)

  441. Domenico Vincenzo Bugliari

  442. Congrats!
    I’m so happy for you!
    How about Mark or Daniel?


  443. We’re due at the end of September and if ours is a boy we’re calling him Darcy … so, my suggestions are Darcy, Ziggy, Taj, Louis, Mally, Dashiel, Sorren. I like unusual names ;) Best of Luck!

  444. Congrats! It is so nice to have a boy.
    I love the name Finn.
    I wish you all the best.

  445. Name him Daly – As DAvid ALYssa combo. :D

  446. Hi Alyssa & David, congrats on the pregnancy and the fact that you’re having a baby boy! Know this baby will be super blessed having you as his parents. Sending you all my love and happiness. For the baby’s name I suggest Jared, Conrad or Brady. But it’s all up to you! :) Hugs and kisses, Els, Belgium x x x

  447. I am so happy for you !! I can’t wait to read your tweets about being a mom:-) You are both going to be amazing parents!! Name him Sebastiano

  448. Wow that was odd. I just wrote an really long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t show up. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again. Anyhow, just wanted to say wonderful blog!

  449. Congrats to the both of you and try to enjoy the bumpy ride of being pregnant ;)
    For as it comes to names…you’ll know instantly which name is the right one…try to make them (if you choose more than one name) sound pretty.
    How about Ruben Daniel Vincent? Sounds great too :))

    Enjoy in figuring out the right name for your little man!

  450. Hi Alyssa!

    Congratulations you too for this very good new :)
    For the name you have many choice but i suggest: Adam, i don’t why but i love this name xD
    Take Care!
    Love Always,
    Blandine (From France)

  451. Alyssa Congrats! We guess ;)

    Suggestions from Poland ;)


    Kisses from Poland ♡!

  452. Hey Alyssa, Just wanted to pass on my Congratulations. Just had a baby boy myself, boys rule :)
    Namewise, what about Liam?
    Lots of Love from Dublin

  453. Félicitation. !!! …(Congratulations from France)
    Why not a French name as is already like french food , I propose Mathéo…
    Take care …

  454. Hi,

    I am a great fan of you from France
    What to think about Frédéric for your little baby

    Have a good day and so much “bonheur”

  455. Congratulations Alyssa!!! and for the name….. maybe Andrew.. Kiss!!

  456. congrats

    for the first name I propose cooper or victor or jared

  457. Congratulations Alyssa & David!!! ;)
    I suggest Bentley.
    God bless you.

  458. Congratulations Guys,

    I’m thinking you should name him Shannon, ;D

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3!

  459. Congratulations Alyssa and David! :)))) He’s gonna be the cutest baby ever :) I like the name Bryan or Matthew…
    Anyway I wish you all the best :))

  460. I have 2 boys Doohan (pronounced Doowin) and Flynn


  461. Congratulations Guys, :)

    I’m thinking you should name Him Shannon Or even Shannon As his middle name, ;D
    Cause you know your like my idol, Mwwwah!

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3!

  462. Congratulations!!!!
    For my little boy, we chose a name has connotations Hispanic. It was like a little angel to me, we finally chose Gabriel (angelic messenger)

    XOXO from France

  463. CONGRATS!
    I am very happy for you and your husband … I am very very happy … it’s great to have a baby …
    Adrian – means happy … and in harmony with the name of your husband, Adrian Dave …. I like Brenden – means Prince … I apologize for grammatical mistakes, I’m Russian. I wish you good health to you and your child …

  464. Congrats Alyssa… I wish you and David all the best. You will be a great mom… About the name i like KEVIN , but what you decide for a boy name Will be great.. Best wishes fr.o.m. Germany

  465. Congrats to you, Alyssa n David, on your baby boy to be!! I saw a name today for the first time…I liked it so much that I saved it as a note in my phone lol! Leander Michael. So rare and unique!! Hope to be of some help!!!

    God Bless you and your family!!

  466. CONGRATS on da baby boy!!! U will luv and hate every moment of watching them grow n2 who he becomes as a person….from crawlin 2 walkin 2 talkin ( talkin back) 2 independence… changed my life and I know it will urs….CONGRATS Alyssa…wishing u all da best…

    Crush on u since “Who’s the Boss”..

  467. Arseny it s a very beautiful name!!!!
    Alyssa and Arseny it sounds great!!

  468. Hello and congratulations has you two , one boy it is brilliant ;) for the first name and indeed I thought has twan it wants to say highlight in Japanese kisses has you .

  469. I have a wonderful little boy named Jonas and I love that name, I
    think it would be a great name for your little guy.

  470. Congratulations, It’s Great!!! :) I’m so happy for you and David!
    Name suggestions: Evan, Ethan, Noah, Kaylan, Alex, Ayden, Nathan..
    Kiss from France :)

  471. How about your last name, as name for the baby??

    Milano Bugliari sounds good to me!!

  472. Congratulations! I think, Aaron ist a wonderful name, as well as Nathaniel. I wish your family all the best!

  473. Congrats to you and your husband! Personally I think “Sky” is a very beautiful name.

  474. Congraatssss Alyssa !!!! I’m sure you’re gonna be an awesome mom!
    I’m so happy for you and David, you’ll be both wonderful parents!
    (As name, I like Luca (or Luka too!), Matteo, Lorenzo)

    Love xoxo !

  475. Vincent or Enzo is a good name

  476. Congrats! Wonderful news. My favorite boy’s name has always been Andrew, or Drew for short. In your case it makes double sense, A for Alyssa, D for David!
    Hope you have a wonderful pregnancy. I follow you on Twitter and I love all the little messages you post!

  477. A very big congratulations to you both!
    Being a parent is such an amazing experience
    one that you wouldn’t trade for all the diamonds in
    the world.
    Cherish every moment coz the time just flies by. I had
    my son 14months ago and I can’t believe it’s gone so fast!
    We named him Link. I found boys name were heaps harder to pick
    than girls names but you’ll find one that will fit your little dude perfectly.
    All the best and enjoy xox

  478. congrats!!! i like the name

    Darian, Ewen, Taylor

  479. Congratulations !!!! <3 Very happy for you guys :)
    Well i will suggest name "Jovan" which is my name ^_^ But in english it would be like "John" i think :D

  480. Congrats!! i like the names Riley, Connor, James and Anthony :) hope this helps, and if not you’ll think of a beautiful name i’m sure :)

  481. Congratulations!!!!!!!! I would go for Luca or Parker

  482. Congratulations!!! I have a two and a half year old son Dylan and it’s so great having a boy! I’m also pregnant with twins at the moment we like the name Kynan if one of them is a boy, it’s a welsh name and means leader i think it’s a verry strong name and you don’t see it alot so i think it’s special. Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy :-)

  483. Well congratulations, as far as having a boy……… IT’S GREAT!

    In 2006 we had al lovely baby girl and last year we where given a beautiful baby boy. It’s a big difference but a lot of fun and joy he has given us so far.

    His name is Ejora, it means bringer of all good (african origin) and off course we think it’s the most beautifull name to give to a child.

    Enjoy the rest of your pregnacy and we wish you a healthy and happy baby!

  484. Why no French first name. There is of beautiful French first name. I hope that you and the baby are well :)

  485. My son’s name is Brycen – strong, handsome, caring and loving – all the things in a boy you would want.

  486. Congrats from the Netherlands!!!

    What about Dalys?
    David and Alyssa melt together (again and forever ;) ).

    Lots of luck, love and happiness to the three of you!!!

  487. Congratulations! Glad to hear that it’s a boy:)
    A name? MARCO indeed = D

  488. i have 2 sons, Jayden (3) and Finnley (5 months)


  489. Congratulations!! There is a lot of names for boys… Well, my suggestions are: Alexander (Alex), Julian, Jason, Christopher, Christian, Matthew, Philip, Cole, Jordan (maybe he will be a basketball player), Steven, Adam….. Hmm, do you remember the name of a little boy from “Charmed”? Yes, it’s Wyatt…. :)) Michael is the name of many boys, so it’s common.. Everything is on your and Dave’s choice.. :DD

  490. Hi Alyssa, congratulation on your new arrival.
    What do you think about:
    Valentino, Fabrizio, Luca, Roman, Raimondo, Alessio,
    It’sJust an idea.
    All the best to you and to your new family.
    CiaoRaffaele -_-/

  491. Congrats to u both so happy for u, as for boys names my son is Shane Anthony but I like the names Noah and jonah
    But I’m sure when this beautiful boy comes into your life u will know what to name him. Good luck Alyssa!

