Limitless Premiere!

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Limitless Premiere!

Check out these photos of Alyssa at the New York Premiere of Limitless!

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  1. You are so beautiful!!!! (as always)
    you are my favorite actress, a realy great insperation
    dont know how much i love you!

  2. amazing!
    just a beautiful mommy. :D
    I love your clothes.


  3. aww so beautiful!! the most adorable mommy to be ever!! love u Lyssa..u r looking radiant in that lovely top! happy 4 u n David:-)

  4. You have always been beautiful, inside and out! I grew up with you (even though you are a few years younger) and you still have perfect class!

  5. Congratulations Alyssa! You are such a beautiful person and I know your little boy will be very blessed. I found out yesterday my niece is also having a baby boy, her first child. Exciting and so much joy! Enjoy every moment of this magical time in your life and wishing you a wonderful journey!

  6. Corney, long time fans that are super excited about your recent GREAT news!! After all we didn’t see the baby or your belly grow on charmed like Prue’s. So, let’s see lots of pictures of you and your baby bump! Life changing moment for sure. enjoy every microsecond of it.
    Your biggest fans.


  7. Congrats Alyssa I have seen u grow up on TV and now to see your gonna be a mom is absolutely wonderful a boy huh well I have a son and I named him, JOVANI or u can try Julian well whatever u name him will be great pl z don’t make his name after a fruit or food or royalty if u know what i meant many wished and god bless. Evelyn

  8. Hi Alyssa,

    My brother & I met you on set of (Sunday. A.T.) You are so beautiful and we all love ya.
    Thankyou for allowing us to have a picture with you.
    Congratulations! My brother Nicholas says babys name between
    Nicholas or Daniel .Nicholas say Lilly says Lilly but its a boy so Lillo.

    Lilly wants to babysit the baby!! x0x0x0x0x


  10. WOW! You look beautiful.. You really do have a Pregnant Glow =D xx

  11. Love the hair! You are a classic beauty as always :-)

  12. Alyssa,

    Your beauty eminates in everything you do! Your kind, loving and compassionate spirit is what sets you apart from the typical “narcissism syndrome” that plagues Hollywood! Your name and absolute beauty are synonamous with one another…

    You deserve the best in love and life! Continue to be the beauty that you are!

    Chris Bounds
    San Francisco, Ca.

  13. Hey, I am from Germany and I give you my favorites for the case I’ll have a boy:) they arentall typically german but names i really like. i will also add the meanings to these names:)

    1. Levi – Hebrew: closeness to, deeply connected to,
    2. Noah – Hebrew: the calm one, the consolatory one
    3. Linus – Greek: wailing, sad funny, this name is so popular in germany and we are happy people;)
    4. Oscar – Scandinavian: the god, the devine
    5. Elias – Hebrew: the almighty
    6. Hugo – German: the spirit, sanity
    7. Nathan/ Nathanael – Hebrew: the giving one,
    8. Maximilian or Max – German: tall, brave
    9. Leander – Greek: the man, the brave lion
    10. Konstantin – Roman: reliability, to sustain
    11. Leopold – keen, brave, defiant
    12. Nils – Scandinavian: shortened form for Nikolaus, referring to the legend of the holy savior of children and poor familys, means: victory or victory of the people

    I hope I could help you!

    xo Josephine

  14. Our daughter’s middle name is Alyssa after you. We always thought is was a beautiful name. As for your son’s name… we think Frederick Matthew has a very regal sound to it. Of course, for the first years of his life, he’ll most likely be Freddy to most people. So congrats and we hope you have an easy delivery. God Bless!

  15. Hi webmaster and commenters ! The page was absolutely wonderful! Lots of great know-how and creative thoughts, both of which we all need! Keep ‘em coming. you all do such a really good job at such Concepts. can’t tell you how much I appreciate all you do!

