‘Mistresses’: 5 Reasons You’ll Love Alyssa Milano’s Sexy Summer Series

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‘Mistresses’: 5 Reasons You’ll Love Alyssa Milano’s Sexy Summer Series

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Make no mistake: If you give ‘Mistresses’ a shot, and you should, it WILL become your new summer guilty pleasure.
Based on the British drama of the same name, Mistresses premieres June 3 at 10 p.m. on ABC, and we think it’s the perfect show to kick off summer TV. HollywoodLife.com has five reasons why this group of four women — Alyssa Milano, Rochelle Aytes, Jes Macallan and Yunjin Kim — will soon have an open invitation to your home.

5 Reasons We Love ‘Mistresses’:
1. The twists: It’s no Lost, but Mistresses still has plenty of surprises up its sleeve. Just when you think you have these women figured out, a new skeleton — usually a naked skeleton — emerges from their closets to prove just how unpredictable they really are.

2. The sex: Let’s be real, it’s summertime, and we want something hot on TV! Mistresses certainly goes beyond what you’d expect from a network TV drama, delivering more skin than a day at the beach… without all that sand getting in your privates.

3. The friendships: With so many shows about women cutting each other down, it’s nice to see four ladies who see each other through thick and thin. In that respect, the Mistresses remind us a little of the Desperate Housewives — only with slightly less murder. Slightly.

4. The conversation: While we don’t condone adultery — they call them “vows” for a reason — Mistresses certainly makes you look at cheating differently. Every woman has some sort of infidelity in her life, and you might be surprised to find yourself sympathizing with at least one of them!

5. Alyssa Milano: Whether she’s giving Tony Danza grief, casting spells with Holly Marie Combs or shaking things up in Melrose Place, Alyssa is always welcome on our TV. And Mistresses blends all of her best talents — sex appeal, dramatic fits and a touch of humor — into one great character. Savannah may seem like the show’s moral center… but give her time.

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