  492. My husband’s name is David, and when we had our oldest son (1 of 3) we decided to name him David jr. His middle name is Allen. But, since before he was born we’ve called him DJ.
    Good luck on your name search, and best wishes on the rest of your pregnacy. :)

  493. Congratulations, Alyssa!

    As for names, how about Aidan? :)

  494. congratulations to you both! you look sooo happy.
    i like the names allan, jacoby and sebastian, thats what my mother wanted to call me if i would have become a boy. (sorry for bad englisch, I’m from germany :))

  495. Congratulations Alyssa!!! I suggest to you some spanish names:
    Diego (means: “someone who is educated”)
    Alejandro (like Lady Gaga´s song) (means: “the man who protect”)
    Adrian(“the boy who cames from the sea”)
    Daniel (“God is my judge”)
    Álvaro (“the defender, the protector”)
    Sergio (“the guardian”)

  496. Congratulations Alyssa!
    So happy for you- I like
    Aidan and

    Good luck finding the perfect name. :)

  497. I like the name LIAM

  498. Happy for you!))) Let the baby will be healthy and happy!))) And of course as beautiful))

  499. Dear Alyssa and David,
    Congratulations to both of you! Alyssa, enjoy your pregnancyperiod as much as possible.
    Searching for male baynames is so much fun. Try it and you’ll enjoy it!
    I’ve found the following names for you (from Latin, Celtic, Italian origin):
    Kaeden (comes from Cadhan), Kayne (Celtic, means intelligent), Cuinn (Irish), Rye, Doran (Greek, means gift, present), Yelen (light), Yoren, Yven, Vico (form Victor, conqueror), Kayan (from Iran), Kyran (form Iran), Luka (light), Fabio, Guido, Gian, Cayo (Latin, from Gaius, means lord), Celso (from Celsus, means upright, stately), Kasen (protected with helmet), Jovan (means majestic), Javan (angel of Greece), Lucian (man of light), Orin ((the) east), Conan (wise), Cian (ancient, age-old), Bowyn (son of Owen), Fionn (white, honest), Kael (powerful warrior), Rafer (rich), Phelan (little wolf).
    Hope you both will succeed in finding an appropriate name!
    All the best from Esther/the Netherlands

  500. Congratulations!!!

    i wish you good health to you and your child.
    And i like the name Collin ;-)

  501. Félicitations,

    J’ai un petit garçon de bientôt 9 mois et il s’appelle Gabriel, c’est un prénom doux, un prénom d’Ange ;-)

  502. So happy for you and David that you are having a baby boy. Hope all goes well with you and the baby. Than when he arrives you and David can enjoy the precious gift and give it all the love you have to give. And i’m guessing that will be lots.

    All the best to you and your loved ones.

    Lots of love,
    The Netherlands

  503. Congrats ….Corbin is a good boy name

  504. congrats!! name sugg- my son is Ace (Aceon). Love it!

    How about Cesc? Coleridge, Christian haha i dont know why all C !

  506. Hi,

    We hope all goes well for all of you and i’m sure your baby boy is going to be a very beautifull and sweet child. We named our son, who is 3 years old now, Danley.

    Love, Petra from the Netherlands

  507. It will be the most beautiful boy who ever saw in the world)))

  508. Congratulations can’t wait to see pictures of the lil guy :)

  509. Congrats

    Im very happy for you both. Give him lots of love and cuddels
    names : Samuel James

    love huggs

  510. Congrats!!
    Many blessings to you and your husband.
    i have 2 girls myself so i havent tought of any boy names,but you have already names on your list i suppose=)

    best regards. Benny

  511. Congrats :D
    Wyaat Christ ? :)

  512. Congratulations!

    What about Menno.. it’s a Dutch name :)


  513. YAY!!! congrats both of you. <3 xx

  514. Congrats. May he bring to your life all the joy, luck and love that the world holds. Be safe, be healthy and be happy:)

  515. You could name this one Tweet, and the next one Retweet.

  516. Many congratulations! My first is a boy and he has brought me so much joy! Praying for a happy and healthy pregnancy. Love and blessings from Scotland xx

  517. Contests on the great news my wife and I just had a baby girl but for a boy we were going to have Dylan for the name.

  518. Boy Name: Cole

  519. how about Jackson Cole ..nice ring don’t you think??

  520. Congratulations !!!
    Here are some suggestions : Sullivan, Denovan (or Donovann), Mathis ;)
    Love xxx

  521. Congratulations! I have three boys: Nicholas, Christopher and Morgan. Little boys are wonderful. They are mommys boys for sure! But again, the sex doesn’t matter, you love your baby no matter what! They bring so much joy to your life. You will be able to write a book on all the little mischievous things they do lol. Take care xo blessings

  522. Congrats .. Danny sound good ;)

  523. Congratulations Alyssa & David

    i think Julan is a great name

  524. Dear Alyss I’m so happy for you!!I It’s a gift have a baby!! In next mounth i’m with boyfrient want make a baby too))Wish our of good luck!!!

    With love from Russia!!))***

  525. Aww congratulations hun! he will be a cutie pie! and you will be an amazing mum!

    Name sugestions:


  526. Congrats Alyssa!
    Suggestions from Poland ;)


    Kisses from Poland ♥
    Gosia and Magdalena.

  527. Congratulations Alyssa & David!<33333
    Name – Tom/ Lori/ Heath =)))

  528. my sons name is milan, we live in holland en de name is here very polulair in the nederlands, sorry my englisch is not so good
    greetings lin

  529. Congratulations! I have two boys….theirs names are: Manuel (means: God is With You) and Joseph (named after Saint Joseph, earthly father of Jesus. Whereas in the Old Testament, Book of Gensis: Joseph is the favorite son of Jacob…rises to become a leader).

    I would suggest to pick a name that has a special meaning to you and your husband, David.

  530. hi alyssa congratulations, we have a boy also.maybe the name Shay

  531. I promise I’m not being egocentric – but I think the name Morgan is a wonderful name for a boy. Its not common, which is usually and advantage for being a memorable person :)

  532. Nothing wrong with a nice dutch name like Kees

  533. what about kyano it means ‘Cool breeze over mountains’.

    In holland it’s a very populair name.

  534. Dear Alyssa,
    Congrats and enjoy you’re pregnancy. Time flies…
    My husbund Domenico and I have two kids with Italian names: Seppe (from Guisseppe) and Vito.
    Typical Italian names….

  535. Dear Alyssa,

    I suggest the name “Elias” is the best name you can give to your babyboy.
    Time will tell. Take care!

    Greetings from Rotterdam (Holland)

  536. Congratulations to you both !!!! Hope all is going very well, you look Great and very happy . I really like the names Branson Robert , Ryan Matthew ,Zachary David or Jamison David. Good Luck with all the names suggested. Much Love to you all !!! Halena

  537. Congratulations! So happy for you :) I think Gabriel would be a suitable name for your baby boy

  538. Congratulations!
    We have a Boy, we named him Brayden.


  539. I wish you much happiness, good mood, strong health))) I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH))) Your boy will be nice, pretty & so on)))) i have a good name- Richard as strong, kind, wise))) Kisses)))

  540. I’m happy for you Alyssa ! We love you in France ! :)

  541. I love the names Julian, Aiden, Fabian, Liam and Keano.

    Congrats to both of you :)

  542. Confratulations! I know a nice name: Finn

  543. Congratulations Alyssa and David!!!
    As the mom of three boys- Jason, Ryan & Justin- I can tell you, you’re in for a fun ride! Boys are awesome!!

  544. CONGRATS! to you both xx

  545. Alyssa, I’m very happy for you, your husband and our baby!!! I wish you and your boy more and more health, happiness and many other good things!!! What about names, may be Andrew, Bryan or Daniel? :)
    From Russia with love, Eleonora.