  16. Hey Alyssa,
    My wife and I have a soon-to-be 3 year old who I got to name. Being Italian I originally wanted Dacenio Anthony. But that was a lil to traditional for my Irish/German wife. So I shortened it to Dace Anthony. We love it because it is a very unique name. She is currently expecting and we will find out next week what we are having. Although she gets to name our next child I have stressed that I like Natalie Alyssa after my two favorite actresses growing up, Natalie Wood and yourself. BEST OF LUCK and enjoy every second.

  17. hi hope all is well!!

  18. Alyssa………It’s Azra!
    Long tme from WTB and the Forum Club…or Springfield. Just got an address for you day before yesterday, to send baby gift to WME, and you will see I already knew…….hahaha : )
    Baby names, well my son as you know is ADAM, but I LOVE …Grayson, Lancaster “Caster” for short, Braedon, Parker, Quinton, Dayton, Raphael, Tyson, Arden, Evad (Dave backwards) … favorites are Caster and Grayson….sooo different, and VERY authentic. I am soo happy for you…. Please say hello to Miss Lynn, and I miss her macaroni………..Azra (and lil Adam)

  19. she’s so pretty as always…she’s my favorite star in CHARM coz she wear wat she wants no limits…i admire her like when she dress up and now she’s having a baby she is prettier than ever….

  20. Alyssa,
    When I was looking at your Limitless Premiere photos I thought she truly is glowing! You look absolutely beautiful and content. Congratulations to you and your husband on your new baby boy! May God Bless you and your family!

  21. Congrats on the soon to be little bundle of blue!! Who would think that you could get anymore beautiful!
    My first I was told was a girl, but they were as shocked as I when HE came out! (either way I would’ve been happy). Corbin would be a good name…. :-) Congrats again and warmest wishes… OH! And welcome to the hot mamas club!!

  22. You see Italian grandma’s do know best she always said craving broccoli means boy!

    So names, hmmm will Mikel is always a good start… ;-) Ok I know that’s too obvious to recommend. Sadly I’ve always been better with girl names than boy names… But my son’s name is Jarett (psst Mikel is his middle name :-D… )

    Kudos to you two!

    You look fantastic!

  23. Pregnancy agrees with you. You’re gorgeous! I remember in 8th grade, my teacher was pregnant with a baby girl and asked us to write down what name we think she should give her baby. Most of us girls put in your name- “Alyssa” Guess what her daughter’s name is… =)
    Amir: Prince
    Jace: Healer
    Grady: Noble
    Kai: Ocean
    Karim: Noble, generous
    That’s it so far…
    Praying for a healthy, happy, beautiful baby!

  24. i cant swallow the fact that your pregnent! You have been my t.v star crush foreva! and i dident here much about your dating life in 80’s 90’s and 00’s so i was hoping one day we would cross paths and you and i locked eyes and fell deeply in love….so u moved on!!i moved on i guess it wasent meant to be…i have 4 kids all girls….god payed me back for all those hearts i broke back in the day..and gave me a screwed up marriage ,,twice!!!…congrats you will be a hip and stylish loving mommy

  25. Congratulations on your boy. I have 2 myself. They are wonderful spirits. Stock up on little cars and dinosaurs now. :)

  26. Hey Alyssa,
    Don’t usually bug stars, but happened to notice your site. Never had kids of my own..but always wanted to name a son Hamilton.
    All the best to you and the new baby.

  27. Congrates on the baby news, and a boy is even better news. The baby glow just shows when you smile. Take care and hope to see you back on a great show again soon.

  28. Hey Alyssa,

    Congrats on the baby! I’m sure you and your hubby will be wonderful parents. Now, on a name. . . . How about Brayden? I just wrote a book and one of the character’s names is Brayden, and when I read you wanted suggestions on a name I thought that would be a good name.

    Take care,


  29. The years have done nothing but add to your beauty,truly amazing. Dang that sounds almost “stalk” like-lol Congrats on the upcoming birth of your child.

  30. Hey, great news on the new baby! As for names, well, Michael Thomas comes to mind.

  31. hello !
    Félicitation Alyssa
    On name baby : Noah


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