1. I would like to buy book “Safe At Home” if it will be some bookshops in Czech Republic!

  2. I love you’r book i think it’s amazing i’m about to be on chapter six! I think you should write more books about you’r life or fiction!

  3. Like Lucka your book should be on bookshops everywhere. Even in Portugal, I would buy it, I’ve read a bit and it is so good.
    You’re are truly an inspiration
    Xo Xo

  4. Alyssa, even living in Brazil I really want to read your book because you and inspire a person gilds and to see it from Charmed

  5. I can’t wait to read your book. I am getting ready to buy it tomorrow for a birthday present to myself, also I am getting ready to purchase my very first Touch jacket…I can’t wait.

  6. Hey Alyssa,
    Could you please follow me on twitter? My accound is Stevii_x3 please follow me i would do everything for that. I’m one of your biggest fans i like you so much and I love Charmed more than any other film in the whole world really and a love your acting. So please follow me or write me an e-mail i would do really everything for that. :D

    yours Stevii.x3

  7. Alyssa please send me na e-mail or follow me on twitter my accound is Ellena89 i whant to ask you something important about book please :)

  8. OMg, your book is the best book I’ve ever read! I died when it came out and as soon as I could a get a copy of the book I did. I couldn’t put it down because it was that good. I even did a project on it and I got a wicked good grade!!! See you’re the best! xoxoxoxo ;)

  9. You`re talented in every way. You`re a wonderful actress, you have a sweet-sounding voice, your Touch clothes are very stylish and made to turn any lady into princess. And you`ve got a heart of gold. You save people. You give them hope. The importance of this fact can scarcely be overestimated…
    And you write books. Well, just one for now, but I think you shouldn`t stop. You do it perfectly. Thank you for everything you give to the world. I follow your example of helping children, but it`s hard for me because I`m only 19. But I`ll keep trying)
    Russia loves you.

  10. Alyssa, hello! Your book is fantastic for the awarding of here in Portugal, I had to ask my grandfather who is from LA to buy me first was the awarding of a very difficult but have read it 10 times! Big kisses …

  11. I got your book not to long ago and it very touching and it was a fantasic book. In school I would always read it. I love you so much.
    Love your fan!

  12. Alissa hola desde colombia he sido un gran pero gran admirador tuyo he seguido tu trayectoria desde que te vi por privera ves al lado de arnol. luego no perdia capitulo de QUIEN MANDA A QUIEN don de hacias el papel de samantha eres realmente bella y te felicito por todo lo que has logrado y ahora tu libro. lo buscare y lo comprare. felicidades BY.

  13. Hi my name is Dragoslav Pucar and I live in Serbia in Belgade.I am a big fan and admirer of actress Alissa especially in a series ‘CHARMED”…I’d like some help to find a way to establish contacts with Alissa,please…Best regards from Serbia and Belgrade(my mail is dragoslav.pucar@gmail.com)

  14. I hope someone sees this,and if you watch some of Alissa convey that much love end I love and that I would like if they could once to visit Serbia,each cast her in everything that was achieved in his life and let known that the most beautiful and best actress in the world…Best regards

  15. Hola Alyssa te admiro muchisimo soy de méxico te sigo en twitter, te sigo desde charmed, no sabes como me gustaria algun dia poderte conocer y tomarme una foto contigo, pero con un hola me conformo via twitter me conformo jajaja, me gustaria que me agregaras por favor! mi twitter es http://twitter.com/Monze8
    Muchos saludos y exitos!!!

  16. I just got done with the book. This is great, particular the part where you “pitch” your clothing line and they ask where the pink is.

    PINK DOES NOT BELONG in any sport, and it only sells because parents do not want to get their kids into the “original team colors”.

    Nothing drives me more than seeing a pink hockey, baseball, football, or basketball jersey. Living in New England and seeing pink RS shirts, hats, anything with the RS logo dives me insane!!!!

    I wish I could meet you in person, as we can talk for hours!

  17. I agree about the pink! I want to know why my Dallas Cowboys aren’t a part of your line. We’re in the NFL too! My husband wanted to buy me some stuff he saw on TV and unfortunately when he got on the internet no Cowboys clothing were to be found!