  546. Ok some names:


    Love Sylvia

  547. hello Alyssa

    i’m a french woman and i’m a fan

    Congratulations for the baby boy
    name : Antown, Nelson, Melvin (he’s my son), Aaron
    French name : Alaric, Anton, Aimeric, Brian

    Kisses of France

  548. Fantastic!! Congratulations :-D. My favourite name is Michael. My Grandads name, my Dads middle name and now my sons name. Not necessarily original but has a beautiful mean. And a wonderful angel too.
    Blessings to all of you. Well done there girl :-) xx

  549. Dear Alyssa and David,

    I must have missed the news of your pregnancy in the first place, but now knowing it I do want to write to you something.

    Alyssa first of all I think you will be an amazing and beautiful mom. You seem to be a sweet loving and caring person. Who wants good for the world. So you want all the best for your little baby boy.
    I don’t know about the joy of motherhood, only the joy of being an aunt. But this is such a beautiful and exciting new step in life.
    For you I wish the best pregnancy you can have. No complications and no stress.. keep your feet high if you feel like it.. You are having a good reason to be lazy sometimes.

    For David I hope you mood will not swing to much!! And that he will be the best daddy you can wish for your son. But he must be, because you choose him already right ;-).

    Take good care of yourself, you baby and David.

    Enjoy this wonderful experience…

    Kisses, love and peace
    All the way from Holland


  550. Congrats! If my last little one would have been a boy, we would have used the name Madden (my husband is a huge football fan!)but spelled it Maddyn.

  551. Congrats. My wife and I just had the perfect little boy 10/21/10. We named him Daxton Robert… the perfect name for the perfect blessing he is

  552. I am soooo excited for you. You are going to make a great mom and I’m sure whatever name you pick will be perfect. I’m glad to have found you on twitter and here because I have missed seeing you all the time on tv.

  553. Btw what about the name Cole :) lol.

  554. I have to share we named our son Cole (he is now 6). ….and yes, you know where we first heard the name ;)
    Congratulations and can’t wait to hear more! :)

  555. Hello my tite Alyssa I congratulate David and you for this event.
    I am your fan since a very long time.
    I suggest Robin as first name for your baby
    I send you a big kiss and wish you a good luck in your life !!!

  556. Congrats, I will have a boy this summer too ! french one! and I will call him Roman !
    Wish you a lot of happiness!
    Love from Paris

  557. Christopher Garrett…..I love the name. It reminds me of a sweet little guy that loves baseball and play-doh. Please don’t be one of those mommies that don’t allow play-doh.

    Love and good health to all three of you! Congrats!

  558. Congratulations! I have a 9 month old boy named Jack Francis. I don’t have a specific name to suggest. But I will say that I find it’s nice to give him a first name that’s all his own. Then give him a middle name that honors a family member. (Francis is my Dad’s middle name.) Happy name hunting and wishing you all the best.

  559. congratulations on a baby boy you two I love you guys. Baby boy names hmm well the two I like are Zachariah and Seth. I hope he is a healthy baby boy what ever name you use I’m sure it’ll be perfect

  560. hello,
    congratulation I hope everything is ok for you , I ‘m french and i am pregnant too( it’s a baby boy) i have already a 2year old boy .I am in the same case we havn’t found a name yet and for my first baby his name was very easy for me (ethan) after i have convince my husband for 9 month .so you’ll find his name with time .

    kiss bye(sorry for my english)

  561. CONGRATS on the soon to be mommy for having a baby BOY!!! So excited. I’m having a baby boy 2. And I know how hard it is to look for a boys name. I like the names Jason, Anthony, and Jordan for u guys. Can’t wait to see pictures of the new baby…congrats again, And God Bless!!

  562. Congratulations!! I have 2 boys myself, so enyoing. What about Fynn / Finn or Senne??

  563. My sugessts for a baby name are:
    – Tom
    -David Junior

    I hope you like !!!

    follow me on twitter:

    Thanks !!!

  564. HUGE Congrats, Alyssa!!!!!
    I remember that “Aunt Phoebe” really liked the name Potter! Hahaha! Not sure if it really goes in the real world….
    My favourite name is Connor :)

  565. Congrats! It’s an awesome news! Personally I like the name: Neil

  566. Congratulations you will be a great mom. Boy are the best I have two. They are the best of friends at 5 and 3. Just hope it stays that way.
    How about Aaron for a name not to common.

  567. Congratulations!

    Keep the name simple and short like Bob.

  568. CONGRATULATIONS. What about Xander?

  569. Congrats, Aly!!! ^_____^
    Yaaay… another baseball fan is on the way! :D
    I am DEEPLY happy for David and you!!! You’ll be amazing parents!!!
    As regards names… Luca! It’s an Italian name. It’s a form of Lucius, a Latin name that means “light” and “bringer of light”. I think it would be perfect for your sweet baby!!! :D
    Let me know ;D

  570. My son’s names are: Stephen Joseph and James Wyatt. Stephen after Steven Spielberg; Joseph after my grandfather’s middle name. James after Jesse James and Wyatt after Wyatt Earp. Other names I like are: Spencer, Sebastian, Evan, Paul; I like traditional names; not weirdo ones; ones after your past male relatives is really nice. I had a brother who was killed in a car accident; his full name was Lawrence; nick name Larry. Larry was only 16. May you have an enjoyable pregnancy and an easy labor and delivery. Best of Wishes to you and your husband. I have always enjoyed your acting; esp. as Amy Fisher; I saw that movie the other night on Lifetime..

  571. Congrats! I have 3 boys. They are Andrew Michael, Keegan Edward, and Caden Kelley. I still love their names! Good luck!

  572. I think Tristan is a really Beautiful Name!
    Congratulations from Germany!:)

  573. A very special congratulations to you and David! I have 3 boys Zachary, Joshua & Jordan. Nice biblical names, but if I was to do it again I would have chose more original names! Not something every other kid in class is named:)
    Best wishes! Kim

  574. Congrads on being a Mommy! (soon)…I know a great name…Rickey (with an “e”)….try it on for size!

  575. Hey Alyssa!! Congrats on your baby boy..I love reading your tweets and seeing how beautiful human being you are…I hope all goes well with the birth of the child…may it be healthy and strong :) Loves you forever Alyssa!!

  576. congratulations on your pregnancy sure to be a very healthy child I wish the best to you and your son, As you will call?

  577. Nicholas David Bugliari!

    All the best and lots of love for the 3 of you!

  578. Congrats with this wonderful news. How about Alessandro or Diego?

  579. Congrats to both of you!
    Names – James, Johnathan, Danny ?

    Luv ya

  580. Many congrats…boys are absolutely divine! Name suggestion ~ Luke…best wishes…

  581. Congratulations!

    My name suggestion: Julius

  582. Congrats… I have 4 beautiful boys and can tell u that u r blessed. Names Jonathan David, Hunter Austin, Noah Ryan, Zachary Joseph….. Keep us posted, and be well.

  583. Congratultions!!!! I like the name NIcholas.

  584. Hi Alyssa,
    First, congrat’s for the new!

    May i suggest you Jason for your baby’s name?
    Well, for me it’s a big story, my mom would call me like this if i were a boy (and i’m a girl, indeed).
    This name is really fun because it come from July (J) August (A) September (S) October (O) November (N).
    It’s always a funny story to tell :)

    Take care,

  585. CONGRATULATIONS MY DEAR ALYSSAAAAAAAAAAAAAA LOVE U :):):) the solutions of your baby’s names are: Christian, Riley, Christopher, Philipe, Alex, Justin, Jasper, Brian, :):):) thank u for all :)your Ary

  586. Congrats & hope all goes well

    My favourite babynames are :

    – Tren
    – Troy
    – Levi
    – Noah
    – Jayden/Jaden
    – Flynn
    – Milo
    – Liam
    – Joel
    – Mika
    – Cole
    – Chase
    – Aiden
    – Blake
    – Seth
    – Devin
    – Devon
    – Nathan
    – Damian

  587. How about Aiden (which means fire). You’ve got a lot of fire within I always thought.

  588. Congrats Alyssa! I have always thought that you were having a boy! I personally LOVE the name Julian, but I also like Joshua.

