Nathan Fillion Talks Alyssa Milano

By on 11-23-2009 in Castle, News

Check out ABC’s ‘CASTLE’ star Nathan Fillion talk about working with, up-coming co-star, Alyssa Milano on the KTLA 5 Morning News, Monday November 23rd.


  1. Was that phone number that flashed on Who’s The Boss to talk to you as a pop singer a joke on you and do you consciously try to be a fair woman?

  2. No sound on my computer, will try to watch it on a different computer.

  3. She seems genuine to me Shane.

  4. Hi Alyssa my name is Antonia I am a big fan of yours your the best person in the world I reai really love all your movies. And I can’t wait until. Your new show romantically challenged and you guest starting in castle and. Your new movie my girlfriends boyfriend and your new book is awesome. I really enjoy it and it’s. Really good thing you doing. Keep. Doing it.

  5. I know that all of you that starred in charmed have moved on, but I really don’t understand why the people behind the show would not go ahead and make a sequal or reunion, It would be great to watch Wyatt’s and Chris’s life unfold and all the cousins. After all we are stuck with 90210 and Melrose place, how about giving me back a show that I loved dearly and watch repeatedly. It would seem that the show could be written even better than it was before, with all the kids grown and moving all over the united states they could fight demons all over the world. And all of you could have guest appearences….And we could watch Chris and wyatt find their true loves and have their children. I just don’t get since it is all make believe why a good show has to die when it can be improved and expanded.

  6. What? That’s it? “She’s tiny?” I thought you smelled like cupcakes! ;o) However, Toot Toot, indeed!

  7. He was the best Joey ever!!

  8. Hold up!
    What the F is wrong with him being Canadian? That only adds to the pot of amazingness!

  9. man that blonde chick is really stupid. How can she be so oblivious to a country that is right above her, and the US’s leading partner? Were in the stupid war with u!

    Good on yah Nathan for putting up with her ignorance!