  18. i am ahuge fan i get called mini phoebe by near enough eveyone that knows me i watch charmed eveyrday i have them all recoreded and i only cry wen phoebe does she is an insperational actress and i just wish one day i will have the pleasure of meetin her also i would love to read safe at home cuase i love baseball too

  19. Always liked you with Tony, then with Thom Calabro, and ultimately Charmed; you continually seemed more radiant. Now I’ve discovered that your outreach is far more substantial, dedicated and painstaking than that of a mere studio employee.

    Congratulations on your endeavors. Yes, you’re cute, but that’s besides the point.

  20. Hi Alyssa! You are such an inspiration to me and countless others! The best actress ever! I would love if u could “follow” me on Twitter…im new to this and need a lil help,lol,

  21. Hey Alyssa, I heard your interview on Mark & Brian the other day and didn’t really know you were such a fan of baseball. One thing that hit me was the title of your book, Safe at Home. I have not read your book but from what I gathered it has a lot to do with the relationships that baseball can foster between a father and a child. In the interview you talked about the memories you had of baseball and your dad. I have recently found a musical artist named John McCutcheon and one of his current CD’s deals with the same subjects that your book seems to be about.
    I’m just saying I think you might enjoy the music or lyrics ( it’s ballads and folk music). One of the cuts is just spoken word and called “Catch” you can find it on you-tube. The CD is called “Sermon on the Mound”. Check it out if you want. I’m kind of a KLOS Classic Rock fan so I had to listen to the CD a couple of times before I really appreciated it. However I do like the hammered dulcimer and he has a great rendition of the Star Spangled Banner on the CD

  22. Is it just me here or what…Alyssa just gets better looking every year!!

  23. As a newly minted author (The Game from Where I Stand), I had the pleasure of playing nine years in the major leagues. Before my book was published, I took time to read every baseball book I could get my hands on. I chose Alyssa Milano’s Safe at Home in part because Joe Torre did the forward and he elected not to read my manuscript to provide a quote. :) Nevertheless, her book was a great read. I particularly loved her comparison of steroids to an actress who is desperate to stay young looking to preserve her career (and good looks). It was a brilliant chapter. So take it from a former player and author, she wrote an insightful book with realness and a tactiful expression of how women as avid sports fans get overlooked. I appreciate her efforts to wake up the world to the contribution of women in sport, a contribution that has existed since the dawn of any game.

    If anyone sees her, please give her my best and let her know I am trying to get a copy of my book in her hands. For starters, I think this book is right up her alley but secondly, her support would be powerful especially since I hoped to have a book that is both appealing to men and women and judging from the response of my former teammates’ wives, I think it has worked out very well.

    Doug Glanville (doug@dougglanville.com)

  24. Huge fan of your loved you on charmed i have not read your book but will have to check it been a avid baseball fan myself. Was also wondering what would be your recommendation on how to raise money for a local pound the one we have in are town just got shut down do to no funds any help will be welcomed

  25. Hi,

    Where are these books sold? I hope it’s not only for sale in the States.
    I’m from Belgium and it’s my final year at school before i go to university or college. I have to read some English,French and Dutch books.
    The books that we’ve got in our school library are quite childish. So I’m trying to get your book.

    Just one small problem, I can’t find it anywhere in Belgium nor in England.

    I’d like to read the book because it’s about sports and the connection between father and child while watching or performing a sport. I’m a hockey player, and my father died of cancer when I was 13 years old.
    He came to all my games, we watched games together,…
    We had a good connection.

    If anyone could help me find this book, well thank you

    Kind regards,


    (P.S.: I’m sorry if my english “sucks” , I do try my best to learn the language)

  26. Miss Alyss,

    Haven’t spoken to you in forever, would love to catch up .
    Best Wishes,Peace, love and happiness to you too!

  27. Dear Alyssa…
    I`d like to buy your book.But there are no in Moscow…How can i get it?

  28. ALYSSA…

    As one avid baseball fan to another (I’m obsessed with the Mariners, as I am from Oregon) I just wanted to say that was the BEST book I’ve read in a LONG time! :) Your style of writing reminds me a lot of the way I, myself, like to write, so I could really relate to it all.

    I just wanted to say thanks for writing such an awesome book and can’t wait to read more from you (you should definitely keep it up because you know so much and make it interesting coming from–not only a fan perspective–but a girl’s as well!!!)

    Thanks again,

    Stacy Bird
    Seattle Mariner FANATIC :)

  29. whatever feels good to you, my man. still,i want nothing to do with this. not here. Anyway, i subscribed to your rss feed which really should work! Have a nice day!

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