  589. Daniel is nice.

  590. Congratulations David and Alyssa! Hope you have a happy and healthy pregnancy and a SHORT and painless labor ;)

    Name? Damian :) or Daniel ;) (My boys names)

  591. Hello Alyssa! Congratulations! It will be a beautiful child, seeing the wonderful parents!
    As for names, I think you should find a name that sounds good with the surname:)
    For example, Matthew, Kevin, Joseph, Justin, Henry, Eric, Paul, and many more!
    You’ll see that the name is up to watching the baby in the eye! It will be an inspiration to guide you, and will be fine!
    I hope you’re happy and your baby is born beautiful and healthy!
    Peace and love, Ottavia

  592. Hi Alyssa !
    Congrats to you both !

    What about Cooper, Aidan, Daniel, Juliano or Adam ?

    Love from France,

  593. Congratulations!!

  594. Very big congratulations from Czech republic :-) We have very different names but in English I love Dennis, Samuel, Dorian. :-) But you want some original! :-) Good luck :-)

  595. Congratulations on you baby boy! I am sure he will be as beautiful as the parents he has. I have recently become the grandmother of a wonderful baby boy. They are so much fun. I will pray for an easy rest of your pregency. The best to your family!

  596. Congratulations!! Kaleb is a good name..means whole hearted or you could spell it with a ‘C’..

  597. Congratz!!! *___*

    Names I like are:

    I wish you the best!

  598. Congrats…I’m so happy for you both….boys are truely a blessing. I had a miracle baby with my Italian/panamanian husband and we chose Angelo Charles…..Also considered Angelo Marcello both very uncommon I’m told.

  599. Congratulations! Wishing you, David & your Baby Boy God’s blessings & love!

    How about “Daniel” for a name? :-)

    ~ yordz ~

  600. Congratulations!
    I would go with Tristan…..think about how beautiful Brad Pitt was in Legends of the Fall!

  601. Congrats on having a boy! I’m sure he’ll be a doll. Name suggestion:
    Samuel – since you played Sam on WTB; there are a lot of baseball players named Sam, Samuel or Sammy; there is a good biblical story behind the name; it sounds good with Bugliari; and well, it’s just a good name! Whatever you name him will be fantastic.

  602. congrats to u both. . hope all goes well. get a lot of sleep n rest n when ur bundle of joy arrives make sure u enjoy those quiet moments…. sleep when he sleeps n make the hubby change alot of diapers lol. smiling so hard u guys are going to have a great babe!!!!! baby boy names:: benjamin, christopher, david jr.. i think u guys should take ur time n find a great meaning for ur son. inamed my son Hassan (beautiful) Hakeem (wise n insightful) Nathaniel (gift of God)..

  603. Congrats to you both!! As the mother of 4 boys I can tell you, boys are so much fun!!!
    As for name suggestions:

    But sometimes, you just have to wait to meet your bundle of joy to know if a name will suit them or not, so I suggest picking a few and if you cant decide on one, put them in a hat pick it that way. If you dont love the name first picked, you’ll a least have narrowed down the pool.
    Again, congrats


  604. Congratulations! Hm babynames..

    Milo or Milan ; ), Kaelin (gaelic: great warrior, pure), previously suggested by others but very pretty with both your last names Angelo or Matteo… difficult isn’t it.. Good luck… Hope you have a nice, comfortable and uncomplicated pregnancy and birth…

    Grtz Petra, The Netherlands.

  605. I hope you incorporate your wonderful Italian heritage in the name. Having family as part of the naming process makes such a difference so we can carry on yours and David’s legacy. Congrats to you – it’s so wonderful to see how beautiful and happy “Samantha Micelli” grew up.


    I had a son after two daughters and it has been the most rewarding experience of my life. He’s definitely a Mama’s boy! As for name suggestions, let’s see…..

    How about (okay, I’m gonna try to come up with names that work with Bugliari):

    Ace (okay, that one’s just a joke)
    Antonino (Nino for short) if you want to go the Italian route (or alt. Antonio, but it’s been done a lot)
    Heath (ha, ha – okay again a joke! It’s the masculine of my name and Hayden got it as a middle name)
    Roman (I’ve always loved this name but it may be overused already)
    Rhett (too old fashioned?)
    Severus (what is wrong with me? You could go with “Snape” for a second name, lol!)
    Xander (or Zander but it’s more bad ass with the X. Plus it’s a Buffy name and Buffy and Charmed used to be my back to back viewing. I’m still in mourning that they’re both gone.)
    Xev (pronounced Zev but again better with the X. I really, really REALLY wanted this name when I was pregnant with daughter #2 but husband vetoed it which surprised me because he’s Jewish and it was a very Jewish name!)
    D’Artagnan (since I won’t get to use this one either unless we get a dog. I’m joking again, really. Imagine saddling a kid with that. Or maybe you can…..)(Can’t go wrong with one of the Three Musketeers!)

    And finally, here’s what I did when I found out I was having a boy since I only had a girl name picked out (which incidentally had “Piper” as a middle name, so I was a little bummed I didn’t get to use it). My girlfriend and I went to a bookstore and just started reading the names off the spines of books. We simply called the first names out to each other and would roll them around with Cohen and VOILA! Hayden was chosen! I though Hayden Cohen sounded like an author, so thus he is named!

    Whatever you choose it will be unique to your child and family. The very best of luck to you!

  607. Congrats honey!!!! I’m so happy for you!!!! You’ll be an amazing mom I’m sure, with all the love that you have to give!!!! you’re amazing!!!! so happy for you and david!!!!! all my love to you!!!!! XOXO

    Ricardo, Portugal

  608. Congratulations!!
    As for names my parents advice was to pick out your top few favorite first and middle names and shout them out the back door and pick from there because that’s how you will hear it the most!!

  609. Congrats Alyssa :)

    Names: – I wonder would you want something that “stands out” or something traditional? Is there any male family member or friends s yourself or your husband have that you’d want to honor? Or any place that you’d been that really touched you? Is there any name in particular that you and David “just like”? I know that’s not very helpful but maybe those questions will make something pop into your head :) Congrats again!

  610. Congratulations! Call him Florian :-)
    X, Florijn

  611. Congratulations!

    What ever name you choose will be great. I think it is always special to choose a name that has family significance. I picked names I liked and they ended up being very common. On the plus side, my son and husband have the same initials. Growing up with a very common name was a bummer for me but my kids seem to like their names. Enjoy this wonderful time and best wishes!

  612. how about Nicholas Michael…Nicky for short?

  613. congrats on the baby boy. heres a few names for the new one Hunter Cole, Matthew Phillip, Joshua James, and Corey Paul.

  614. Congrats to you both! xx
    Such a blessing….. <3

    I like Lucca…it means "light" in Italian…..
    I'm sure this little bambino will be the "light" of your lives! xx

  615. Hi Alyssa,

    Congratulations and thanks for sharing that you are having a baby boy.

    My suggestions:

    Lucien or Leonidas

    Kiss Jessica

  616. Best wishes for you, david, and the baby boy !!!

    I’ve always liked the name CEDRIC for my part. see


  617. I just had to say how elated I am to see such a good person receive such great news. You and David will make wonderful parents. Congratulations again. :)

  618. Hi Alyssa,

    Congratulations! Hope you feel good.

    I have a daughter who’s 3 years old and we named her ALYSSA (yes after you)
    Now i’m 21 weeks pregnant and we’re having another girl.

    For a boy i like the name Liam

    Good luck with finding a name!

    With Love

    Sandra from the Netherlands

  619. Congratulations! :) I really like Alex(ander).

    Hope everything goes well and that he turns out to be a wonderful boy! :)

  620. OMG, Congratulation, Alyssa a David, it’s a great news :)
    I think, YOU find the best name for your baby ;)

  621. Congratulations!!!! I have 2 little boys myself (Zack and Olivier) and it’s a joy!
    For boys name I always loved Liam, Gabriel, Eliot and Zack and Olivier of course! :)

  622. I’m so happy for you and David! Congrats mom and dad!
    He’s such a lucky boy to be blessed with such great parents.
    I’m sure you’ll pick a wonderful name! I love the names Senna and Noa.
    If I ever have a baby boy (which I hope I will!) I wish to name him Senna :)

    I wish the 3 of you the best! May you always be protected ✩

    Love always, Lise

  623. CONGRATS to u both!!! I always luved the name DYLAN …. Wishin the best for u all :))

  624. Congratulations from Northern Ireland :D I am sure he’ll be a beautiful little boy.

    For names, I gotta say I am a Finley fan, but I also love Noah, Oscar, Felix and Gabriel. But of course, the name you choose will no doubt be excellent. :D I can’t see you settling for a “run of the mill” name. :D I am not going to reccommend “Charmed” names, however Leo is a cool name! (hah)

  625. hello Alyssa ..
    Congratulations! What great news that it’s a boy.
    It is very personal pick a name
    My mother had our brother (sadly died as a baby) ALMANDO second name: RAMON called
    My mother has made his name. up myself!.
    If I get a boy I like naming him as a second name.

