1. Hi Alyssa!!!

    OH MY GOD, i cant believe im actually sending you a message ahhh! Your’e my biggest fan ahhh! Soo chuft now hehe!
    I have been wanting to meet you for ages and ages since i was 11 and now im 17 so you can see how long i have wanted to meet you hehe! I have’nt had time to be honest, i have been caring for my mother since i was 7 years old and it’s been really tough on me soo i have’nt been able to do anything. I hope your’e ok and that your marriage is working out fab!! You’re a very lucky woman and im soo greatful that my aunty bought me charmed dvds or i would never have known you exhisted. Your’s fab Please write back to me..

    Love Always
    Leanne May Bevan xx

  2. allsome i wish it was starting now not mide season

  3. Hi Alyssa,

    I hope you got my message on myspace. I read somewhere that your new show ‘ROMANTICALLY CHALLENGED’ isn’t going to air til mid-season next year. Is that true?

    Well, anyways I can’t wait til it does. I watch your old episodes of ‘CHARMED’ everyday and now you have a new pilot, I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU. YAAAAY!!!!!

    Well have a beautiful morning, afternoon and evening.

    Luv Peace & my Babies,

  4. Hi Alyssa I always enjoyed your work and now that your back to what got
    you started doing comedy I think it will be interesting to see how the fans
    react to you doing a comedy series. Good luck Alyssa.

  5. hola alyssa soy un admirador. te deseo mucha felicidad en tu matrimonio exitos en turopa deportiva y en la actuacion. yo naci el 5 de diciembre de 1971. muchas felicidadea. att roberto

  6. hola alyssa un saludo felicitaciones soy de05 12 1971. exitos. att robero

  7. Hi,Alyssa Milano I’m your very big fan of whining please my
    e-mail:charmed_alyssa milano@abv.bg

    I like you so you’re number one for me and it will be a lifetime. My biggest dream is to see you live.

    You’re smart, talented and very good and beautiful.
    All your serials I have seen. They are very interesting, especially the series Charmed much I love him. I felt a little nasty when a Cole in the series is parted.Please they write me e-mail please.

  8. I have been hooked on charmed since b4 i was born My mom watched charmed and law and order b4 i wuz born and i fell in luv w/ tha show when i was 9 and im 12 now and still charmed and kicking lol! Congrats on the marriage i read the ppl spread on it. the wedding looked beautiful. Congrats on Romantically Challenged so xcited.

    *giggles* cuz i just wrote to Alyssa Milano. ***loads of excitement***