    Still a nice name: Jorrit = A Frisian name (Dutch)

    Good luck & fun
    Big kiss, Gabrielle Walgreen (Netherlands)

  626. You my favorit actress. send me a email so we can chat.

  627. You should name him Zebadiah and call him Zeb for short. It is a beautiful and uncommon name!

  628. Congrats! My always said you should able yell their full name with any problem. I always love the Copper James or Tucker John. You and your baby boy will be in my thoughts and prays

  629. I like the sound of Milan Tomas (or Thomas) Bugliari

    That sounds beautiful.

  630. Congratulations !! Hope everything is going well.
    I have two boys myself.
    For a name, how about Thomas ??

  631. Congratulations Alyssa and David !!!!!

    About the first names, I love Dominique (that can be a first name for boy), Dylan, Julian, Patrick, Christian, and Matthew. You’re spoiled for choice.

    Hugs and lots of love,

  632. Congratulations to the parents-to-be for this small happiness and this big enjoyment!
    It is such a pleasure of the eyes to see you, attractive as an angel, soft as a mother …
    France would be even more beautiful if you came to see us and the less sad world, if h it had your eyes and your smile!
    One thousand wishes accompany you.

    Saddened for my bad English:)

  633. im really happy for you, alyssa and dave. you guys deserve the complete best!! and i think you’ve got it. baby boy? im not the best person for picking names but ill suggest something….


    Hugs and kisses.
    Katie. Xx

  634. waou!!!!! félicitations!!! congratulations!!!! I’m so happy for you ; ))))
    I’m french and excuse me for my bad english : (
    About the name for your baby, I propose Lucas, Mathis ( very famous in France), Nathan, Noah…

    Lots of love

  635. As I told u on twitter: Sergio. It’s my brother’s name, it’s exotic(in ur country) and im sure there wouldn’t be too many kids in his class with the same name. I hope u like it. My bf is called David too as urs and if we got in the future a boy we will use an american or french name so it will be different.=)
    So, to make u acostume to the name: SERGIO, SERGIO, SERGIO.
    I hope u like it ;)

  636. Congratulations!! I am blessed with 2 boys and I wouldn’t have it any other way. My recommendation for a baby boy name is Chase. I know you are a HUGE baseball fan and just think how good it will sound when the announcer says here comes Chase Bugliari up to bat.



  637. I suggest you Jason or Luke
    I hope your son will look like you and his father because he will be one of the most beautiful person in the world
    Big kisses to you three
    Love and light
    A French Fan

  638. Congratulations to you both!
    My name suggestion is Milo using the letters from your surname,
    Best wishes

  639. Ahw how nice, congratulations! I hope your boy will be born in good health! =D
    If I get two boys later in life, I want to name them Milo and Liam, because I love those names.
    Blessed be (you, Davind and the baby!),

  640. Congrats to both of you!

    How about Trent Alexander for a name?

  641. Congratulations, Alyssa & David! We are all so happy for you and Baby Boy…he’s going to have the most fabulous parents!

    As for names, I always thought if I had a son, I would name him Jared Michael – I love the name Jared, and Michael was for my dad.

    xoxoxox Diana

  642. Congrads to u and the hubby. How bout the name Christian or u can just name him after his dad…Peace and Blessings

  643. I really love the names Noah and Ezra for boys. Whatever you choose he will be a truly blessed baby. Congratz!!!

  644. congrats! gefeliciteerd!
    (a) Lex of max

  645. Hi Alyssa! I’m from Sweden and I watch you every single day in Charmed, I love it. You are so pretty and I really look up to you. I can’t believe your having a baby! Amazing, wish you best of luck! ♥

    Sweet hugs and kisses from Sanna.

  646. LIAM !

    congrats & all the best for you and your little family :) so happy for you

  647. Congratulations to both of you ! My wife and I have 2 girls and a boy.We looked into our family trees for names we could both agree on. If we couldn’t decide between two, one became their first name, the other the middle. Best wishes to both of you.

  648. Congratulations Alyssa!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you and David. You will both be amazing parents especially when you have great parents that you can learn from. Some names to help with your choice; Rory, Tom jr (your dad), jason, jackson, Dylan, Joseph, Ashley, Christopher and Wyatt (hehe) xxx
    I am sure he will be a happy and healthy baby boy. Stay Safe x

  649. A one syllable strong sounding name would go well with Bugliari, like “Jake”.

    At least make it normal, so if you’re thinking about “Jupiter Red Spot”, please think again!

  650. congrats!!
    my sons name is Noam, it means loveliness

  651. Awe! I had that feeling!! Congrats to you and your family :) My little guy is 17 months old, his name is Cohen… Boys are so much fun Alyssa!!!

    Do you guys have any names picked out yet!? I had a list of about 20… lol! Its really hard to choose something unique (but not strange) and strong ;)

    Best Wishes, love and light to you all!!


  652. We named our son Hawksley. It’s after a singer/songwriter we are VERY inspired by, Hawksley Workman. Our son suits the name to a tee as he is amazing, gorgeous and hilarious – all of the things I think Hawksley Workman is!

  653. Alice and David, I congratulate you my firstborn. I am very pregnant and already the seventh month and fully understand all your feelings and emotions. I wish you a good, painless childbirth.

  654. congratulations A lyssa & David! is a good new

    suggestions name? i like Jorge is a spanish name , Chad, Julian, Mike

    hugs from spain

  655. Congrats you two! (or you three) Great news. A girl would be great too ofcourse but al little boy, soooo cute!

    Jesper or Mick are nice names, i think!

  656. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!! I’m 36, and I had my little boy on 12/30/10. He is the light and joy in my life. I’m so happy for you! You are going to be a great mommy!! We named our little guy Marshall & everyone loves it. I’m sure you’ll pick out the perfect name for your little guy. Congrats again!!


  657. Congratulations Alyssa! I am so happy for yah .Please do take care always .God bless you :)

    Name suggestion — Marthy Tyron

  658. Congratulations! You’ve always been a fave of mine :) we named our first daughter Alyssa (funny story, i always loved the name & my husband & I couldn’t agree on a name. He said “like Alyssa Milano? Ok then, she’s hot”….nice, huh? Ha!) So there’s a nice compliment for ya! As far as your boy name, I say ROCCO! I’m partial tho….my 3rd is a little boy named Rocco :) ….. adorable. Best wishes to you!

  659. Congratulations! I would like to suggest the name Zane.

  660. Congrats! I am so happy for you and your expanding family! A name … hmmm L’monjello ? Just kidding. Perhaps Mathieu, means “Gift of God” or Christopher. Congrats again, I know you will make a wonderful Mom!

  661. Congratulations Alyssa, you must be very happy.

    Much love from Melinda (Germany)

  662. Alyssa, David, & baby Bugliari, Congratulations!! I am so thrilled for you! Boys are fun & being a mother is the absolute best feeling in the world:) All good wishes for you & the little one who is on his way into this big world and so lucky to have a mother who has so much light around her:)

    Peace & Love,

  663. Alyssa I am so happy for you I love you. You are one of my idol’s a couple of baby
    Boy name are Michael chance Fred. Our you could go with some of the
    Names from charmed you could go with Cole or coop or drake if he is a funny man or you could
    go with Tony like Tony danza I bet he would be thrilled if he found out you named him
    after him well if hope I helped some so happy for you that you finally are getting a family
    hope the rest of everything go well the rest of the time I will be here routing for you even thought
    you never met me bye be well.

  664. Alan/Allan

    Kisses from Poland!

  665. Congratulations! I’m happy for you both. How about Harrison (not Harry)?

  666. congratulations!!
    Maybe you like the name: Nate

    XXXX Miriam

  667. Congratulations!!! dear alyssa, what a good new!!
    I follow you for so long time, you are like a sister to me!!
    Thnks for giving you news about you!!! love, Fab

  668. Congratulations to you both! Davey Jr!! Bring on the baseball and football matches! At least you will both enjoy going! I bet you can’t wait to welcome him into the world. I wish you a happy, healthy pregnany and little prince. Name suggestion! Tom (after his brill grandad) David-Cory (after his amazing dad and uncle) Bugliari. (need i say more!) Tom David-Cory Bugliari.
    Congrats again lovely. xxxxx Love to you all.

  669. I’ve got it . . .”Mateo Milano Bugliari”. Rolls right off the lips . . . try it, you’ll love it!!

    Over the moon excited for both of you!! Kudos ~ xoxoxo

  670. william, i love that name, or wyatt maybe ;)

  671. Congrats!!! I thought that it was a boy, and it is a boy!!
    I really like the name Tom. :)
    xxxxx Annelore

  672. Congrats!)
    what about Tom or Chris,Daniel?)

    ps. Cole ;) :DDDDD

  673. Congratulations!! Hope you consider the name ~Evan~

  674. Congratulations Alyssa&David,I’m very happy for you two.You’re so beautiful!!!!!! I suggest you the name “ADAM”,I hope you like it. Lydia from Algeria

  675. Hi,

    First congretulations!what great news:-)

    and second ,the first name that pops in my head was mylo

    greets from holland.

  676. Congrats!!!!!! I have a couple of names for you. these are names I picked for my boy if I had one but I got three wonderful little girls. 1. Marshall Wyatt 2. Hunter Eugene 3. Carl Matthew and 4. Gregory Aaron Good luck on finding a name and congrats once again!!!

  677. Uhh a baby boy – so great!

    Ok a name – I like names that have the right meaning or are meaningful to the parents so the kid later knows why. (I got my grandmas name because she died before I was born)

    Maybe you have something like that?

  678. Congratulation. I love the name Luca or Lucas

  679. Alyssa, David, & Baby Bugliari, Congratulations!! I am so thrilled for you! Boys are fun & being a mother is the absolute best feeling in the world:) All good wishes for you & the little one who is on his way into this big world and so lucky to have a mother who has so much light around her:)


  680. I love the name Keydan ;) Alyssa I am super happy for you

  681. I suggest James. ;)

    Congrats again!

  682. Balthazar?

    j/k. Gianni and Diego are awesome names.

  683. Congratulations to you! lionel.

  684. Congratulation Alyssa hop you have a happy and healthy pregnancy :) X

  685. Congratulations to the both of you!!!! I’m
    Sure the two of you are stoked!
    Boy names I love

    Dodger hehe

    I’m sure one reading through every name
    Book under the sun it will come to you! Good
    Luck and congrats! Your a beautiful person!

  686. How exciting. My first was a boy and we went w a traditional family name – Henry. Congrats to you and your hubby and much luck!


  688. Congratulations to you both with the little miracle.
    Enjoy it.
    And about the name, just go with what your heart says.
    But if you want a name two of my favorites are Dante and Lorenzo.

    So choose with your heart.

    Love, Peace, Light and all the Luck in the World to you both.
    Natascha, The Netherlands

  689. Congratulation to you both !

  690. Congrats to you and your husband i pray that hes a happy healthy baby…Name should be Jaden or Aiden I love those names…

  691. Hey, made congrants on Twitter already but ill repeat them here! Enjoy this time, a baby its always a blessing!
    Baby names, i’ve got two.
    Cedric:first used in Sir Walter Scott’s “Ivanhoe.” Possibly derived from a celtic word meaning “first choice.”
    Adrian, from the latin Hadria. Name of many Saints and Popes.

    Congrats again, im so happy for u !!!! :-)
    Need for a nanny? Offering my services! :-D

  692. Hi Alyssa and David,

    I have two boys Dylan and Jayden. I live in The Netherlands, but I think Dylan and Jayden are really international names.
    Enjoy your pregnancy!

    Love Chantal

  693. Hi Alyssa,

    Congratulations becoming a mother and your husband too becoming a father. I m from the Netherlands and my niece is named after you because we loved your name and u are a beautiful woman! !

    I have a suggestion for a boy’s name Sem (sounds good with your husband last name?)

    Love from Europe!

  694. Congratulatiiiiions ! I am SO happy for you ! You’re going to be such a good mum, and he’ll be one of the happiest baby in the world ! + I’m sure he’ll be as gorgoeus as his mummy ! :)
    What about .. Milo, for his cuttie name ? Or .. Eliott ? Can’t wait to know how he’ll be called !! :)
    Take care and loooooots of love to you, the mini you & his daddy! Xxx

  695. Congrats boys are awesome…

  696. Congratulations!!!

    Dymas (means father of the see)

  697. Devin Bugliari sounds perfect :) or Mason, Erik, Justin, Evan

  698. Yay, congrats I just had a baby boy in October and he makes my day. He is the happiest baby cause if hes not sleeping hes smiling. Your gonna have so much fun with him.
    Now about the baby names picks something that represents both you and David (funny saying that cause thats my husbands name too lol). Our first son is named after my husband so hes a Jr. but our second son is Christian Jude . Christian from our favorite move Moulin Rouge and Jude from Hey Jude my fav Beatles song. Or name him after someone very special to you.

    Again Congrats you will have a blast

  699. I love the name Stanley, call him that :) xoxo

  700. Congrats!
    What about: Dax or Dez???
    We are also still searching for a name if it will be a baby boy…!

    With love,

    Eva from Holland

  701. When I thought I was going to have kids, I had a name picked out for a boy. Now that I know I cannot have kids, I think I will pass the name on for your inspection. You might like it. I loved it.

    Dakota Orion

    Congrats on your baby boy :)

    Love and Light,
    Oklahoma City

  702. CONGRATS! I had the feeling it was going to be a boy. We have been blessed with 2 sons, and a daughter, and their names are
    – Nathaniel Alexandre (not ander, cause my husband is french, and that’s his name)
    – Mason Noé (same the middle name is French)
    – Sophia Marine
    There you go, I also loved the names: Maximilian, Henry, Lucas, Jared, Jen, Daniel, Paul, Phoenix (-it was our pick for Nate at the beggining, but it was too hard to pronounce for the Frenchies in the family) and… I think that’s it =)

  703. ok Congrats again but i have 5 names….
    1.) Kendall
    2.) Mason
    Congrats again :D

  704. Congratulations Alyssa!
    So happy you’re expecting your first baby, and I’m sure your husband David must be jumping on one feet (Chilean expression)
    A boy name suggestion: Mason

    Congrats again

  705. I’m happy for you guys, congrats and hope everything goes well. Hope to see your bundle of joy as soon as possible.

    greets from

    Amsterdam the Netherlands

  706. Congratulations from Germany :) I´m very happy for you!
    Im a Mummy since a few months, too and I know about the Name Question, here are my Suggestions:

    Damien, Gabriel, Noel, Noah, Justin, Louis or Luca!!!

    Hope you like it!!
    Much love, lots of strength, energy and luck!!

  707. Congratz
    I like the name Jack

  708. How about naming him Dwen?

  709. Congrats!! I named my son Kieran Michael – I love that name, it’s different

  710. I think Thomas or David. But, that’s just the Italian in me. You should name him whatever you and David want to name him. Congrats to you and David. One word of advice from a parent… Forget about all the books and articles on parenting – parent from the heart first.

    Twitter: @scarofalo

  711. My grandson is named Daxton and I think David Daxton Bugliari sounds pretty good. Not very many out there either. At any rate, congratulations to you, your husband and the soon to be luckiest newborn on the planet!

  712. I LOVE the name Benjamin! Benji! :)

  713. Hi, Alyssa! Congratulations! If I should guess, I would guess that you expect a boy, and you really do! It´s great, congratulations again! And here are some of my ideas on the name: Alastair, David, Paul, Carl, Francesco, Lyle, Thomas.

    Sorry for my mistakes in text, I´m Czech.

    & Charmed,

  714. Grayson…. love that name

  715. I like malik and malikah my twin brothers names but they died so maby not them ones I also think milan is cute for anybody…seeing as to how its a part of both our

  716. congratulation alyssa!!!!!!!! kisses to fa,form portugal :)

  717. Congratulations my dear!

    I got a suggestion for you 2 (or shall i say 3?)
    “Manuel” <– at least I love the name xD

    How about letting the baby decide about his name?
    You could talk to him and the name he pedals the most while hearing could be the one he choses ;)

    Lots of Love,

  718. Brendan Bugliari?

  719. Congrats!! How about Milano David Bugliari???

  720. :) I wish for your family good health, love and inner peace ! God bless to your son ! :)

    Michael, Gabriel, Rafael – like archangels
    Julius – means always young in the hearth
    Seeley – means blessed, fortunate
    or Benjamin :)

  721. Congrats on your baby boy Alyssa!!!!!!
    U look radiant and so happy.
    I like the names stefano and luca……
    Lots of love and well wishes to u and your husband david.

  722. You could name him dodger or Daniel .

    congrats and god bless you both.

  723. HI, I’m so happy for you. When I was pregnant with my first child I was reading a babymagazine, I saw the name Jayden and I knew I found my sons name. And I’m still very happy with it. He’ll turn 7 on April 26th. I’m sure you will find the perfect name for your baby. He’s in your belly, he’ll let you know. ;-)

  724. Hi Alyssa! Congrats on your baby boy!! I know the two of you must be excited. I can remember when my wife and I had our son 8 years ago. It was the most joyous moment of my life. I suggest you name him Zachary or Taylor. I’ve always liked those two names and that is what we named our son…Zachary Taylor. Of course, I’d be honored if you named him Kendall. That’s my name!

  725. Congratulations Alyssa! :D

  726. You could name him dodger or Daniel.

    Congrats to both of you and God bless.

  727. Boys are wonderful! I just had a little boy last month and his name is Easton!

  728. It’s odd to see you all grown up and having a little baby boy. I know he is going to be exposed to Baseball and I guess a good name to be used is either Todd, Micky, Stan, Reggie, Albert, Cy, Nate, Cal, Bob, and George (the Babe) are just a few first names of great pitichers, and hitters who have made those names great.

  729. Christopher

  730. CONGRATULATIONS Alyssa!!! I knew you were gonna have a boy coz you’re very sporty, Lot’s of Love from your Fans in London =D xx

    I love the Names:

  731. Congratulations !))))))My favorite boy names are:Nick, Matthew, and Nurik of course!:)

    Much Love Nurick

  732. Hey Alyssa!I’m very glad for you and your husband!Children are flowers of our life!And it’s really interesting to choose name for baby!What about Jonny?))Good luck!With love from Russia!:*

  733. Congrats.. Im so happy for you and your husband. Joshua is a awesome name.. Its my sons name.. I also have another son name Jeffrey.. I love both of my sons deeply.. And I agree with everyone on here Boys are awesome… Good Luck I hope for the best for you and your husband as well..

  734. Hey Alyssa,
    I am really happy for you.
    I want to leave you some suggestions for your baby name.
    I love this names: Benjamin, Ezel, Ezra, Cole(lolz xD, I know).
    Wouldn’t it be cool if you name him Cole? :D
    Kisses and best wishes,

    Zerina :)

  735. CONGRATS!!!!

  736. I have a Luc, but I love the name Emerson for a boy:) Congrats!

  737. Congrats!!! Wish you and your family all the best!

    U r gorgeous btw but u don’t need me to tell u that!

    Name for your son? How about Fabrizio.

  738. Congratulations! I know you’ll be a great mom. Here are some names you might like:
    1 -Wesley
    2- Leandro
    3- Leonardo
    4- Faustino
    5- Maurice
    6- Onix

  739. Many heartfelt congratulations !
    I know it’s old fashioned, but naming your son with your maiden name as his first would sound nice.
    Milano Bugliari.


    Those names just sound nice – God bless you & your family.

  740. Congrats i hope everythings goes well
    Let me tell you how i named my to sons there twins so that wasn’t easy
    But we found two special names. The first boy that was born is called Thomas (it also means twinbrother),
    the other boy that was born 8 minuts afther, his named Casper (from the 3 kings that went to betlehem).

    So I hope you will find your special name for your son.

    Well i wish you good luck

    Wendy Tournoy from holland

  741. Congratulations Aly! I like the name Aitor but sure you choose will be perfect for the baby. KISS❤

  742. Congratulations! Have you thought about naming him after his Daddy? I love the name David. My grandparents wanted a boy so they could name him David, but they ended up with 4 girls. When my mom had my brother, David was the only name that would do. My close friend just had her first boy and named him David too. It’s a great name! I’m sure whatever you choose will be perfect for your little man. :)

  743. Jace

  744. Congrats! We guess ;)
    Suggestions: Alan/Allan, Aaron, Casper, Colin, Conrad, Christian/Cristian, Daniel, Fabian, Jonathan, Lucas, Matthew, Marcel/Marcell, Nathaniel, Sebastian, William.
    Kisses from Poland ♡ !

  745. Congratulations!

    I think … FINLEY is a good name for a boy!

  746. Hey i´ve got 3 names

    Chris ,wyatt and jeremy

    pls pick one of them i love ya soo much

  747. Congrats to you and David…… I’m so happy for you.

    about the name, these are not the typical amarican names but well suited for you babt boy

    Yoeri or Jovi (nothing to do with the band)

  748. Congratulations!! Duncan Andrew Bugliari has a nice ring to it :-)

  749. Our baby’s name is Julian .. I kinda like that and its not that popular around Hollywood. We loved Avery as well. Boys are big fun.. and they love their moms!


  750. Congratz!!

    Here’s some of my favourite boy-names for ya!


    You probably won’t choose any of them, but I just wanted to offer my 2 cents! :D
    Congratz once again!! :)

  751. Congrats. I to just had a baby boy. My hubby & I will be sharring our 20th year together and just had our 1st Child 6 months ago (Sept 6th). Long short of it I was told by Dr’s when I was younger that I would never have children. So our boy was a real suprise, my 40th b-day preasent (Sept 14) and our miricle boy. A true blessing. We are over the moon with joy & love. For his name we chose Jacob Richard. I also love the names Conner and Mathew. The love you think you may have felt for anyone else will never come close to the love you will feel for that lil’ guy when he comes into this world. Much luv, Suzi Q

  752. Hi!! Congratulations on your wonderful news!! I am a mummy to 3 fabulous, gorgeous boys and they are the best!! My boys are called Joshua, Adam and Daniel. I think they are all very strong names. Daniel was actually nameless for 2 weeks until we found a name that ‘fit’ him. I am so lucky to have my boys and I’m positive you will feel the same. They bring me so much joy and love everyday. When he is born,you will feel a love and bond with him that is unlike anything else. I send you and your husband my congratulations and hope you have a safe labour and delivery. Good luck to you both!!

    X o X o

  753. Congrats, sweetie!
    1) Gordon
    With love, Annie from Ukraine

  754. congratulations :) I have a boy’s name : Vinciano ( it’s an italian name) hihi

    xoxox Tamara

  755. Congrats!! I just had a baby girl 8 weeks ago. It is an amazing experience!! Baby boy name… Riley!! I love that name for a boy! Hope all is well with you and your wonderful family!! :)

  756. How about Casper. That’s the name of my oldest son. He made me a mother, 18 years ago. I’m from Holland, but Casper is an international name!

  757. Congrats Alyssa and David!!
    I knew you were going to have a boy!! Sooooo happy for you and David!
    Ummmm… Name? i have always loved the name Wyatt and Noah. :D

  758. How about Baby Gary Larry Bugliari? :):):)

  759. Happy for you!
    I would say
    Tayler or preston
    alyssa <3<3<3<3

  760. congrats Alyssa i got a good name for your baby boy:

    LEO like in charmed

  761. congats on new one just stay away from fruits . rememmber he still has to got to school and no sence getting beat up every day

  762. Congrats David & Alyssa – Alyssa, I follow you on twitter and you are very inspiring – I thought of the name Nicholas or Anthony – I am so glad you love animals too and share your pets pics – Carrie

  763. Wow Congrats Mom Lyssa !
    I’m happy for both of you ♥
    This baby boy’s gonna have the best parent he could ever wish.
    And for his name, what about a French one, Louis, Paul, Jules (love this one ^^), Matthieu, Valentin (my name male’s version), Lucas, Théo…

    Well, it’s all I have in head right now. Hope you’ll find the perfect one for this cutie baby.

    Best wishes and kisses from Paris,
    Bye ♥ Valentine

  764. Congrats to you and David!
    A name?! Uhm… Something like Alex Alexander or William =)

  765. Happy for you!
    I would say
    Tayler or preston

  766. Congrats. How about Gage?

  767. Congratulations! Should be one very attractive baby boy :) I’d suggest Christian or Julian as a name. Wishing you bundles of happiness!

  768. Absolutely thrilled to bits for you Alyssa and David many congratulations.

    Never had a little boy but the name i had picked many years ago was “leon”

    Am sure he will have the perfect name for the perfect little man.

    Huge xxxxxx

  769. Congratulations! Our son is called Yannick, so if you are interested in a French name, this could be the one for your boy.

  770. Congrats Alyssa and David,
    Be ready to have your World turned upside down and sideways……in a good way. I have a 2 1/2 year old girl named Lydia, but the names my wife and I were trying to decide between in case it was a boy were Samuel and Scott (huge Devils fan and huge Scott Stevens fan).

  771. CONGRATULATIONS Alyssa and David:) Nicholas Bugliari?:)My suggestion:)

  772. I love the names Knox, Crayton,Cades, Cove, all I can suggest is give the baby unusal name don’t give normal names…Hope that helps some :)

  773. Enhorabuena Alyssa!!!! En España están muy de moda como nombres de niño IZAN, ERIC, POL, DIDAC, IKER… Un besazo guapísima!!!

  774. Congratulations!!! How about MAURO (happens to be my son’s name:-)

  775. Congrats!!!! ♡ Good luck!! You are going to be a great mom!! ♡ For baby names I would choose someone I admire, thats my advice. :D
    ♡Lau ♡

  776. congrats Alyssa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I´m happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    4)Sean David
    With love, Marina from Ukraine

  777. Congrats..

    Oscar, Cruz, Angel , Clayton Anthony

  778. jason-tyler :)

  779. Congratulations you guys!! I’m so happy for you! (Although I did believe it was gonna be a girl I’m equally thrilled!) You’re gonna be the greatest parents.

    Enjoy this journey.
    xoxo Christina

    PS.: I like the name Logan ;)

  780. Congrats Alyssa!

    My favourite names are Zharn and Felix.

  781. Congratulations!! I have two boys, names Gabriel and Isaac. I LOVE those name, so I definitely suggest them. I’m also a big fan of the name William/Will.

  782. I’m happy for both of you! Your going to be great parents. I have 4 boys, and I have to tell you there are a lot of fun times ahead. I always found the first time they laugh is one of the best moments ever!

  783. Congratulations Alyssa & David :D <3
    hmmm I love the names David, Marlon or Matthew :D
    but you schould choose the name by yourself :D

  784. Naaaw Congratulations guys alll the way from us here in New Zealand!!!

    Wow sooo many suggestions for names huh?
    I bet you’ll have one in mind and when baby comes and you get to hold him and see him, you’ll be like actually he looks more like a . . . . . to me.
    I had 2 names for my daughter picked out and when i saw her i was like nah she looks like a caedence (altho i altered the spelling her name is spelt K’dynce) to me, because everytime i played music when i was pregnant she used to move around like crazy!!!
    dancing i think lol . . .So caedence was the only musical term i could think of, shes 5 in 2 months and absolutly loves music . . .so i know i made the right choice and im sure you will too!!!

    Congrates again guys !!
    Blessed be xo

  785. Congratulations!! Nothing is more exciting than welcoming a new baby.

  786. Oh my gosh congrats! Thats amazing!! I’ve looked up to you ever since I was little and now that I’m 18 I have so much respect for you as an actress and a person. I know you will be an amazing mom!

  787. Wow, that are great news! Congratulations :-)

    What about Tyler, Ian or Ben?
    Or perhaps some luxemburgish or german names like Nic, Pit, Len, Joe, Felix, …?!

    Sorry for my English, it´s not so well…

  788. Congratulations! What an exciting time. What about the name Chase? Always been a favorite of my and my boy’s name but we had a sweet baby girl. Good luck!

  789. Alyssa, i know you’ll never see my message, but i would tell you that you’re soooooo amazing…. i loved you in charmed, i loved you in my name is earl and i love you in romantically challenged…

    anyway, as you asked, i’d call your sweet baby ‘michael’, like me :), i think it’s pretty good: michael bugliari xD (or better, michael bugliari halliwell) lol…

    bye bye, i hope that you, david and your baby, will always have all the lucky and the happiness of the enitre world…

    PS: sorry 4 my bad english, but i’m italian..

  790. Alyssaaaa! Wow. Lots of comments. Congratulations to both of you. I had a feeling you were having a boy. So happy for you. It is all becoming real now. :) So the baby name game is my fave. Just thought I’d share a couple of my faves. :) whatever you choose, he will be so loved. :) I love you. Hugs to you and bump. K here are my suggestions (I also think these would go before Bugliari quite well. Hehe:

    Luca (my fave and also Italian woop)
    Joseph (my name if I was a boy, lol)
    Isaiah or Isaac
    Tobias or Toby

    Also some Italian:
    and LUCA :) YAY!! I’m sure I’ll think of some more and send them your way! Shush me anytime!! :)

    Love n hugs, Laura. xoxoxoxoxoxo

  791. awww how cute,
    congrats Alyysa and David
    best wishes for the furture

    all the best sophieeee <3 x

  792. YEAH!!! Boys are awesome. They usually are very close with their mommas, but adore their daddys. My suggestions are Corben Michael or Cooper Dayne. Congets and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy! So mote it be!

  793. congratulations from the netherlands, hope you will have a healthy beautifull son and you could name him Anthony that is ofcourse if you like that name.
    When i was pregnant with my children we would have several names and chose when we saw our child for the first time wich name suited them, and i must say their names fit them like a glove.
    Anyway good luck with finding the perfect name and i wish you all the best with your pregnancy

  794. Hey :)
    Congratulations to you both :)
    I’m from Norway, and here (Norway and the rest of Europe) everyone give their babies american names. So why don’t you do the oposite, give your baby a european name. I have a girl, Hedda, she’s 2 :) And I have a boy, Torben, and he’s 4 :)
    So my suggestion would be TORBEN, a strong european (Danish/Norwegian) name with a nice ring to it when you say it with american accent. Almost like Korben (wich my canadian cousin recently named her baby boy)
    But please don’t name him after somthing you can eat!!! Please!!!

  795. Congrats, Sweetie !!!
    Hmm….boys names? How about Cameron or Hudson ???

  796. Congratulations from Austria!!!

    What about Ruben, Theo or Bruno? ;-)


  798. Miller…named after David’s Dad who was my high school Biology teacher at Pingry. Possibly a middle name? Wonderful man…fantastic teacher..really cared about his students. I can only imagine what type of father and father in law he must be. I’m a teacher now and always thing back to Freshman Year Biology.
    I graduated in 93.. and remember David walking around the soccer field with his Dad. He was a few yrs younger than me. Congrats on the baby!

  799. We named our son Peyton because it was such a sporty name and both my husband and I were sports nuts. And sure enough-11 years later-sports is his love! You are the closest thing to a sports girl that Ive seen(besides myself) :) so it is the perfect name. Congrats!!

  800. How about Sam after your character on Who’s the Boss? ;)
    Congrats! Having a boy is SO much fun!

  801. CONGRATULATIONS Alyssa & David

  802. Hi, i saw you were looking voor boy names?
    I really like levi and noah, maybe some inspirartion?


  803. CONGRATS ALYSSA AND DAVID!!!!!!!!!!!!
    names, middle names and nicknames:
    1.)Brandon Charles my favorite
    2.)Jacob Dean my favorite
    3.)Andy James-aka-AJ
    4.)Michael John
    5.)Joshua Adam
    6.)Nicolas Cooper
    7.)Christopher Bryan
    8.)Tomas Ray-aka-Tommy-Tom Tom-T–It also sounds famous lol
    9.)Richard or Ricardo-aka-Rick-Ricki-Richi
    13.)Cole :p
    18.)Gary Paul
    30.)Leo :p
    Good Luck!! And i hope theses names are usefull. :)

  804. Congratulations! I am so happy your dreams are coming true. The suggestion I have is Kaimon Thomas (pronounced like the Caymen Islands) I thought it was nice, so I thought I would share it. :)